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Format: DVD|Change
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on August 25, 2009
I have to admit that I was apprehensive about the content and undecided as to whether or not I would buy this DVD. I read the reviews on, and ultimately decided to buy it, since I was very curious to see it, and wondered what exactly was put in that was different. Brad Wright, in the featurette, admits he took out 7 minutes of the original footage, but enthusiastically says that he "put in new footage." I am an ardent Stargate fan, and I was hoping to see some interesting new footage.

First, several of my favorite lines were removed - Carter's "Just because my reproductive organs are on the inside..." speech is removed, and frankly I object to that for two reasons - first, people watching Moebius in season 8 will not get the joke as she repeats those lines, and secondly, I think it makes O'Neill's line a bit later "I don't have a problem with women, I like women..." seem a bit out of context to me. Also removed - O'Neill's back and forth with Hammond about writing a book after retirement - that was funny, and I miss it!

Changed, just for example, when the team first gets to Abydos, and O'Neill brushes past Daniel to get to Skaara, he actually brushes him in the original, leading to a slightly hurt look from Daniel as he recoils from the brush-by. In this version, that does not occur. It is interesting to me to see the different ways the shoot a scene. The dead Jaffa that is unveiled now also has a friend - female at that, which goes against Canon. The prison scene where Daniel regains consciousness seems to have more dialogue between him and Jack, and he seems to almost pass out a couple more times than I remember from the original. The scene where Daniel and Sam are dialing the gate at the end is shorter. They took out Daniel's "got it" and big smile moment - or shortened it, which disappointed me.

Totally new, well, there is now a short briefing room scene right after they return from Abydos where Daniel is still in his robes. Frankly, the end to that scene bothered me a lot - I felt that Hammond was overly rude. I know in the pilot he was not especially friendly or patient, but I thought his comment was very rude. Chris Judge redid his lines for his version, and now sounds too much like season 10 Teal'c.

Overall, I am mostly glad I bought this, but as Brad Wright said in his featurette, "those that don't care for this version can watch the original" - count me in that group. I hope this helps people get a better understanding of what is different.
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on August 24, 2009
First off, dont get me wrong i LOVE Stargate! i own every DVD of both SG1 and Atlantis, even have a few novles! Shows i watch and watch and love the more i watch! When i first heard last year about this "re-imagined" pilot movie i was excited! Becaused it is one of my fave episodes of SG1 (If not my first)
But when i watched this right off the bat i was deeply disappointed! Lines were cut out from the movie that didnt even need to be! making much of the start seem rushed! Sam's intro scene got a big chop, She has a few new lines here and there in the movie as well. Brad Wright said it made her character 'stronger' i didnt see this! Because she seems more wide eyed then in the original! Especially when she meets Dr Jackson for the 1st time!(i did a face palm to that one!)
Teal'c (Christopher Judge) had his ADR re looped making him sound out of Season ten where his voice has become alot deeper with age. The new CGI isnt anything that made me go 'wow what an improvement!' Yeah the nudity scene was cut, this i didnt mind cause thats not what Sg1 is about, but the few new 'scenes' added in have changed the flow of the movie for me! The new scenes are nothing worth the money of this DVD! They seemed rushed and poorly scripted (and the reason why this dvd was done was cause Wright didnt like most of the early writing?) Most are just different takes of scenes that were in the original, which i guess were not In the original because they werent as good in performance and scripting!!
The biggest sin of a change was taking out the "Macgyver" referance, which i thought was a nice touch to Richard Dean Anderson who is one of may fav actors! But this next change is what has me stumped the most! Where Major Kawalsky gets a Goa'uld in him is completely removed, why? I have no idea!! Has Wright in his thirst for easy money forgotten about the episode "The Enemy Within" ?? Which follows up from the Children of the Gods!!!! As i said, im stumped with that one!
I never thought the day would come where i would be upset with a Stargate dvd for it is my most loved TV show, but sad to say, that day as arrived...
All in all this 'Re-hashed' version might be for one off new comers! Since it has no ties with the next Episode in the 1st season now! I dont know how any true Stargate SG1 fan can find anything in this to make it seem worth it or that is is better! This DVD has gone into my collection (which i guess makes it complete still) and when i next start the SG1 saga again, i will be watching the original polit movie over this!
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on July 19, 2009
I don't know about the others on this board, but I have actually watched through the movie, listened to the commentary track, and viewed the featurette. If I have any one complaint, it would be for a longer featurette.

