Why does the "Roku LT Streaming Player" cost 15 more $ while being the same products? What is the difference?
asked by Claudio on September 3, 2012
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Because One is from Amazon. and one is from a separate Seller. Also the ROKU LT has a new model. Roku LT Streaming Player (Old Version)

The 65 is from a marketer that is trying to get more then what it is worth. Also the one that nebob is selling(which i am assuming is what you are seeing. Amazon is selling the other. The newer model for 50.99 That is the one you want to go for. As always be careful on amazon when it comes to Sellers because some like to scalp customers.

If amazon is the seller then you should be well off. Amazon is selling the newer model here >> Roku LT Streaming Player (Old Version)
Good Luck
MajorThorn answered on September 23, 2012
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Very confusingly, Amazon has the Roku LT on sale one place for $65 and another place for $51. Why anyone would pay the higher price is a mystery but that's where almost all the reviews are. I was going to go buy directly from Roku until I stumbled upon the cheaper offer from Amazon (which is in line with what Roku charges).
Dennis answered on September 17, 2012
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