Customer Reviews: Stress Less, Weigh Less: Follow Holly to Increase Energy, Eat the Food You Love, and Enjoy an Ageless Body
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on May 29, 2011
Holly is an inspiration. I've learned so much from reading this book - how to focus on the positive, rather than the negative ... She writes in a way I could relate to, instead of just telling me what I should do.

For example, at the beginning of Chapter 4, Holly wrote that her husband had cleaned the kitchen, but she could only focus on the fact that there were still crumbs on the counter. And I thought, "That's me! I do that." But I didn't know there were easy little tools to help me to not only stop doing that, but to feel more peaceful and happy all of the time. Now I constantly look for things to be happy about and appreciate, instead of criticize. I am a happier person because of it. I am a better mother and a better wife.

The most important tool I learned from the book was how to "Opt Out." I was a new mom, and I overscheduled myself. I was trying to be supermom, the best mother, the best wife and the best friend. I realized I was spreading myself too think, and it was okay to say no. That set me up to be more peaceful all the time.

Being a new mom, I was so overwhelmed at first. I had to learn what to commit to and what to say no to. And once I did, I was much calmer and a better mother and a better wife.

Holly gives us permission to say no. And I felt relief. I am not superwoman, and I don't need to be.

I think this book will help so many people. Everyone can use help to reduce stress in realistic ways. There's 10-minute yoga - that's doable. There is an easy breathing exercise I can do anywhere, anytime. There are more than 50 recipes that are 5 ingredients or less, and they are delicious. It made it quick and easy to cook at home. It can't get any easier.

This book has helped me so much. And if I can do it, anyone can. It's written for average people and it teaches such easy methods to simplify your life. You will be healthier, happier and live a more enjoyable life. I certainly am.

I have recommended this book to so many people because I know so many people will come away with so much. Focusing on the positive, simplify your life - it's just such a positive, inspirational book.
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on May 27, 2011
I read this book cover to cover as soon as it arrived and truly believe it will change my life. Holly has found the secret to maintaining a healthy, or as she calls it "happy," weight. In this book Holly describes how she has been able to attain permanent weight loss and a healthy peaceful life by channeling the power of the mind body connection. Her plan doesn't require a crazy diet or impossible exercise plan. It starts from within. The key is managing stress by eliminating the thoughts and activities that are wearing us out mentally and physically and Holly explains exactly how to accomplish it. From there she provides a realistic easy to follow eating and exercise plan. I've never been able to stay on a diet or exercise program but I've been following her plan for 5 days now and I already feel better and have more energy than I have had in years. She has made me believe that, at 47, the best is yet to come.
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on June 28, 2011
I'm turning 50 in 2 yrs and 4 mnths. I've gained 25 pounds, and have never been this out of place physically and mentally in my life. I started exercising and eating right. I never got the connection until I read Holly's book. I'm working out in an exercise class, music blaring, sweat pouring, and it hit me. OMG! 4 cnt breathing, focus, meditate, opting out, make sure you work out at least 1 hr everyday, get rid of stress hormones that make you crave what I call crap food! Blew me away! I just started laughing right in class! I can do this! And the best recipes ever! I work a stressful job (which I love!), raising 4 kids, am partner with my husband in a real estate investment company, so 4 to 5 ingredients for a recipe! Yes I can do this! My 10 yr old asked if I was a gourmet chef!. This book is life changing, it's calming, it's a book I will re-read. I sold my Mother's home this summer while reading this book. This type of emotional change would have put me into a binge eating/stressed out yuck. Instead I practiced 4 cnt breathing, change the focus, I actually lost 3 pounds by eating healthy and working out.

Total since reading the book, I've lost 9 pounds and all over 7 inches. Holly's book talks to everyone in a language that is heart-warming and motivating.

