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Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryChange
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on October 17, 2013
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVerified Purchase
First of all I now own six of the Streamlight Siege and four of the Rayovac SE3DLN...I keep extras for my kids and their families if they need them.

Points favoring the Streamlight Siege:

1. The Siege has stronger top/bottom spring 'D' clips with retainers.
2. The Siege top handle has enough tension to stay upright even at an angle whereas the (SE3DLN) will not.
This comes in very handy in darkness when trying to lift the light.
3. The Siege has 3 white modes and 2 red. The (SE3DLN) has 3 white modes, no red mode, and has no 30 lumen mode for super long use of 295 hours.
The SOS mode on the Siege is red, whereas on the (SE3DLN) it is white.
4. The Siege on/off button lights up when in use and also indicates the battery life that is left.
5. The bottom cover is MUCH easier to re-install after changing batteries as you simply line up the large single triangle shaped shaft, push down
and twist. Whereas with the (SE3DLN) one must line up 2 small 1/16" wide notches and then push down and twist. Anyone owning both lights can
quickly determine the Siege can easily be reloaded in complete darkness by simple feel, whereas the (SE3DLN) cannot. Even though I've heard of
people marking the notches on the (SE3DLN) with a glow in the dark material to help.
5. The Siege is rated at a full non-ANSI 340 lumens with the over off, whereas the (SE3DLN) is now ANSI 240, whereas it used to be non-ANSI 300. I'm not sure if the 240
is with top on or off. Either way the Siege is clearly brighter when lighting up a room or an outdoor area. The Siege is not ANSI rated as of yet.
6. The on/off button on the Siege does not blink when not in use to run the batteries down, whereas the (SE3DLN) does.
Some like the (SE3DLN) blinking as it make it easier to find the light in total darkness and others like myself do not.

Points favoring the (SE3DLN):

1. The (SE3DLN) costs around $25, whereas the Siege is around $40.
2. The (SE3DLN) has a limited lifetime warranty on the entire light, whereas the Siege has only a 2 year warranty on the electronics and switches.
They both have the option not to cover is misuse or abuse is determined.

Even though I really like my older Rayovac (SE3DLN) lights and they have served me well, I much prefer the newer Streamlight Siege. The primary reasons are the ease of changing batteries and the 295 hour low light mode. I can change batteries on the Siege in total darkness without my glasses, whereas with the (SE3DLN) I need my glasses and some light.

For me the extra features on the Siege are easily worth the extra $15 price tag.

As some others have noted, I can't find anything on the Siege I don't like and honestly can't think on any improvements within reason I would make.

Both are excellent lights and you can't go wrong with either, but the Siege is the clear winner for my needs.

Buy the Streamlight Siege and you'll see what myself and others have been raving about.

*****Update 10-24-2013:

I have discovered the Siege is NOT ANSI rated so I've changed the review above. Also, I've tested 4 different sets of alkaline and rechargeable batteries from 4 different companies and they run only 15 continuous hours on high, rather than the advertised 30 hours. The 15 hours runtime was until the red light came on and not until it went completely dim. All of the lights I've tested, including the Rayovac SE3DLN, way over state the runtimes so I guess they do this to not look inferior to their competitors, hoping nobody will actually check.

Overall, I still rate the Siege as a solid "5"

*****Update 10-28-2013:

I emailed Streamlight with questions about the ANSI rating and the 30 hour runtime. Here is their response:

The ANSI standard is for "directional lighting" and doesn't really cover lanterns like the Siege. Therefore we can't use the ANSI symbols in our claims.

However, ANSI procedures were used to take the measurements that were used for our advertising claims.

340 lumens (our HIGH mode claim) is a totally valid measurement taken in one of our calibrated integrating spheres that is also used for ANSI-rated products.

The 30 hour run time on HIGH also conforms to ANSI protocols. ANSI run time starts 30 seconds into a run with new batteries (which is where the lumen claim is taken) and the ANSI run time ends when the lumen output falls to 10% of the initial 30 second reading. (In the case of the Siege on HIGH, end of run time to ANSI protocols occurs when the output drops to 34 lumens.) I realize that you may take exception to the 10% figure, but it is according to the ANSI standard.

