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VINE VOICEon April 16, 2004
Stephen King ( whom wrote the screenplay for this movie) brings you three terrifying tales of horror done in the "Creepshow" style as told from the eyes of a traveling stray cat. The first story " Quitters Inc." is about a family man ( James Woods) who just can't stop smoking as he signs up for a program called "Quitters Inc." which secretly monitors his smoking habit, the next tale is in Atlantic city called " The Ledge" which a tennis player makes a bet with a boss to walk a hotel ledge. Then finally our title cat in " The General" must protect a young girl ( Drew Barrymore)from an evil goblin who wants her soul.
Entertaining and well-made collection of comic-book stories with Hitchcock-esque and Twilight Zone-esque tones to them. Good acting and some good special effects for it's time especially the goblin make this worth watching.
Highly recommended if you enjoy the works of Stephen King, Creepshow 1 & 2 and Tales from The Darkside: The Movie.
P.S.: Look for cameo's by Stephen King's other famous characters like " Cujo" and "Christine".
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on February 28, 2006
I watched Cat's Eye last night, for the first time in at least 15 years, and I'm happy to say it STILL doesn't disappoint. Not as dated as you'd expect after all this time either. Cat's Eye isn't scary, though has some suspenseful moments. I don't think anyone would be scared except small children (in particular for the last story) but they shouldn't be watching this sort of thing anyway.

As a smoker, the Quitters Inc. segment made me wish they had some sort of smoking cessation program such as. And for the gambling segment, I about died when he kicks the pigeon! Hilarious! The final story is also quite fun with the little monster. If you're looking for something unusual to keep you entertained, give this movie a try. It's a classic!
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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2005
As with most anthology movies, this 1985 flick is rather uneven regarding the quality of the various stories within. Scripted by THE modern horror-meister himself, CAT'S EYE (a.k.a. STEPHEN KING'S CAT'S EYE) features adaptations of two of King's previously published short stories and one original tale, all tied together with a feline-centric wraparound.

The first segment, "Quitter's Inc.," is a dark comedy in which a chronic smoker (James Woods) engages the services of an professional firm to help him break his nasty habit, but he doubts his decision when he learns that the organization's CEO (Alan King) is a former Mob boss who utilizes the "techniques" of his previous profession to "help" current clients. This is definitely the strongest of the three tales.

Segment two, "The Ledge," again involves an underworld kingpin (Kenneth McMillan), this time one who forces his wife's lover (Robert Hays) to engage in a questionable bet. Not as clever nor as interesting as the first story, but not too bad either.

"The General," the final segment of the trio, is about an abnormally intelligent cat who, despite protests from the mother (Candy Clark), "adopts" a family and moves into their rural home. Unbenknownst to the humans, the feline's raison d'etre is to defend the daughter (Drew Barrymore) from the attacks of a wicked woodland troll who has also claimed squatting rights in the home. Definitely the weakest of the three stories--and thematically out of step with the other two--though the animatronics FX for the wee creature are kinda cool.

The final segment is also meant to be the climax of the wraparound, but that might be rather unclear to some viewers. Director Lewis Teague has claimed that the wraparound's prologue was originally longer and made its connection to "The General" much more obvious, but the resulting ambiguity was created by studio-enforced cuts beyond Lewis' control. Pity. The overall movie might have been more cohesive if studio suits had kept their scissors away from the director's and screenwriter's joint vision.

CAT'S EYE is not the best film based on the works of Stephen King, to be sure, but it is still a well-made and entertaining diversion. Jack Cardiff's cinematography is excellent, the editing is top-notch, and the pacing of the stories is good. And director Teague--who earlier directed CUJO (1983), another King adaptation--elicits great performances from most of the cast. Genre buffs, especially fans of writer King, will enjoy spotting all of the self-referential--and often humorously self-deprecating--in-jokes (which include the killer car Christine and a clip from 1983's THE DEAD ZONE, among others). Also watch for the very brief appearance of actor Charles S. Dutton in one of his first screen appearances.

