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4.2 out of 5 stars50
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Ultimate Sith|Change
Price:$4.99 - $399.99
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on December 3, 2009
Again I'm given the difficult task of reviewing a game of mixed renown. In the case of Star Wars Unleashed it is safe to say it did well with its' fan base selling millions of copies but was received with lukewarm scrutiny by the critics. Because of this I did not know quite what to expect. Having just beat the game all I can say is it delivered the goods I expected and was in no way a disappointment. Like many other games that belong to the action platform genre it is a blast while playing but despite the fun you are having it ends too abruptly.

If there is a single crime Force Unleashed is guilty of it is that in some ways it is akin to playing God of War with a light saber. Finishing off bosses or large foes requires button mash mini games. Most are easy enough with the hardest one requiring the player to pull a Star Destroyer from the sky as Tie fighters attack mercilessly. As you swathe your way through storm troopers, rebels, aliens, and walkers you collect points from slain foes which eventually make you "level up" so you can improve force powers or buy brand new ones. There are many epic feats Star killer can do and luckily enough a few special attacks such as "lightning bomb" are brand new to the franchise.

Most surprising is the story line is top notch. Side characters such as the beautiful and resourceful Imperial pilot Eclipse and Proxy the friendly yet psychotic droid are oddly endearing. The voice acting is delivered wonderfully as you would expect from a Lucas arts title. In some ways the plot pulled me in just as much as the one in Knights of the old republic though Force Unleashed should not be mistaken for an rpg.

The only thing Force Unleashed can be faulted for is that you visit some worlds twice. Felucia and Kashyk come to mind immediately though I'm happy to say that the lay out drastically changes for each visit. The environments can be truly breathtaking and I was very impressed by the graphics as a whole.

In my whole time playing I can only think of one glitch. When I fought Vader the second time our life bars froze. Pretty much we were both invincible so I had to start my battle over with him upon resetting my 360. I was glad the same glitch did not happen twice. I should mention though the load times are slow the auto save points are put in good places so rest assured dying does not require you restart the whole level.

On account this is the Ultimate Sith edition you are also getting the Jedi temple, Tattoine, and Hoth levels. Two of these missions extend an alternate history in which Star Killer becomes the new Darth Vader. The Jedi Temple was exclusive to the ps2 version until now.

How worth while this game is depends on two factors. If you've already beaten Force Unleashed I'm hesitant to say if the 3 hours of extra content will be worth it for you. Secondly be forewarned this is a Star Wars game from the action plat former mold thus you can likely beat it in one or two nights if you have nothing better to do.

If however you want to know how The Rebellion got started and be put in the shoes of one of the most epic Jedi/Sith rear kickers of all time Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith edition is a steal at the present asking price!


+ A plot of romance, betrayal, redemption, and conspiracies delivered with flair and passion.

+ Beautiful breath-taking visuals

+Mostly fluid combat and varied ways of using Force powers

+Game does not penalize you for failing real time event button combinations on the lowest difficulty

+Some of the best voice acting I've heard in awhile


-It is difficult to lock onto what you want sometimes to target objects or foes with your Jedi abilities.

-The sound track is not bad per se but we've all heard these same tired musical scores thousands of times by now.

-The game is not completely absent of glitches.

-Can be beaten quickly

- If you've already beaten the original I cannot in good conscious suggest you trudge through the Ultimate edition for a measly 3 additional hours of play on the special disc that includes the bonus levels. Only the Hoth mission is exclusive. The others can be purchased on Xbox live as downloadable content.

Ending Thoughts: It is hard for me to describe exactly how I feel about Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition. Most complaints I could level at it would also have to be taken up with other games from the action genre. While it doesn't do anything new it does it very well.

Certain people will have a beef with Unleashed merely on account it uses the Star Wars license. Many reviewers are prone to attack a title if it some how connects with a movie or popular franchise. Force Unleashed shamefully draws both those cards.

Yet I never witnessed an instance this game lied about what it was. For those of us that wanted a game similar to Devil may cry or God of war with Jedi, Sith, and Storm trooper it is a dream come true. Had Unleashed been an rpg I would have complained about its' short span. However safe to say most of us know the appeal of this romp is throwing around hapless unfortunate souls with our minds right before we electrocute them with force lightning! On that raw visceral level Unleashed succeeds while offering a memorable tale to boot!
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on November 8, 2009
Star Wars The Force Unleashed was probably the best Star Wars game I've ever played. I didn't actually own it though so when I saw this deal for The Ultimate Sith Edition I jumped on it. For some people it's probably not worth the buy if they already own the 2 maps that were previously released. Disc 1 is the original game with all of the character packs. Disc 2 is the three newer maps and all the rest of the previously released downloadable content. The game is so much fun I say trade in your old one and pick this one up it's worth it too for a cheaper price.
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on September 6, 2010
This is a great game but these Amazon sellers are charging over price for this game. The extra levels you can get on Xbox live Marketplace if you have the regular edition. Don't pay unreasonable prices.

