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on July 27, 2010
The obvious has already been stated many times, this is the likely the most highly anticipated PC game in the last decade, and after actually playing it (why make a review if you haven't even tried it?), it definitely did not disappoint.

Single player: The game is much more involved, and "Open ended", per say. It's an RTS that let you have your own play style. Prefer going heavy mechs instead of infantries? Focus your armory researches on those and it carries over on missions. Prefer ramping up your economy quickly? there are researches that enable that.

The campaigns are engaging enough, a lot of unique goals in every mission, whether it's defend a base, escorts, sneak missions. Not every mission is go destroy enemy base at point B while you start at Point A. You still have a wide variety of units to work with regardless, a lot of interactive terrain you can take advantage of (or lose advantage on).

There's also a lot of challenge missions/achievements that allow you to work your micro management of your units, along with macro management of the entire map.

Multi player: Where to begin? Starcraft was obviously the game that defined the RTS genre, so the expectations were high. Blizzard had a lot to live up to, not only creating a great game with graphics and playability, but balance is a huge issue. But after playing this both on beta and live, the Multiplayer is truly amazing. The game is just as much about micro and macro as the first Starcraft, the three races are extremely balanced (unless you ask the forums, in which case every race and every unit is over powered, including SCVs). Yes, a new player could lose fairly fast to an experience player's rushes, but that's why there's practice leagues and challenges in single player where you can improve your game.

But the most important for me, is the fact the map editor. The possibility is literally endless, and there's a good chance 5 years from now, I'll still be playing some custom map (just like Dota was still widely played, both by casual and competitive players years after WC3's release, and now has evolved into several other game on it's own).

For the complaints:

Price: I honestly have no problem with the price, it's how much all console games are now days, and if the achievements in this game are any indication, the game has an INSANE amount of single player content, and that's the small part of the game, since it would be impossible to quantify the multi-player content. If you can pay 60 dollars for a game like Mass Effect (which is a great game in it's own way), which typically has 20-30 hours per play through, with no multiplayer, I don't see how anyone can complain about the price of SC2, when you are getting more than that in single player, AND you are getting multiplayer.

3 Games: That's the pure shenanigans. If they called the games Starcraft 2, Starcraft 3, and Starcraft 4, no one would would have a problem. If they officially called them expansion packs, no one would have an issue. For me, if you are getting your money's worth with every game, then it's a non-issue, and you only need the original game to play the multiplayer, which is the main selling point of the game anyways.

No lan support/online required to play. Lets be honest here, LAN isn't necessary now days, where latency is not an issue (especially on an RTS, this isn't a FPS here). You have [...] access, you can play with your friends on battle net. And for the people complaining about online play, are probably the same ones that was planning on bootlegging the game/playing their friend's copy, etc. There's no legitimate reason to require any of those (Are you really going to play starcraft on a touch pad while you're waiting at an airport on a laptop, which you might not have wireless for but probably will? Yeah I didn't think so.)

Overall, I loved the game, and it was definitely worth the wait!
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on July 27, 2010
I just got this game earlier today and have been playing it like crazy.Im going to start off with the graphics. My computer isnt that great for gaming so i dont know what kind of graphics this game really has because I'm using the lowest setting. The voice acting is great, and the controlls fit perfectly. It is a very highly addictive game. I have been playing single player for like 4 hours and didnt get bored. After I finished i think the 7th or 6th mission I went to the multiplayer. It is so fun. Basically if you do 1 on 1 you are against another player in a war. You dont know where they hide out, they dont know where you hide out. I am just overjoyed at this game. But the one thing that everyone hates about this game is that, it is one of the only full 60 dollar PC games and the Starcraft 2 disc only contains one single player campaign. The other 2 are expansions. Now come on guys I know getting all these expansions will cost you alot but just think. If you love The Sims 1,2, and 3 then you most likely "wasted" your money on all of those expansion packs. I'm just happy about what I have now, and already put this game in my top 10 of 2010.
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on September 16, 2014
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on October 12, 2010
This is an Piece of Art Work from the fellows of Blizzard.... a must in your collection
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on July 28, 2010
I bought the "Collector's Edition" through Amazon. I'm posting another review here, however, as a way to counteract the low ratings and criticisms some people have been putting into their reviews.

