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on October 14, 1999
This book presents a relevant situation (in story form), gives a multiple-choice option for resolving the situation, then applies the Scripture to the situation.
Great tool for stimulating discussion with your children! It's concise, interesting, and relevant. My husband is a pastor and thinks this book is a jewel! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.
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on March 20, 2004
We have been using this book for about a month with our 7 & 9 year old. While the concept is great (short story presenting a problem then kids pick from 3 multi-choices after reading a scripture), I often find it frustrating for a couple reasons.
First the 3 choices are often 2 ridiculously obvious non-choices followed by the third obvious answer. Second the scriptures used are often either irrelevant or such a stretch fit to the situation presented as to be irrelevant.
It seems to me that the author had a great idea but got caught mass producing 365 situations. Hate to be a party-pooper, and happy that the book fits for some, but 'forewarned' for others who may find it like me. Strongly suggest a pre-read prior to purchasing.
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on March 28, 2006
I have to agree with previous reviewers. This book is based on a really good idea, however, I find a lot of the entries are not really appropriate for my 8 year old. He does understand the concepts, and it makes it a lot easier to help "expand" on the idea and open up further discussion, but most of the situations presented aren't relevant to any child under 12 years old.

The book is divided into 365 different devotions - organized by date only. It is difficult to determine what each story is about without reading a little bit of it (each average 18-25 typed lines)--you can't simply go by the title of the story. An index of 'situations' would be nicer. There's also no actual Bible verses listed in the back of the book as previously mentioned in other reviews. There is an "Index of Verses" organized by Old vs. New Testament, and each verse has the corresponding daily devotion listed. You still need your own Bible to actually look up the verses.

Appropriateness - it depends on each child - but this book includes a lot of situations involving 'youth groups' at church, babysitting, being on sports teams at school, the child working at VBS or in other 'leadership' type roles. Like I said - I'd say this is geared more towards middle school or jr high age kids.

It's still got a lot of great information in it and provides us with a good opportunity to discuss every day situations and to use our Bibles on a daily basis!
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on July 1, 2001
we keep this book on our kitchen table and each time we sit down for dinner, we read the days situation. the scenerios have prompted great discussions. our nine-year-old in particular loves this!
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on November 11, 2008
We enjoy this book purely because we love laughing at the stupid multiple choice answers where it's so obvious which one you should pick. 99% of the time it goes something like this:

Bob's friend broke a promise. Should Bob:

a. Scream and hit his friend.

b. Run away from his friend and never speak to him again.

c. Forgive his friend.

Yeah, pretty much just a waste of time.

To add to that, the scripture references often don't even relate to the situation at all.

Good idea, but falls ridiculously short of being even close to a good use of time.
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on January 15, 2007
I purchased Sticky Situations as part of the expectations for a kids small group. I am wanting to teach them the importance of daily devotions and also help them to think on their own when they need to make decisions. This devotional provides a situational story and then gives the reader several options of ways to respond. After they make their choice the reader can then confirm their answer through the scripture reference. Kids are faced with many choices aside from the one made at home and this book should help them make right choices.
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on March 7, 2005
I agree with the other reviewer. The bible verses often do not seem to fit the story or they aren't appropriate for the age group. Often, my daughter (age 8) would "get" the intent of the devotion, but would then be confused by the "scripture answer" in the back of the book. I also find it tedious to keep flipping to the back for the answers. However, it IS a great conversation starter.
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on November 29, 2011
The devotions are short, which CAN be nice if you are in a rush, but sometimes our children need extra time to talk about issues and what the bible has to say. This gives a scenario and then asks a multiple choice question, most of the time they are ridiculously obvious. My son always knows right away what the answer is. I have some issues with the scenario's in the book, yes, it touches on life issues (being introduced to drugs, stealing) but they are short and not very thought provoking. Even the extra questions in the back of the book are so obvious. I was hoping the stories would be longer and it would be a real conversation starter, instead it takes literally one minute to get done with the devotion for the night. It leaves me, more to be desired. Bedtime for us isn't usually a rush rush go to bed thing, nor are they just a child only thing, I like to read them with him. I am going to look for another devotional for boys. Maybe a more realistic one. My issue with the book is that scenario-wise the book is for probably young teens/preteens, but the answers in the book are elementary. My son is 9 and when we read a devotion, the answers are so obvious, that even if the scenario's don't fit into his life, he knows what the correct answer is. At 9, thankfully, he hasn't been introduced to drugs, but when asked the question "Should Jerry sniff the whiteout that his friend Scott is sniffing?" A) he should take one sniff and then say he didn't like it b) he should tell scott that he isn't feeling well, so maybe another time? c) should he should say "no thanks" and go right home to tell his parents that scott is sniffing whiteout or d) take the whiteout from scott and use it for correcting mistakes on his next paper. This isn't a quoted scenario from the book, just an example....but you get the jist of it. I think the scenario's could be better & longer (it reminds me of a test you take in elementary school), the questions afterward could be better, too. Will find another book.
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on April 18, 2006
This is the best devotion book ever!!!!!!!!! My teacher has it and it is fun to listen too. It makes me happier to listen to God's word in the morning at school!:-)
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on December 23, 2008
I have been searching for a way to do devotions with my children for several years and finally had a revelation that we would be wise to do them in the morning rather than at night. It seems we are always late getting to bed and in a hurry to get there in time for early rising the next day for school. It dawned on me that the kids sit down together each morning for breakfast and this would be the ideal time to direct their attention to daily devotions. While the kids eat, I read the devotional and they share and participate in those few moments before we disperse to our busy daily lives. This book is a FABULOUS asset to us and after trying numerous books have found this one to be most intriguing and applicable to their lives - they are ages 11(girl) and 13(boy). The stories that have been written are very age appropriate and usually the kids have had first hand experience with the topics discussed. At the end of each story, the author asks the kids "What should he do?" and lists several choices. This makes the kids listen carefully and just like in life, realize they have choices and that the best choice is usually not the easiest or most appealing at the moment. There is then a bible passage to read followed by a short commentary of why the "best" choice is indeed the best. This book has sparked many conversations within our family and I feel we have grown spiritually as a result of it. I would endorse this book whole-heartedly to anyone wishing to advance the spiritual growth of their family!
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