Just an update, I'm down 22 #'s! In a size 5, and have never been this at peace, this confident and this healthy in years. I've had my ups and downs this past year, but now I have the tools in place to deal with it all. Thank you Holly!
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on May 31, 2011
I have ready many diet and health books and this one was very different. The first big difference is the focus on really changing the stress in your life. She doesn't just tell you that you need to get rid of stress, she gives you the tools to do it. She walks you through the change and gives you ways to bring more peace in to your life on a daily basis.

She also does not add stress to your life by giving you recipes that have ingredients no one will like. All of the recipes have 5 or less ingredients and are foods you may already have in your cupboard (I know I have most.)

This isn't a quick fix plan that will have you losing 10 lbs in 2 weeks. This is a new way of living. Learning to look at every situation differently. Taking time for yourself. This is my new healthy lifestyle bible!
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on August 16, 2011
Many people often forget to take care of their body as a whole. Mosier does an excellent job in conjoining mind, body, & soul w/ this very user-friendly book!

I like the constant simplicity & flexibility through the entirety of this book. "Do what works for you" she states. You do not have to read this from cover to cover to grasp the punchlines of this book. I found it pretty easy to jump into it here in there as I had time.

I got the gist that the therapeutics are broken down into a few sections: stress relief/minimalization, diet, exercise. I've been pretty diet/exercise conscious over my life & either learned something new or concurred w/ many of her pointers.

The stress-relievers are great! It feels good to experience how a few deep breaths could feel, to turn something bad into something positive (or at least less negative), to just take a different approach & perspective?

Some limits:
Although NEJM & CDC are referenced here & there for stats, I thought that "thoroughly researched" was a bit of a stretch. References used are not the strongest studies (ex: poorer study design, small sample size, few studies in general); probably not the best idea to support work.

Recommended foods are listed. Although she does provide recipes as examples, I think it would more beneficial to the reader to add portions, how much to eat, to prevent overeating.

In the end, a 30-day calendar ties it all in, showing in fact, that this regimen is doable, and is a lifestyle, not just a one-time program to lose weight.

In my end, I walked away w/ a LOT. I learned to implement things to make my workouts REALLY count. Like Holly, I've been working out this entire time & was really frustrated when I had started to gain weight in spite. I learned ways to strategize my eating to curb cravings, but also maximize my nutrition. I learned the why's of alot of my daily routine, i.e. the explanation of the benefits of the yoga poses that I've been practicing for the past few months! And finally, I feel very good: much more energy, and well, happier (apparently this shows through the eyes of others)! "I can't complain," has been coming out of my mouth A LOT these past few weeks!

Yes, another success story. Back to my high school weight & plan to keep it that way for a while (I'm 35 years old). Many many thanks to Mosier for her guidance!
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on May 30, 2011
This book is a map to better health & wellness for your body, mind & soul. It has it all & it is easy to read. No mumbo jumbo - straight forward, insightful, refreshing & honest! For those that have yet to get the mind & stress release part of the whole equation - this is going to help you big time! Something for everybody and every body! Stress relief, happy living, healthy eating and more. Get it now!
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on May 26, 2011
Love this book! Its common sense approach makes it doable and fun. This is a life changing plan, I know I will continue to reap the benefits years down the road. Great recipes, easy and delicious (I already tried some). Holly brings you into her life, she's honest about her own quest for a healthy life style, and it makes you say "if she can do it, so can I!".
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on April 24, 2015
Very good topic and good read. This is an area I work in as well...knowing how stress is an underlying theme for most people unable to release once this is recognized and stress is managed and life comes into more balance, the weight naturally releases.
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on February 20, 2012
This book is different from the thousands of others like it. The recipes are good, so is the advice. However, unlike so many other works in this genre, the author LIVED everything that's in it. Through years of trial-and-error, she came to conclusions that worked not only for her, but can help people universally. This book should not just be browsed and consigned to the heap of diet/exercise books. It is to be read and re-read carefully. It will get your body and mind in shape for the long run.
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on February 21, 2012
This book has helped me in so many ways, not just from the fitness standpoint, but more importantly, by showing me that an overhaul of your life can be done, no matter how old you are. Inspirational. If Holly can do it, the rest of us can too!
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