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on December 8, 2010
This stroller is the absolute best stroller out there!

We purchased the Stokke Xplory when our son was born, in August of '08, and have been extremely happy with it. We are now using it for our daughter- we never took a break from using it.
My husband and myself are both the oldest of large families, so we really know about babies and the products that are out there. Because of it's steep price, we thought long and hard before we purchased the Xplory. And- It was the best decision we have ever made.

First- it is the only stroller that is able to have the baby at a normal, easily reachable height. This is an extremely important factor not only for parent-child bonding as advertised, but even for parental sanity! Taking care of a baby is back-breaking work. Literally. All the bending down, and lifting up. For some reason, all other strollers/prams have the baby located pretty close to the ground. This was always something that frustrated us- why should we have to be bending to the ground every single time we need to take the baby in and out of the carriage? Or even just to adjust something- give the baby a toy, a bottle,a pacifier? The Xplory was the answer to that problem. The bassinet/seat (not just the Handlebars!) is height adjustable. So it can be kept at a high height, and for the times that you do want the baby close to the ground (like when you are sitting) you can adjust it. It is also the easiest thing to adjust- just a flip of the lever underneath the seat! And it can be done without removing the baby!

*adding to the above- now that we have a two year old and a new baby- the height is an incredible advantage- the baby is out of harm's way! My son always loves to "play" with his new sister, and this is the only place where she is comfortable and safe from her brother's little fingers except for our arms!

Second- The handlebars are adjustable as well. Not just the actual height of the center bar, but the angle of the handles. This ensures that anyone wheeling the carriage is comfortable doing so- at any height. My husband is 6'5- when he uses is, the bar is as high as it can go, handlebar adjusted accordingly. My little sisters babysit- they can adjust it to their height. Again, all of this is super easy to do- we are constantly changing it.

Third- It is a super-smooth ride. It feels like pushing air- even when my son weighed 30 lbs! It turns on a dime, it fits into narrow aisles, and it has hidden shock absorbers- so both the baby and the person wheeling hardly feel the bumps.

The Bassinet- carry cot was a life saver. It has a real, one inch mattress in it, and my son loved sleeping in it. He actually slept in it (as opposed to his crib) for the first five months of his life, and my daughter is doing the same.
It also has little pockets all around it for extra stuff- which is really useful, and fabric handles for carrying it around. (especially important if you live in a house with stairs!). These handles are really sturdy- we carried the baby around in it, and never had a problem.

The Seat was really great. It has 5 positions, two in the forward facing position, and three in the rear facing position. It is super-easy to turn the chair back and forth and can be done with the child inside. I have seen that some reviewers had a problem with the fact that in the forward facing position, it can not lie flat. This was never a problem for us. When our son was older, and wanted to sit forward facing, he wouldn't just fall asleep in the same way a younger baby does. And when he did get tired, he was happy to be turned around to the rear facing position to sleep- minimal distractions!

The shopping bag is really smartly done. When not in use, it folds neatly away at the foot of the stroller, and when you want to open it, it opens really big (roomy enough for three full sized bags of groceries). When folded and zipped, it can still hold some small things- we always have the rain-cover and a diaper or two in there.

Included in the purchase of the Xplory were a mosquito net, two rain-covers and a U-bracket for the bassinet. The U-bracket solves the age old problem of the bassinet leaning to one side.
We also purchased the Graco car-seat adapter- which is a snap to take on and off, and is a lifesaver for in and out of the car situations, the cupholder- which is located super conveniently at the center of the handlebars and the diaper bag.

All of the textiles come off easily, and wash with no problems- coming out as new looking as before they went in.

Of course, one of the main attributes of the Xplory is it's visual appeal. It is modern and sleek looking. It fits in with any modern style, and never fails to draw compliments- everywhere we go!

Oh- and the customer service is incredible! First of all, the Xplory comes with a THREE year warranty, (which, if you are looking into strollers, you know is quite long). Second, when you call them, there is hardly ever any wait time. All e-mails are responded to within 24 hours, if not less. They never made us feel stupid for calling- even when we called because we couldn't figure out how to remove the hood to wash it :), and were always cheerful and friendly- no matter how many times we called. It was and is an absolute pleasure to deal with them.

In conclusion:
We love this stroller and are confident that anyone who purchases it will too!
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on April 5, 2012
I purchased the Stokke for my daughter when she was about 5 months old. I wanted a front facing stroller that's high up so I can interact with her when we go for walks - and the Stokke was perfect for that. So let me list the Pros and Cons from my experience with this stroller.


This is a unique stroller - you will def get compliments and looks everywhere you go. If Bugaboos are the Cadillacs, then the Stokke is the Rolls Royce of strollers.
The navigation is great and it's a smooth ride - perfect for walks in the park - grocery shopping. You can easily push with one hand and adjust the handle for taller or shorter users.

I didn't really use the carry cot (bassinet) because my daughter was already sitting up by the time we got this but I wish I had this when she was born. We had one of those travel system strollers and she was always in the car seat and I really wish at the time I had those flat stroller so if you are getting this for a newborn, then get the carry cot but if you are getting this for a 6month+ baby, then you don't need it because it's really big and they rather be in the seat.