I have attached the Product Fact Sheet for the Siege. These sheets are readily available to customers, for all products, under the "Docs/Info" tab on the individual product pages of our website. The Runtime section of the Siege Fact Sheet states "to 10% of initial lumen output."

Charlie Craft

Charles W. Craft, BSMET
Chief Engineer
ISO Management Representative

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79 of 86 people found the following review helpful
on July 2, 2013
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVerified Purchase
The Siege is a first-rate area light that feels quite solid in hand and produces lighting from five modes. It's rare to see something designed and built so well, yet still be reasonably priced. Would purchase again.

Applies to The Siege:
* 12-day low-mode makes this multi-use lantern an excellent portable lighting source in power outage situations
* low-medium-high modes can {initially} produce 340-175-33 unfocused lumens using three D-size alkaline batteries and with the outer globe removed
* run time claims of 30-70-295 hours of white LED light in high-medium-low modes/235 or 430 hours of red LED light depending on mode selection (**)
* two additional modes activate a red LED to produce either a constant red beacon or a repeating S.O.S. signal at an initial output of 10 lumens
* rugged elastomer over-mold provides bump and drop protection to 2 meters
* corrosion resistant housing
* frosted polycarbonate globe reduces glare while providing 360 degrees of diffused lighting coverage
* outer globe may be easily removed for conversion to a non-diffused lighting environment for percieved increase in brightness
* Streamlight recommends powering the Siege with three D-size alkaline batteries [sold separately]
* will function with D-size NiMH, or any like-type AA cells (including lithium Energizer L91 AA) coupled with spacers
* recessed power/mode switch helps negate accidental actuation
* when lantern is on, power/mode switch glows as either green, amber, red or flashing red to help user judge the remaining capacity of their batteries
* rubberized notched metal handle or metal top/bottom D-rings offer user hanging options
* rated IPX7 meaning the lantern may be submerged to a maximum depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes without water ingress
* with outer globe in place, lantern will float upright and continue to function
* Streamlight offers a 2-year warranty on switches and electronics with proof of purchase and a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects
* lantern base grips well and tends to stay in place
* compact form---it is 7.25 in. tall and supported by a 3.80 in. diameter base with a D-size alkaline-installed-weight of 1 lb. 15 oz.
* polarity guides facilitate correct battery orientation and matched indexing/alignment posts make battery change-out easy and virtually mistake proof
* positive audible "click" when base is turned to its closed and locked position
* if powered OFF in either of the three white LED modes, the next time you power ON the lantern will be in the white LED high-mode
* if powered OFF in either of the two red LED modes, the next time you power ON the lantern will be in the red-beacon mode
* manufacturing origin: China
* not equipped with a slow-blinking green locator LED as seen in competing area lights {stated as neither a pro or con}
* red modes function in high mode only
* no strobe feature
* non-regulated output meaning it will not step-down in brightness, but instead, gradually dim over the life of your alkaline batteries
* does not ship in a Streamlight carton and user instructions are located in battery compartment

(**) The following run time parameter is stated in the Streamlight product fact sheet for The Siege: "All {run time} claims to 10% of initial output." Product fact sheet and specific warranty is viewable under docs/info tab at the Streamlight website.
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64 of 69 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon August 12, 2013
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What a terrific little LED lantern! It's only a hair over seven inches high and weighs about two pounds (including three D batteries), but it lights up a space better than any of my larger, older lanterns. In addition to a comfortable traditional handle (which flips down for storage) to carry or hang it, it comes equipped with D-rings on top and bottom so you can hang this lantern in whatever position works best for you. You can even remove the globe cover for more light.

The Streamlight Siege has five settings. Three are in clean white light -- low, medium, bright. The final two are red. One is a flashing SOS mode and the other is simply red, which preserves night vision. The manufacturer points out that the lantern is great for "doomsday preparation." This made me chuckle, but hey, it's true. This is THE lantern I want on hand when the power goes out. It's rugged, encased in rubber, waterproof, and even floats.

