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on April 1, 2010
When MGM first released this film on Blu-ray (see Stargate (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]), I bought it because it claimed to be 1080p picture quality with enhanced sound. The sound on that version was quite good, but the video quality was as if they just copied a VHS tape to Blu-ray: it was grainy, had all kinds of pixelation issues, and had no extras at all. I'm not sure what they did with all the space on the Blu-ray because they certainly didn't use it for the film.

So, I was a little leery purchasing this release because of the bad experience with the previous release. I am so glad to be proven wrong this time.

The video quality on this one is amazing! All of the images are very clear and crisp, the blacks are very black and there is none of the graininess as in the previous release. There is no pixelation that I can find. The audio quality has been boosted as well. They also spent a little time making a decent intro and menu this time as well. They have finally "done right" by this film and released it in what appears to be a new transfer from the film.

They also included all the extras found on the various releases, something completely missing from the first Blu-ray release. This kind of film demands "making of" specials, and the specials included are very interesting. They explain the sources of the film. You get to meet the director, the producers, and some of the actors as well. It's always very interesting to hear from the people who made the movie why they made the movie, what they experienced while making the film, and what they were thinking when they chose do one thing instead of something else.

If you have been waiting for a GOOD Blu-ray release, you don't have to wait any longer. This is the one to get.
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on November 1, 2009
After all the poor releases of this film, Lionsgate has finally stepped up and given the fans the REAL Ultimate Edition. This is a new 1080p VC-1 film-to-disc transfer (~25 Mbps peak), with an all-new 7.1 DTS-HD MA audio track (7 Mbps peak) which literally shakes the floor and sounds more alive and active than I've ever heard. I can't compare this to the 2006 blu-ray since I never purchased it (after reading that it too was subpar), but it's a massive upgrade from my 2003 Artisan disc. Rounding out this release is 4+ hours of bonus content, none of which is contained on the previous blu-ray. The best part of the deal was the fact that I was able to purchase this for $9.99 from a local big box retailer due to some confusion over which version was on sale. If you haven't purchased the 2006 blu-ray (and even if you have!) this is a must-own for fans.
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on April 22, 2003
I'm not sure what makes the ultimate edition much different from the special edition, as both include the director's cut and theatrical version. The ultimate edition does include a 'making of' featurette, as well as a 'Is there a stargate' featurette that isn't included on the special edition. These are both interesting, but nothing to write home about. One big difference is the audio. The ult. ed. includes DTS 6.1 audio, as well as dolby digital 5.1.
Good: Being a fan of Stargate SG-1, I wanted to own the original movie as well, and when the ult. ed. was released, knew it was time to buy. I watched the director's cut, and was amazed. There were added scenes, as well as extended existing scenes. These changes really gave me a better understanding of how things in the tv show came to be the way they are, such as the relationship between Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson. In the director's cut, we see more interaction between them. We also get more into the head of Jack, and better understand just how messed up he really is after the loss of his son.
Bad: The only disappointment I have with the ult. ed. is that there were no 'gag reels' or bloopers, or other deleted scenes included. I enjoy watching these on other DVDs I have, and would have loved to have seen them for Stargate.
Overall, I'm glad I added this DVD to my collection. My only wish is that the Stargate SG-1 DVDs included behind the scenes or blooper reels as well.
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on June 8, 2003
First off, once you get past the idea of a Stargate the rest kind of falls into place. The government, with the help of Professor Daniel Jackson (James Spader), figures out how to work it. Pro. Jackson, with an escort of soliders led by Colonel Jack O'Neil (Kurt Russell) step through it to the other side.
They find a desert planet where humans are being made to mine for the same material that the gate was made from.
The people are Egyptians who were removed from Earth over 10,000 years ago, by an alien, and even Daniel Jackson can't understand their language because living languages CHANGE.
The movie is careful to stay away from many of the cliches of most sci-fi movies but also stays away from having characters which are TOO simple. Both Daniel and Jack (played by James and Kurt) are real people, not cardboard cut-outs, with all the flaws and merits of our own reality. The natives are catch between trying to be friendly towards strangers AND not pissing off their Gods.
The science and technology used by Ra and his men look very sleek and very real. From the spaceship to the gliders, everything has a touch of old Egyptian myth mixed with advanced alien know-how.
The DVD comes with two versions of the movie, Director's Cut and the theatrical cut, in which the former has audio commentary. The DVDs also have a great 'Making of Stargate' featurette, a 'Is There a Stargate?' short starring Erich von Daniken himself, trailers, scane access, crew and cast information and production notes.
Everything you could want in a DVD set, a mixture of sound science fiction, a touch of great effects and the pinch of old fashion adventure. This is a great pop corn flick. Enjoy!
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VINE VOICEon May 30, 2007
First, let me start by saying that I love this movie. Perhaps because I traveled to Egypt when I was 16 and I saw the glory of the giant pyramids in person (just don't tell an Egyptian that it was the aliens who built their pyramids and not their ancestors, he or she will be mad at you forever!).
I also love Sci-Fi flicks, and this movie has a great story. if you haven't seen it and you like Sci-Fi movies, even adventure movies with Kurt Russell, you'll love this one.

