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Flavor: Colombia|Size: 50 Count|Change
Price:$45.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 5, 2014
Great tasting coffee... I think. I've pretty much only had instant coffee my whole life. I live in Utah where having a coffee maker on your counter is a crime akin to adultery. This is why I buy instant coffee, it's easier to hide from family members that might disown me once they see a coffee maker. I also like Earl Grey which is easy to hide in the cupboard next to my Starbucks Via packets.

Drinking caffeine hot is a sin. Except for hot chocolate, that's okay as it's not considered a hot drink. Diet Coke is okay too because it's served cold and because a local Utah institution said so. Let's so some math.

Caffeine content by beverage:

Coffee brewed - 8oz = 147mg avg.
The "good" Rockstar - 16oz = 240mg
5 Hour Energy - 2oz = 200mg
Black Tea - 8oz = 42mg
Diet Coke - 12oz = 45mg
Green Tea - 8oz = 15mg
Hot Chocolate - 6oz = 10mg

The math shows that the temperature at which you consume your caffeine determines the level of sinner you are. Never mind all those chemicals in diet colas, your body is a temple and has ways of getting rid of that garbage for only 10% of your income. Also, it would be extremely hard to detox everyone in Utah off of Diet Coke - it has somewhat of a cult following around here.

So yes 5 stars to Starbucks VIA Columbia instant coffee. It's by far the best coffee on the market... I think.
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on October 28, 2010
This is a miniature wonder I keep at work. How they managed to replicate the original Starbuck's flavor--dark, over-the-top rich roast, I don't know. But I swear it's the same as buying a fresh cup during your morning commute. Most of the oils are dissipated, so you won't have the same strong aroma as freshly brewed, but the flavor is fantastic.
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on April 21, 2016
Bought this on Amazon regularly. Loved the fact that it had 50 to a pack so I didn't have to put coffee on my list every week. Came back to order it again and THE PRICE HAS DOUBLED! How can this be explained? Sooooo disappointed. Will not repeat an order until it becomes reasonably priced!
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on February 28, 2011
A lot of people have been posting about the near-expired dates on the coffee. First, I'd like to mention that this product is intentionally labeled to have a really short shelf-life, and not to ensure freshness.

The funny thing about expiration dates is that for something like this, it honestly doesn't matter. I've gotten batches that are expired (for cheaper) and the taste is the same great amazing taste as it was when it was well within the "Best Until" range. Yes, I have taken two packs, one expired and one not expired, and they both are the same delicious taste.

The reality is that expiration dates are a wonderful tool that make people throw perfectly fine food and go out and buy more. Especially with dairy products: If it's a few days over, most people will toss out cartons of perfectly good milk or eggs that could keep for another five weeks, which keeps people buying it more frequently. The fact is, if you would drink it without knowing the expiration date is past (it doesn't smell or look bad) then it's not only safe to eat, but a waste to toss.

This isn't true for drugs, however. If your medicine says it's expired, it's expired. Also, condoms. Those do lose integrity over time.

So, this is a product that intentionally has a very short shelf-life because it makes ridiculous people go, "Oh, no, instead of getting it cheaper online and in bulk, I'll just buy a lot of more expensive smaller packs for more money." Starbucks enjoys charging their consumers for their instant coffee like it's magical pixie dust, and the only way they can stop people from buying it from other cheaper sources is to give it a tiny shelf-life. Look at some of the other reviews, here. It's working!
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on May 23, 2011
I received the package today with free shipping and no tax. Expiration march 2012. I was so excited. I researched and nowhere else but Amazon has this great deal. This package will last me a long time. I think the taste of this instant coffee is terrfic, far better than other brands of instant coffee.
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Unlike most people, I prefer not a weak coffee but a milder roast than the burnt stuff most coffee houses make that requires many accoutrements to mask like cream, sugar and artificial flavors. Therefore, I purposely only tried the Colombian.

I work in a place that has poorly serviced coffee "dispensing machines." They are fun in that you never know what will come out in a day-to-day basis. Some time just your coins back. A few people have illicit electric coffee pots, others use a French press, and still others sneak out for the real thing.

Now that I discovered the Colombian Via. I have to defend my cup from all those noses that circle my cup. I know there are directions on the pack; however, I now have my own ritual. Clean cup, fill 2/3rds filtered water. 90 seconds in the microwave. Shake contents to bottom of pack. Rip the whole top off the pack with teeth. Pour pack in coup and watch sizzle. Stir for a few seconds. Add a tad of ice. Hope I can make it back to my desk before the cup empties.

I was never a fan of reconstituted coffee however I think it is the addition of the micro-ground coffee that adds the edge necessary.

In any event you owe it to yourself to try it.
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on June 26, 2011
I am a regular purchaser of Via on Amazon! I first tried it when we went on vacation and I was frustrated w/ the lack of good hotel coffee (the strong stuff!). This is very convenient to carry anywhere. I also make iced coffee w/ it and sometimes add chocolate syrup for a mocha coffee. This is the real deal, very strong, and not artificial. Bring it wherever you need it!
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on January 26, 2012
For those wondering if these would work in cold water, YES these will mix fine. I believe the iced via version simply includes sugar. Essentially you can probably mix this product with some sugar and get the same exact product as the iced vias. The only difference is, the iced vias serve 1 16oz drink per packet, while these serve 1 8oz drink.

I can't tell the difference between this and columbia, both taste the same to me.
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on May 6, 2011
Today is May 6, 2011. I just got my box of Columbia Via, and the expiration is March 2012. That's almost a year. Fine with me!! Oh, and it's exactly what I expected. Just as if I bought it in the store, but A LOT cheaper. To do the math for you, it's 70 cents a packet. That's cheaper than a small cup of 7-11 coffee, but WAY better. What more can you ask?
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on June 7, 2016
I used to buy these all the time for my husband because he liked to take them to work for making easy coffee but I've found that they are actually cheaper to get at Costco or the grocery store as compared to Amazon. The coffee its self is really good and easy to make it's just the price that makes me seek it elsewhere.
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