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on February 18, 2013
I'm so happy it's already out on Bluray and DVD! Starlet was one of my favorite movies of the year. Absolutely in my top three. It completely caught me by surprise. I really don't want to spoil too much because the beauty of this film is to discover it on your own. Nonetheless, I think I can say that the performances are outstanding. There is such a natural way in which the actors exist in the film. It all feels so natural. Dree Hemingway's work is truly impressive and inspiring. The film carefully takes you in. There is a new revelation in every scene, subtle or big, the film never stops surprising. The film is harsh, sweet, naive, mature, it just is what is has to be when it has to be. I love that. A beautiful thing is that this film never ever judges any of its characters and truly makes you think that nothing is what it seems. Starlet is pure honesty. I feel that the director and people involved made this one from the heart. There is nothing better than an honest piece of work. Thank you.
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on February 17, 2013
There's a feeling in the movie that makes the spectator relate with; an every day life loneliness, a void that we try to run away from but in the end its always there... and in between that, what seems to save us: finding am accomplice for that feeling. sharing it without even mentioning it.
The story is minimalistic. Silences are beautifuly placed and tell the audience more than what would dialogue do. Or at least, it gives the audience the space to relate with the movie, and fill the blanks with those feelings.
The music and photography are there to back up the mood of the film amazingly. I fully recommend it.
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on June 17, 2013
This VERY low budget Indie by Sean Baker won the prestigious Altman Award for 2012. I was compelled to find out what the fuss was about.

Imagine my surprise; a well-written, well-crafted, simple story about integrity, good intentions and issues of the elderly. I won't give away some of the more sensational plot-points, but the plentiful DVD extras explain that first impressions should not make one judgmental regarding the true make up of a person. The talented Mr Baker lets you know these people before adding an interesting element that may shock some (I found it mildly amusing).

Dree Hemingway is remarkable as Jane, a girl new to the San Fernando Valley, staying with friends while she establishes herself. She buys a thermos from a cranky old lady at a yard sale (the magnificent Besedka Johnson), later to find out there's $10K inside. This makes Jane uncomfortable, and she attempts to find out if the old lady might really need that money, a guilt-complex that results in an adventure of stalking, friendship, fondness, understanding and genuine love.

At age 85, it was Johnson's first film role, and she handles it like a pro. It's Jane's integrity and perseverance to know this old woman that is the gist of the film, a sweetness that can't help but move the viewer. It's a beautifully controlled relationship starting with suspicion, mutual interests, leading to genuine caring. I was totally taken in. The film still resonates with me, though I saw it over a week ago.

I won't give away the other plot points, but there are terrific supporting players; Stella Maeve as Jane's stoner best friend, Melissa, and James Ransone, great as Melissa's manic, stoner boyfriend.

It is to Mr Baker's credit that he let you know the sweetness of Jane before he drops the "bomb", about one-third into the film. A great lesson to not judge people before you know how good they can be.

It's "Not Rated", so be prepared for some surprises. A delightful film, in many ways, and a landmark film in pacing and development.

I admire "Starlet" very much.
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on April 29, 2013
I feel fortunate that a good friend recommended this to me without telling me anything about it. He told me to avoid reading reviews so nothing was spoiled and I would say the same to others. It's best to just watch the story unfold and form your own ideas and feelings about what you see.

I felt like I was watching real people, more than I do when I watch some documentaries. The look, thoughtfulness and realistic characters remind me of some of the best American films that focus on relationships produced in the 70s, like Kramer vs Kramer. Now it's often good independent films like Starlet that seem to step back more and allow us to think and feel things more naturally as we watch.
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This is one of those films that is absolutely unassuming and yet totally engrossing. It stars Dree Hemmingway as Jane a 21 year old worker in the `adult entertainment industry'. She buys a Thermos in a yard sale one day and on getting it home finds that it is stuffed with cash. She tries to take it back to the cantankerous old woman, whom she bought it from, but is rebutted.

So she engineers a way to be a `Good Samaritan' to Sadie (the late Besedka Johnson) with her faithful lapdog in tow - this is `Starlet' of the film title. What starts out as marked for failure in the relationship department soon blossoms into a real friendship. However, Jane lives with Melissa and Mikey - Melissa is one of those people who think the Universe revolves around them and everyone is here to do her a favour; so she finds it strange that her `besty' is hanging with an old lady and wont let it lie - to say more is straying into the realms of plot spoiling.