We've taken this lantern out in the back yard during the dark of the moon and were able to navigate between plants and bushes easily, so when we go camping, we know this is all we'll need. But right now, we're mainly using it as a reading lamp. Thanks to some feline hijinks, the extension cord our reading lights plug into behind our massive bed has been pulled out of the wall and it's a huge pain to plug in again. Until we do, we set the lamp between us on the lowest setting and read like always. It's very convenient and provides better light than our individual lamps do.
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31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2014
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVerified Purchase
there are just some things you get you don't appreciate it when you first get it. for me it was the handle on the lantern. when saw it i was thinking it was some goofy marketing thing. after a few camp trips this is my go to camp light.
the strange handle is perfect, come up to a pipe (on awning) and just hang it, then grab and go when needed. works on pipes in the camp restroom, tree branches, and as i said, awning. nothing else needed just lift up and over. nothing to fiddle with snaps or rings.
second thing I never thought i would use is the red led light. this is not special to this light, just something i thought was a marketing gimmick again. once again found it was very useful. dont know if you have ever walked around a campground in the dark, but it can become a tad disorienting where your site is when there are lots of other tents, rvs or jeeps that all look the same at night. I turn on the red stead light, toss it up on the roof and head out to visit others. later when i come back around the loop or campsite, the red beacon is so clear where my campsite is.
review image review image
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on December 18, 2014
Size Name: SmallStyle Name: 3xAA BatteryVerified Purchase
This will be an awfully long review for what seems to be just a lantern with 3 AA batteries and an on/off button. But some love light, some love lanterns, some love their gear and some love very well-built things. For any or all of the above, read on.

- There is no doubt The Siege AA is very-very well-built. For those who know the Rayovac Sportsman Extreme (the 3xD version, not the 3xAA version), it’s built like that. For those who don’t, again, it’s a very robust lantern. It feels like a one solid piece due to the extreme rubber bumpers added all over the place to it. Everything black on the Siege is basically thick rubber. Even the body is covered in rubber and it just feels like it sticks to your hand. Top reflector and battery cap lock positively into place and thick O-Rings contribute to the water sealing all around.
- The handle has some kind of textured rubbery coating on it and some click stops to keep it up if you want it or docked next to the diffuser.
- The hook on the bottom deserves a 5 Star award. It’s as solid as solid gets. (I hate to say this but it’s a little over-engineered.) Made from (thick) metal with a strong spring clip, easily accessible from both sides (you can dock it either way) it just feels like the light will come apart before that thing ever will.
- With the diffuser off, the LED doesn’t stick too much out and it is protected by a clear dome.
- The On/Off button does not glow in the dark and is recessed (a little too recessed) which will prevent accidental off/on. The way you naturally grab and hold the lantern, you will use your thumb for on/off. For those with big thumbs, I can see them needing to try just a little bit harder. And speaking of the on/off button, it’s got a light indicating the state of the battery: green, orange and red. While I can understand the red part, and even the orange, I think the green is a little…again…over-engineered? The ONLY useful feature of the green LED in the button I can think of is to find it quickly in the dark when you want to turn the lantern Off. Other than that, it looks really-really cool (for those who care). Plus, when I did the battery drain test, after it got on low-low (blinking red) it staid like that for about two hours. No big deal, really, but you’ll just have to learn its behavior if you use this extensively and depend on it. Funny thing, when the lantern is on Red mode, you almost want to turn the green away from you because it ‘fights’ with the red and spoils all the aspects of having a red light. White-Green-Orange-Steady Red-Blinking Red-Merry Christmas everyone.

Battery loading

- Loading the batteries is easy, just unscrew the bottom about a quarter turn, put two AAs positive down and one positive up and put the cover back by mating the two tear drop-shaped plastic parts.
- Now, after the WHOLE discussion, rage and hate for the poor Rayovac design with the two little notches that had to be aligned when putting the battery cover back and probably all the love and attention this design will get, let me tell you my opinion: it (almost) doesn’t matter. Is it way easier and a better design? By all measures. Is it enough? Hardly. The part that the first hit me when I got the Rayovac was the odd battery arrangement (two down, one up). I was disappointed to see the same here. I think it’s dumb. Yes, having all three with the (+) down will complicate things a little for the design team, but it’s not impossible. When in COMPLETE, ABSOLUT darkness with a dead lantern, trust me, you’ll have hard times first finding the batteries, then inserting them properly and just then worrying about how you put the cover back. Now, if you know that the negative part of the device is always spring loaded, yes, you may somehow put the batteries right just by feel. But if you don’t, then you’ll have a very hard time completing the operation. You need a little light to fix your light. If you have Zero light…like… 0 Lux, 0 Lumen, no moon, no stars, you’re in a cave or in the woods, then you’re either a pro with backup lights, or you’re well prepared and trained how to replace your batteries in complete darkness, or have someone next to you to help you, or have a cell phone that can shed some light, or…you just have bigger issues at that point. Again, I am not saying that it doesn’t matter at all. Better is better and I am acknowledging that it’s better than the Rayovac’s but that is not enough for a full “Now anybody can replace the batteries in the dark” statement. For that to happen, I wish Streamlight will have all batteries one way (with (+) down) and do something with the cap. Either hinge it (complicated, I know), or at least put a little string or spring loaded strap (like the gas tank cap) so at least you don’t drop it and loose it (again, in complete darkness). Ok, enough with this.