First of all, this is a completely new re-edit. Expositional scenes that are establishing the basis of the series (which are wordy and slow the pace of the original pilot) are trimmed. The action is tighter. The movie has also been re-scored, whereas the pilot contained re-hashed music from the original Stargate feature film. There are also a handful of new shots, improved special effects, and a re-recording of Teal'c's voice (no longer does he have that strange accent that he had in the pilot, but it is now in keeping with the rest of the series).

There is no longer any graphic nudity. Carter no longer makes the cringe-inducing comment about her reproductive organs being on the inside, nor does she say she can "McGuyver" anything, and a continuity error has been removed regarding being able to step back through the Stargate once entering (see Apophis' entrance at the beginning of the film).

There are new scenes trimmed from the pilot now restored in this film. In all, this feels like a film and not like a studio pilot. As a result, the entire feature "feels" more in keeping with the series as a whole.

Richard Dean Anderson joins the commentary track; all in all, an enjoyable commentary.

The feature is presented in Widescreen 1.78:1 and Dolby 5.1 surround. The quality of the presentation on DVD is much better than the original box set pilot and feels much less "compressed."

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on December 25, 2009
This movie is a remake of the original 2 hour pilot which I knew that before I bought it. I am a big SG-1 fan and wanted to add this to my collection. It had scenes that were originally cut from the show(most for good reason) but they removed a scene or two for every one they added. I think it is shorter then the original too. It is worth seeing for the additional footage but not for the $20 I paid for it. If you can get it cheap, then pick it up but don't expect a great show.
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on July 7, 2012
Children of the Gods is the movie-length pilot of Stargate SG-1. It is said that there were creative differences between the producers and the networked "Showtime" chipped in, too. Additionally due to the story-telling of the series some aspects don't make sense anymore.

Thus someone decided to create a "Final Cut" version of the pilot where scenes are reordered, shortened and the FX were enhanced.

Changes that were made (in loose order):

The (in)famous full frontal nudity scene of Sha're was re-cut. She's still naked but one does not see it anymore. Back then Showtime insisted on the scene to push the MPAA rating up. But since SG-1 is supposedly a "family show" this was deemed inappropriate. This is one change I don't mind. The scene never bothered me (why should it?) but it's no loss either. But from where I am standing, I could start an argument on why a show where most people carry weapons of some form and were people get killed on a weekly basis (and we're talking big bloody staff weapon wounds) somehow becomes "family friendly" just because they cut out the 20 seconds nudity scene.

In the original version, Apophis captured that female Air Force officer, brought her into his harem, then also captured Sha're. Then he tested said officer, deemed her unworthy, killed her, tested Sha're and implanted the Goa'uld. Now he captures the officer, kills her, captures Sha're and implants the larva. No harem. In combination with the above nudity scene the pilot showed how Humans are merely "walking meat" in the eyes of the Goa'uld. They have no regard for the value of human lives. They are just slaves for them to command.
This ruthlessness gets lost in the new version. Here Apophis takes only what he deems necessary as if he would actually care. Don't know why they did it but I don't like it.

Earth has no DHD (keyboard to open the gate), they built a computer to do the work. But in the original version Apophis magically opened the gate without using the computer. Now one hears him shout a command and it sounds as if his Jaffa are dialling out manually. That's OK.
Another FX change is in regard to the Death Glider. The pilot had a never seen again version of the Death Glider that has a ring transporter system. They added an additional Tel'tak (a transport vessel later introduced in the series) and made it look like as if the Tel'tak activated the ring transport. That's OK, too.

They also removed the scene where Kawalsky is taken over by a Goa'uld (which is addressed in the episode after the pilot). That makes somewhat sense for a stand-alone movie but even then they could have let it in.
They also removed the scene where Kawalsky doesn't know that O'Neill had a son. That makes sense, because it's later established that they've known each other for many years.

