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on August 14, 2004
This is a terrible movie that I gave 1 star because I couldn't give any fewer. It features the usual idols given primarily to the black youth of today, hip hoppers playing gangstas who have no respect for anything or anyone other than money. It is another one of those blaxploitation specials in which there is literally no figure of any redeeming value. This explains the almost endless series of beatings, shootings, and overall ignorance portrayed in sequence, and served up as some sort of story. It's only entertainment they say, but they are typecast without even knowing it, foolishly dying to portray a fantasy image...psychologically bound as tight as any slave was ever shackeled.
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on October 16, 2003
"State Property," a hip-hop variation of the "Scarface" tale, is so reprehensible it approaches a snuff eight-millimeter. Like a lot of rap music, which thinks the existence of wanton cruelty, violence and pain automatically legitimizes a song drawing out its every crass detail, the movie is a cheerfully amoral romp through all the horrible, totalitarian things one bully can do to a weaker person - humiliation, dehumanization, torture, murder - with a turn of the tables at the end that supposed to comment on this romp as if it was all very, very bad. Sure. Ask the film's admirers - or even the participants, including indicted star Beanie Siegel - where they stand on the use of force to snuff out anything - enemies, annoyances, acquaintances, even friends - that interfere with their designs of all-consuming power. Dictators rise on such thoughts.
Siegel plays a local criminal who, after a thug epiphany of sorts at a topless bar, wipes out legions of drug dealers in an effort to carve out turf. There are stockpiles of men willing to do his bidding while he watches on in his neon-colored swish-swish outfit, pawing at a fence like some caged animal -yes, I'm not kidding, Siegel paws - as a mass execution goes down on a basketball court. To show he is some kind of leader, Siegel occasionally spits out obvious truisms; to show he has a trace of humanity, the movie trots a girlfriend and child across the screen, the idea being if you have them, you must be something less than a total bogeyman, although such accoutrements didn't excuse Stalin, or Saddam.
Because "State Property" cannot possibly condone this behavior for an entire movie, Siegel eventually matches up against an equal armed foe and the fate that's predetermined for a straight-away lunatic like him.
Unlike Hype Williams' "Belly," which very much wanted to have a message but buried it under the pyrotechnics of cars, girls and jewelry needed to pull young black audiences into the theaters, "State Property" has no aspirations beyond being hard and cold. Directed by Tron Anderson and produced by Siegel's music producer, Damon Dash, the movie is borne out of an appalling, but unsurprising, ignorance of what makes a life worth living. There is no hope, just a few fleeting moments of material wealth, booties and gun-toting power trips.
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on January 10, 2003
First of all I find fault with the opening credits where it states that this movie is inspired by actual events. Whatever, this movie is inspired by the unimaginative imaginations of a few guys who watched Scarface one two many times and decided they wanted to live out their fantasies through film. The writing is horrible. The acting is horrible. Beanie Sigel and the other characters in his little mob are underdeveloped to the point where they all seam to be the same person. Beanie Sigel, as the main character, has absolutely no motivation for going on a murderous rampage in order to build his drug empire other than the fact that he was bored one day at a strip club. Nothing happens in this movie that makes it stand out from the others in this genre. It's exactly the same story only the names of the characters have changed. Young thug sells drugs, young thug wants more money, young thug kills many to get money, young thug expands territory gets power. You know the rest. Don't waste your time with this one. And if you're one of the idiots who actually thought this was a good movie you need to think about exposing yourself to better films so you'll know the difference between good and bad.
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on June 24, 2002
Is everybody smoking junk? 5 STARS? This movie was an embarassment to the African-American race. The actors(rappers)in this movie have such a stronghold on today's youth...if your gonna make a movie, why not make a movie about something positive? You could argue that the end of the movie made a statement in that Beans glory was shortlived and there is no future in that life, was that the message? Why make a movie that has been made so many times already? This story has been told 100 times over. Lets do something different and make a movie with substance that we can be proud a young African-American male, I was truly embarassed watching this movie. Is this all we are capable of? One day I hope we wake up and understand...
NOW...for the review
This was a travesty...I gave it one star because i could not let me submit this with none. The acting was terrible to say the least. I give them credit for trying...but what this seemed like to me was a prosperous record label, that had more money than it knew what to do with, trying to venture into filmaking....just because they could.
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on October 15, 2011
One of the worst movies I've ever seen, in my life. I would give it zero stars if I could.
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on July 10, 2014
Ignorant, dirty, filthy ghetto trash of a film stars Beanie Segel as a chubby turd from the Philly inner city (though filmed primarily in Paterson, NJ) tired of living under mommys rules trying to become a drug lord. Poor acting and terrible direction are the least of this movies problems. The storyline is all over the place and you forget you're watching an actual motion picture and not a late night BET music video of amateur rappers struggling to be tough guys. All the tough guys are in the graveyard. Beanie and his crew of rappers have the combined IQ of a bowl of salad and couldn't frighten my grandmother. Skip it if you want to preserve your brain cells.
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on September 12, 2002
This movie coulnd get any worse. Hears da ups n downs
It's has money, hoes, dough
A so-so motto
Beanie is not a great boss
Like that dude said, this is basicly a african-American Scarface
The story is way too predictable, too much forshadowing
It's also copying New Jack City, killing the competition
The American Dream, that's been used too much
The get down, or lay down motto gets annoying
The actin' iz strait up ugly n fake
hell, even the blood is fake
Roc-a-fella has alot of money, and make a movie that coulda been done betta on a camcorder
The sayin' at the end is just like the words on the cover of scarface
This movie could be the worst movie ever
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on July 22, 2011
I would not encourage anyone to follow the gangster lifestyle portrayed in this movie. That said, how can people find redeeming values in movies like THE GODFATHER, SCARFACE, GOODFELLOWS and TAXI DRIVER, while STATE PROPERTY is vilified? Could it be because it portrays Black criminals while the white gangster movies glorifies white criminals and white crime? I condemn the violence and lack of ethics portrayed in this movie but the wave of condemnation this Black movie invokes is not applied when it comes to white gangster movies.
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on July 15, 2002
This movie was basically a revamp of Scarface but instead of being a cuban coke lord, the main character is a ghetto wannabe big tymer. The acting is Sub par, The plot as i said is basicaly the same as Scraface's except with alot more ebonics and bad cinimatography. The Acting is terrible. But if you are watching this movie just to see Drugs, Thugs, and Hoe's ... it's perfect
it depend's what your looking for, oh an by the way Jay Z's role in this movie is a Cameo at best, an his character had no personality
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on July 17, 2012
The first 4 to 5 minutes are the best part of the movie. The acting is horrendous and the story is just as bad. If you want to watch a so called gangsta movie try Paid in Full.
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