The DVD from Warner seems about as low-budget as the film itself, but it still offers a nice digital transfer of the film in anamorphic widescreen. And unlike a lot of Warner cheapies, there is also an informative feature commentary with director Teague. Well worth's VERY reasonable price of admission.
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on November 8, 1999
Just re-watched it on video. Here it is 14 years later and the effects and stories still hold up! Quitters, inc is my favorite. Beware the awful guy-falling-off-roof effect shot. I've seen better effects pushing on my eyes!
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on April 5, 2004
I think it is odd that people view this movie as a horror and then get upset by it. The movie cannot be completely categorized in any one genre since each story attempts to create a different mood. The only pervasive style, however, is dark comedy.
The first segment is nothing but humor, with a slight touch of morbid moments. A good example of the type of humor that's in this story is when James Woods' character has tried to quit smoking and he goes to a party. The room is completely smoke-filled and everybody offers him a cigarette every three seconds. Soon, he starts to hallucinate--and sees a giant pack of cigarettes walking around and taunting him. Obviously, this isn't horror.
The second segment is the most serious of all three. It is supposed to be a suspense story, and it is mostly successful. I've always enjoyed it, but given that it is surrounded by much campier material, it seems out of place here.
The third segment is an adventure story. It could, because of the presence of the troll, be considered a horror by some viewers, but it is incredibly silly. It's the story of a cat fighting out a duel with a little monster, replete with Howie-Mandel-esque voice-overs. It alternates quickly between humor and adventure, but it is not scary unless you are a small child.
The movie suffers only for two reasons: one is that some special effects shots have suffered greatly (although quite a few are still amazing). The other is that whenever the movie does try to be serious, it never works as well as it should. It's like watching a clown do a routine with seltzer water, and then trying to recite a soliloquy from "Hamlet" without changing his make-up. By the time the movie does reach its more serious moments, you'll already be in a laughing mood.
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on March 11, 2005
Three short films in one long film tied up by the perigrination of a cat looking for the girl who is going to adopt it as a pet. The cat will find the girl. The first adventure reveals the obsession of smoking in a society that considers that activity as a quasi-crime. Some people are ready to do anything to quit and the society is also ready to do anything to force the reluctant candidates to quitting to quit. The procedure is to punish the people the smoker loves to make him - in this film it is only men that are concerned, and we do have to question why - quit and stick to his decision. This reveals a society that has privatized such a mission and this mission becomes criminal in its own way, even if the ethical aim is to be considered. To torture innocent people may be effective but it is unethical in all possible ways. The second adventure has to do with betting among high life criminals : the rich who make their dough from all kinds of illegal activities, such as drugs. And what happens when the stake of the bet is the wife of one crook ? Criminal challenges, murder and vengeance. Breath taking and unbearable for people who suffer of vertigo. Funny too in the reversal of the situation from one vengeance to the next. The third story is more humane and dark at the same time. Cats are nice pets but here a mother has a fixation against such an animal and is ready to do anything to get rid of it. But cats are obstinate and children, here a girl, are also very powerfully determined to get their ways. The « Kobold » is absolutely charming in its evilness though I prefer the good « Kobolds » I have met so often in germanic traditions. But its end is definitely Dante-like. There must be a special hell for these vicious and obnoxious beings that only want to hurt and wound if not even kill poor little defenseless children. But cats are definitely not defenseless, far from it. Careful with children : to watch such a film might give them nightmares with many boogeymen in them.