This game is fantastic. It easily deserves five stars when you consider the vast majority of games that are out there. It has great single player, great multiplayer, enough functionality to play the game with friends, and the kind of depth that should keep players entertained for years to come. Blizzard has made another classic.

Does the game lack simple [...] features that blizzard pioneered 13 years ago (and should have had)? Yes. Does the game lack LAN support (when it should have included it)? Yes. But, even without those features, the rest of what this game has to offer makes it amazing.

(People need to weigh the value of a game on the basis of everything it provides and not get overly focused on one particular issue that has small effect on everything else. If something like LAN is truly the only thing a person wants, fine, but then that person should be brave enough to admit that he or she is ignoring everything else the game's about. In fact, I'd even suggest that these people stick to playing games that do have LAN support, like the original StarCraft, since that's apparently all that's important to them. They'd be happier.)
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on July 27, 2010
The issues this game faces are:
no Lan - some people can overlook this
Internet activation - others can overlook this because they even if this wasn't required they would only play on bnet
no chat channels - many find this a small gripe
Major lag on the server - this is an issue if you want to play with a friend since there is no lan

I have enjoyed the gameplay but that does not make a game good enough alone if the features were included my rating would be 4 stars
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on July 27, 2010
Fantastic game. This is the very beginning of future gaming. I am making this review to dispute some very vocal people (haters, trolls and/or legitimate dislike for the game).

1. Starcraft II's high price.
Yes, 60 dollars is a bit pricy for a game, the most expensive game Blizzard has put out to date. But it's hard to say it isn't worth it. You get [...] 2.0 for no monthly charge, a huge in depth campaign and one of the future best multiplayer games ever made.

2. Internet required.
Hello and welcome to 2010. Also, hello and welcome to the prequel of a game who's popularity has lasted over a decade because of it's online components. This IS a multiplayer game, even when playing through the campaign. As well, it gives you the opportunity to play through the campaign as a guest after the installation is complete.

3. No lan!?
That's right, welcome to 2010 again. Let me reinstate it's the "beginning" of future gaming. Blizzard is pushing the online playstyle, being online at all times. They are trying to create the in game atmosphere where you play at all times. They are trying to replace 3rd party necessities and instead you will be able to hook up and go with your friends instantly. The latency fixes will come in time, like I said, this is the beginning.

Fantastic game. Worth the money. Worth the time. Well worth the wait.
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on September 28, 2010
The thirteen year wait for this sequel to StarCraft Brood Wars was worth every second. Much of the gameplay is familiar, but each race has new units and strategies available that have revolutionized the game. The New UI for in game menus is crisp and intuitive, and the Single Player Campaign, while terran heavy and completely lacking any zerg missions, is very fun and features a rich and immersive story, picking up six years after the end of Brood Wars.

Blizzard has also added in game achievements as well as optional mission objectives that give the single player game added replay value. The multiplayer A.I. Now has six different difficulties from Very Easy to Brutal, and the New[...] has a matching algorithm that pits you randomly against other players of similar skill levels.

The only negative I would say exists, would be Blizzard's decision to remove the popular Lan Play option, instead forcing all multiplayer to connect through [...], but since I've grown up I don't really lan party very much anymore, so this doesn't affect my gameplay.

It took them a while to get it out, but StarCraft II definitely shows the polish and near perfection that I've come to expect from Blizzard releases. I heartily recommend this title to anybody who enjoyed Brood Wars, or the RTS strategy in general.
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on July 28, 2010
This has turned out to be a great game! I had it installed in 15 minutes and the fun began! This is my first Blizzard game and I never played the first Starcraft so you can't call me a fan girl of either. The graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, the controls are easy and the tutorials help a lot. I like having lots of things to do such as training soldiers, building and gathering resources. Then, of course, we go kick butt!

