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Season 5
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10. Starting Over TV-NR CC

Miss Ellie discovers that J.R.'s irresponsible wheeling and dealing has put Ewing Oil on the brink of financial disaster. With the intention of helping Ray out of his own financial crisis, Ellie tries to loan him money from the Ewing account and is...

50 minutes
Original air date:
December 11, 1981

Starting Over

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Season 5
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    1. Missing Heir J.R. is a prime suspect for murder as the mystery of the body in the Southfork swimming pool is unraveled. Both Cliff and J.R. accuse each other of the foul play involved in this misdeed.

    TV-NR 50min October 9, 1981
  • $1.99

    2. Gone, But Not Forgotten J.R. and Cliff Barnes face each other at the inquest held to establish the facts behind the death in the Southfork swimming pool.

    TV-NR 50min October 16, 1981
  • $1.99

    3. Showdown at San Angelo With the help of Miss Ellie, J.R. gains entry to the ranch domain of Clayton Farlow. In order to see John Ross, J.R. cons his mother into letting him accompany her to the Southern Cross and then tries to use her as a shield to snatch his son and...

    TV-NR 50min October 23, 1981
  • $1.99

    4. Little Boy Lost Even Miss Ellie seems to have lost all patience with J.R., which could severely hamper him in the custody fight for his son. As J.R. prepares to challenge Sue Ellen for temporary custody of John Ross, his plans for discrediting her backfire.

    TV-NR 50min October 30, 1981
  • $1.99

    5. The Sweet Smell of Revenge J.R. uses his power to try and force the Farlows to stop protecting Sue Ellen and John Ross. Unknown to J.R., Sue Ellen's relationship with Dusty is already being adversely affected by his feelings of inadequacy.

    TV-NR 50min November 6, 1981
  • $1.99

    6. The Big Shut Down In his vendetta against the Farlows for harboring Sue Ellen and his son, J.R. puts Ewing Oil on the line by secretly attempting to borrow $200 million to dry up the supply of oil to the Farlow refineries.

    TV-NR 50min November 13, 1981
  • $1.99

    7. Blocked J.R.'s scheming seems to be backfiring when his efforts to force the Farlows to stop harboring Sue Ellen and his son don't work and the stockpile of crude oil he is withholding from the Farlow refineries threatens the Ewing fortunes.

    TV-NR 50min November 20, 1981
  • $1.99

    8. The Split The Ewing family learns that Jock has instituted a plan which dramatically affects their relationships and the future of Ewing Oil. Most affected by Jock's new scheme is J.R. whose freehanded ways with the company could be at an end.

    TV-NR 51min November 27, 1981
  • $1.99

    9. Five Dollars a Barrel A triumphant Cliff Barnes forces J.R. to submit his demands for Ewing Oil property or face foreclosure on the note which Barnes now holds. J.R. tries to solidify his power base in Ewing Oil by plotting to acquire more voting shares but Gary and Ray...

    TV-NR 50min December 4, 1981
  • $1.99

    10. Starting Over Miss Ellie discovers that J.R.'s irresponsible wheeling and dealing has put Ewing Oil on the brink of financial disaster. With the intention of helping Ray out of his own financial crisis, Ellie tries to loan him money from the Ewing account and is...

    TV-NR 50min December 11, 1981
  • $1.99

    11. Waterloo at Southfork J.R.'s position at Ewing Oil hangs in the balance when Ellie takes matters into her own hands. An angry, determined Miss Ellie calls the family together to vote on whether J.R. should be removed as the company's president when it looks like he will be forced to default on his loan.

    TV-NR 50min December 18, 1981
  • $1.99

    12. Barbecue Two Miss Ellie plans the annual Ewing Barbecue to coincide with Jock's expected return to Southfork. The barbecue gets underway with all of the intrigues inherent at most of the big Ewing functions.

    TV-NR 50min January 8, 1982
  • $1.99

    13. The Search The Ewings are unable to accept the fact that their father, Jock, could be dead, and J.R., Bobby, and Ray fly to South America to see the crash site and determine his fate.

    TV-NR 50min January 8, 1982
  • $1.99

    14. Denial Jock's death has a devastating effect on J.R. and Bobby has to cover for himself as well as his brother in running Ewing Oil. J.R. is unable to deal even with the simplest of business demands in his grief.

