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Initial post: Apr 20, 2009 8:21:05 AM PDT
Reader2008 says:
I feel compel to discuss this because this keeps coming up over and over again as it relates to Steve Harvey. Steve NEVER acts Christ-like. Steve uses "Christianity" to sell DVDs, his radio show, and his products. This is evident from EVERYTHING he does and that is why I don't understand why people keep bashing Steve saying he isn't acting like a Christian. The problem: Steve is ACTING, like he is a Christian. It is an act, nothing more nothing less.

Watch the Trippin DVD when Steve is at Megafest. Steve did everything in his power not to curse and he even said that God is still working on him. Because Steve couldn't be the true heathen that he is (LOL!), the DVD wasn't even funny.

In Still Trippin, Steve is back to his loud and obnoxious self and there is nothing Christ like in his routine.

On the radio, Steve tells you to pray and don't forget to pray, but this doesn't mean that Steve lives a Christ-like life; he is just telling you to pray and thank God for your blessings and so forth.

Now, that brings me to this book: This is a RELATIONSHIP book. Steve never said this was a Christian book on relationships; this is just a book on relationships. If you need a Christian book on relationships, you can go to Lifeway or somewhere and order one. Also, if you want a Christian book on relationships, read the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES or something like that.

Yes, Steve's book regurgitates and over generalizes, but to bash it because it is anti-christian really doesn't make much sense.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 20, 2009 10:43:46 AM PDT
Ms Den Den says:
This made me laugh. I will have to say I don't get the bashes against the book not being for Christian women, myself. I don't understand why anyone would expect a book geared towards the general population to be. It's not titled the Christian Woman's Guide to dating.

Posted on Apr 20, 2009 12:37:09 PM PDT
Reader2008 says:
I agree. Women are reviewing claiming that the "devil" is in Steve's book. That is utterly ridiculous.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2009 7:07:18 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 22, 2009 12:54:11 PM PDT
You make a very valid point Den Den and Reader, this book doesn't claim to be a Christian book. I incorrectly assumed it would be written from Steve's Christian perspective because he has given himself this "Christian" image lately. I think this has confused a lot of people who were looking for a more matter-of-fact approach to dating with a Christian foundation. What he really revealed (more than his wealth of relationship experience and advice) was his lack of undertanding of fundamental Christian principles. But, as you said, he wasn't interested in showing us Jesus or anything related to Him so I'm not mad at him.

Posted on Apr 22, 2009 8:42:18 AM PDT
Audiophile says:
Yea this book is purely fiction. And he completely misses the point, women make horrible decisions in relationships. Nonetheless, I agree this is not a christian guide to relationships. Not to mention, if you needed Steve Harvey's advice, you are heading for loneliness.

Posted on Apr 27, 2009 6:29:59 PM PDT
Book Lover says:
However, if someone is claiming to be a Christian, then the book he writes should reflect those principles even if he does not mention Jesus' name. If he wrote a book on making money and endorsed unethical behavior, that would be a problem. His "90 day" rule I suppose is better than no rule, but as a Christian he should be advocating waiting until marriage or at least a long-term commitment.

Posted on Apr 28, 2009 8:28:02 AM PDT
Reader2008 says:
90 days probably is considered long-term committment by today's standards. Steve was just trying to keep it real. If a woman wants a Christian book on dating and relationships, she should get one at the Christian bookstore. Steve is NOT the one to direct any Christian on any behavior.

In reply to an earlier post on May 10, 2009 3:51:22 PM PDT
S. Bennett says:
Good point. I recieved this book as a mothers day present and I am a Christian and I just did not crack it open because I knew it wouldnt be teaching Godly principles..LOL I did get caught up in the debate though

Posted on May 10, 2009 5:59:05 PM PDT
Dee M. says:
If Steve Harvey didn't make any claims about being a Christian, then there'd be no point in debating his lack of Christlike-ness in encouraging a lifestyle contrary to godly principles. The problem here is that Steve IS claiming to be a Christian and the Christian community MUST speak out against him because for too many people, Steve will be the only bible they will read! That's why it's so important that our words match our deeds as Christians!

So folks when a Christian writes a book especially on relationships - it IS a Christian book!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 1, 2009 1:04:14 PM PDT
Unfortunately, a LOT of people use "Christianity" to sell stuff. Being a Christian has nothing to do with attracting and keeping the opposite sex...and it's a crying shame someone seems to make it that way. They need to read the Bible and find out what being a REAL Christian is all about.