As I mentioned this is a film that plays out slowly but it is interesting all the way and actually quite a lot does happen. Dree Hemmingway is superb as is the pooch but then there are convincing performances from everyone. Director Sean Baker has made a film that will stand the test of time and has a subtle yet simple message about friendship. If you like your films a bit quirky and are prepared to take a risk then I think you will be happily surprised with Starlet.
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on February 17, 2013
"Starlet" is one of the most heartfelt looks at the people of the City of Angels I've seen in a long time. It is poignant and sincere. It doesn't need shock or artifice to make you pay attention. Love, love, love...see it if only for the doggie / Chihuahua that steals the show!
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on July 29, 2013
"Starlet" was startlingly GREAT!!
I watched it on another site, but it's so good, I'm gonna buy it.....from Amazon!!
And best of all, I'd never even heard of it before I stumbled across it!
The movie is an "indie" about a young girl who does porn movies, but let me stop right there, and explain something.
It does NOT really matter that she's a porn actress!
While you see her "doing her thing"....ONCE!.....that's it for the sex and nudity.
(Well, her witchy (rhymes with -----!) housemate does bare her bottom at one point!)
Anyway, the REAL story has to do with the girl buying a thermos at a yard sale, and finding wads of large bills inside!
When she tries to return the money to the VERY old lady she bought the thermos from, the woman interrupts her, and with one thing leading SEAMLESSLY into another, this mis-match become fast friends!!
Every scene is filled with great flowing dialogue, drama, comedy, poignancy, and finally, insights into secrets held.
BTW, "Starlet" is the name of the young girl's dog!!
This was a wonderful "find" for me.
And now that I've found it, I just wanted to help others to enjoy...and LOVE....this incredible movie!!
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on March 7, 2015
One would think there's not much more to say about the empty life of druggy, fringy youth in L.A.'s San Fernando valley. But this film messes with our expectations in lovely ways, and ends up as a comedy-drama that's human and surprising.

Calling a film like this 'little' is no pejorative. If it was 'bigger' (budget, stars) it probably would have had it's jagged edges shorn off, and with them would have gone much of it's special-ness.

The acting is terrific. Dree Hemingway makes the air-headed, hottie lead wonderfully vapid and annoying – at first – and lets us only slowly come to appreciate her humanity underneath. Besedka Johnson, in her film debut as the 85 year old that Hemingway stumbles into an uneasy friendship with makes her character equal parts spiky defensive exterior and vulnerable, needy center, giving reality and depth to this sad, touchy recluse.

The photography is also very evocative; its ugly, bleached color and slightly off-kilter but deliberate framings are far more interesting than is common in a micro-budget indie. And the film makes some brave choices, like a few seconds of extreme and un-simulated sexuality that makes points about character and our perceptions by being both shocking and banal at the same time.

My only real frustrations were that a few of the plot twists felt forced – too neat and coincidental for a film this grounded in feeling 'real'. But that was nowhere near enough of a problem to keep me from feeling very warm indeed about this odd-ball character study.
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on February 21, 2013
STARLET is a sun-bleached Valentine to L.A. exploring the buoyancy of lies. Pleasingly unaffected and promising in style. Lead perfs are lovely. There's a bit of the Greta Gerwig in STARLET's star, Dree Hemingway. I mean that as a big compliment. One of those rare American films that is so thoughtfully observed and sensitively captured, it gives me hope for the indie landscape.
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on October 4, 2013
This is an indy flick to the nines. It has an interesting story but the ending puzzled me.

Here's the scoop. Jane is an adult movie actress. She rents a room from Mikey and Melissa. He sell drugs. She also acts in adult films. Jane has her little dog starlet and takes her on a garage sale junket to get stuff to fix up her room. She buys a thermos, from an elderly woman, that she wants to use as a vase. When she gets home she finds the vase is full of rolled up bills to the tune of about 10K. She is compelled to go back to the old woman to see.....what? If she would even miss the money? Is she destitute? But a relationship develops between the two as Jane's friends' situation deteriorates and things go south.

This is a cool flick. Good writing. Particularly as concerns the characters. Jane makes adult films and seems curiously passive about it. She seems to not think much about it one way or the other. Melissa, on the other hand, is a total stroke, loser. Gets too high too often, can nowhere near manage her finances and is always coming apart at the seams. Mikey wants to be bigger in the adult film industry but has nowhere near the skills. Then there's Sadie, the elderly woman. What's her story? Married to a professional gambler who died from a heart attack. Left her oodles of dollars and no kids. Or were there? You see her suspicion of Jane straight off, but her walls get worn down. A relationship does develop but what's really happening? Is Jane merely guilty about not telling her about the money or is Sadie a mom she never really had? Is Sadie just lonely or is Jane the daughter she once had and lost. The final scene in the cemetery might be the key.

This is very indy. A lot of hand held camera, natural lighting and real sets. If you like a good indy flick, this should do ya.
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