- Press on/off to turn on. It starts on Low Mode. Perfect! Press is again quickly, goes to Mid Mode. Press is again quickly, goes to Hi Mode. Wait 2 sec, press it to turn it off. There is no memory for it, so for instance if you always want to turn it On on Hi Mode, you can’t. If you press and hold the button, it will switch from White to Red. Press it quickly and it goes from steady red to blinking red. Press it again, it’s off. Long press again, switches back to white light. What I really like about it, is that you can switch to red (or back to white) regardless the mode the lantern is (Off, On, Low, Mid, Hi). Just long press and it switches. Long press again, anytime, it switches back. Very well thought out. Nothing to remember, really, other that the long press part.
- You want forward (or up, or down) flooding light, just unscrew the diffuser and voila.
- After about 3hrs of continuous use on high, the body got barely warm to the touch, so no issues there.

- This is a bright little light. It gives a nice 360deg illumination with a good amount of diffused light above and below the lantern’s level. Please check the pictures as it shows great symmetrical “light bending” tricks in the vertical plane. The light was set 16” from the ceiling and I took two pictures: one straight and one up-side-down. Great job designing that diffuser! The color temperature is fairly neutral, very-very lightly on the reddish side when on low. On max, it is a nice fairly pure white, on the 4000-4500K perceived range.
- The Lumen output claimed is 200Lm on high, 100Lm on mid, 50Lm on low. But please understand that only knowing the Lumen rating (luminous flux) is not enough to describe a light. Just like you can’t compare cars by HP alone, speakers just by Watts, cameras just by MP and TVs just by contrast ration, same goes here. Yes, when all other things are equal, a 200Lm light is brighter than a 100Lm light. But more importantly is how the light is shaped, diffused and presented. Measuring the illuminance (the luminous flux per unit area) gives one a better idea of how much light an area is really receiving. For instance, this light on Hi (200lm) illuminates a surface with 12.7Lux measured at 3.3Ft (1m) in line with the light, but my Inova X2 AA rated at 150lm measured the same way throws 320Lux and my desk at work is bathed in 460Lux with two long fluorescents above my head. But that’s exactly why even in the store, even for flashlights, that Lumen output rating is very, very relative and by far enough to judge a light. So here are my findings measured two ways with a light meter: Setup #1 with the light sitting straight in a dark room on its base at 1m (3.3Ft) above the ground and the light meter at 3.3Ft facing the light in line, at the LED level. Setup #2 keeps the same clearances but now light is with reflector removed and pointing straight at the light meter (like a flashlight). All measurements done identical for Siege AA and for Sportsman AA.


Setup #1 Streamlight Hi-12.7Lx; Med-6.6Lx; Low-2.5Lx
Setup #1 Rayovac Hi-4.5Lx; Low-1.7Lx

Setup #2 Streamlight Hi-53.9Lx; Med-28.2Lx; Lo-11Lx
Setup #2 Rayovac: Hi-31.8; Lo-12.7Lx

In the Setup #1 I moved the lights vertically about 1Ft up and 1Ft down from the inline position in respect to the meter to gauge the distribution of the light in the vertical plane. The Streamlight showed great-great evenness, with light losing only about 2Lx at the extremes. The Rayovac on the other hand, is very uneven. The light gets brighter towards the top of the lantern, right under the ‘hat’, which is really unfortunate because the very same hat projects a harsh shadow (dark spot) above the light. Please see pictures for reference.