Don't listen to the cry babies that blame the game for their bad internet connections and lack of funds. If you don't have a good internet connection or a good computer, don't buy the game. Simple as that. Blizzard is not to blame for your situation.

As for the lack of LAN, if Blizzard were my company, I would want everyone to pay their own way and not have a whole group of people playing off of one game. You can't make enough money to make great games that way. As others have pointed out, the internet is a HUGE LAN.

As for corporate greed, be happy there are a few companies still making PC games at all. Most are going the console route these days. I am happy to pay what it takes to get a quality game that I can play on my PC. If they don't make money, what is their incentive to do this? For the good of humanity??? Give me a break!
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on August 7, 2010
I was one of the millions of fanboys patiently waiting for this sequal to come out and after 12 years of waiting it is finally here!

If you never played the first game then you may be a little lost as to what's going on storywise in SC2, so I'd recommend doing some reading up on what the story is all about. There are some cinematics and dialogue that explain a bit of the past, though. I think the story is great and while I'm not finished yet with the campaign I cannot wait to see (SPOILER ALERT!!!) what happens to Kerrigan at the end.

The graphics are pretty solid. Colors are bright and vivid, animations are smooth, and the CG work is excellent. I give props to Blizzard for keeping up with the times for once (everyone knows how outdated Diablo 2's graphics were, lol). I give the graphics a 4 out of 5.

Sound is also superb. The original music is back, with slight modifications, as well as some new stuff that's pretty cool. All the sounds are flawless, and the voice acting is superb. I give the sound a 5 out of 5.

Presentation gets a 5 out of 5 as well. The menus are nifty and easy to navigate. The battlecruiser flying in the background is also real cool.

Gameplay is, of course, the bread and butter of SC2. If you enjoyed the first game then you will enjoy this one as well. I'll start with the pros first. The campaign is great and although some people say it's short, it is fairly long for today's standards. I'm 17 of 26 missions in and around 10 hours of play time. While the story isn't as huge as Warcraft's, Blizzard did an excellent job of making the story an emotional experience for what it is. I also love the new characters they've added. Tychus is especially cool. There is plenty of added replay value in the campaign, as there are lots of achievments to aquire accross all difficulty levels.

While the campaign is an overall satisfying experience, multiplayer is somewhat of a let down compared to the original. Blizzard re-vamped and it isn't what it used to be. It works more like Xbox Live or PSNetwork in regards to the matchmaking system. There are no longer chat rooms, no clans can be made, and the custom games are lacking compared to SC1. I have yet to see a top vs bottom map and that was one of the most popular maps played. The map editor is obviously more difficult to use because of all the extra utilities and technology included. Another shocker is the lack of LAN play. Blizzard did this because of pirating issues but it upset a ton of people, not including myself. I feel that with how widespread broadband internet is today, LAN really isn't needed. Just my opinion though. With all the stuff that Blizzard left out of the new experience, I am still enjoying the heck out of playing online.

Another thing that made a ton of people mad was the excusion of the zerg and protoss campaigns. Blizzard is definitely going to get their money from people with SC2 because most likely each expansion is going to cost $40. So, for the full SC2 experience you will most likely be shelling out $140 for the entire game when it's complete, and if you bought the collector's edition then...well you know. I really don't have an issue with this since I am not hard up for cash but it does seem like a company of Blizzard's stature does not need to rip people off; especially since they are raking in the money from WoW. I give the gameplay a 4 out of 5

Anyways, with all the quirks about SC2 there is so much to like about it that I have to put the nonsense aside and enjoy this game for myself. If you are a fan of RTS games and the original SC, then you cannot go wrong with SC2. Just like almost any game, it's easy to learn but difficult to master. Go out and buy this today.
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