Customer Reviews: Stiletto Network: Inside the Women's Power Circles That Are Changing the Face of Business
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If you wonder about the power of networks or the commitment of women to help other women, you should get your hands on Stiletto Network by Pamela Ryckman.

Through stories of successful women - many of whom are entrepreneurs and creators of businesses we love - Pamela highlights the importance of strategic relationships, the intergenerational success-support women are sharing and the difference it can make to belong to a network of like-minded women.

Madeleine Albright has famously said, "There's a special place in #¢!! for women who don't help each other." This being the case, the women featured in Stiletto Network are certainly blessed.

And while Pamela highlights high rollers and beautiful people, the lessons apply to all of us. Power up your career - use the lessons in Stiletto Network and join or create your own strategic network!

Lead ON!
Susan Colantuono, CEO
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on November 11, 2013
The confirmation that women are now working together and helping one another to succeed was great and encouraging to me as a young professional woman working in a male-dominated field. My work girlfriends and I get together for cocktails at least once a month and this book really emphasized the importance of getting together and supporting each other both personally and professionally.

The reason for only 2 stars is because I thought there was way too much summary. There was more telling rather than showing, and that made it easy to lost interest quickly. The book also got a little redundant - different versions of the same idea hashed out chapter after chapter.

Overall, I did find the book to be inspiring and was glad to have read it. I just think that it could have either been shortened into an article or more focused on one or two women and their struggle which would have allowed it to be more emotionally compelling and moving.

Love the book title!
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on May 8, 2013
Stiletto Network is a book about women, but it is not a book for women only. Any man who consciously chooses not to pick up this work because stories of successful women helping each other in business is not for him will be doing himself a great disservice. Everyone can learn something--or at the very least be entertained--by the included accounts of caring, conscientious women putting their brainy, sexy heads together to do good--no, great--and everyone should. Read and enjoy Stiletto Network. And then, follow the lead of the women whose careers and lives are explored in its pages and pay the recommendation forward. In that way, everyone will benefit.
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on May 20, 2013
As the CEO of Watermark, a Women's organization that provides meaningful connections, I read a lot of books for women. Stiletto Networks stands out as one that captures the new version of the women's movement I grew up with. I'm inspired and motivated to leverage some of the great examples Rykman shares in this book. Definitely put this on your reading list and more importantly create your own story and help build the groundswell of women supporting women.
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I could easily do without the juvenile nomenclature that includes "stiletto network" as well as the "Harpies," "Babes in Boyland," "Chicks in Charge," the "Broad Squad," and "SLUTS" (Successful Ladies Under Tremendous Stress) but am grateful to Pamela Ryckman for all that I have learned about the nature, extent, power, and value of business women's networks. I selected her remarks for the title of this review and presume to add that the networks can help those who become members -- not only those who found them -- to make a "personal dent in the world."

Ryckman provides a wealth of information, insights, and counsel while focusing on a number of highly successful and motivated women who have established a network to provide encouragement and support so that other women can also achieve personal growth and professional advancement. Here in Dallas near the downtown area, there is a Farmer's Market at which several merchants offer slices of fresh fruit as samples of their wares. In that spirit, I now offer several brief excerpts from the book, representative of the several hundred that caught my eye.

o Rychman: "So this is a love story disguised ass a business story, a tale of female friendship. It's a story of women whose huge hearts match their mighty brains. Women who choose passion over balance. Women who leap into life. It's about the kind of woman so many of us are striving to be. And with help from our Stiletto Networks, we can." (Page 8)

o Kim Moses: "Bering with these women, reaching out to others, we all end up talking about our personal stories and life journeys. It's pure magic and we're moved out of our universe for a couple of hours." (15)

o Rychman: "The next decade will see an explosion of female wealth and power. But it's not about the money, women say. It's about the love. There's a massive money trail, but the relationships themselves are not transactional; they're true friendships based in loyalty, care, and respect. And in nearly every case, women trace triumphs to a simple query: 'How can I help?'" (29)

o Mallum Yen: "It's not just about helping ourselves, and it's not just mentoring here or there. We've learned we have an ability to send a message to law firms." (47)

o Dorothy Price Hill: "We can't sit in the corner complaining about the world and burning our bras and we can't do these things in a vacuum. We have to be at the table with men, creating solutions." (72)