- I didn’t test the mid, low and the red modes as they have very long run times (claimed 15hrs on mid and 37hrs on low). For now I tested the light with Eneloops. I will report back once I complete the Alkaline battery runtime. The claimed runtime on high is 7hrs (with batteries), but you have to keep in mind how that is tested. It doesn’t mean that for 7hrs the light will stay on equally bright. It just means that after 7hrs the light will still be on and it will put out ‘some’ light. If I would follow what ANSI recommends for testing the flashlights, the total runtime would be the amount of time that the light stays on until it reaches 10% of the initial output measured 30sec after turned on (or somewhere along those lines). Now, as far as I know, ANSI FL1 only pertains to flashlights, not to lanterns, so the way they (they = Streamlight) measure and quantify the runtime is up to their discretion.
- With freshly charged Eneloops the light was fairly bright for about 2-2.5hrs. After 3 hours the button started to blink red and the light was fairly dim. I left it on for two more hours and it got dimmer and dimmer to the point where you could stare into the LED. I stopped it there because I didn’t want to over-discharge my eneloops. I measured them and they all had about 0.9V – 1V. Even if I turned the light off and back on, it still started, which is very good. Some lights don’t. 1 or 2Lux is waaay better than 0Lux. So you can use the last-last bit of energy in your batteries to find new batteries and replace them before the light completely dies.

Comparison with Rayovac Streamlight (2013 – 65Lm version):
- A straight comparison between this Siege AA and the Rayovac Sportsman AA is a little unfair in some instances. First, the Siege is a 2014 product. The Sportsman is a 2008 product (there is supposedly a 2014 – 150Lm one, but I haven’t seen it in stores or on line). Technology in general and LED power in particular is measured like dog years. You can’t and shouldn’t really compare a 2008 LED with a 2014 LED. There is no doubt about the design, construction and the heft difference between the two. The Siege is a clearly better thought out and built piece (yes, even in the battery cover’s case ). Much brighter, with more modes (not to mention the two mode red light) a hefty hook on the bottom, battery indicator and perfectly diffused, bright, white, even light. I really don’t know if the Sportsman design is patented or not, but you don’t need to look from too close to see the similarities between the two. Not to mention the bazillion clones that are now on internet. So, again, just referencing to the date, I do give credit to Rayovac (or whoever came up with this design). And I really give NO credit to the people that designed the D version Rayovac very nicely and the AA version very cheaply, looking like they come from two different companies.
Sadly, even if we’re talking 6 years difference in LED, when performed the run time test, after about 3hrs on High, the Siege was really dim and after 5 it was like a candle, while the Sportsman was shining happily ahead like nothing happened. So between a bright light with short battery life and a dimmer one with longer battery life, which one would you prefer? In other words, between a dead lantern and a one that shines 7hrs later, which one do you prefer? Now, of course, use the Siege on Low mode, and there you have it…37hrs of perfectly usable light.


Negatives first: I would knock just half a star combined for Run Time on High, not having all the batteries the same direction, not having the battery cover tethered to the body, green indicator too strong for when the light is in Red mode, On/Off button a little too recessed and not cheap (although, it screams quality all over).

Positives: Great, great light; very well built; very good, diffused light; plenty modes to please everyone; intuitive user interface; easily replaceable battery cover; water proof and drop proof (and bear proof for the hook); decent run time. Looking forward to the Siege AA Mk2.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a really well-designed hand lantern. If you camp, walk the dog, need an emergency light for car or home, this lantern does the job. So many thoughtful features, bright, easy to use. Here's what I found:

1. BRIGHT! approximately 300 lumens runs 30hrs on the highest setting; 3 D cell batteries power this lamp.
2. Switch down light level by simply pressing the button
3. Hold down the button, you get the red light (for night vision preservation)
4. Hold down the button again, you get a flashing red light.
5. Easy to open battery door (the bottom of the lamp is a knurled cap, easy to remove.)
6. Keyed battery placement--you can put batteries in during blackout as you'll know the right orientation easily.
7. D rings snap down for flat storage, lift up for hanging. Can hang upside down for a ceiling light on a tent or cabin.
8. Fold-down handle for carrying while walking.
9. Compact in size. 2 lbs weight with D cell batteries (I weighed it on my electronic kitchen scale.)
10. Waterproof. Rubber base is stable. Rubber coating protects it from banging around.
11. Battery life indicator light.
12. On lowest setting, will run 130hours on fresh batteries. This is about 35 lumens
13. Dark army khaki brown color. Not too shiny.

