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Style Name: Basic Model w/StrobeChange
Price:$104.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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238 of 247 people found the following review helpful
on October 6, 2011
This is a REAL GUN review. (I have to say this as too many weapon accessory reviews are for air-soft toys and BB guns)

After a whole bunch of searching around, for everything from the cheaply made plastic $30 lights (that would fly off the gun down range after a few shots) to the $200+ surefire lights... I settled on this as the best weapon light for the money. I have a Beretta M9A1 and this light works and looks like it was made for my Beretta. The fit and finish are amazing, the better light output (of the TLR-1s) is enough to temporarily blind anyone unfortunate enough to get it shined in their eyes. The added strobe is quite disorienting to anyone on the other end of it (red spots in vision that last for about a minute if you look into the light). I love the placement of the two way toggle switch for left or right handed, and one and two handed grip styles. It can be switched into the on position or pushing the opposite direction will keep it on for as long as you hold the switch. Good for those situations where you may or may not need the light on at all times. It is set up in a way that even in a panic situation (a.k.a. loading your pants) you can have the muscle memory to turn it on. Much better than the little rubber push button lights I have tried out.

Using the light in dark/low light situations can even help with aiming as the center of the light spot is right where I would be aiming for. So if the bright spot of the light is covering the center of the target at about 5 to 15 feet, there was a 95% chance I would hit it without using the sights.

The main reason I got this light was the fact that it is all aluminum, it is tried and tested, and the way it clamps onto the gun is better than any "quick release" style rail light I have seen yet. I tightened it on as well as possible because I really don't have a use for "quick release". Though it does come off easy enough in case that is your thing. It came included with two fully charged batteries, and three different rail mount "Keys" so it will fit your particular style without any "Wriggle". My Beretta has a 1913 picatinny rail and it locks onto it beautifully. I cannot attest to the weaver or glock style rails though it fits on my friends composite SigPro 2022 with no problem. Mounted on the Sig 2022 the light sticks out past the muzzle about an inch, so it doesn't look as good as it does on the Beretta M9/92s where it is perfectly flush with the muzzle.

Took it to the range and fired off close to 150 rounds of 124gr +p 9mm rounds with the light on the whole time, and it never so much as flickered. I turned it off and put it away and then checked the light out the next day, and it didn't skip a beat.

*NEW UPDATE* April 2013

Been using this light for nearly 2 years now, always on my gun, THOUSANDS of rounds and still looks and functions beautifully! Still blindingly bright and never fails to function. I have received compliments that the light looks like it was MADE specially for the Beretta 92A1 series of pistols.

If they ever make one with a Green strobing laser under it I will buy it in a split second!

*Will update this if anything happens at the next few visits to the range*

If you have a full sized handgun with an accessory rail then this is the light to get! Especially on the Beretta 92A1, M9A1, and 96A1 pistols.
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163 of 173 people found the following review helpful
on April 18, 2011
I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps and trained with surefire optics. I used to think that there was nothing better than surefire, until a friend of mine introduced me to streamlight. The streamlight tlr-2 is a fraction of the cost of the surefire x400. Having tested surefire optics on the battle field and knowing them to be tried and true I was skeptical of trying a new brand. My friend convinced me to give streamlight a try. I borrowed his streamlight and headed to the shooting range. I was immediately impressed with its easy installation, light weight, and ease of use. After test firing it I new I had to have one of my own. The laser was easy to adjust and extremely accurate. The tactical light is extremely bright and the strobe feature is also quite impressive. The surefire tactical light offers 170 lumen output and the tlr-2 offers an output of 160 lumens. The price difference between the two is 150 dollars and the streamlight is just as durable and just as good if not better than the surefire x400.
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109 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2009
This weapon-mounted TLR-1 light is ONE BAD LIGHT. I've always been impressed with Streamlight's quality.....especially for the price. Why pay more for the "SF" brand? I've had "SF" lights before and, IMHO, they're just not worth the extra money. But I digress.

This light has the "instant on-off" feature, as well as the "lock-on".....just toggle the switch in opposite directions. It is VERY bright and, due to the LED technology, the bulbs won't break or burn out. I have it mounted on my Beretta CX-4 Storm.
I've already ordered and received a 2nd light for my Mossberg 500, and will be ordering a few more for other weapons that I have.