o Alexa von Tobel: "I never focus on gender; I just focus on metrics and delivering on the business. Maybe I am representative of my generation. I think women are this powerful audience. We're not second-class citizens; we're out there kicking butt. I've been so lucky, I want to give back to everyone, young and old. I want to spread the goodwill. I want to let other women know that we can take risks and recognize it can be fruitful. The only thing that will eve hold me back is not being prepared, not doing my homework." (94)

o Penny Hersher: "I have no time for the 'woe is me, men are so awful, it's not fair.' But if the conversation is can have a lot of fun with women because you can be more relaxed." (106)

o Penny-Spiers-Lopez: "Today a lot companies burn people out. Men have been brought up to suck it up and not question as much, but when women say, 'Here are things we need to change,' it benefits men too." (196)

o Davia Temin: "Many of us had to shoehorn our way into a completely male world [of philanthropy] so there's one level of network that provides solace and comfort. But now we're taking it to the next level, which is actually to create value in the world. Something hits you and you realize life is finite. You realize you better start yelling, get that bullhorn out. I'm driven now. I want to change things, better things big-time. There's a Quaker saying I saw at a bench at Swarthmore: 'Let your life speak.'" (209)

o Rychman: "Inside [Susan] Stautberg and her [Belizean] Grovers lives a juxtaposition: that of public and private, professional and personal, stolid and vulnerable, serious and silly. Philadelphia Queen Anne and Chippendale coexist with hot pink and turquoise." (236)

Those who are thinking about starting their own "girl power group" are advised to keep these points in mind: (1) start now! (2) think diversity, (3) filter for relevance and shared experience, (4) believe in the magic, (5) strike a balance between personal and professional, (6) have courage and give courage, (7) raise profiles, (8) use technology to facilitate, (9) systemize "asks" and "offers," (10) if possible, have members go away together, and (11) play with boys! These are explained briefly in the "Conclusion," Pages 246-249

As I read and then later re-read these and other comments throughout the book, I was again reminded of a passage from Walt Whitman's Song of Myself: "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes." Pamela Rychman and those she discusses in her book as well as countless others -- male as well as female -- really are "changing the face of business" but also, and much more importantly, they are accelerating the process by which to eliminate any business issues that are gender-specific. Bravo!
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on February 27, 2014
This book is about powerful women, as well as some other women aiming to be powerful in our world of male dominence. As I read through this book I see compassion and action from many dedicated women who are on the rise to help other women do the same. There are many groups forming and many more to come. As I started reading this book, I also had a magazine open and came across an article titled "The Last Politicians" ...a story of 20 women in our government who are cutting deals, passing bills ..." women acting with "civility above all" and taking "greater responsibility". What will eventually change in our world is having a backbone and this book gives the reader a heads up on what is possible. Since reading this book, there is a group of powerful women in our local community who have started this same process of support. Wonderful read, wonderful ideas, wonderful hope for personal growth and community change. Thank you/CJS
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on May 18, 2013
I chose to give STILETTO NETWORK a five star rating. Pamela Ryckman's book is revealing, motivational, upbeat - almost a primer to women of all ages who may be looking for change or comraderie in the workplace. She clearly shows skill and cleverness by avoiding the mostly "dry and dusty" type business books on shelves around the world. Her feminine approach is a stimulant. Kudoos to this young woman who has done her homework, without a staff. Indeed, I will follow her progress. Janet S.
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on August 4, 2013
This book confirms the power of women when we work together. I have shared this great read with several of my friends as a book to not only read but to put the tenets of this book into practice by starting a Stiletto Network. I loved hearing the different stories of how the women came together and helped one another. I further enjoyed the fact that this was not a "male bashing" book but rather a different perspective of how women can work with women better when we understand who we are and do so confidently, not making excuses but rather raising the stakes. Again, this was a great read and I plan to start my own network.
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on May 16, 2013
This is a great read. It is empowering and inspiring, and focuses on how we girls can pull together and help each other to achieve our dreams. The women featurd in this book have managed to succeed without giving up their femininity; this is a great counterpoint to other books that seem to suggest women still need to look like and act like men in order to succeed. It is also refreshing to read these vignettes about women who love what they do and are having fun doing it.

Pam has such an engaging style and witty tone. Not only does the subject matter resonate, but Stilletto Network is an awful lot of fun to read.
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on July 10, 2013
This book is a wonderful idea for women getting connected. It is something to take advantage of and
start doing ourselves, if we want to get ahead in business. It is also a wonderful educational tool for
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