Customer Reviews: Steve and Me: Life with the Crocodile Hunter
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on October 29, 2007
This book is full of the REAL inside story of Steve Irwin, the man who has probably done more for wildlife than anyone, and it's jam-packed with stories of strange and wonderful animals, but the real surprise is the love story that is at the heart of it. I thought I knew everything about the Crocodile Hunter, but his wife Terri Irwin opens a window on his private life. Just as unbelievable as his exploits in the animal kingdom was the fact that he and Terri found each other. It was truly destiny. She was the one woman perfect for him, and he was the one man perfect for her. I wept real tears all over again for his death, but this book is as much a tribute to his life and his loves than a mourning of his loss. Incredible, easy-to-read and unforgettable.
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on November 4, 2007
As another person here commented, those who know the Steve and Terri Irwin story will already be familiar with events about which Mrs. Irwin writes in her book. However, she provides a few more details of the back stories to these events and about which fans would otherwise not have known. This book is an easy, well-written read -- but as with all things "Steve Irwin" -- who was bigger than life itself -- I wanted to know more about how he got so many things "so right" about his life. Thus, I had hoped to find even more information about him in Mrs. Irwin's book.

What life events shaped Steve Irwin and which caused him to become such a perfect human being -- allowing him to achieve those most basics of things in life that many of us can only dream about? He realized his life's passion and focus; he became so successful in promoting wildlife and conservation; he impacted the world with his many gifts; he loved and was genuinally loved by his parents and sisters; he chose a perfect wife for himself and who shared his love and his passions while she herself realized her own special gifts; he became a parent to two extraordinarily healthy, balanced, confident, happy and -- likely because of what we have already seen -- genuinely gifted and talented children; he surrounded himself with real friends -- and he demonstrated himself as a well-loved and respected leader of people and as a well-regarded employer. The list of Steve Irwin's life's achievements could go on forever -- but his core attraction -- that which endeared him to fans the world over -- was that he did everything with enormous joy, enthusiasm, focus, intent, belief, humor, and authenticity. Steve Irwin was simply an incredible story -- yet amazingly, just by being himself -- he also became a super-hero intent on saving our world and showing us how -- in a world so indifferent to destroying itself.

Fans will genuinely enjoy the love story about which Mrs. Irwin writes. Her book does provide yet other clues about who Steve Irwin really was. And for that, I recommend anyone to read this book. Frankly, the Irwin Family are an inspiration for what it means to be well-connected to our souls and what can be accomplished in our lives when the fundamentals of having genuine family and friends around you are fulfilled. I believe Steve Irwin also showed us that our connection to animals and our planet Earth -- is far more important to our present and future lives -- than many of us yet realize.

Perhaps a desire for privacy kept Mrs. Irwin's writing from becoming too revealing of this man she knew so well. Perhaps fans need to wait for another author to write about Steve Irwin, who while respecting the Irwin legacy and his family's needs, can yet objectively put forward even more information about this man that we all seem to need to know more about. I hope so. Steve Irwin reached through our television screens and compelled us -- not by order -- but by instilling in us a genuine desire -- to protect wildlife. If only other "Steve Irwins" could be duplicated in all walks of life, in many professions, as father-figure in many families -- wouldn't our world be a fabulous place to be? Who wouldn't want to wake-up each day to a life of pure adventure, joy and laughter?

Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Steve. We still deeply miss you, mate. And, Mrs. Irwin? Thank you -- for sharing your precious memories.
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on November 2, 2007
A lovely and well written book that is an easy read. I enjoyed it a great deal. They are a wonderful family that has given so much. Recommend the book highly.
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on January 9, 2008
I'm sure most fans of Steve Irwin felt connected to him on a personal level. That was one of his true gifts in front of a camera, and he had my family hooked with his enthusiasm and knowledge the first time we watched a Croc Hunter episode.

My connections also go back to my childhood in Oregon. I went to school with Terri Irwin. She was two years ahead of me at Eugene Christian School. A tomboy who was also pretty, she caught the eye of many boys, and I was surprised when I realized that was her on the TV show. She had really married the Croc Hunter himself. On the other hand, it seemed like a match made in heaven, knowing of her wildlife interests in Oregon.

"Steve and Me" is a detailed love story, as well as a modern tale of tragedy and triumph that should be enjoyed by all who enjoy life, realistic romance, animals, and mankind. Terri, in her own words, gives wonderful glimpses into the man we all saw on the TV screen. She shows him with his faults and struggles, but gives him honor on every page as she reveals his true heart for the world around him. In the conclusion, she is respectful yet candid about her dealings with her husband's passing, focusing instead on the wonder of his life.

