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on May 19, 2012
Got the LG Optimus Q phone by Straight Talk for my wife as she was needing a Smartphone for her work in outside sales for faster web access, etc. Overall the phone is pretty good and seems to function well. The main issue is that the Straight Talk Android Optimus Q Smartphones are ported to work on the Sprint Network (I'm told) which doesn't offer near the same coverage as Straight Talk's non-smartphones which use the Verizon network coverage. I checked Sprint Coverage map & it seems as long as she's driving on a major Interstate corridor or in a larger metro area, coverage is good. It's when she drives to smaller communities off interstate that things get spotty, especially in NW Louisiana or East Texas. And what is surprising is her company is based in Dallas, TX at the Dallas Market Center which is a huge bldg off I-35/Stemmons. 4 to 6 times a year she attends the seasonal retail markets as a rep and works the showrooms where all reps get text msgs on their cells from clients coming in for sales appts. Well any rep with Sprint Network don't get calls or texts unless they walk out in the hall and stand near one of just a few windows to get reception. Sales reps with AT&T or Verizon don't have this issue. The Sprint coverage map indicates that coverage at this bldg location is Excellent but inside the bldg...there is no reception unless you stand by the larger windows near the escalators. It's really become a nuisance for sales calls. I think we're going to look at a different service as this Sprint Network is just inadequate.
P.S. Adding this a few weeks later as I discovered that Straight Talk has added some newer Android Smartphones to its line up that work either on AT&T or Verizon networks. If you're considering the ST sure to ask about which network they are ported to work on .
P.P.S. -- Adding this later, I learned that you can determine which network a phone will use... there are two types: GSM & CDMA, on this phone the CDMA-S means it is ported for Sprint network towers, phones with CDMA-V are ported to work with Verizon network towers. The info should be in the phone specifications and/or written on the original box labeling. Good luck!
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on December 16, 2011
You can get this a lot cheaper from the straight talk website. This price is ridiculous and i wouldnt be able to live with myself without atleast letting you all know first
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on November 20, 2011
What an incredible deal. You cannot beat $45 per month flat with unlimited everything and NO contract. I got the Jeannie app from the market download and now I have 100%voice and fun commands for everything. Shock of my life was also when I took a pic of my son playing the piano and the next day it was in my google+ without me uploading! It is truly a surprise a day!

Anyone who uses any other phone service has to uninformed. $180 at Walmart. The plan does not have family plans but who cares. Cut my bill from over $140 per month to $45 flat, what a deal!
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on February 14, 2012
For the record, this is my first Smart Phone and I am not a heavy user. It would be a rare day for me to make more than 2 calls & 2 texts on any given day. I spend most of my day on a computer at work so I'm not much for going online once I get off work... but I do like having the capability when I need it.

The manual: Provided by Straight Talk, was very poorly done. For example, there are 5 icons available to turn on/off different functions but I didn't know what they were. Going to the supplied manual it did mention those icons but there were no pictures to show you which one was related to which function. I downloaded a Verizons manual for their version of the phone and it supplied the needed information.

Battery life: With GPS and Bluetooth turned off and Wi-fi turned off about 75% of the time I was just barely able to get 2 days of battery life having made 2 phone calls, sent a couple of texts, played a game of Solitaire, and did less than 30 minutes of internet time.

Phone functions: Compared to my previous (non-Smart) phone, the internal speaker really lacks volume and clarity. For example, while in a busy shopping mall and speaking with my wife, I had to ask her to repeat herself numerous times (this never happened when using my previous phone).

I love the slide out, full keyboard that has vastly increased my texting speed. There are even dedicated keys to enter "@", ".com", and over 10 different SMILEY faces.

Connectivity: I really don't know if it is a service provider (Sprint system?) or of the phones reception abilities but at my home and where I work, about 10 miles away, I only get an average of 3 bars, which, so far, has sufficed.

Android: Getting used to the operating system takes some time. It's really not all that difficult but it can be frustrating at times with the inadequate manual from Straight Talk.

I was able to set up 3 different e-mail accounts (2 GMail & 1 Yahoo) quite easily. Though I'm a long time user of Google, I had been using MS Outlook much longer and I had all the details for my contacts in MS Outlook. Because this phone/system uses the contacts from you Google account, it took me a fair amount of time updating all the information. The good thing about this, I did it all on my computer and the phone simply synced with the Google account and everything magically matched.A change on the phone or a change from your online account is automatically reflected throughout. The sync also include your Google calendar (how cool is that)!

I'm having a problem with the voice capability using the "Quick Search Box", this is box on the home screen, that allows you to do a Google search using text or voice. Usually, when I select the "voice" option it gives me the error, "Server Problem", so far it has only worked for me a couple of times. Maybe I need to fix my voice?

APPS: There are plenty of APPS available for downloading from "Market" and they are easy to install and use. So far I've downloaded Red Laser, Yelp, and a Solitaire game.

Manufacture support: Going to the LG web page I searched the site and was unable to find a listing for the "Q" model. I suspect it is very close to the "S" (Sprint) version but I don't understand the complete lack of any mention of the "Q". I did download the pdf manual for the "S" which is vastly superior to the printed copy Straight Talk supplies, and seems more akin than the Verizon version I had earlier downloaded.

I paid $175 at Wal-Mart for the phone and pay $45 per 30 days of unlimited service. Pretty hard to beat.

Nope, the phone and service is not perfect but your getting a lot more than what you paid for when compared to other phone plans.

