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The Stargate SG-1 team travels to the ruins of Dakara to find the fabled Ark of Truth. Built by the Alterans, (builders of the Stargates) millions of years before, this ancient artifact may be the sole means remaining to defeat the Ori armies.

Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping
1 hour 42 minutes

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Stargate: The Ark of Truth

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Genres Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Director Robert C. Cooper
Starring Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping
Supporting actors Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, Claudia Black, Currie Graham, Morena Baccarin, Tim Guinee, Julian Sands, Sarah Strange, Michael Beach, Gary Jones, Martin Christopher, Chris Gauthier, Eric Breker, Matthew Walker, Alisen Down, Gabrielle Rose, Fabrice Grover
Studio MGM
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Customer Reviews

I am a huge fan of all stargate movies and series.
Sally Carr
If you enjoyed the series and were looking for a wrap up of the lose strings left when it ended you will most likely like this movie.
Good movie, it stcks with and follows the story line of Stargate, good action, and great cast of course.

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88 of 98 people found the following review helpful By Jason VINE VOICE on March 13, 2008
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
This review is spoiler free!!

I have to preface this review with the statement that I am an avid Stargate fan, and as such, my review may be biased (but I think not!)

After enduring season 4 of Atlantis this year, it is nice to get back to the show I truly love, Sg-1. Opposed to Atlantis, SG-1 takes place on earth, spends time on the explorations, and takes into account ancient mythologies, opposed to Atlantis, which is more action oriented, with dumbed down dialog, and shooting anything that moves.

I have been awaiting this release since it was announced, it finally came to my home yesterday, I watched the movie, then the extras (comic con conference which was really cool! and a behind the scenes which was great as well (this is almost 1 hour of material), I then watched the movie again, this time with commentary (again, I love SG-1).

This dvd has a "prelude" which basically goes over everything you need to freshen up on to fully enjoy and prepare for this viewing. As someone who has seen each episode of stargate countless times, I found this prelude a great review, as it has been a while since I watched it all.

The movie then follows, and it is a great movie. The scenery in this movie is astounding, it looks much better than we are used to seeing on the TV show. The pacing is slower, more akin to when the show aired on Showtime, which works well, as the aspect of stargate that i enjoy most, is the interactions between the characters, the explorations of new worlds and civilizations, and how everyone reacts to the culture.

This brings the conclusion to a satisfying end. I think several of the cliffhangers are drawn out a bit much (putting a tad too much tension near the end), but all in all, I enjoyed the movie.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful By Lisa J. Steele on March 30, 2008
Format: DVD

Stargate has always had its homages to other genre shows and they are clearly on display here -- the opening caption paraphrasing "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away", the peak-to-peak aeral shot just beging for Gondor outposts to light the signal fires, a Terminator-like rise from an explosion, ... (I'm sure folks can spot more).

The visual effects were lovely, and there were some really good bits of characterization. The converation between Teal'c and Tomin was wonderful, as was Tomin's final scene with Vala.

As for the rest...
While many a Stargate villain comes direct from Central Casting, Marrick (the IOA guy) is particularly ill-written in a series that brought us Senator Kinsey, Colonel Maybourne, and even the briefly-referenced Mr. Woolsey. In prior episodes where the IOA, NID, or Senator Kinsey were challenging the SGC often they had a legitimate PoV, even if they were wrong. Here, they are just wrong and profoundly stupid.

Similarly, Adria mostly gets to chew scenery in her scenes with Vala rather than have some character development before her inevitable defeat. (Itself a solution borrowed from Oma Desala's final battle with Anubis.)

Others have commented on problems with the Replicator subplot and Repli-terminator -- one other aside -- what did they make the walls and BLUs (blinkie-light-units, per the commentaries) out of?! Thousands of high-power rounds blasted around them, and not one bit of damage? Yet they bend when Mitchell is tossed into them? Yes, limits of CGIs, but might have been nice to show some collateral damage on a movie-scale budget.

The wounded Teal'c walking montage eventually blew my suspension of disbelief -- particularly when it is apparently occuring at the same time as Carter and Mitchell's battle with the Replicators (who knew Teal'c could walk that fast!).
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful By Just A Guy on March 14, 2008
Format: DVD
I've watched every episode of Stargate. I even paid for Showtime just so I could see it, before it gated over to Sci-Fi. I very much hated the last episode for reasons I won't go into here. This should give my review a context.

Ark of Truth was good. Not great. I really like the actors and the characters they portray. The effects were up there and the interesting Ori story arc was closed nicely. HOWEVER, there was nothing new here. It was an extended episode. What was worse was the whole plot thread that seemed to be added by a fan of the Terminator. It was cheap and a waste. I can only guess their reasons for it but it was insulting to have to watch that to get to the real story.

The ending hints at more adventures to come and I'm glad for that. Maybe they can take the Ark over to the Pegasus galaxy...
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20 of 26 people found the following review helpful By C. A. Luster on March 12, 2008
Format: DVD
Ark of Truth is a must see for fans of the series. It concludes the Ori battle and yet ends with SG-1 starting another mission. Something SG-1 has not had time to do for a couple years. Let's face it most of us have missed Jack and the exploring they use to do. The bulk of the movie is finding a weapon to destroy the Ori, but it turns out it is not where they first thought and when they find it, it doesn't do what they originally thought either. However they are victorious and there are changes of loyalty from a place you might not expect. Overall I was not at all disappointed, but I must admit the scene with Teal'c walking across a desert after being shot by a Ori weapon was a bit much.

The wife and I were a bit disappointed that Richard Dean Anderson didn't even put in a cameo appearance. Excellent production values as always, they won't seem better as the TV series was so good that we were all spoiled by them. The DVD includes plenty of extras including a prelude you can play previous to watching the movie. The prelude is snapshot segments from several episodes from the last two seasons and that lead up to the final battle. I bought a copy because I loved the series and it wouldn't be complete without this movie. They made it clear another movie is in the works. Let us hope there will be more exploration and singular episodic adventures for future movies. Great quality picture and sound and good replayability.
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