Posted on Jun 2, 2009 4:08:43 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 2, 2009 4:22:49 AM PDT
creole lady says:
This a amusing post. Why? I dare say most of Steve's listening audience are unwed.Statistics show that most are most probably unwed parents as well. Folks are always interpreting how a "Christian" should act. Until that is, it's inconvenient....then the phrase "God knows your heart, God has forgiven me"pops up.
Question; what is the bigger sin; fornication or abortion? Is a sin a sin?
The rumor is Steve committed adultery. Channel surfing I caught him on CNN recently. He stated he's a Christian. He spoke of morality.Was his a new found faith or did he "slip"?

All day everyday, folks excuse their (or family member's) slippage in what purports to be "Christian" behavior.

Think folks need to be better at living sermons rather than preaching them to others.

(your co workers would really appreciate it)

But truly bottom line, why are so many Christians doing the do, shacking and living their lives like those who do not profess to be "in the word".

Is it too hard?

Think churches that dot the urban landscape need to fill the void that exists in so many single parent homes. It is obvious there is a lack of clear expectations and role models. Children are allowed to just grow up instead of being molded into gentlemen and women. Imagine, turning to a twice divorced comedian for guidance in seeking a marriage partner.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 2, 2009 9:28:28 AM PDT
Reader2008 says:
I too love how people have sex outside of marriage, have out of wedlock children, mistreat people and the like and still call themselves Christian. I am to the point where I don't believe anyone truly knows what is Christian behavior because most seem to believe it is abhorrent behavior that you later ask God to forgive you for. No one seems interested in NOt engaging in the bavior in the first place. One lady I work with said that they don't kick people out of the church, they just talk about them so badly that they leave. This is teh SAME lady who had a baby out of wedlock and never married the father. I don't hold that against her, but was surprised she was one of the people talking about people in an effort to get them to leave the church.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 2, 2009 9:59:02 AM PDT
Reader and creole lady are right on point: many people who claim to be Christians don't have any idea what true Christian living is and many of us are not even interested in finding our and following those principles. There is confusion all over the place and right living is easier said than done for most if not all people, especially when you have no good examples of what righteousness looks, walks, and talks like. I'm no saint or virgin so don't think I am preaching. I wish I had had better examples of true Christianity in my life but instead I'm surrounded by people who are in church more than they sleep or eat but they have no shame about their sexual sin or any other sins, though they can shame other people out of the church and into more sin. But since I didn't, as an adult, I am obligated to get God for real for myself.

How much better would this world be if all the believers would drop the excuses, the finger-pointing and the attitudes and receive the conviction that comes when someone points out sin in our lives? How much happier would we be if we would just admit our dirt and commit to getting it right next time and make ourselves responsible for finding out how to live holy?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 13, 2009 11:14:39 AM PDT
Chanel B says:
im will have to disagree with you reader 2008 because the only thing you doing is judging a person who is trying to get right. Steve is doing right by saying to pray all times because we die daily it's life deal with it. i don't have a problem with steve or any other book.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 13, 2009 11:19:01 AM PDT
Chanel B says:
i hate to bust your bubble but jesus is not chrisitian he is jewish. also a misinterpretation of the 90 day rule i percieve as if you going to date don't have sex right away. I think steve was trying to convey that go out and get to know that person ,and if you are ready then do what you think is right.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 13, 2009 11:22:20 AM PDT
Chanel B says:
don't read the bible to found out what being a christian is because in the bible there is greek, jewish, and catholics not christianity.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 13, 2009 7:52:19 PM PDT
j wilkerson, you certainly have some interesting views on Christianity. Yes, Jesus was Jewish but depending how you look at it you could say Jesus CHRIST is the first CHRISTian. Last time I checked it was the principles and life of Jesus CHRIST that are supposed to be the example of true CHRISTianity, hence the work CHRISTIAN!

I would love to know where you get your information from. News flash: believers are referred to as Christians in the Bible (Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, I Peter 4:16) so you just proved that you have no business giving anyone advice or even opinion about the Bible. You don't know what the Bible says or doesn't say so you could benefit from a little study time before you talk again.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 14, 2009 4:49:58 PM PDT
Chanel B says:
i don't want to give advice i just give the truth and alot of so call christians can't handle it. believe me im a philosophy and religion student so i have alot of insight on the bible and views you believe in. some things don't make sense or dosen't apply

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2009 6:06:41 AM PDT
Your truth contradicts the words in the Bible and your truth still has no foundation. The Bible is a faith book as much as it is factual. If you believe in it and what it says it is then it is truth. If you do not then there is no point in discussing it. I don't regularly have conversations about the tooth fairy because I don't believe in her but I also have no proof that she doesn't exist. If you have proof that the Bible is not valid then let's hear it.