For those whom "lumen" provokes the response "what?" or even "watt?" a quick conversion, and this is approximate. A 300 lumen output would be something like a 35 watt bulb. This is between 300-340 so figure like one of those 40 watt bulbs. But the light is blue-white, not incandescent yellow-red. A 35 lumen output would be something more than one of those 4 watt nightlights.

In short, I can't find a single thing wrong with this lantern and everything is RIGHT about it. I keep it by the bed, so if power goes out, I have emergency lighting.
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on November 12, 2013
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVerified Purchase
If Apple decided to make a compact LED hand lantern, this would probably be the result.

This thing is a woodsman's dream. Absolutely built with the end customer in mind - and that customer is expected to be in the wilderness. Here's some of the features I really like about this product:

1) Rugged and waterproof design, both based on industry standards. It feels amazingly well made.
2) The unit produces a lot of light, and the 3 light levels are well spaced and appropriate lumen levels.
3) Red light mode is a nice bonus that typical camping lamps don't have.
4) Hooks on the bottom AND the top of the lamp! Plus the handle. NICE! Great for use in a tent.
5) On/off button doubles as a battery indicator, moving from Green, to Yellow, to Red, to Flashing Red as the batteries get low.
6) Size and weight are fantastic. Very compact design, and is technically very light (given there are 3 D cells in it)

I would highly recommend this product. Do not hesitate if this product fits your budget. This product is well designed, well made, and a great value.

I uploaded a picture holding the lamp, to give a perspective on its size.

Edit - May 19, 2014
We still absolutely love this lamp. And it is still running strong. We are still extremely happy with this purchase.
review image
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on April 12, 2014
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVerified Purchase
I purchased the Siege for upcoming camping trips to add a portable freestanding lantern that we can take around the site. I didn't want to lug around my big 8D Cell lantern and I didn't want to deal with fuels.
As far as construction goes, this lamp is nice. It has solid construction and seems durable enough to last a while. The quality of the light is okay. It is on the higher end of the Kelvin scale which means it is a cool white glow. At 340 lumens, it won't be replacing a fuel lantern or a 60 watt household bulb, but it does provide a decent amount of light to fill my 11×11 tent. The memory feature is nice so you don't have to click through all of the settings every time you turn it on. Battery life is good as well. the only small gripe I have about this lantern is the color temperature of the light. I prefer a warm white glow in a camping environment. Aside from this, It could use a little bit more in terms of lumen output.
I do highly recommend this lantern for anyone who is car camping and need a great tent light. It would even be great as an emergency light in the event of a power failure. Overall it is a great little light.
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on January 7, 2015
Size Name: SmallStyle Name: 3xAA BatteryVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This lantern is much smaller than what you would think looking at the stock photo, which is actually one of the things I love about it. I took a picture of it next to a coffee mug so you can get a better idea of the size. You could hang this anywhere, including right on your pants/jeans with the handy retractable clip hook on the bottom. This is a perfect storable size for the car, a desk drawer, night table, etc.

The light output on the highest white setting is amazing for three double A's. The whole lantern has a nice rubber finish and a sturdy feel. I like that the handle at the top doesn't fall down when letting go so you don't have to fumble when you want to pick it up and move it. The button in the front that controls everything is easy to press but is also recessed to prevent accidental turn-ons. Batteries are very easy to replace, unlike others that I have experience with that were a pain to deal with.

There is not one thing so far that I don't like about this lantern.
review image
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on December 11, 2013
Size Name: MediumStyle Name: 3xD BatteryVerified Purchase
Great light from a great company. I use it in a storage trailer and I can see well enough to hunt for things in the dark in an 8 or 10 foot radius. Long battery life and easy "in the dark if necessary" battery replacement is also a plus. The hanger on both top and bottom was also thoughtful.
Streamlight used to make quality flashlights for law enforcement (and probably still does). That is where I learned that they were a "quality product" company.
Highly recommend. Great item for a gift.
Jim in So Calif
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