    TV-NR 50min January 15, 1982
  • $1.99

    15. Head of the Family With J.R.'s continued absence from the business and Ray's apathy and negligence toward the running of the ranch, Bobby is struggling to keep Ewing Oil afloat...

    TV-NR 50min January 22, 1982
  • $1.99

    16. The Phoenix A recovered J.R. brings John Ross to the Ewing Oil offices to introduce him to what he hopes is his son's future. Later, when he tells Sue Ellen about it, she is far from delighted.

    TV-NR 50min January 29, 1982
  • $1.99

    17. My Father, My Son J.R. tries to convince Donna that the only way to save her marriage is to persuade Ray to give his ten voting shares to J.R., thereby severing his ties to the Ewings.

    TV-NR 50min February 5, 1982
  • $1.99

    18. Anniversary J.R., behind the scenes, gets a job offer for Cliff to get him out of Southfork so he can make a move to rekindle his relationship with Sue Ellen. Ray is caught with another woman by Donna and Lucy confronts Evelyn about Mitch.

    TV-NR 50min February 12, 1982
  • $1.99

    19. Adoption J.R. has Ray arrested during one of his binges then shows up at jail and persuades a distraught Ray to sign over his ten voting shares in Ewing Oil. Cliff discovers J.R.'s plot to get him a phony job with Olco Industries.

    TV-NR 50min February 19, 1982
  • $1.99

    20. The Maelstrom J.R. returns to Southfork where the family is celebrating Christopher's adoption which serves to depress him further as he realizes he may be a long way from having his own son back. Ray cleans up his act and starts to put his life back together.

    TV-NR 50min February 26, 1982
  • $1.99

    21. The Prodigal Katherine looks for J.R.'s help because Cliff has taken over Wentworth Tool and Dye. Donna uncovers a secret in the pasts of the Ewings and Culvers while Clayton does some investigating to find out if Cliff is good for Sue Ellen.

    TV-NR 50min March 5, 1982
  • $1.99

    22. Vengeance J.R., through his manipulations, dupes Cliff into spending millions on a phony land deal. Farraday meets with Bobby and wants money and a ticket to Rio while Cliff proposes marriage to Sue Ellen.

    TV-NR 50min March 12, 1982
  • $1.99

    23. Blackmail Bobby Ewing's worst fears are realized when Farraday is murdered but a much worse blackmailer takes his place, his brother, J.R. With copies of Christopher's adoption records in his possession, J.R. realizes that he is probably the real father and now he can force Bobby to do his will so that Pam will never find out.

    TV-NR 50min March 19, 1982
  • $1.99

    24. The Investigation Bobby is in a difficult position when he is questioned by the police about the extent of his involvement with Farraday. Lucy is released from her bondage after she is found by Pam and Bobby.

    TV-NR 50min March 26, 1982
  • $1.99

    25. Acceptance Miss Ellie makes a decision on the book Donna is working on and comes to accept that Jock has died. The police recruit Bobby's help in setting up a plan to catch Farraday's killers and Cliff is fired by his mother for embezzlement.

    TV-NR 50min April 2, 1982
  • $1.99

    26. Goodbye, Cliff Barnes Cliff is devastated by Sue Ellen's return to J.R. and when Afton visits him she makes a shocking discovery. Bobby comes clean and reveals Christopher's true parentage to Pam. Clayton makes a return to Southfork and Lucy admits to a terrible secret.

    TV-NR 50min April 9, 1982

Product Details

Genres Drama
Director Leonard Katzman
Supporting actors Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Susan Howard, Steve Kanaly, Ken Kercheval, Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton, Jared Martin, Barry Nelson, Howard Keel, Gretchen Wyler, Dennis Patrick, Art Hindle, Laurence Haddon, Ed Gilbert, Don Starr, Deborah Tranelli, Deborah Rennard
Season year 1982
Network Warner Bros.
Executive Producer Philip Capice
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

44 of 49 people found the following review helpful By Forrest C. Hopson on April 27, 2006
Format: DVD
It's official! "Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season" on a 5 disc set will be making its way to dvd on August 1, 2006! With the conclusion of the Season Four cliffhanger, "Cliff's discovery of a dead lady in the Southfork swimming pool," as well as Sue Ellen's endless pursuit of a happy life away from JR, with all of the tragic love affairs, family disputes, and the usual wheeling and dealing that Dallas fans have come to expect and love in this epic TV series. Here's an episode list of Season Five.


