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In Starsky & Hutch, the crime-fighting duo David Starsky and Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson are explored when these undercover Bay City detectives are partnered for their very first assignment.

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson
1 hour 41 minutes

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Starsky & Hutch

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Genres Comedy
Director Todd Phillips
Starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson
Supporting actors Snoop Dogg, Fred Williamson, Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Jason Bateman, Amy Smart, Carmen Electra, George Cheung, Chris Penn, Brande Roderick, Molly Sims, Matt Walsh, G.T. Holme, Jeffrey Lorenzo, Har Mar Superstar, Patton Oswalt, Brigette Romanek, Paul Michael Glaser
Studio Warner Bros.
MPAA rating PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Customer Reviews

Great movie, a lot of fun.
J. Howard
I get in the mood every so often to watch this movie...luckily I didn't spend too much money on this I feel I am okay if I watch it a few times.
For those of you who had a love affair with the original Starsky & Hutch detective series from the 70's you will find this movie quite entertaining.
V. Marshall

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful By Dominic on July 23, 2004
Format: DVD
Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller are two of the funniest actors around these days, and they're even funnier when they're teamed up. Starsky and Hutch puts them in the roles of two drastically different cops chosen to work together. This approach may seem overdone, but Stiller and Wilson keep the screen fresh. They are both incredible actors and comedians; it would be hard to watch this film without laughing out loud.

Owen Wilson is Hutch, a laid back cop that likes to bend the rules. He never gets any work done and even drinks on the job. Starsky is the exact opposite. He is uptight and follows the rules to the book. You wouldn't guess, but he's also one hell of a driver. His car of choice is a red Grand Torino, and man can he make it fly. However, both Starsky and Hutch are outcastes at the police office, so they are put together. Naturally, the two characters hate each other when first paired up.

They soon get on the case of some drug dealers who are trying to get a new genetically engineered type of cocaine onto the streets. Vince Vaughn does an incredible job as the ringleader of this operation. He is serious and sinister in a way that just makes you laugh.

And then there is the infamous Huggy Bear. I've never seen the television series so I have no idea what he's supposed to be like, but Snoop Dogg is hilarious. Huggy Bear calls himself an urban informer. Basically he tells Hutch what the word on the street is so Hutch won't go and bust him. I think Snoop Dogg did a great job acting this part because he really didn't have to act. Huggy Bear wears lots of bling, talks slowly in a mellow voice, and knows a lot about drugs. Just like Snoop Dogg.

One of my favorite scenes pits Starsky against Dancing Rick in a disco dance off. It sounds cheesy, and it is.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful By M. Burns on May 16, 2004
Format: DVD
I remember having a discussion with a friend, once, about people in high school and how there are three groups of them - (1) the ones you hate, (2) your friends, and then the third group: the people that you could live without, but you simply don't have the energy to actively dislike you're nice to 'em. Watching Starsky and Hutch last night, I realized that those three groups totally apply to movies, also - filth like Welcome To Mooseport easily falls into that first category, masterful cinema like The Passion slides into the second one, and then...well...stuff like Starsky and Hutch goes right into that third category. Unlike director Todd Philips' earlier films, Road Trip and Old School, there's a sweet, harmless quality to Hutch that, even though I can't say I loved it, I enjoyed myself.
The '70's cop show isn't so much parodied in the movie but used as a springboard to pair Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who - with the right project (The Royal Tenenbaums) - can rock. It's kind of a Felix and Oscar cliche, but Stiller's Starsky is the fastidious, by-the-book cop and Wilson's Hutch just knows a little too much about cocaine. The movie predates the show, imagining how the two got together and then throwing them into various situations that sometimes score and other times fall completely flat. Snoop Dog's bit part as Huggy Bear just didn't do anything for me - usually, that '70's blaxploitation schtick is hilarious (i.e. Undercover Brother or anything on Chapelle's Show), but he fits in like an afterthought, the director trying to pull to another demographic. What does work, though, is a great scene where Starsky accidentally ingests cocaine and excitedly enters a disco contest.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful By Desiree Troy on November 30, 2005
Format: DVD
I was originally interested in the movie Starsky & Hutch because Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson starred in it together. I had seem them act together in both The Royal Tenenbaums and Zoolander and realised that they made one of the greatest comedic duos I had ever seen in movies. The way that they play off one another so effortlessly is what makes their movies so entertaining to watch. Starsky & Hutch was no exception. I have never seen an episode of the original show but I am actually considering doing so out of curiosity.

Ben Stiller plays David Starsky, a police officer who appears to be hopelessly uptight. However, we soon realise that he has his wild side and a bit of an unnatural maternal instinct for his car. Owen Wilson plays Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson, an unprofessional police officer who is entirely nonchalant in pretty much any situation he and Starsky find themselves in. A few other lead characters are Snoop Dogg who plays Huggy Bear (who as far as I could tell was just a stoned drug dealer with an aversion to being touched) and Vince Vaughn who plays Reese Feldman, a disgusting little worm of a man (i. e. a drug dealer).

The movie opens on Feldman's yacht. He is unhappy about the loss of some of his cocaine and shoots the person responsible, Terrence Meyers (played very briefly by David Pressman). Then there's a scene of Starsky chasing a purse-snatcher, clearly the man has a bit of an ego and this is only proven when he opens fire in the midst of citizens. We are also introduced to Hutch who gets busted as he's leaving a small business that he just robbed with a couple other men. After that, we meet Captain Doby (played by Fred Williamson) and Starsky and Hutch are made partners.
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