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on March 8, 2012
Overall, it's a fun little cruiser. I bought this so I could ride down to school and just throw it in my locker. Yes, the bearings are pretty terrible and are definitely not Abec 7's (like it says in the add), so you should replace them soon when you get it, but they do still get you around.

I wouldn't recommend doing any sort of tricks (as if on any other cruiser/longboard)because it does scratch easily, and they're bad scratches to, but you can do wheelies and stuff. The wheels are very good and grippy, and can slide when worn in, and also loosen the wheel nuts slightly when you get the board because they are very tight. The trucks are pretty good, loosen them up when you get them also.

The deck has a good flex to it, and is semi-grippy, but does scratch and get dirty easily, and is fully plastic or "vinyl", whatever you want to call it. Overall, it is really fun to carve or cruise and and I would recommend it for a beginner/good rider.

The stickers are cool, I got four different combinations, but the sunglasses are crappy. Keep in mind that the kingpin nut size is smaller, so it wont fit your regular skate tool, but the wheels nuts are normal. And my came in the mail early than predicted!

Note: If you are used to a longboard, this takes quite a bit to get used to.


-VERY fun
-good commuter
-good handling
-cool deck
-cool colors
-good weight to it
-cool stickers
-good size for school


-bad bearings
-grip is oook
-scratches easily
-gets dirty easily
-nothing much else :)

PS: I know lots of people have trouble trying to decide between a penny cruiser and a this stereo, but I recommend this over the penny for multiple and to boring to type reasons.

Please Thumbs Up! Thanks Stereo!
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on March 31, 2012
[I normally only review music on Amazon, so reviewing a skateboard is a bit different for me... although, being a Stereo board, music is a big part of what influences the brand anyway so it almost makes sense.]

When I was growing up, I knew a lot of d-bag kids who thought they were amazing skateboarders (they weren't) and their cocky attitudes turned a lot of people away from the idea of skateboarding. It was all about the tricks with them. They would all show each other how messed up their decks had become from grinding on curbs, and would eventually snap these boards in half ceremoniously as some sort of rite of passage. All of them claimed they were "sponsored" by skate companies, but now most of them work at Little Caesers, so clearly they just didn't cut it.

I was never very good at tricks; most 5-year-old skaters would own me at a skate park. I was always into skateboarding for the ride. Bombing down hills, skating around town, using it as a mode of transportation: this is what I always looked for in a skateboard. I bought a Stereo deck a few years ago and fashioned some longboard wheels and riser pads onto it so I could have a hybrid for getting around Chicago. Basically, I liked the size of regular skateboards but I hated the tiny little wheels that would come to a complete stop whenever you so much as hit a pebble in the road.

Stereo's Vinyl Cruiser is the answer to my prayers. Compact, fast, large wheels... it meets all the criteria. It comes in a variety of colors that you've probably already browsed, and they give off an appealingly retro vibe. The inclusion of matching sunglasses was an especially clever idea. The plastic is heavier than you might expect which is nice because it adds to the board's overall durability. Like others have mentioned, the bearings are OK but if you're looking for more speed you might consider swapping them out for some REDS. Because of its size and (preferably loosened) trucks, this thing can take corners easily - something I could never do with my old longboard. The price is also excellent; the most you will pay for one of these is $99, should you decide to visit a local skate shop.