So buy the regular version. Then download the extra levels on xbox live. Have fun and don't let these sellers take advantage of you. They shouldn't be overcharging in this economy ;)
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on November 9, 2013
The game controls very well.
The story is pretty good. I'm no Star Wars omega geek but I understood enough of it & how it related to the other movies.

The bosses were kind of tough. so yes enjoyable to fight.
the goons were ok too.

I really enjoyed leveling up in the game.

a very nice thing about the Ultimate edition is you get all the DLC skins & 3 DLC levels with on the second disc.

Searching for the hidden cubes is always good fun. i found most but wow some i have no clue LOL

so this game has lots of replay value & unlockables.

very very fun
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on December 15, 2014
Below may be spoilers, so please be warned.

I am a big fan of Star Wars, just ask my collection, or my family. So when I had read that the "Ultimate Sith Edition" had an exclusive DLC, I had to have it. So at the cost of about $30 for the disk alone (yep no case or artwork) I bought it. Unfortunately I have already bought the "exclusive" DLC from the Xbox Marketplace and played it around a year ago. So much for the "exclusive" DLC. Otherwise for achievements, the Ultimate Sith Edition is the same disk as the regular Force Unleashed, just with a different picture on the disk. Buyer be warned, and fans buy it cheap.
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on August 21, 2010
I've owned the game before, finished it, traded it in. In anticipation of the second game in the series, I *had* to pick up this version.

Beautiful metal case, collectable trading card, art book, and all previous dlc on a handy disc! I'd be stupid *not* to buy it! Besides, playing the extra "what if?" missions is worth the price alone.

Word to the wise though, jack the difficulty up when you play the bonus missions. Starkillers powers are completely maxed out in the bonus missions as kind of a "thank you" from the developers so you can see how much butt a true Sith Master can kick.
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on May 5, 2010
Great Game! Though it would be great if you could repeat the level called Prologue over and over again. In Prologue you can control Darth Vadar and destroy a giant wall using him (you can do the same move in bonus level Tatooine on a sand crawler). In level Tie Fighter Factory, if you stay in the first elevator too long you will sink thru the floor which is kind of frustrating. In Bonus Level Hoth, the sound is incomplete. For example, the enemies are silent and sound is only heard in a button tapping sequence. Hint 1: to get the Sith robe, go to Raxus Prime you have to destroy pipes after defeating the first junk titan and force pull down pieces of junk and jump onto them as you fly to a platform with the holocron for Sith robe. Hint 2: After StarKiller finds a ghost in the hut go behind a piece of wood to get the holocron for Kento's robe. p.s. Sith stalker armor RULES!
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on February 10, 2010
I purchased the standard edition of this game on first release. I beat it rather easily and used a buy-back program before any of the expansions were released. I'm a Star Wars enthusiast so that is the only reason I made the investment on the Sith edition.

The added campaign chapters were fun. Rather short as you may have read. Just overall a fun experience and the bonus chapter exclusive to this version (Hoth) provides an excellent bridge to the sequel that is due to come out.

You get new achievements on the 360 for the Jedi Academy and Tatooine expansion, but NONE for the Hoth. That's the only bad thing I can say about this.

It's a buy for a keeper. Nothing more. You're not going to get any second hand value out of this by trading it in to Gamestop so buy it for the Hoth bonus, the collectible metal case, and the ability to kill the Rancor "Skywalker" style. There's another reason, but I won't spoil the outcome of the Hoth chapter. I enjoyed it.
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on September 12, 2010
A great game at a great price, but wait? Is it? Having never purchased the The Force Unleashed when it originally released, mostly due to some game play annoyances, I finally decided to buy it after they decided to release an ultimate collection containing all of the game's post release dlc, assuming this to be the better value. For this better value, I paid an additional $15-20, hoping that they trade of for nearly $30 worth of dlc would be worth it. However, I was very much wrong, a fact I discovered when I received my product. Open opening my game, I found that the game had two discs, one with the original game, the other disc containing the three dlc packs that had been released for the game. Upon completing everything in the main adventure, I had hoped to carry over my game stats to the dlc packs, but unfortunately, that is not allowed. You have to start separate save files for each dlc pack, something that is very inconvenient, but also very annoying after having spent 30-40 hours buffing your character only for it to go to waste. Each dlc pack was no longer than 1-2 hours, and that was playing through very slowly, and overall, did not add to the experience of the original game. So, my advice, just like the title indicates, is to save your money, and just buy the original game.
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on November 6, 2009
This is a great game in my opinion and I to traded in my older copy towards this new edition. So to keep things short which the 3 new bonus missions on the second disc quite literally are, this is still a very fun game to go back and revisit if you haven't played it in a while. I really like the metal collectors tin that it comes in as well. The one thing that I am really disapointed with is why couldn't they have incorporated the duel mode that was included exclusively with the Wii edition. I think that they should have given us XBOX users out there an updated and improved "Duel Mode" with this new "Ultimate Sith Edition". Other than that this is still a very cool game.
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