Now about the Blu-ray DVD:

Let me say that I have been a happy HD DVD owner for almost a year now, but seeing some the movies that I love in Blu-ray only, made me decide to get a Blu-ray player.

Video: The picture quality of this Blu-ray disc shows excellent CLARITY and BRIGHTNESS and BETTER COLORS that were not on the standard DVD. It seems that the brightness level was boosted, but also at the cost of some graininess and video noise.

The Picture looks almost perfect in the bright sunny desert scenes, but with very visible grains indoors.
Overall, comparing this version to the dark (less grainy SD DVD) is like the difference between Day and Night!
Also, This BD has a cool disc menu with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic that turn into English letter.

There was a problem with the subtitled translation of the Alien language or ancient Egyptian (I'm not sure if this language was actually made up in Hollywood like the "KLINGON" language in the Star Trek Movies). The problem is, the translation should show up in English whenever that language is spoken, but it doesn't!!!!!! One helpful reviewer on this page suggested going to the main menu and selecting English subs, and it works!, but you end up with subtitles throughout the whole movie. This release might have been rushed to the market (like many Blu-ray releases of 2006 in order to compete with the other HD format). How long do we "Stargate" fan have to wait again before we get a release with a good picture quality (hopefully grain free and no subtitle problem)????

Audio: very good

Conclusion: I can say that this is the best version of this movie available to date! but it has its problems. If you can't wait and you don't mind turning on the subtitles during the whole movie, it's a great release under $20.
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on February 28, 2005
The more I see this film, the more it confirms how much I like it. As a film, I see it primarily as a romance. In the end, a man out of place in one world, finds his place in another, and one man finds meaning in his own world after a very traumatic event. The central force is the romance that one finds in a place across the Galaxy.
Comparing the Film with TV series is not worth it. The TV series is rightly stated as "MacGyver Versus the Stargate", since that is what it is set up to be. The film, however, is a stand-alone masterpiece.
Emmerich and Devlin team up, and produce a film that works on many levels. You can enjoy the many extras on the discs, however, the Von Danikan add-ons are just fluff. The heart of this film is an excellent script. The soul of it lies in the performers, and the performances.
You will probably notice some Emmerich staples, such as some truly superb performers who have appeared in other films by Emmerich and co.
The Sound on the DVD is excellent, and despite some very minor, but incredibly obvious continuity mistakes, the story works. There has not been an intergalactic romance like this since FORBIDDEN PLANET, and both STARGATE and FORBIDDEN PLANET are excellent films, each ahead of their time, and both immensely for any fan of the genre.
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on September 23, 2007
I own this disc although the reviews of subtitle problems. However, I found the solution! Do NOT go to the menu screen and select english subtitles. The correct way to do it is to press your subtitle button on your remote and select English 3. This will correctly display the alien subtitles without the English subtitles. Whew! I am glad I found this out!