Final note: I've had Straight Talk for almost 2 years now and never really had a problem with service or my phone, until... buying this new phone it was a requirement to change my auto pay from the $35 to the $45 plan. You can't do this online and need to call customer service. This comment is not reflecting my score for this review, but... their customer service was TERRIBLE! I called 3 times and each time the representative ended up irritating me more than helping me.

UPDATE: Overall, now that I've had the phone awhile, I'm still a happy camper, but there are a few negatives that folks might want to be aware of:

- I've now had more experience with the phone I've found that I can use up the battery pretty dang fast when doing more than bare minimal internet... or worse with some of the apps that are available.

- Having had a Straight Talk phone for a couple of years I NEVER received a spam text but now I've received a few on this phone.... wonder why?

- Unable to block a phone number (see above)

- There is a function to set a sound to alert you to a new "message", the problem, there is no way to set if for JUST a new text message. I have 3 e-mail accounts on the phone along with the texting function and whenever I receive a new e-mail OR text I get the alert... I ONLY desire to be alerted to a new text but that option does not exist.
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on December 18, 2011
This is an excellent phone. Got it for my boyfriend and he loves that he can stream Pandora and Netflix.

However, this phone is over $100 cheaper at In fact, WalMart, who sells Straight Talk, usually sells the phone for $199. Get it there.
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on March 18, 2012
This is my second smart phone, and my first android. This phone is all you ever wanted, it does everything, and does it well. I am 65 and well versed with a computer, this phone was daunting at first. That soon passed. I find the voice command exceptional. You can call someone, write a text message and find directions easily. I highly recommend this phone to everyone, I used to think Blackberry was the the thing to have, I was wrong..
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on December 31, 2011
LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone. LOVE the texting, LOVE the browsing, LOVE the apps, LOVE the slider keyboard, LOVE the versatility. Totally user friendly. Battery life is fine. Never a dropped call. Never a need for another phone! Had it over a month now and am still thanking my boyfriend for it.
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on April 26, 2012
The LG Optimus Q is the first smart phone I've ever owned, and after having it for nearly half a year, I find that I still enjoy it, although it is lacking in some areas.

-Straight Talk has been a fairly reliable service for me. I believe this phone runs off the Sprint network, so you should check out their coverage and service before purchasing.
-The phone is sleek and well built. I did buy this case for it (White Hard Case Cover for LG Optimus Slider LS700 LG Gelato Q), although you could probably use it without one.
-Fairly fast, although probably slower than a more advanced smart phone. Still, for the price and the fact that you don't have a contract, it's easy to deal with the rare times the phone hangs up.
-Simple to set up the phone, not only with Straight Talk, but also with the Google Play store.
-Includes very nice Google audio search that actually works quite well. You can call and text people using this feature as well.
-The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is a lifesaver for someone like me, who does not particularly like to hunt and peck on the virtual keyboard.
-I know a lot of people have battery issues with this phone, but I've not had any trouble. I use it throughout the day to play games, make calls, text, and sometimes surf the web, and I've always had at least 20% battery left by the end of the day. I expect to have to charge my phone every night anyway, so the fact that I have to do that with this phone does not count as a negative for me.

-This phone only has 215 MB (yes, MB!) of usable internal memory. Although it comes with a 4GB mini SD card, not all apps can be installed to the card, so you will run out of space VERY QUICKLY if you love apps as much as I do. If you buy the case I mentioned above, it makes getting the back off the phone pretty hard sometimes.
-Every so often the phone totally freezes up on me and I can't get it to restart. I end up having to open the back of the phone, take out the battery, and reinsert it to get the phone to work.
-The camera is TERRIBLE. Awful. It's passable when taking a picture of something at a fair distance, but shots are almost always blurry when taken from up close. There is also no flash on this camera.
-A lot of times, my wireless connection goes away and the phone reverts to 3G. This doesn't happen on any of my other wireless devices, so I can only assume it's the phone. I usually have to reconnect the wireless manually to get the phone to use the wireless again. This can be really, really annoying sometimes.
-In addition to the above, many times my wireless simply will not work at all and the 3G will not automatically kick in as a backup. The wireless has a signal and SHOULD be working, but instead of green (meaning the wireless is good), the wireless symbol is white, which means it isn't connecting properly. This is another issue that never happens on my other wireless devices.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. For what I paid (and the small amount I pay each month to Straight Talk), the phone is a real bargain. I plan on keeping the phone for a year or so and then upgrading to a better non-contract phone: one that has more internal memory and a better camera (with a flash!). I'd recommend this phone to anyone who needs a somewhat basic smartphone at a good price.
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on December 26, 2011
Bought this phone for my wife. She loves it. Phone has great features and works well. The plan from Straight Talk is one of the best values that I have seen for phone service. You can't go wrong buying this phone, but be sure to shop around for the best pricing. The price at the time of this review is substantially higher than what I paid.
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on December 25, 2011
I bought this phone at fred meyer for $129. it's a great phone and I love the qwerty keyboard, but the battery has a very short span. the only other issue is it does not support .wma files which most audio library books are in .wma files, it does support mp3. I love the phone, but will update if they come out with one that supports .wma and has a longer battery life. the battery is really an issue, it needs charging at least once a day and if I use the phone very much for reading/audio/internet, it needs charging more than once a day. Mine is a net10 phone and it's $50 a month unlimited everything.
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