And who gets to decide what parts of the Bible are valid and true and what parts are to be ignored? And why is it that you believe that the part about judging people should be taken literally but the part about sexual chasity should be ingored?

Your opinions and your philosophical and religious education mean nothing without some argument to back up your position. In another thread I said that I thought you were probably intelligent, but if you cannot validly defent your position then I may have come to an incorrect conclusion. And if you don't think you have to defend your opinions then why bother stating them?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2009 5:39:45 PM PDT
Chanel B says:
if the bible is faith and factual then that means truth got to be in the conservation. It don't make sense to believe in someone or something if there's no truth to it. im not saying its not valid but i do believe that something are not discuss. The bible is valid because we are taught to believe that and that lead to soul searching. In other words we must search for a voice we already posses but it get lost because of not having our own mind. I never said to ignore sexual chasity or any other negative that is in the bible.(that's your words). The things i try to convey is to believe in something is easy, but believing for yourself not because of what you taught but for yourself.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 16, 2009 4:08:11 AM PDT

What I said was YOUR truth contradicts to Bible, not that truth wasn't relevant to the conversation. You told someone earlier not to read the Bible to find our about what a Christian is. That brand of "truth" will lead someone down a dangerous path to destruction! What source would you recommend that is more valid about the life of Christ and the rise of Christianity than the Bible, which has been validated historically and spiritually (by those who believe)? The Bible is NOT valid simply because that is what we are taught.

And I agree that we must develop a relationship with and and understanding of God for ourselves. My faith is based on my choice to believe that the Bible is the Living and currently valid Word of God and my person experiences with Him. If I believe what the Bible says about it being the Word of God from His lips to my ears and the ears of all who seek Him then why would I read anything else that would contradict the Bible in an attempt to get a better understanding of Christianity? Most people seek other sources because they do not have complete confidence in their original source. I have tried the Word for myself in my personal life. That is why I believe.

Furthermore, the reason I made the comment about you ignoring sexual chasity is because previously you appeared to be condoning Steven's 90 rule which does not fall in line with the Word of God. So again I ask, how is it that you are so offended at the idea that someone might come off as judgemental but you see nothing wrong with a book that encourages people to "do what you think is right" when you THINK you're ready?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 16, 2009 7:45:35 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 16, 2009 7:48:36 PM PDT
Chanel B says:
the source is you not a book. You already know inside you what you are and what you need to do. it shouldn't take a book to make you believe in the creator that created you. the truth is we were taught, how else would you know about the bible. you just said your experience just like steve harvey book. i don't doubt your experience with god but everyone goes about it in different ways. personally im more of a mystic look it up. A mystic deals with experiences with god through nature, not all about doctrine so our experiences are different. i never said to not read the bible i said their are others sources beside the bible. my source is within in me, prayer, and meditation and i read from time to time.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2009 1:01:40 PM PDT
Now see, comments like "my source is within me" are what may people think you are from another planet. How does an educated, well-read self-pproclaimed Christ follower think that his source is within himself? Very little of what you know or do beyond normal bodily functions came from inside you. You learned to walk, speak, drive, bowl, and whatever else from some external source. While people and books have been the source of much of my non-spiritual learning, God is the source of my stength, my faith, my help, my healing, my joy, my peace, my understanding, favor with people, and on and on. And Though God has fearfully and wonderously made us, we are nothing without Him! I am more than willing to acknowledge that my mind and my reasoning and even my education have led me astray and let me down more times than I care to count. It is only when I put my trust in God that I get what I need and sometimes what I want. And I thank God that I know who my source really is and that the God of all power and knowledge and mercy and love and strength is in control of my life and has a grand plan for me!

Having said that, I will take your advice and find out more about mystics and experiencing God through nature. That sounds interesting.

Posted on Jul 7, 2009 10:55:00 AM PDT
Angie says:
Alot of folks claim to be born again Christian. I'm not a cynic, but I believe in actions speaking louder than words. From Steve Harveys actions (from what we've read) and even his "comedy' act one may argue whether or not he's a Christian. But its the same with alot of people. Some of the biggest pick-up places unfortunately have been in the church. I can't tell you how many reports (and from my own personal experience) of men who have gone to church to cruise for women (I'm sure it happens the other way around too). From this book and from real life experiences, I've learned not to take anyones word at face value. Listen....but watch!

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 7, 2009 2:06:40 PM PDT
Chanel B says:
The church shouldn't be off limits because people in the church are humans and have feelings too. The saying is that a good women is in the church so if a man look their it shouldn't be a problem. Steve is a great comedian and his comedy act has nothing to do with his beliefs in god or being a chirstian.
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