4 stars due to no major special features. The Blu Ray transfer makes this movie look more and more like 1994! Great movie!
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on February 28, 2003
This review is primarily explaining this Remastered HDTV 16:9 5:1 Dolby digital Ultimate Edition / Directors Cut, 2 DVD Set presentation!!
Artisan is notorious for re-releasing their DVD over & over again each time giving us more fluff in its DVD package (not necessarily the picture or sound quality).
Case in point "STARGATE - Ulitmate Edition Director's Cut. This is their 3rd release of "STARGATE" and they FINALLY got it right! (what takes Artisan so long to release the movie right??? Never the 1st time (SO BUYER BEWARE) NOW on their 3rd try they have provided us with a worthy outstanding presentation!!!!
Note: If you are a Home Theatre Owner with HDTV WideScreen 16:9 you must be cautioned about your DVD purchasing. First WideScreen (Letterbox) DVD's are not going to be true WideScreen on your 16:9 HDTV. Letterbox means just that - horizontal & vertical black bars around a very small centered WideSceen picture. Second true WideScreen as this "STARGATE - Ultimate Edition" is indeed a true HDTV 16:9 (as noted on the DVD Ultimate Features)picture giving the complete expanded presentation. Finally remember the only true HDTV WideScreen DVD will be noted on the Extra Features Section as 16:9 WideScreen Enhanced or Anamorphically Enhanced (DVD will automatically adjust to TV size).
"STARGATE" the movie itself is a scifi classic weaving ancient Eygptian theories with scifi. Brought to us by Erich von Daniken, author of the renowned book "Chariots of the Gods". A very imaginative movie with great screen acting (Kurt Russell & James Spader), outstanding special effects and a very fascinating complex story.
This "Ulitmate Edition" is awesome!! Here is what you get; Newly REmastered 16:9 WideScreen - the picture is absolutely fantastic), A "DIRECTOR'S CUT" - additional extended scene footage allowing us to know more about this fascinating world of "STARGATE", Original Theatrical Cut - so you get two versions to compare!! (Director's Cut wins hand down), Digtially ReMastered Sound - 6.1 DTS & 5.1 Dolby Digital - Awesome, Featurettes: Is this a STARGATE? - a great explanation of aliens visiting earth etc., The Making of STARGATE - includind never before seen behind the scenes video, Audio Commentary - great backgound information about "STARGATE", Production Notes, Cast & Crew Information & Theatrical Trailers. Wow, what a great DVD package. Artisan finally gets it right so now I can pass on my old inferior versions to friends so they can at least get a taste of this great scifi epic.
Now I can say buy "STARGATE" and sit back & ENJOY the ride over & over.
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on August 17, 2009
No one can really review this product because it isn't out yet, but to answer (and counter) the above poster, there are several reasons to buy this release even if you bought the first Blu-ray release. I knew better; Stargate had at least 3 DVD releases (the first two were subpar), so why wouldn't Blu-ray be the same? I held off on the barebones Blu-ray (one of the first films to the format), even though it could be had uber-cheap.

The intitial Blu-ray only had the director's cut, which I find inferior to the theatrical cut (gives away too much at the beginning for one thing), so I never bothered to buy it. The new release will have both cuts of the film, plus lossless audio instead of just DTS-HD High Resolution (which is still very good). I would expect an improvement in video quality as well. I believe the first release was a 25GB Blu-ray with MPEG-2 compression.

Plus, this disc should have a slew of extra features, including but not limited to those contained on the Ultimate Edition DVD. From thedigitalbits:

"You'll get both the theatrical and extended cuts of the film via seamless branching, along with audio commentary by director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin, The Making of Stargate documentary and the Is There a Stargate? featurette. You'll also get a 3 all-new featurettes (Deciphering the Gate: Concepts and Casting, Opening the Gate: The Making of the Movie and Passing Through the Gate: The Legacy), a gag reel, the BD-Java Master of the Stargate interactive trivia game and the Stargate Ultimate Knowledge PiP viewing mode."

I am very excited that Stargate is finally getting the Blu-ray treatment it deserves.
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on April 16, 2009 should make it more clear, that this is not the standard "Ultimate Edition" but the Ultimate Edition (version 2). These are not the same sets. Even though reviews and images posted are of the original... THIS IS NOT IT.

The V.2 does not come with the original theatrical version, and is just the "Extended Cut". On top of that the transfer is so poor, you have a better chance of seeing a higher quality version taped off of a television broadcast from 15 years ago. The picture is excessively grainy, blurry in most spots, and the colors are faded or washed out.

This belongs in a dollar DVD bin. I thought that for less than[..] on sale, I was getting a bargain... now I feel ripped off. While it may cost close to your standard video rental, it will be watched fewer times. It's truly sad that such a magnificent movie can't ever be viewed again how it was originally intended to be seen.

My advice... Avoid all Artisan Entertainment products until they can figure out how a movie is meant to be watched.
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