My wife and I got this book for Christmas. We read a few chapters aloud a night, laughing a lot and shedding a tear or two. There are numerous stories full of humor and danger and factual knowledge. This is a fantastic collection and memoir, a great ode to one of the world's most renowned "wildlife warriors," and an encouragement to every married couple, every son and daughter, anyone with a dream to change the world around them.
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on November 2, 2007
I purchased this book as soon as it became avialable and I read it in one day- I couldnt put it down! At times it made me laugh and at other times it made me cry. I think Terri Irwin is a very strong woman to be able to write this beautiful book for her children. She is an inspiration to them.
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on November 3, 2007
I LOVED this book by Terri Irwin! I loved reading it and riding the wave of excitement that she had meeting and falling in love with such an outstanding, incredible and loving man. What a perfect partnership! I think that Terri and the kids deserve some privacy and want to keep some details for them and them alone. I have been an fan for years and feel as if a relative/friend of mine had died when we lost Steve. I wish I could find a soulmate just like like him. Lucky Terri!
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on November 12, 2007
I have been a fan of the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin for only a few short years. I discovered him on cable's Discovery Channel. I found his exhuberant personality infectious and his Australian accent endearing. What I really loved was his commitment to conservation. Steve's personality may have been a bit annoying at times but I always felt that his love for wildlife and especially crocodiles was sincere right up until his tragic death.

I recently found out about Terri Irwin's book STEVE & ME on television a few weeks ago and I picked up a copy. I voraciously devoured the book in no time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how Terri and Steve met, their separate backgrounds, and their life together as a couple and eventually as a family with Bindi and Robert. I personally thought that Terri gave out a good amount of personal information on Steve and her personal lives. I get the impression that some reviewers wanted every gory detail of their personal lives. I think the Irwin family is entitled to keep some of their personal life personal. Even after a year, maybe Terri isn't ready to share her more personal photos of her life with Steven hence the selection of photos. And if there were dark moments during their marriage, I think that should be between the Irwin family unless they want that to be known to the public. I don't think it is anyone's business.

While a lot of the stuff I read in Terri's book I already knew from watching her and Steve on tv, I still found a plethora of information I didn't know about the couple and their personal lives before and after they met. I really enjoyed reading about Steve's relationship with his children Bindi and Robert, not to mention his relationship with Terri. I found Terri's book quite emotionally moving through out the book. There were a few times when I found myself choked up. What a great book.
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on November 4, 2007
This book gives us a look at the man behind the legend. He was larger than life and will be missed by all. Terri's account of how they met and when they dated, was great.

Thank you, Terri!
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on November 7, 2007
Thank You Terri for writing this treasure of a book! As your reader I am honored and privileged to share in your and Steve's remarkable life journeys as you take your readers along on your adventures, passion and commitment to each other, your family and all of humanity by focusing on the Light of God's splendor in nature and all living creatures.

My three children have grown up watching you and Steve share your knowledge and love of animals through your shows, "The Crocodile Hunter" and "Croc Files" on Animal Planet. You and Steve have inspired people all over the world, our children and generations to come, to protect and appreciate even what were once the most feared predators on earth because of your genuine ability to ignite within us the fire of desire to know and preserve more of the world around us.

Thank you for sharing so many intimate details of your private lives that ordinary people can relate to from your whrilwind romance, the births of your children, how you've worked together to overcome adverstiy, surviving tragedy and living to the purpose of your lives to improve our world through bringing global awareness of the importance of conservation of our environment and all living creatures. It is always evident that you and Steve are motivated by love.

You and Steve and your family and mates are real, everyday people teaching by example that "The Power of Love Can Change The World." You are true heroes.

People all over the world share in the sadness of the physical loss of Steve Irwin AKA "The Crocodile Hunter", one of the Greatest Teachers of Our Time. Through your writing of "Steve & Me" you are helping to heal a grieving humanity while keeping your focus on Steve's Life Mission - Conservation.

Many Continued Blessings, Peace Be With You Always!
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on November 28, 2007
I got the book as soon as it came out. Right from the first page, I felt like Terri was sitting right in front of me, telling her wonderful story. There are lots of things you will recognize in the book from the show "Crocodile Hunter"..but it's much deeper and more personal. It's Terri's perspective. She chronicles her life as a young adult, rescuing Cougars and how she gets into wildlife conservation, and then takes us for the Journey of a Lifetime as she meets, falls in love with, & marries Steve Irwin.

This book is their love for one another, love for their children and love for Wildlife. It's journey takes us from her life in Oregon, to their marriage, the conception of the shows, the birth of their children, right through to the very end as Terri learns that she has lost her soul mate, and must journey on to continue his legacy.

I simply couldn't put this book down, I read it in just under 2 days. I loved it. I laughed, cried and was astounded at all the amazing insights we were never privy to with the show, and just how hard Steve worked to help Animals. There is an extremely emotional and poignant "scene" where Steve & Terri are confronted by the unethical and brutal people who "croc farm". It shows Steve's True emotional range, and I cheered and cried at the same time.

This book made me almost feel like I was in Terri's shoes at times, and that I could truly feel and see Steve as she saw him. She does that good of a job writing and sharing her life. She did an amazing job, with what had to be a very painful and bittersweet project. I admire her tremendously.

This is a book I will read often.
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