Customer Reviews: Stryker Strykezone 380 Crossbow Package
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on October 2, 2012
Got delivery of my StrykeZone 380 two weeks ago (Sept. 2012). The accuracy and range was impressive. I was careful to ensure that the arrow was back against the string prior to each shot. However after about 20 shots I noticed that the upper right limb had splintered. Note that these are the black limbs that are supposed to be OK. Per the warranty instructions, I called the nearest Stryker dealer but when he heard that I got the xbow from Amazon he basically told me to get lost. I called Bowtech and they refused to work with me directly. Their only advice was for me to try to find a local dealer who would cooperate. So it is the 2nd day of bow season and I'm stuck with a defective xbow with no current means of resolution. Please be aware that Bowtech is now telling me that their warranty in invalidated if purchased from Amazon.
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on June 19, 2013
First off, read the manufactures warranty. They do not warranty items purchased online, at all. If you do purchase from the store, you MUST register is online with the manufacturer withing 30 days of purchase in order to receive the Lifetime Warranty but if you fail to do this, even if you have the receipt, you have ZERO WARRANTY.

Secondly, initially this bow was wonderful. It's very light. Pulling it back was not difficult after shortenting the pull string. We used the bolts that came with the item. One day after turkey hunting, went to discharge the bow and with the bolt inserted correctly, pulled the trigger and it sounded like a .22 went off. I was in shock as to what had happened. Where the string went onto the cams, both the metal notches were sheared off; the string was broken; the limbs were cracked; the handle near the top was cracked; basically everything that could be break or crack, did. Inspected the bolt and it was shattered down thru the knock. Basically, this crossbow should be used with metal knocks. If the knock fails, it results in something similiar to a dry fire. The manufacturer stated it had been dry fired and are only covering a portion (we didn't register online). However, it's been three months since shipping it in and we still have not received the crossbow back or an estimate for the repair. We had only had the crossbow approximately 6 months when this occured. Very expensive item to just destroy itself. If you purchase this or any other crossbow with this 160 lb. draw, be sure to use METAL knocks even if the bolts come with plastic ones.
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on April 18, 2012
Hey everybody out there looking for a crossbow, please, please,O please pay attation to what I'm about to say: Out of the curtousy of my heart I give you a warrning, this crossbow I know from personal experiance will give you nothing but a head ake. The day I recieced it I was excided. I thought it was the best crossbow in the world, but I was totally wrong, it is deadly accurate yes it is fast yes but after 100 shots it has serious proublems!!! Ill just start with the stock. The stock is attatched to the crossbow by 3 screws, and after so many shots because of the vibration of the bow arround those three screws the stock starts to crack then brake dropping your expensive packedge to the ground! how fun is that. I mean it dos'nt stop there, the string will wear and tear right whear it meats the trigger catch in the back. And it wears so bad you'll have to replace the string every 100 shots which cost's you 100$ for a new string, no joke I am seriously speaking from experience. I had to spend hours taking apart my strykzone 380 to get what I call the catch jaws out, and buff the edges so they weren't so sharp! yes the string sits at a sharp angle and scrapes sharp edges as it is realeased. Next, there are little ruber dampers that go bad in a heart beat if the string isn't spaced just the right distance away. Don't let styker fool you the materal they use to make there crossbows is done in the cheepest way they possible, benefiting there busness way moore then there customers!!! Right now, I'd try anything to get my money back from there useless peice of deceptive junk!!! Go with brand such as Tenpoint if you want cams or excallibur if you want some reall durralbillity. But stay clear of Stryker or Bowteck they make bad products and do not care at all for there customers!!!
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on October 10, 2013
I recently purchased a Striker Strikzone 380 crossbow off of the internet. Be ware, if you do not purchase this bow from an authorized Bow Tech dealer, the warranty is null and void. I did not know this until I read the instruction booklet. It clearly states it in the booklet under warranty. I went to one of their authorized dealers in my local area to verify this and was told told the same thing. With all the problems they are having with the arms cracking, I'm not sure it is a good idea to purchase one of these bows. My local dealer said, "if Bow Tech does not fix the problems they are having with the arms, then they need to get out of the business of crossbows". He did look up the cost of replacing the arms should one break. They will cost around $140.00 (non-warranty) to replace. I must make a decision about keeping the bow or returning it. Wish I had known this information before I purchased the crossbow. So much for Bow Techs lifetime warranty. If they do not warranty their products, if bought from an internet dealer, why are they selling them to internet dealers for resale?
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on October 6, 2012
The xbow is fast, and accurate but after 50 shots the string was almost worn in half used Allan rail lube I'm about to try some jig a loo
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on March 15, 2014
Just like many of the other reviews - Got it just before hunting season 2013. I am a seasoned bow hunter and take care of my equipment. Sighted in easy and looked great on accuracy. 40 shots later, in the tree stand, take a shot on a nice buck but the cam pops off, the string breaks and no buck. Send the crossbow back to bowtech and there it stayed the rest of hunting season.
They send it back "repaired" but needed to be put back together. They failed to send back all the parts including my quiver.
Really poor customer service. Crossbow for that price should be of better quality. Do yourself a favor and buy another brand. Completely unreliable. I'm stuck with a crossbow that I have no confidence in. This crossbow is not worth the money or headaches!
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on August 29, 2014
Bought this crossbow a couple of years ago and watched it fall apart before my eyes! The limbs started delaminating and the bold hold piece fell off while in my deer blind. Was seriously concerned about carrying back to the house ! Went to Bass Pro to try to get another thinking I just had gotten a bad one only to find out they had been swamped with people trying to return them ! They no longer carry them at the OKC location. I have no confidence in the company at all !!!!
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on October 24, 2013
Had a Desert Strkyer and loved it until dumb dumb at bow shop put the string on wrong and cracked the limbs. I'm on my third set of limbs for the 380. Bowtech swears they got it right this time. Looks like the speed is too fast for the limbs. Only sighted it in on new limbs and can see where the fiber glass is starting to splinter. Ten Point here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
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on October 14, 2014
This is my dads crossbow. We bought it from Mor archery in Michigan. He takes care of it and does everything the way your supposed to. After the first string broke (under 100 shots) we asked for more instruction for it to not happen again. String was replaced along with the cams and 50 shots later it snapped again. Mor archery showed my dad how to shoot it and all the proper ways to handle it but when he brought it back for its third time they wanted to blame him. Who could blame them for that how does an expensive crossbow like this break down that often? 3 strings and around 250 shots total. Now he has a new crossbow that he dosent like nearly as much. Its much heavier and dosent have the same fps but its not going to have the string explode and bury plastic parts a 1/2" into your hand. I will gladly give this product 5 stars and tell everyone if Stryker could tell me why the F*** this thing keeps exploding.
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on November 20, 2013
TWO thumbs down.P.O.S. broke limbs,broke arrow holder.broke 2 stocks and they(bowtec)wantwd me to pay for all the repairs.the last totally destroyed the bow,for the cash paid,i should have had a weatherby.totally dissatisfied,only had it 3yrs and never finished 1season without failure.DO NOT PURCHASE BUY A EXCALIBUR,you will pay the same price in the end.
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