So the seat also reclines nicely when it's facing you and it's very easy to adjust. I love the fact that it's high up so I can see my child and not having to constantly bend down to talk to her. Also it's great to take to restaurant (that's children friendly) because you can almost just use your stroller as the highchair because it's so high up. It was nice when we take her to the park and she can sit there and I can feed her easily.

The foot rest is also adjustable - that's a nice touch because it's good for when they are 9months and 3 years.
The canopy is large and very good - it provides great coverage for your child

And now the Cons...

This stroller is very $$$, especially when starting buying the accessories that comes with it. You would have to buy the Foot Muff since the regular BundleMe doesn't work once your child is older. And you might want to get the cup holder for $25 (there are strollers out there that cost less than the Stokke cup holder!) And also you might want the Stokke diaper bag... Most diaper bags will not "hang" on the Stokke handle, we got lucky because we got this SkipHop bag with side clips that works with the Stokke handle.

It's a BIG stroller - especially if you use the Carry Cot. And it's not one of those strollers that you can easily fold. I still don't know how to fold it! The lady in the store and the Stokke video online makes it look so easy... but it's really not! And it's bulk and heavy - we almost never take this in the car because it takes up the whole trunk space. And you have to remove the carry cot and seat to take it apart and empty the bags. This stroller stays erected in our Apt... so make sure you are okay with that.

Overall - this is a great stroller if you live in the city. I am a Manhattan Mom so this is a great stroller for us. The customer service is very good - it should be given the price of this stroller! Uppababy and Bugaboo from my understanding also have very good service too. Another plus is this stroller has decent resale value... you can probably sell it used anywhere from 300-600 depending on the model and condition... so if you aren't buying this for your newborn, you might want to consider buying a used one.
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on March 30, 2014
There are so many great stroller out there, so what makes this one stand out? Its' height. I absolutely love the fact my baby sits very high up, almost at chest level with me so I can see her and be within arms reach of her. We bought the peg perego car seat that is compatible with the stroller and love that too. Living in the city, it is really nice to have my newborn so high up from the streets. No water can splash on her, no pets can get to her to sniff her. When she is older and can leave the peg perego car seat, the toddler seat is great, seems very comfy, is nicely adjustable and you can face your child towards you or out facing the world depending on the view they want. This is not a cheap stroller and it was a real splurge on my part. It cost more than most everything else I bought for my newborn combined. It was well worth it. Also, don't forget to purchase the car seat adapter for the peg perego car seat. I bought everything on amazon and it is all easy to find.

UPDATE after 11 weeks...

I have gotten a lot of attention with this stroller... Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. You don't want to leave it alone in a restaurant. For instance, some places insist you leave strollers in a certain area for traffic flow purposes, which is entirely reasonable. But this stroller is so noticeable and impressive and different from every other stroller around that it may entice someone to take off with it. And it's expensive. You don't want to have to buy another. So keep an eye on your stroller. I am still happy I bought it and would not have ordered another. The height feature is just too good to pass up. The only problem I have had with it is getting the hood off the toddler seat and onto the bassinet. I'm still not sure I fastened it right. I can't find a youtube video to figure it out and I wrote stokke directly and they were not helpful, simply citing the same video I had found and it didn't address my question about the hood at all, so it was just an automated response.

In the car... This stroller folds up to about the same size as it is unfolded! It's pretty funny. You need some room for the base of this thing. It is bulky and really not meant for a car. It's a city stroller. But I have become really fast at folding it up and cramming it into the trunk of my rather large sedan. I'm still pleased with my purchase.
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on November 4, 2011
I mistakenly listened to my wife and bought this stroller. It's pretty and rides smooth, I like the high seat but it is the most poorly engineered thing I've ever seen. Just thinking about the pain of folding this (a five step process that includes dismantling the footrest, removing the seat, then pushing and lifting the release while kicking another button, prior to which you will need to remove the cup holder-- unless you want the entire weight of the stroller breaking your $30 cup holder-- and also removing or unpacking the savagely uselessly insanely inadequate storage bag, which attaches to the base using the most ill conceived and archaic chained latch system) makes me seeth with with anger at the designers. The best designs meld great artistry and great science/engineering (yes I'm poaching Steve Jobs ideas) and this product clearly fails in this regard. Stokke has focused solely on the appearance at the expense and utter disregard to function. Sorry but I want to love the soul of a product as much as its skin, and this stroller is an ugly monstrosity at heart.

Also the manual is a joke, it's diagram based with little detail, over simplified like you might find on an airline emergency pamphlet. The infant insert doesn't really attach to the seat so much as sit on top of it, the arm straps do go through holes so it won't fall out but it slides around because both surfaces are nylon. Further more the pads on the shoulder straps don't stay in place it slides down onto the chest leaving the nylon straps digging into baby's neck... You'd think a $1000+ stroller would get these simple things right.