Just a note about the TLR-2 and TLR-3. I chose the TLR-1 because it is much brighter than the TLR-3, and has an aluminum body (vs, composite).......for not much more money.....a better bargain, IMO. The TLR-2 is much more expensive because it has laser sights, which I'm not real keen on. this won't regret it.
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81 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on September 5, 2013
I ordered this about two months ago and mounted it on my Glock 21. The end of the flashlight sticks out just a tiny bit farther than the barrel.
This thing is bright. When I say bright i mean hot damn it's bright. If you hold your hand over the end it gets too hot to touch very quickly. I noticed a lot of people here having issues with the activation of the strobe feature, but it's quite easy. You just double tap the switch on the left side to put it into strobe mode, and you can drop down the hold-on switch on the right to keep it on. A little practice and it's second nature. I went into my friends half-acre backyard and had them flash me from over 100 feet away and it made me feel instantly disoriented and I looked away. From that distance the thing is a literal spotlight, the beam doesn't fade or die away. With brand new fresh batteries the beam is insane.

However, I have not shot the gun with the light attached yet so I can't quite talk about its durability, though Streamlight seems to have good reviews on that end. Also, the other night the strobe feature stopped working but I just emailed them, I'll post an update to this review to see how that turns out.

EDIT: Streamlight got back to me within 24 hours on how to fix it, took five seconds. Also took it to the range today and sent around 200 yards downrange, no issues at all.
review image
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64 of 70 people found the following review helpful
on June 8, 2013
Out of the box and on the rail in under 2 min. Comes with several attachment points for your desired mounted options. Battery for the light is easy to install. Laser battery is pre-installed, may be an issue later down the road when it needs to be replaced. Light is bright enough to defeat or disorient a threat and laser alone is bright and could be used to temporarily blind a target as well. One piece construction is solid. Rocker switch for constant on or momentary on is simple to operate. 3 modes, Laser, Laser + Light & Light. Upgrade over previous models all modes feature the strobe function. Not sure why I need the laser to strobe but it adds to the "O S*** it just got real" factor for the unlucky intruder.

Out of the box mine seemed to be sighted in around 30yds. Adjustments are easy and I've since adjusted that out to 50 yds. Yes the green laser is just as bright in the day time as it is at night. Unlike the red lasers under hazy conditions you can see a thin pencil trail from the laser through the air to the target. Once again not needed but it adds intensity to the situation.

CONS: Laser is not center underneath or with the unit like the TLR-2. Instead the laser is housed within the light and offset to the left hand side. Aesthetically it looks cleaner but you get a ghost spot above the laser when it's on due to the reflection of the light's casing. Not a deal breaker but annoying if you happen to use it in CQB style training with a Reflex sight.

I'll attempted to post pics and a video in the next few weeks.

DPMS with a Fullfield TAC30 w/FastFire III now complete with TLR-2G
review image review image review image
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53 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on June 18, 2011
I recently purchased a new gen. 4 Glock 22. It has the mounting rail built into the frame (for those unfamiliar). I started researching the options that can be mounted on the rail.

I quickly zeroed in on the Streamlight TLR-1S & TLR-2S as my finalists. Streamlight offers a smartly designed, solid, well built product with tight tolerances. Somewhat of a rarity in today's consumer market, flooded with less than acceptable, Asian knockoffs, that more crappy than cheap.

For me, I wanted a strobe option; a laser was a potential bonus. My choice was between the TLR-1S (no laser) and the TLR-2S (with laser), the laser does add both a price and size/weight component. I will not be carrying it daily and if I need it in a moment of crisis, I prefer the deck stacked as far in my favor as possible.

What's up with the title of this review? Many of the previous reviewers mentioned the trickiness of the controls, when using the strobe mode. That held up my decision for a few weeks. In the end I determined that I need to apply the same reasoning to this light as I would any firearm purchase.

First, is it a high quality and reliable item? Yes it is, I read at least 100 reviews on many sites; it is state of the art. Second, am I willing and able to put in the practice time to be both confident and competent with it? Yes I can/will, that is a non-negotiable piece of the equation. Finally, does it essentially "fail safe"? Yes, even if you fail to double tap the switch fast enough to put it in strobe mode, the light and laser still switch on, just not in strobe mode.