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on February 24, 2005
Another great anthology from Stephen King (Creepshow)! This time out we get 3 dark stories of the bizarre, all tied together by a cat that's trying to get from NYC to North Carolina to save a girl in distress. QUITTERS INC. is about a poor schmuck (James Woods) who is convinced by a friend to try a new cigarette smoking termination program. What he doesn't know is that the founder was a mafia-type, and that mob tactics are used in order to make people quit their nasty habit! Alan King is perfect as the guy who will utilize any / all methods of persuasion at his disposal to keep his clients honest; including abduction, torture, and bodily mutilation! Next is THE LEDGE, about a washed up tennis pro (Robert Hays) who is given a deadly ultimatum by the mob boss who's tired of him sleeping with his wife. He can either get busted for the heroin that's been planted in the trunk of his car, or walk all the way around the outside of the building on the five inch ledge that's about a hundred feet above the ground! This is an excellent story of twisty revenge. Finally, we have the third segment with a young Drew Barrymore (E.T., Firestarter) as a little girl who has an evil troll living in her bedroom wall. In this one the cat emerges as the hero. Candy Clark (American Graffiti) is exasperating as the mom who thinks the kitty is up to no good and almost keeps it from saving her daughter's life! CAT'S EYE is well done and well worth owning...
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on March 6, 2016
I use the first movie to show students along with the story, "Quitters" written by Stephen King. I prepared the students telling them it was set in the 1980's, but my high schoolers still loved it. Goes very well with the short story. The other to stories are fun, especially the last. "Trolls" and "children" and the cat: which the movie centers around. "Cat's Eye" - what the cat witnesses. Fun!
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on March 28, 2013
Stephen King's Cat's Eye is entertaining... until the final 20 minutes. Stephen King tries to combine two (or three I suppose) stories together and make an interesting concept but ultimately misses the mark and becomes really confusing.

It begins with a family man with a horrible smoking addiction so he seeks help and finds out the most effective way to give up the horrible habit is by being threatened to do so by a mafia man. How is this man threatened you're probably wondering? If he were to sneak a cigarette, the people watching over this smoker (and following every step he takes!) would have to drag the man back to an office room where a torture chamber is hidden behind a wall. In this torture room is where the man's wife will be forced to jump around like crazy because the floor can produce electrocution-like effects. Only Stephen King could come up with something so amazingly disturbing!

That's not even the worst part- if the man sneaks a second cigarette, now his wife and kids will be tortured by being raped and have other horrible things done to them. Wow, I think with these potential situations it'd probably be totally wise to just persevere all the shaking and uncomfortable vibes associated with the addiction of nicotine, haha.

For a while we see the man going about his day the usual day but with the side effects occasionally kicking in concerning what one feels whey they haven't had a cigarette in a while. Eventually however, the story switches into the man being forced to hang outside a building and walk across a tiny ledge without falling. This segment is about 15 minutes and pretty good. Not as good as the cigarette cravings earlier, however.

By the way, while all this is going on (with both mini stories) there's a mysterious cat roaming around wherever the threatened man is going. This cat is basically serving as the main character though it's not obvious until the end.

After this action-packed segment however, suddenly we experience a BIG change- the final 25 minutes of storytelling involving Drew Barrymore's child character having to deal with a miniature monster coming out of her bedroom wall with a knife and tormenting her while she sleeps. Strange, huh? Yes, very strange! It's a big "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?" moment for sure. I believe saving this particular story for the conclusion was a big mistake because it felt too heroic in a childish kind of way. This story change is especially unappealing for those that enjoyed the first half and wanted to see a conclusion to the man with the smoking habit. I sure did, at least.

The biggest problem attempting to combine several of these stories together is that the smoking storyline never reached its full potential. There was clearly more story to tell involving the possible torturing of the man's wife/children but... it never occurs thanks to the next story coming into the picture. Pretty disappointing in my opinion. Perhaps keeping these three tales completely separate would have been a better option.

Still, the concept is original and kept me curious what was going to happen next, so Cat's Eyes is most certainly a movie I recommend watching. I like how the Police song "Every Breath You Take" (MEGA popular song in the mid 80's for those of you who weren't born yet) was a theme throughout the movie thanks to the lyrics relating perfectly to the storyline taking place. I actually didn't realize how well the lyrics match the story until the film was over!
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on July 24, 2016
I grew up with this movie and am now showing it to my kids who love animals especially cats and sometimes they feel like people always try to make cats out to be the bad guy,so I remembered this movie and how the cat is the hero.
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