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on October 7, 2012
If you like Taken then you will like this, it's pretty much the same story except this time they are messing with Cage. Josh Lucas is also fun to look at. Simon West is a very underrated action director. This movie is fast-paced from beginning to end. And there is a very exciting car crash. So just relax and you will enjoy it. By the way don't listen to critics' review because they want you to believe this is the worst film of all time which it is not. It is a piece of entertainment and it serves its purpose well. Critics are just so boring they like everything that's pretentious but not a fun action thrill ride. And did I mention Malin Akerman is hot!!!!! I highly recommend it.
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on December 3, 2012
"Bad idea to steal from American's greatest bank robber." Will Montgomery (Cage) is the best at what he does. He picks a crew and breaks in and steals what he wants when he wants. He has decided on one last heist. Four people, ten million dollars, and they go their separate ways. At the end of the heist one wrong move changes the lives of all four people involved. Eight years later Will is out of prison and ready to start his life over, but nothing is ever easy for an ex-con. Most of you know that I am not a Nicholas Cage fan at all. This movie isn't terrible and he really is toned down in this for the most part but still has a few Cage moments in this. The idea of this is a little overused and like most Cage movies lately the movie feels really cookie-cutter like but I will admit that the movie is pretty fast moving and is entertaining. For a non-Cage fan that's a pretty high remark. Overall, generic but entertaining. I give it a B+.
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on October 13, 2012
As my title says this film won't win any Oscars but is good fun. As the other review said if you like Taken or any other kidnapped child for ransom film (there are so many) you will like this.

Don't take it seriously just enjoy a good action romp.
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on October 14, 2012
***Spoiler Warning***

Tight! Brassy 70s vibe combined with modern action sequencing making for an exciting action flick with a non-stop punishing pace. Loved it!

Been a while since I screened a good old school heist flick - a cool drink in a parched monotonous desert of movie making.

Opens with a 4-person crew whose bank job goes terribly wrong. Fractured internal conflicts about the heist forces the team leader to shoot one of his partners. And worst of all, only he ends up getting busted. Facing a stretch in the joint alone, a full decade passes.

Having completed his full federal dime without giving up his crew, he's hoping to reconnect with his old life - the one without the bad. But ten million dollars tends to stick in one's memory, especially for his former buds, whose lives on the outside haven't exactly been all laughs and jollies the past decade.

They want their cut - plus interest.

And they're willing to do whatever it takes to make Nick Cage's character, Will Montgomery, pay up. Up to and including kidnapping his little girl.

What they don't know is that during the night of the robbery, when things went so wrong and he was being chased down by the cops, he knew he was going to get nicked - there wasn't a way out. So, in order to shave time off his sentence, he burned the ten million. Every last dollar literally went up in smoke. He honestly doesn't have the money. Understandably, the remnants of his former crew don't believe him; and as far as they're concerned it's a b.s. con. They want their take and he has exactly 12 hours to pay them or else.

The clock is ticking and Will has to: Dodge the unflappable detectives who have also patiently waited for him, convincingly fake having access to the money to keep his former partners from killing his daughter, all while having to figure out in less than twelve hours where to actually get all those millions. Steal it of course, but from where?

And the real question: Whom can he really trust?

You know, perhaps Nick Cage is indeed as mentally unstable as seen from his captured video antics, surreal interviews and frightful interior design instincts. But when he's in the acting groove - the man is absolutely solid 24K. He won that Best Actor Oscar for a reason; and films like this reveal that amazing talent.

A completely believable performance woven into a movie-logical plot. Pretty much a minor miracle nowadays with shoddy screenwriting and insufferable plastic characterizations. What happened to the pride writers used to take towards accuracy? I remember when they would go out with the cops to get a sense of what it was like to be cop. Or gaming access to hang with actual thieves, druggies and murderers to observe and question - capturing their habits so that the director and actors could authentically recreate them for us in the audience.

What happened to that level of hardcore writing? This movie is reflective of that old school effort, therefore making this very enjoyable.

For me, a very strong four, teetering close to a nickel pointers rating.

Movie Note:

- 'Stolen' is one of the better films that utilizes a rebuilt Big Easy. Several movie and television productions over the years have tried to do right by the city, but for the most part failed. I take no pleasure in pointing it out, but creating something that reflects poorly on New Orleans and its people isn't helpful, it just makes it and them look unappealing and incompetent.

Personal Note (and the spoiler):

- Absolutely loved the gold snatch. Why? Because this plot actually made sense. Unlike the original 'Mission: Impossible' version* which I could never reconcile with reality. I know that it takes almost 1600˚F of direct concentrated heat to melt pure gold. In the original IMF plot, even if they could've heated the open vault to that temperature, the entire room would've been set ablaze long before they had a chance to exit with the precious metal. In this fun flick, Will's solution made complete sense. Nice. A logical resolution to a screenwriting burr that's been under my personal saddle for decades.

(*Season 3, The Mercenaries. Attempted a product link to Amazon's Instant Video listing, but it's currently unavailable as of this writing)
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on November 27, 2012
This is not a ground breaking movie by any stretch of the imagination however it isn't a complete waste of time.
It has elements of a bank heist gone wrong, the kidnapping of an innocent and some sweet revenge action at the end and a neat way to steal gold (although I'm not sure if it would actually be possible outside of hollywood).
The pace is fast enough but nothing you've never seen before but it does have absolutely no love scene whatsoever...which is awesome.
Oh and you get to see Josh Lucas looking like a filthy vicious vagabond of an A hole (why is he ussually the A hole in movies?) and NC playing above his usual wooden self with a slight added flare to his regular acting abilities.
Like previously stated nothing to write home about but it killed an hour and a half nicely and for that three stars.
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on January 4, 2013
In the last 3 years Nic Cage has made dozens of movies. With Nic Cage movies, it is either very bad or very good. In this case the movie was very bad. This movie had a lot of potential, but everybody involved in the making of this movie did not bring their A game.
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on February 4, 2013
Rediculous plot, terrible script, predictable, unoriginal, zero sex appeal, a few sub par action scenes. It did hold my attention through to the end, but I still find myself very disappointed that I spent money to watch this.
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2013
This movie has terrible dialog. It just doesn't seem to get it together with the plot, either. I am not usually this hard on movies; however, this movie was very difficult to watch and I finally just gave up and turned it off. Not worth the money.
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on April 9, 2013
I've wanted to rent this for a while now, but what a disappointment & waste of money it was! This movie was boring & so predictably, I could have almost written the ending myself after just 30 of watching it~I'm really embarrassed for N. Cage & I hope he was paid according to the reviews~Bad acting, poorly written & Woody H. basically played a laughable lunatic on steroids!~I was shocked how poorly they both acted in this low budget snoozer~I use to think that at least N.Cage was a decent actor (I never thought Woody H. was), but sadly he's off my radar now~Don't waste your time even looking at the preview! I was generous in giving it 1 star because honestly it deserved a minus 1~What has happened to both their careers anyway, that they would agree to participate in this garbage???
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on January 18, 2013
This is a cliché ridden, tiresome movie with little character depth, a borrowed plot and some of the worst soundtrack and editing I have ever seen. Nothing was even remotely believable... the characters were as fake as can be. I tried hard to make it all the way through it, but finally gave up. Don't waste your time on this one.
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