All in all it is great product that will do what is supposed to do, if you do what you are supposed to do. Practice regularly.
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39 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on March 9, 2012
I have a Springfield XD 40 Service and I love this light! This light is blinding day or night. Seriously, YOU CAN NOT LOOK AT IT! Just a glimpse and you're seeing spots for minutes after. It is ruggedly built, bright as all, and asthetically pleasing to the eye (when it's turned off that is). It is a little wider than my weapon, but this is not a problem for me since the person breaking in won't see it. It comes with two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries which are easier to change out than the TLR-1 (the previous model) and are supposed to have a 10-year storage life. They are not cheap to replace, but from the reviews I have read on Amazon you are better off finding them local (like at Radio Shack) and paying a couple bucks extra to guarentee full charge. At 4.18 ounces this light adds a little to the end of the weapon, but is hardly noticable (at least to me). After reading the reviews for this model and it's predecessor (the TLR-1),.. out of 119 reviews NOT ONE WAS BELOW A FOUR STAR RATING. Comparing that to other "cheaper" and "lighter" lights, my decision was easily made. When it comes to the protection of my family, I would rather pay a little extra for something 'once' and know it will be reliable. The strobe feature is nice as well, but may not be practical for most. With a quick "double tap" of the switch YOU CAN LOCK THE STROBE ON, but like any other tool you should practice with it to retain "muscle memory". Really though, unless you are storming a building full of insurgents, I think you should be ok with just the steady beam. If you have medium to large hands (like me), you can toggle the switch with either the thumb from your supporting hand, or the index "trigger finger". The rocker switch makes it easy to use and is much less likely to come on accidentally (like the cheaper lights) and drain your batteries. All in all, I believe the TLR-1s is THE best light for the money. Hope this helps :)
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on February 6, 2014
I ended up returning this for the TLR-2 HL (same thing except TLR-2 HL has red laser), but if you just need the tactical light this is the light for you. The 630 lumens turns night into day. Easy to manipulate switch. Changing batteries is a bit tricky but just go slow and be careful with door.
review image review image
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33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2012
The first thing I noticed was how surprisingly light this unit is. Looks heavy, but it is not at all.

The spot is perfectly focused and centered on the sights out to a range slightly beyond what car high beams reach..400+ yards as advertised. Also the barrel shadow does not extend into the spot at all. Bright, white light.

Save your money, don't buy Surefire.


Update: Using this light I got 7/10 hits on torso sized steel plate at 300 yards, in the dark, with iron sights with my SCAR17.
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73 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on March 23, 2009
The price tag is high, but when the item is an important add-on to your primary sidearm, it's an easy choice.

I bought mine USED for quite a bit less than listed, because it only came with the GLOCK key for it. Of course I was buying it for a GLOCK 21, so no problem there. I'll go over the pros and cons as I see them, as objectively as I can. Cons first, because I think the negatives always weigh my decisions more than the positives.

Cons--Price. $200+ for an add-on with electronics and moving parts, hence more chances for failure(none so far, but it's a possibility). If you don't have a bearing holster, your old one won't be functional with this on the rail. Not waterproof, like the TLR-1(and a little bulkier of course). Attachment bolt needs regular cleaning/oiling as it is not aluminum/carbon but steel. Battery door will feel like a puzzle until you pull a quarter out of your pocket. Collects dust on the lens guard/laser like an old library(suprise...guns release hot powder residue bursts at barrel exit and breech). Which is probably what happened to K. Jordan. You have to clean after every use, you don't want that stuff building up. If you want to adjust the laser, you'll need a nearly microscopic .050" hex key, but that should come with a new one. That's the most I can come up with.

Pros--Reliable. That's about all I should need to say to justify it's value, but I've yet to have a problem. Eight boxes of ammo so far (that's four-hundred rounds of .45ACP worth) with it attached. I stagger on and off so the slight weight/feel difference doesn't change my aim, so the ease of attaching/detaching is welcomed. Though quick, it's not just snap on, I wouldn't trust that--there's a bolt that secures it for a tight grip, and it's pretty heavy duty...maybe overly so. Takes me under ten seconds. Pretty decent run time, I'd say about 2 and a half hours nonstop with the LED only. Not a big fan of lasers in general on sidearms, as they can quickly become a crutch, but the extra confidence of one zeroed at 20 yards when you need it alleviates that concern. Once again, after zeroing it at your optimal distance(mine was, possibly from the previous owner, zeroed at 20 yards when I first was going to check for adjustments) the laser is amazingly accurate. I definitely alternate to not become dependent, but the tight patterns I was hitting were better than I expected. Overall pretty light, about a third of a pound for 80 lumens is a nice ratio. Feels very sturdy in construction, 45ACP kicks like a mule compared to 9mm, and no shock damage. Love the paddle/switch design for momentary and steady. Clockwise (down for righties) to lock steady, counter for momentary, neutral for off. Trigger finger naturally rests right on it when in safety position. The switch is below paddle for laser/light/light & laser from left to right. I use my steady hand on that, but it'd be easy enough to reach it with your main hand.

This is starting to get long winded, but I think for a primary sidearm, if you're willing to shell out the cash, it's well worth it. Look for them used first if you can. So far, couldn't be happier with mine.
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