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on May 29, 2007
Unfortunately, this product did not alleviate our mosquito problem. We have had it turned on for days and have only caught one mosquito. Many more are flying around mocking us with glee. Also, the problem with this machine is that it is very loud and exceptionally bright. You can't have it in your room at night because it's like having a huge fluorescent light on. Bummer.
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on September 29, 2009
Before I bought this product, I read the reviews of how buyers use it in their children's bedrooms at night to keep the mosquitoes out. Now that I have used it for almost a year, it troubled me to think of the things that could go wrong if it was used in a child's room I want to address this because I think it will expose the flaws in the design.

Many reviews have complained that it doesn't work, but they don't tell you why.

First off, the horizontal slider you see on the front panel is the on/off switch. The on / off switch controls the mosquito enticing light, the fan, and most importantly, the door that opens / closes the trap. Remember, the concept is that as the mosquito or bugs are flying towards the light, their open wingspan get sucked in by the vacuum created inside the chamber by a reverse (and fairly loud) fan. That chamber can be removed to release the bugs (humane, but there's no reason to be humane to bloodsucking mosquitoes whose contribution to the ecosystem have yet to be discovered and proven).

Here is the problem: the moment power is accidentally shut off (i.e. blackout, brown out, or if unit is hooked to an outlet controlled by a wall switch, which is then accidentally turned off) ALL THE TRAPPED BUGS WILL COME SWARMING OUT OF THE TRAP. Although I am not yet a parent, I would hate to think little sleeping children will get attacked by a bunch of mosquitoes while they are sleeping in an enclosed room.

It does work though...IF you are in an environment FILLED with mosquitoes and bugs. I have trapped almost a hundred different bugs in my backyard over a few hours (I would hate to imagine my power going out at that point!). But when there is a solitary mosquito hovering about, I have also had the thing going for 10 hours - in a 10x10 ft enclosed foot room without catching that darn thing. Why? Because the enticing light that draws them in is reflected in your bedroom walls, so the bug get confused as to the source they should fly towards.

Also, depending on the intelligence of the bug, you may witness an escape that will put Alcatraz's Frank Morris to shame. Since the design works on an open wingspan, stinkbugs around me quickly learned to minimized and draw in their wings tightly against their bodies, lower their legs and slowly crawl out the well walls and into the hollow machine and out from underneath. Just seeing them in action made me shudder and run off screaming to my husband!
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on September 29, 2007
I bought this last year. I use it indoors to catch mosquitos that have gotten in the house. Over the last two years, it has caught about 3 mosquitos. This year, it hasn't caught anything. The fan is not strong enough to really suck mosquitos in and keep them in the trap when the flap is fully open. I would not recommend this product.
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on November 30, 2006
This has been a lifesaver for us. The mosquito population where I live is unbelivable.

We started using one after one (maybe two) mosquitos were in my infant son's room one night and bit his legs and feet 10-15 times - not an exageration! By morning his feet and ankles were a mass of welts and blisters. Never again with this mosquito trap!

We have trapped mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other annoying flying things most everytime we run it overnight.

You will not regret purchasing this mosquito trap.
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on June 30, 2013
This is the third of these I have ordered. I have been happy with all three. My first broke because I put it in our chicken coup ignoring the indoor nature of the product.

We have a unique problem. For some reason for the last three years we have been breading mosquitoes in in our septic tank. They then come to visit us through the drains. We live in Las Vegas where there is virtually no risks of getting a mosquito bite by going out doors, but come visit our house and you are transported to Florida with the blood sucking critters everywhere.

While we wait for the Mosquito Dunks to kill the newest batch we are capturing the ones who made it into the house. I have uploaded a picture of 26 mosquitoes we got in about 18 hours.

It makes a great night light in a dark hallway.