Not only is the storage bag really lamely small, it is semi rigid oddly turd shaped thing-- totally not suitable to be carried around. Furthermore the base it sits on is angled so you can't remove it with the hopes of sitting a box or shopping bag on it.

Honestly I think the reviewers that say this thing is simple to fold are blinded by the looks of this thing, or never tried how easy it is to fold a citi mini. I'm not saying the folding is technically difficult, just tedious and just plain stupid and poorly designed.

Get this stroller if you don't value spending money on products that are carefully designed or if you simply don't value money or if you plan on never folding this thing.
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on August 13, 2015
Love this troller.
I have britax b-agile also that I only use for traveling. for about a week, I had to use the b-agile around the city and this one week made me realize HOW GREAT the stokke explory is.

-SO smooth. it's swivel is the best swivel there is for a stroller. this is very important to me because I live in NYC and weaving thru people in subways and grocery stores was very hard with my other stroller
-easy front to back switching
-high seat
-great back support (this too was only realized after using the b-agile for a while and seeing the back bend and bow)
-you can wash everything (except for the front storage)

cons: (this is why i took a star away)
-aweful storage. the front bad basket is a joke. it also gets stinky if you use the stroller for normal grocery shopping trip. if anything spills, it molds. I have washed it a couple of times but i probably shouldn't wash it too many times because it has cardboard inside as support.
-its large. its is bulky. sleek design, but if you need to travel with it, forget it. you will need a very large trunk to fit anything else in your car. I have a new subaru outback and once this enters the back, not much else goes in.

over all, I am so thankful that I have this stroller! my back hurts less because my toddler is so high up to my waist that I don;t have to bend down to do anything (giving food, water, snack, etc). my toddler is also so high up that she doesn't have to stare at people's knees. if you live in the city, this is a good stroller for your local errands and everyday use! but get an umbrella stroller for traveling.
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on June 27, 2015
- Very easy to maneuver, can twirl it with one hand easily
- One of few strollers that are actually hip-height which is great for city dwellers like myself that lives in an area with LOTS of dogs who LOVE to say hi
- Easy to assemble and fold
- Diaper bag holds more than you think!
- You'll get lots of compliments, even from people who don't have kids
- Forward facing/back facing
- Lots of incline options
- Fabric is well made

- Must remove the seat to store.
- Price
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on July 14, 2016
We are very impressed with this stroller. It is beautiful and sophisticated, and the engineering is top of the line, on top of that, the ride/stroll is so smooth, and makes turning with one hand a breeze. It's turned numerous heads every time we take out the stroller. We LOVE the multi-functional positions, making going out less stressful; mommy-facing when we go out for strolls so I can play games with my baby, high forward-facing position when around big crowds or in restaurants, and low-forward facing for close and personal look at animals at the zoo.

Now for the cons, the beige style kit is very easy to get dirty, especially when your baby is wearing shoes and likes to kick the bar or if you use it as a high chair. I wish the material were a bit more stain resistant; however, it is super easy to clean in the washing machine, and there are numerous style kits to choose from. The removal of the hand bar and foot rest is almost a must when taking your child in and out of the stroller and changing between forward and back facing positions, which makes it very tedious when traveling.

Overall, it's a great stroller and definitely worth the value.
review image
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on December 26, 2013
overpriced stroller that is not intuitive to use and is fairly heavy. the diaper bag hook is really annoying. you need a small SUV at least if you own this.
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on March 12, 2013
I am very disappointed in this product. I will caveat this by saying that I have a product that has been "gently used" by another family but one would expect a $1000+ stroller to be durable and/or have stellar customer service over the life of the product.

The chair section has started having issues with sliding down the support pole. From an engineering standpoint - it is obvious why - the little notches are not very deep. If you google it - there are MANY people having this issue. The online posts all indicate that you should be able to contact Stokke and get a small pin/tab that can be inserted in the clip that will solve the problem. I have emailed Stokke several times now - and have been told that they no longer provide that pin and that the only option is to send it to an authorized repair facility for an out-of-warranty repair. We are a US Military family living in Guam - shipping it off island would be prohibitively expensive. When I conveyed this to the customer service rep - I was told that even if it WERE still in warranty - they couldn't help me because the warranty "is only valid in the country of purchase, and we would be unable to ship any kind of replacement part to Guam." (Never mind the fact that Guam IS the US and that argument is ridiculous.)

As much as we loved the look/style of this product - we are EXTREMELY glad that we did not pay full retail for it and upon looking closely at the engineering details of the product and experiencing their less-than-helpful customer service... I would recommend customers look elsewhere for strollers. It's a great concept - but it falls far short of our expectations for a stroller that costs this much money.
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on March 3, 2014
I love this stroller. It moves smoothly, looks super sharp, and is easy to use. It takes up a lot of space (I drive a Nission Murano and it barely fits in the back) and the car seat that can be used with the base is not sold in the U.S.. So if you don't mind the inconvenience of the missing car seat and have the room it is a beautiful stroller that my daughter seems to love.
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