MISSING HEIR: The identify of the dead woman floating in the pool is revealed. J.R. and Cliff accuse each other of murder and both are questioned by police.

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTON: J.R. and Cliff testify at the inquest. A grieving Sue Ellen takes action to put an end to her marriage.

SHOWDOWN AT SAN ANGELO: J.R. uses Miss Ellie to gain access to the Southern Cross Ranch and his son as Sue Ellen has misgivings about building a new life with Dusty.

LITTLE BOY LOST: Sue Ellen and J.R. begin a custody battle against one another for John Ross, as J.R. snoops for information to unravel Sue Ellen's pursuits.

THE SWEET SMELL OF REVENGE: As they prepare to do battle for temporary custody of John Ross, J.R. produces a scheme to undermine Sue Ellie's chances. But the "wheels of justice" do not turn in J.R.'s favor this time around.

THE BIG SHUT DOWN: Clayton Farlow refuses to give in to J.R.'s demands. Bobby makes arrangements to buy more information regarding the identify of the father of Kristin's baby. Pam fears how her psychiatric treatment will end up.

Read more ›
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful By Antoine D. Reid VINE VOICE on August 19, 2006
Format: DVD
Dallas' Season 5 Season Set was good overall. Right off the bat, the flaw is in the extras. The tour of Southfork Ranch feature is okay, BUT, it seems like we already got that in a pervious set. Why no cast interviews? Without giving much away, there was a departing cast member that got a lot of attention in the reunion special ... yet here on the season set in the extras, the cast, the departure, and all is missing. It seems a bit impersonal.

Quality wise, Season 5 felt a bit different from the previous seasons. Yeah, it was still good and by far more interesting and higher in quality than most things out there on tv then and now, but, it wasn't as thrilling as the previous seasons. The plots are a bit more tamed and it takes the entire season for certain plots and climaxes to occur. In other seasons, every few episodes would be packed with shocking twists and turns. This one had its share too but it wasn't as fast paced and exciting as the other seasons.

This was still (as usual it seems) Linda Gray and Larry Hagman's season. Both's plots really drove the season forward and both were right on the mark in their scenes and acting. Surprisingly, this was also Barbara Bel Geddes' season. She really emerged in this season, taking on a more active role in the family's business and personal matters. It was nice to see her have more scenes and be a tough, strong character throughout the entire season rather than in just an episode or two as in the previous ones. There were also other actors who had bigger roles this season (and in future seasons) that really added something new to the show.

In all, definitely worth your money and time. This was quality t.v. unlike a lot of what makes it onto the air today. Hopefully future seasons will get more in terms of special features and stuff. Other than that, it's a good season and show to add to your collection.
Comment Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sending feedback...
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful By Reginald D. Garrard VINE VOICE on December 9, 2006
Format: DVD Verified Purchase

Major points of the season are as follows:

After suffering several miscarriages, Pam (Victoria Principal) is obsessed with motherhood.

Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is obsessed with finding the father of Kristen's baby.

Ray (Steve Kanaly) is obsessed in proving tht he can make it on his own without his wife Donna's (Susan Howard) money.

Cliff (Ken Kercheval) continues his obsession in destroying the Ewings.

Rebecca (Priscilla Pointer) is obsessed with proving herself a "good mother" after having abandoned her children when they were young.

In light of his impotency, Dusty (Jared Martin) is obsessed to show how much of a "man" is he.

Lucy (Charlene Tilton) is obsessed with winning her husband back, while hubby Mitch (Leigh J. McCloskey) is obsessed with making it on his own.

Lucy's photographer, Roger (Dennis Redfield), has an unhealthy obsession with her, leading him to begin stalking the model-wannabe.

Katherine (Morgan Brittany) begins her obsession with brother-in-law Bobby, which will come to a head when she mows him down in a couple of seasons.

Vaughn Leland (Dennis Patrick) returns in his obsessive quest to bring down J.R.

And J.R. (Larry Hagman) continues, after a few missteps, to run over everyone!

Also, the writers were able to stretch out the absence of "Jock" (the late Jim Davis) by having the character noticeably absent and finally "announcing" his death in a mid-season installment, thus opening the door for the fight for control of Ewing Oil.

"The Search" becomes a tribute to Davis, interspersed with clips from previous episodes that showcased the towering and much beloved actor.

Boy, did a lot happen in these twenty-two episodes!
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