If I lived in a mosquito rich part of the country I would have a couple of these running year round.
review image
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on August 29, 2008
I purchased this item for my cabin in Indiana,there are 15 trees on my property within a 3000sq ft radius not to mention all around me. I get alot of bugs due the need for lighting because it gets pretty dark.

I purchased this and an outside unit packaged together from Costco when I bought the cabin 4 years ago, the other unit is more of a zapper tpye and we use that too. On the box it stated that one unit was for outside and one for inside so it was self explanatory for me.
I LOVE this unit, I keep on the counter next to the sink in a dark corner, it's a really small corner that I have it in so it's easy to tell what lands where. I turn off all the lights, the bugs are attracted to the light so they go to it. They enter the unit and it freeze dries them. BUT, they dont' even need to go INTO it, they just go near it and they FREEZE DRY. I have found NO SEE UMS in the teens and twenties the next morning lying there DEAD. It's digusting but cool to see. Sometimes, they are DEAD on the walls or on the fridge. I actually was commenting to my husband the other day how great of a purchase this was. I was saying that it's like bugs are mezmorized or something by the light and that it must be pretty powerful if the bugs land and never move..... they are frozen dead . It was only today that I happened onto Amazon to search for a large untit for outside ( mosquito magnet etc.) because it's gotten pretty bad outside.
Like I said it works for us. In fact, I read the negative reviews and I opened it to see how many captures that I have had since April which is the time of year we start coming out here. There are quite a few bugs, moths and mosquitos.
YES, it's a little like having a fan has a fan in it...duh.
The light is pretty bright too but it HAS to attract the bugs so.......common sense says, turn off all the lights and the bugs will go to it, maybe not right away but you have to give them time to find their way from the screens, windows, bathroom, ceilings and other places to THE LIGHT.
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on July 16, 2006
I've purchased this item from J&R a week ago. I've tested this item away from the window, near the windows, on the table, on the floor and so forth. All the tests were conducted in the dark at night. Every single mosquito or a fly didn't even think of coming near this unit. They all flew by and none got inside. The fan is LOUD! Forget about having this unit in baby's room since it's loud and the light is bright.

This unit is worthless since in 7 days it hasn't cought a thing. Very typical of Stinger products. Other person reviewing this item probably works for the company :)[...]...

I only wish flowtron would make similar product...
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on December 1, 2007
I have read bad reviews by other people, but decided to give it a try anyway. Well, I am sorry for my poor decision, because I am now convinced that this is a pure waste of my money. It catches nothing. I wonder if some bugs do ever get trapped, perhaps the house is so badly infested, and they simply got trapped by chances. I was tring to give it a rating with no star at all, but I was forced to make at least one star. Really, it does not even deserve one single star.
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on February 6, 2008
Living by a creek...lots of mosquitos. Purchased 3 units. Within 1.5 months I counted 1 musquito traped within the 3 units! I have dumped all 3 units to the garbage. I was expecting from Honeywell not to put such a garbage on the market. May be I am wrong in case the machine indeed traps
the mosquitos and immediatelly makes them invisible...or may be the mosquitos in Florida are really clever and the machine is made for Alabama mosquitos only.
P.S beside the infernal machine makes an anoying noise during the night. If you want to get rid of your mother-in-law I do recommend to buy one and put it in her room.
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on March 8, 2009
I have now purchased three of these units. I have purchased repacement lightbulbs, thinking that was the problem at first. These units work fine for the first two or three months...or if you are lucky, maybe 6 to 8 months. Then the lightbulb goes out. The fan works, but the lightbulb fails. I purchased new lightbulbs. (Not an easy to replace bulb, either, and pricey I might add!) But that's not it. Open the unit up, and there is way more complexity than should be required to fix a lightbulb! The failure is apparently in a circuit board (a circuit board? in a mosquito trap that is basically a lightbulb and a fan?!!!) that is integral to the unit. This is planned obsolesence at its finest. Don't aggravate yourself. Let this one go without purchasing it. You will regret it.
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