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on January 8, 2013
I saw this film at the first public screening, in London last May, and it was and remains *beautiful*. Some of the US trailers don't do it justice, so you may need to take our word for it, or watch the SciFi London trailer. The anticipation and watching the film's development, and then going to see it, was one of the highlights of last year for me. Fantastic characters, the writing and world-setting is several times better than I'd ever expected (this is another thing you don't really get a teaser of when looking at production stuff and trailers).
And of course the music and the voice acting - you'd do well to watch this film with as good a sound system as you're able to plug it into, or at the very least some good headphones. If the songs and music aren't enough (they are) there are also such treats as the Full Tim Curry Immersion Experience (as I think was GB Hajim's description). Something like half of this film's quality is in the audio texture and in the listening, and when you're holding that up alongside the work of the animators on Big Island, that is saying something.

This review may sound almost a bit overly-positive and promoting, but of course I'm biased: This is my favorite film in years, and I'm looking forward to watching it again.
(just as soon as I figure out the best method of expediting a DVD to the UK)
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on January 10, 2013
From the opening to the close I found myself in the constant motion of this film. Each detail compelled me to want more. Strange Frame is twisted and foreign yet the film maker calls me home. We have no earth but we have taken all the familiar virtues and evils with us to a new world. With unlikely heroes,gay, crippled, broken, addicted, colored and colorful I am totally under the spell of it. Abandon your prejudices and Strange Frame makes it easy as it weaves a cloth of seduction in your mind. It is a different way for the hero to get the girl. See it and come away humming the soundtrack. And by the way, that soundtrack is a cross between down home blues and sultry jazz clues. I cannot wait to own this film in my personal collection.
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on January 8, 2013
I saw this film when it screened at DragonCon in August. One of the most fascinating films I've seen. It's all things I love, action/adventure, SciFi, love story, great music, visually stunning. Claudia Black's voicing of Parker C Boyd and Tara Strong as Nia bring these characters to life. The voices of Tim Curry, George Takei, Michael Dorn, Summer Cree and the wonderful Ron Glass round out this amazing film.
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on May 11, 2013
In this futuristic animated film set in the 28th century, a blade runner-like world has formed on Jupiter and it's moons. Free spirit Naia (Tara Strong) is one of the enslaved masses brought from a dying earth. Music brings Naia and saxophonist Parker (Claudia Black) together one evening. Instantly smitten with each other, the couple form a band and make sweet music together.

When corrupt manager Dorlan Mig (Tim Curry) begins representing the band, Naia is segregated and kept in a drug-induced state to perform, as Dorlan requires. With the help of new friends Grenman (Ron Glass) and Reesa (Cree Summer), Parker must work against time to free Naia and save their relationship.

Director G.B. Hajim's `Strange Frame' is a voyage into the future of civilization where music reigns supreme and genetic mutation, space pirates, slavery, mind-altering drugs and alcohol are commonplace. This unique story weaves music, greed and the redeeming qualities of love deftly throughout.

Claudia Black's husky voice brings a sexy toughness to the character of `Parker' while Tara Strong's `Naia' is alive with the innocent wonder of life. The love scenes between Naia and Parker are infused with lush colour and sensuality. Tim Curry is fantastically evil as crooked manager Dorlan Mig. The film also features Star Trek alumni George Takei (as Tamadamsa) and Michael Dorn (as Guardship Commander).

Chris Alderson
Author of the 2013 Lesbian Film Guide
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on January 9, 2013
I was lucky to have seen the west coast premier of Strange Frame at Stan Lee's Comikaze in Sept. 2012. SO excited that the DVD is almost here. Strange Frame features many of my favorite science-fiction, fantasy and animated actors and actresses featured as the voices of the rich and colorful characters. Strange Frame breaks the typical sci-fi action flick out of the box and challenges each of us to go deeper and further in the possibilities of the future. War, fame, DNA manipulation, slavery, genocide, drugs, gender, debt,and love are just a few of the themes that will keep Strange Frame relevant to those who watch it today and in twenty years. The artwork and detail of the imagery will stay with you long after watching. Enough cannot be said about the incredible original music that includes Jazz, Blues and Rock that helps move the story along, grabbing the audience and taking them on a ride experiencing the world's first animated,lesbian, science-fiction, musical adventure!
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on January 15, 2013
What a treat! I saw this movie at a festival awhile back, and have eagerly been waiting to watch it again. I'm a little sad that it is going right to DVD, but I guess the world isn't read for it just yet. I've never seen visuals like this before, it's so unique, and just so breathtaking. The voice acting is fantastic! I highly suggest checking this film out if you're looking for something beautiful and out of the ordinary.
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on March 25, 2013
"Strange Frame" is a digitally animated film in which two lesbian lovers are separated in a scheme of corporate greed and corruption. Naia and Parker are lesbian musicians determined to make it "to the top" together - until the proverbial monkey wrench is thrown into their plans.

The film features stylized characters and environments, as well as unique color usage that the viewer can almost taste. A unique visual texture is imbued into elements such as character hair and liquids, with nearly every scene containing a double-take-worthy image.

Contextually, I imagine that the film is commenting on a dilemma that nearly every artist - and person - faces: "Am I willing to sacrifice who I am to achieve personal success?" This sentiment is very uniquely served by G.B. Hajim's personal style and art direction.

"Strange Frame" is an interesting and inspiring picture that I am proud to say was actualized in my hometown of Hilo, Hawaii. Recommended!
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on October 20, 2013
This film surprised me greatly, and felt like a lush trip down someone's deliciously dark voyage into the netherworld of future fantasy. Highly sensuous with winks and nods to the use of a chorus in old Greek plays (the three street women or what one might call three muses which appear at various times throughout the movie) certainly strike me as strangely beautiful too. The mix of highly rendered elements and scenes with raw cartoonish elements such as the shapes and movements of the characters seems to be antithesis to what viewers often have been breed to expect lately. This lends an element of dreamy surrealism to the overall look and feel of the movie. Highly enjoyable and worth watching again! Claudia Black's luscious voice narrates throughout, a big plus in my view. Don't expect this film to be a typical anything.... keep your mind open and absorb the wonder of it in its entirety.
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on March 9, 2013
I just saw Strange Frame in Honoka'a last night at the DVD release party and I was truly blown away with the creativity and quality of this amazing film. GB Hajim is a very talented director with a vision and a capacity to tap into the creative resources of Hawaii Island to produce what is destined to become a cult classic. I recommend it highly and can't wait to show it to my kids. Get a copy of the DVD or go to a screening and be prepared to be very entertained. Hawaii Island has got some amazing talent and I look forward to collaborating with GB on future films.
Please share with your friends!
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on October 11, 2014
Fabulous feast for the senses! Strange Frame wraps sci fi inside of a love story inside of a tale of political intrigue and corruption. The characters are at once lovely and hateful, the music score is inspiring, the colors intense and psychedelic. The story line, though rich, is easy to follow, and is flavored with a lovely urban grunge in a futuristic society. Thanks to all the producers and artists on this film, it adds an important element to the modern lgbt, and sci fi world of art and video.
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