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Size: 1 ftStyle: Left AngleChange
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on June 25, 2013
This is specifically for the right angle variant as I have not seen or purchased the others.

Every other aspect of this cable(length, flexibility, right angle at the micro usb end) is great. However be aware that either because of the small gauge of the wire(which allows its flexibility) ,some internal mechanism or wiring defect, or just these things in addition to the extra length of the canle without added voltage to compensate, the cable is not capable of charging at a full 1A.

I used multiple internally shorted AC adapters which charge at a full 1A with other cables and registers as AC with the Android OS but according to the charge times I am used to with my phone and the android applications that monitor current I seem to be capped out at 500-700mAh with this charger.

This may not be a deal breaker for some but this fault should be advertized in the product description. If you plan on charging your phone while in use then this cable is not for you. As for charging regularly at night then this should not pose a huge issue as the phone will have ample time to complete its charging cycle regardless.
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on November 26, 2011
I purchased this cable to run from a 12V to USB car adapter to my smart phone dock in my car. The angled head is great and looks really sleek connected to my HTC Thunderbolt. However, the fairly thin 6ft cable is unable to handle the full rapid-charging current (950mA) which the phone can use, and instead seems to top out at 600mA or so. If I am really using my phone (GPS and streaming music over bluetooth) this can result in very slow charging or even very gradual discharging. Swapping it with another cheap yet slightly beefier micro-usb cable solved the problem, but this was after I bought another 12V-USB plug thinking mine had gone bad (it had not).

The build quality on the connectors is great and the cable works perfectly fine for transferring data and charging via USB, so it has found a home in my laptop bag.

I know that current over 500mA isn't in the USB specification, but if you are buying this for a smartphone you should be aware this cable may not charge your phone as quickly as other cables do.
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on May 7, 2014
I ordered this as part of my Car Dash replacement project using Asus my Nexus 7 Tablet. The right angle connector is ideal for what I need however the cable does not carry enough voltage to keep my devices like my Nexus 7 or Galaxy S4 fully charged.

I had to switch back to the OEM cable that came with the tablet to get a good charge. I will be looking into a right angle connector instead using the existing OEM charging cable.

This is NO GOOD for power hungry devices.
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on November 30, 2013
I bought this cable to use with my Google Chromecast. Sure, they give you a cable to power your Chromecast but, if your television has a spare USB that can be used for power, the supplied cord is entirely too long for most televisions that have the usb ports nearby the hdmi ports. - I bought this 6" cable, which works as well but it was a bit more snug than I anticipated. I thought the 6" cable, when I bought it would be fine - and it was tight - because of the way it is measured - I now know it is END TO END including PLUG HEADS ON BOTH ENDS) - I also ended up buying an 8" cable which isn't as taught for my purpose and distance on my tv. Keep in mind that 8" is end to end... including the plug ends. But there is nothing wrong with this cable if this is the length you need.
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on July 14, 2012
My wife has a kindle fire and she has had to replace it after just a few months because the straight micro usb connector is quite long and the mere act of holding the kindle while plugged in put pressure on the port and loosened it to the point where you had to fiddle with it for nearly an hour until you got lucky and made a connection so you could charge the device then gently put the device down so as not to disturb the loose cable and hope the connection held up till the kindle was charged. Now the whole point of using the Kindle Fire on ac was that the wifi connection drains the battery FAST so my wife uses it plugged in for extended use.

The startech angled cable makes a tight snug fit that does not put pressure or tug on the port when moving around and it's very short; only sticks out about 1/2 of an inch when plugged in. The straight jack that came with the Kindle was very long like 2 inches plus the cable hanging down from it and was constantly bumping into something and pulling on the kindle port. My wife pairs the cable with a usb to ac adapter/charger she got at Walmart for charging or running the device on ac.

The cable really has only two downsides depending on if you get a left or right angle you will block the headphone jack which is a problem if you connect to speakers or the cable will block the power button which is really not an issue just unplug the jack to turn on or restart the Kindle then plug it back in again. The other downside is the cable is thin so you have to be gentle with it. Just don't go yanking it around and it should be fine. If it ever does fail...well I only paid $7 for the 6 ft cable shipping and tax included so no big deal. So if you use headphones or speakers a lot get the right angle otherwise get the left to not block the power button. User preference. Personally My wife uses speakers a lot when listening to podcasts so she uses the right angle mostly and she loves the 6 foot cable. The kindle cable is only 4 feet to my knowledge.
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on August 21, 2011
Good price, good length for recharging at work. If you don't want miles of extra cable to get tangled, this is great.
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on March 1, 2012
This is my first review, but I needed to share this. I was a little skeptical about the quality, but it seemed like all brands had reviews of failures after a short period. This wasn't that expensive, so I decided to try it out. After 1 week of what I call light use, the locking mechanism on it is very sloppy. It barely stays in, and unless you carefully let go of it after inserting it, it would "bounce" out of the phone. This is a brand new phone too! I am not new to technology either. I've been dealing with tools, computers, and other techie stuff for the since my first computer in 1985. I take care of all my tools and gadgets. This was a poor product.
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on May 19, 2010
Based on the pictures and other reviews, it looked to be what I wanted for the HTC Incredible. And I was right.

In "portrait" view, the cable plugs in on the bottom, left side of the Incredible and drops straight down. In "landscape" view, the cable plugs in on the bottom, right side and goes off to the right.

Both data and charging works on the cable.
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on December 1, 2011
My opinion is that this cable is only useful for charging from a laptop port that is right next to the phone charge port. Meaning, I expected the cable portion to be 6", this products cable length is just under 3". Might work for you, but my Sensation 4G can't face 'up' and plug into the left side USB of a laptop. See customer pics added. One pic shows a MyTouch plugged into a laptop (at best phone is on an angle), another showing the same phone plugged into an InCharge Home (phone doesn't lie flat), a third showing another product that is 12" tip to tip, and a fourth showing that 12" cable with the phone and laptop.

I think the practical minimum to cover more than a single use-case is 9+" with straight connectors and 12+" with a right-angle connector. Since the product is as-described I can't knock it, but I can share my experience so others can make a more informed choice. Even one more inch would have made it more usable.

XtremeMac IPU-IH2-11 InCharge Home for iPhone/iPod/iPad UUSBHAUB1RA 1 Feet Micro USB Cable - A to Right Angle Micro B
review image review image review image review image
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on November 4, 2012
I was looking for a good short cable to connect my S3 to my stereo USB port while it is in a car mount in front of the port. When I ordered this cord, I was expecting it to be 6 inches of cord between the connectors, but is it actually 6 inches from connector end to connector end, the cord in between is only 3 inches, offering pretty minimal flexibility. Just wanted to make that known since it can be hard to tell online, if you need any distance between ports at all, you probably need something a few inches longer.
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