However, my favorite aspect of this board is its goal: to bring the fun back to skateboarding. Now stop reading this and go get one!
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on February 9, 2012
I got the pink one.. Havent owned a skateboard before so I was nervous that it was going to be to small( having an 11.5 size foot) but it really isnt bad. I got this because all my local friends have penny boards and I wanted to be different, plus it was significantly cheaper. So right out of the box it looks cool. came with pretty sick sunglasses. wear them alot. Anyways, I rode it like two times and realized that its not the bearings that suck, but rather the nuts were so tight. so all I did was loosen the four wheel nuts up and the wheels spin forever. dont bother getting the bone reds, without loosing up the wheels first. all it took was seriously not even a quarter turn to free up the wheels, and now it rips. I almost have trouble keeping up with the thing. Its a definite buy if you live near the beach.
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on May 16, 2013
Let me preface this with I am a 24 year old girl who before buying this never really skateboarded. Basically I bought this because I wanted something to just cruise around on, I was a little worried that the tiny size would be hard for me to learn on, but it wasn't a problem at all! Right away I felt like I could control this better than anything I've skated before. It so smooth and maneuverable. I love the small size, it's great to take anywhere. Perfect for cruising to the bars. This is such a good buy, you can't beat the price and the product is stellar quality.
review image review image
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on May 1, 2015
I bought this for my fiancé for Christmas and he absolutely loves it! We are 46 so he's not cruising around town on it but I bought it for him to have fun with our two young children (3 and 5). As it turns out he leaves it at the back door and rides it to take out the trash, go to the garage, go to his car, any chance he gets, he's on this skateboard! it's hilarious! He cruises a around the driveway with a big 'ol smile on his face. He has always ridden a skateboard but the one he has had for a long time is (apparently) more for tricks and this one, he explains, is super easy to ride and can turn on a dime. On teacher work days he takes it to his classroom so he can ride it back and forth to the school office! Too bad he can't ride it during school because I'm sure his third grade students would find that to be a hoot!
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on October 20, 2015
Nice little board that is a ton of fun to ride. Also these boards are very durable and strong. I am about 5'10" and weigh close to 250 lbs and this little board is able to hold me perfectly fine. It's funny riding this around because everyone looks shocked at the fact that it can even hold me without breaking. I like all the different colors that these boards come in but do keep in mind that the white gets dirty extremely quick. The bearings that came stock with it were okay but I upgraded them to reds and now it rolls better. In the future after these wheels go bad I plan on putting wider trucks on it with bigger wheels.
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on November 19, 2011
Maybe one of the funnest boards ive rode in a while.iv been skating for almost 10 years now and this thing makes skateboardng fun again and no so serious. The board is great itself.the trucks turn very good, almost like indys that are already broken in. One recomendation i will give is the bearing tht they come with arent to good and makes it really slow , soi recommend just picking up some bones reds bearings for about 15 bucks and upgrading. you will notice how much faster the bord goes. Also if you grip it i think its better but the plastic top is already pretty grippy.these are much better than penny boards in my opinion. So get your stereo cruiser since the owners of stereo actuall skate and know how to make good products.
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on September 18, 2014
This thing rules. It's so tiny, especially since I usually skate big Welcome decks.

I got it for cruising to class, and it goes over surfaces I'd never dream of trying on my other boards. I can't imagine why anyone would need a longboard with things like this available

Anyway, the only two concerns are the bearings and wheels. The wheels are alright, nice and wide and soft. I could honestly go for bigger wheels, and probably will in the future.

As for the bearings, the bearings that come on this aren't horrible. I do wash them every once in a while, and will get Bones Redz as soon as I get some more money, but if you take care of the stock bearings, they aren't as bad as some of the reviews say.

My verdict is this: if you want a fun little (surprisingly practical) cruiser, but don't want to shell out for a penny or a gold cup, get a Stereo. The plastic gives an interesting ride. You CAN do a few tricks on this. So far I've managed to land one shove it (no pop) and I can caveman pretty routinely (I weigh 200, so I don't do it too often)
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on July 26, 2013
I bought this because it brought back memories from my early years (all the way up through my early teen years). Back in those days, I didn't weigh enough to make a "regular" skateboard turn, and as it happened, my mother's cousin had a Penny board from sometime in the was so much fun riding it around and attempting tricks...key word: "Attempting".