But what I really didn't like were some changes in the pacing and in Sam's introduction. In the original version there's some bantering between the old gang and Sam when General Hammond introduces her (topics: She's a woman and a scientist). That and when it comes up again when they meet Daniel was all cut out. But instead they used alternate cuts of the scenes or simply cut it out. Now the flow is gone. Some of the scenes end with a long pause before the next camera angle. It's like the actors are waiting for the director to shout "cut". It happens all the time, especially in the beginning. There's no natural flow anymore.
I always liked the joke about the location of Carter's reproduction organs, especially because they make fun about it later in the series.

And they removed the MacGyver joke! *foul play*

So my final judgement is that I can't think of anyone who actually needs this "Final Cut". *Thumbs down*
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on January 30, 2010
Really overall I think this "recut" was completely unnecessary. When I heard it was coming I preordered the DVD thinking it would enhance my collection. OK some stuff was cleaned up and a few things restored but then things were also removed which led to a couple of inconsistencies later on. I guess the idea was to make the "pilot" more in line with the rest of the series. Why? It was a pilot in large part based on the first movie, which is just fine. People have said that is was OK to remove the brief "nude" scene. Well it wasn't for me. Frankly I liked that bit because lets face it, she had a beautiful body, and the scene fitted into the storyline just fine. Apophis and his mate wanted to admire the body in which she was to exist. Also removed is the Kowalsky storyline which is a problem for later.

Removing Sam's McGuyver reference was another annoyance. Maybe some younger people might not get it but it was a nice little homage to RDA's past. There is more but it has been covered before. While I think that changing the music was OK, it wasn't necessary, and I think the stuff that was removed in this version could have been left in, as well as returning the deleted scenes. Really with a recut version I expect to get more for my money not less. It should be an addition to a series which it isn't.

Casual viewers of the show or newbies may enjoy it but I think most fans of the show will be disappointed. When I rewatch the series I will be watching the oiginal version of the pilot.
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on July 25, 2009
I just watched the movie and I kept waiting for some new scenes that would justify the "re-imagining". Boy, was I disappointed. Not only was there not enough new material to justify making a new movie, but some important scenes were omitted, including the nuditiy scenes and the scene where Kowalsky gets invaded by a goauld, just to name a few. Cutting these scenes removes important cues and clues from both the movie and the series that follows. There isn't enough new material to come even close to justify saying the movie is "re-imagined". What were they thinking? I am seriously disappointed and will think twice before falling for this line again.
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on July 9, 2009
I have to disagree with those reviewers who say the original nudity was gratuitous and didn't add ANYTHING to the pilot. (certainly nothing gratuitous about the near constant violence in the series, is there?)

The forced nudity most clearly demonstrated just how little the "gods" cared for the lives, feelings, and basic humanity of their subjects. By including a few dozen frames of a married woman's forced nudity and inspection by the "gods" it clearly dealt with the implied violation and rape to come. This very effectively demonstrated the level of dominance by the "gods" beyond the all too stereo-typical downtrodden slaves/cannon fodder/tortured subjects level so often seen in commercial science fiction can be seen over and over again in the subsequent Stargate: SG-1 episodes.

Without the Share character's non-consensual nudity the issue of rape and sexual violence against women under the "gods" would have never been examined. The later depiction of Share's after-the-fact pregnancy just does not provide the same focus on this topic.

Editing-out the nudity cuts a vital statement and important content out of the product and I think it is weaker for it.

It is nice that a version "suitable for children" is available (even though it contains extreme violence and depictions of torture, murder, and death).

It would have been better to be provided both versions in the same disc set so people could compare them or provide the "safe" disc to their children as desired.

I also suggest that providing the "re-imagined" version in ONLY a "fullscreen" format (according to the "format" tag in the product description) greatly lessens the experience for the viewer.

However, as a well-considered way to enlarge the paying a "re-cut, re-mastered, re-imagined, re-markable" version is a brilliant commercial move.
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on December 2, 2015
*Except for Stargate universe, that one was a real snoozer eh, and B, they always seem to "break" EVERYTHING after the first version of anything, except for SG1, and Atlantis, they're both awesome.
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on September 14, 2011
I am so glad to have this version, this final cut. As the producer says, this is how he wanted it to be like. The plots the same but where there was weakness in the original Pilot, there is strength, where they 'borrowed' from the original movie they have created better images. Its amazing how technology has changed since the nineties. A job well done.
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