Fast-forward to the present day, and I randomly saw this on a semi-related search and thought "For that price, I'd love to have another one", and I have enjoyed it tremendously! Here are the finer points I've gleaned from a few months of ownership:

◘ After a week of riding on the Abec 7's bearings, I took the advice of other reviewers and replaced them with Bones Reds. I can definitely tell a difference on how much longer this board rolls with the Reds! A highly recommended upgrade for around twelve bucks.
◘ I went from weighing 75 lbs when I hit high school to the present-day weight of 220 lbs. I knew this would make a difference on how far the board would roll, but was concerned more with how the plastic composite deck would hold up to my weight...I am happy to report that it holds its shape quite well! It ended up sagging in the middle a bit until I got the feel of positioning my forward foot over the trucks a little better. It now sags less and rolls farther thanks to improved technique. On top of that, if you search YouTube you can find videos of people driving cars over the deck's midsection with no breakage whatsoever! Impressive!
◘ I really appreciated the little touches they added in, i.e., the sunglasses and keychain. The sunglasses actually fit me quite quite well and are pretty sturdy, and even though the keychain isn't currently in use, it's a nice one to hang up around the house with some utility keys attached. Obviously these extras aren't the strongest selling point, but it's a nice touch, nonetheless.

Bottom Line: This board is being used around my neighborhood/workplace/local parks for tricks at this age, since I'd probably break something important. All the same, it's fun to cruise around on, easy to store for travel, and surprisingly sturdy! If I had known of these boards in college, I would have bought one for getting around campus without a second thought. For the price, they're a great value and offer years of cruising enjoyment, provided they are taken care of (just like any other type of board). I highly recommend this board, and only subtracted one star for the bearings...I'm sure the Stereo Sound Agency had to make compromises to get the board to this price point, and the Abec's were it. Be sure to buy some Bones Reds with this board...I've already ordered a second board to keep in my car for added fun on long trips!
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on July 2, 2012
First off, I bought a complete "new" from Amazon with Free Super Saver Shipping (took about a week to deliver because I also bought some Bones Reds Bearings). The board came with scratches on the tail and a dent on the side of the board which I was a bit bummed out about but now it is not a big deal because this IS a plastic board and it WILL get scratched up and dirty. I guess it was more of the fact that I bought it new and was expecting it in pristine condition not a "pretty good but kind of dinged up" condition.

Anyways onto the actual board. It flexes (if I jump/lean a lot, otherwise it is pretty stiff) under my 100 ish lbs, I probably weigh less - I haven't weighed myself in a while. I'm sure it could sustain more pounds and flex comfortably without bottoming out. I switched out the Abec 7's for the reds because I have reds in my skateboard deck that I've had for 5 years and it still runs well. If you are a beginner and have never skated in your life then stick with the stock Abec 7's because they are slower and will be easier to learn on. The Reds are not crazy fast but if you are just starting out I don't recommend them until you get more comfortable on the Abecs. If you've skated/longboarded before then you'll know what you want/don't want out of your bearings so you don't really need me telling you what to do.

I will admit I'm not great at skateboarding, I can do an ollie and that's about it. It is difficult to ollie this board considering the tail is pretty high but with a little practice I'll get it eventually, I hope. The board feels kind of heavy when I attempt to ollie but if you plan on walking around with this board if you go into a store or something. It is pretty light and very portable. I plan on riding the board home from school and while at school I'll just leave it in my locker or stick it in my backpack because let's face it, I don't carry my textbooks in my backpack.

The wheels are nice, they haven't chipped or anything but that may be due to the fact that I'm trying to refrain from doing that. I loosened the trucks up just a bit and the ride is smooth. I rode it on the sidewalk and through a parking lot (before I got yelled at to not skate there). I have to break the wheels in a bit more before I can officially say if they suck or not. It has really nice ride and I wouldn't say I'm quick but I gets some nice speed on it.

Foot placement is kind of odd at first but it is comfortable once you get used to the small size. I almost ate it because I put my back foot too far back thinking I was on a regular skateboard.

All in all, if you are up for some fun, get the board. -Cathy

Update August 16, 2014: I used this board during summer school two years ago. I stopped using this board because I drive now but seeing as I go off to college soon and need to get around campus, I will be using this board again. A few things I would recommend tweaking, aside from the bearings, is adding some grip tape to the board. If my shoe gets wet, it make riding that much harder. The wheels on this board are not great. I wouldn't even say that they were good. They are ridable, but that's about it. The wheels on the penny boards seem to be much better. These wheels will chip even with light cruising. If you are a skater, swap out the hardware. Allen key hardware means carrying around a hex key. Not a big deal, just annoying.
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