Customer Reviews: Stuhrling Original Men's 395.33B11 Aquadiver Regatta Analog Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Watch
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on February 14, 2013
As a collector of watches, I generally look for a design that captures my attention. I am a very big fan of dive watches and usually I buy within that category. This piece however, I received as a gift from my mother. At first when I saw that it was a piece by Stuhrling, I was disappointed due to the fact that I own a few of their products, and all my experiences has been either a hit or miss. The overall look has a resembance to the great Rolex Submariner, however different enough to stand on it's own. One aspect Stuhrling does very well is their packaging. This piece comes packed inside a beautiful case that includes the paperwork and instruction manual, it is great to give as a gift. Now, I will be setting my review up by focusing on three main aspects of the watch, so you can focus and read upon what is the most important aspect to you.


Body - The body of the watch is well done, it is crafted from 316 stainless steel and has a brushed finish. The diameter of the body is about 42mm and the thickness is about 11-12mm. Not so sure about sizing in milimeter? Well the body is a bit above the average size, however it sits very well on the wrist. The thickness of the watch is very slim and can be worn very comfortably even with long sleeve shirts. The dial and bezel consists of the classic color combination of black and white. The layout of the dial is very simple, done with Arabic numerals and white hour markers. The hour and minute hand consist of a very unique shape and is an uncommon design, they are done in the shape of a sword which gives them a very masculine appearance. The bezel is very poorly made in terms of finish and quality and it cheapens the overall look of the watch. The crystal protecting the dial is known as Krysterna. Krysterna is a trademarked technique that belongs to Stuhrling and it is stated by the company that the crystal is as durable as sapphire when it comes to scratch resistance and as hard as mineral crystal when it comes to impact. However I cannot vouch for that since there isn't actual proof and I truly believe it is just a marketing scheme, or it can also be a copy of Seiko's hardlex crystal, which is very reliable. The crown is screwed down, which means you need to turn it in order to unscrew the crown to open and pull it out, then you change the time and date. The screwed down crown mechanic enables the watch body to have the ability to be water resistant up to 200M, which is about 660FT, however these watches aren't water tested and no one knows for sure if they are actually water resistance up to 200MM. Overall, very nice presentation and it is very appealing.

Movement - The movement in this watch is a Swiss parts Quartz Ronda 515, what that means is that it is a movement that is Chinese made but has a few Swiss parts integrated to use the term "Swiss". This movement is usually used in watches in the lower price ranges due to it's low price and high quantity being available for watch companies to use. However, it is an accurate movement and my watch has been keeping time within 1 minute compared to the atomic clock over a 3 week span, so that is good for a low tier watch but it is also to be expected since it is a quartz movement .The battery life of this movement can range anywhere between 3-4 years, so it has a very generous duration per battery change. For the price, it is a good movement that is being provided.

Strap/Band - The band of the watch has a very nice appearance. The band has two different finish, the outer links are done with a brushed finish to match the body, and the inner links are done with a very high polish finish to give the band a very contrast look and it is absolutely gorgeous. However, the band is very cheap, light and it isn't very durable but it is expected due to the low price point of this watch. Most companies that offer affordable watches usually tend to cut down the quality on their bands due to the cost of production. The length of the band is about 7 3/4 inches, so it isn't a very generous size and some men might have to order additional links in order to get a perfect fit. The band has a nice appearance however it isn't the greatest quality.

At the end of the day this is an affordable watch that keeps good time and has a good appearance. It is meant to be an everyday watch that you can bang around and put under rough usage. If your someone that is just looking for an everyday watch that you don't have to worry about much, then this is a good option but keep in mind that the quality can be a hit or miss. Hopefully I have helped! if you have any question or comment, feel free to contact me.

Update 7/01/2013

As of three weeks ago, the movement has broken down and the minute hand has fallen off the watch. I did use it as my beater and put it under quiet a lot of stress, so I guess if you are looking for a heavy duty watch, I would avoid this one and look at companies such as Orient, Luminox, Deep Blue, Seiko and Citizen.
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on January 29, 2013
--- Updated 4/23/2015 ---
Someone sent a direct message about this review, and I realized I still want to like the watch, but can't. I replaced the battery that came with the watch and it kept good time for about a year, then started loosing time again. Even thought the crystal barely sticks above the watch bezel, it still has a few cracks and a bunch of scratches. I didn't hit the watch with anything, it was from normal bumping into things. I guess the crystal was more fragile then my skin, very disappointing.

In the end, the only good thing about the watch was the watch band (which sits in the "Spare Parts" drawer). I will never buy another Stuhrling watch.

Review dropping from 5 stars to 1.

--- Original Review ---
I have had a lot of watches in my lifetime, and this is my favorite. I have had the watch for 4 months now and find it easy to read in regular and low light situations. It also keeps perfect time and has a very solid feel.

The crystal is barely above the bezel (only about the width of a piece of paper), which is too little for me to catch the crystal on something and sheer it off (Yes, I have done that with several watches). It is a concern if the crystal sticks up 1 mm or more above the bezel. I normally don't like metal watch bands because they yank out gobs of wrist hair, leaving the skin bare under the watch band but this one hasn't. I have never noticed this watch catching a hair (mine or others).

I would absolutely buy this watch again and have recommended it to others.

--- Update - I found the watch was losing time and how to correct it ---
I have found that if I pull the stem half-way out turn to advance the date, it will cause the watch to start losing time. If I pull the stem all the way and set the time and date, the watch will keep the correct time. It took me until mid-February to cause the problem because I tend to ignore the date on this watch, then I let it run for two weeks to verify that it was keeping the correct time.

So on March 1, I moved the date forward from 29 to 31 with the stem half out, then to 1 with the stem all the way out. And my watch has kept the correct time since.

--- Update 6/1/2013 --- This watch suddenly started losing time, up to an hour a day. I had the battery replaced and they showed me that the seal was damaged at the factory from the back being over-tightening. $15 to replace the battery and seal, and the watch has kept perfect time for the past two weeks.
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on July 21, 2013
I bought this watch on an Amazon's deal. Just $50. In the specifications it says that this watch was all stainless steel, so I decided to give it a try due to my bad experiences with other 'stainless steel' watches. This watch is so stylish and I wear it almost everyday for work. I have 3 months with this watch and it remains shiny. 100% recommended.
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on June 25, 2015
This is a fabulous divers watch.This product is a Stuhrling original men's aqua diver regatta champion swiss quartz stainless steel dive watch.This round dive watch is stainless steel with unidirectional ratcheting bezel, logo on the dial, and three link bracelet.It has a Swiss quartz movement with analog display.A protective Krysterna crystal dial window.It features a date window, decorated case back, luminous filled numerals and markers, and fold over push button clasp with safety.This watch is water resistant up to 660 feet , it is suitable for recreational scuba diving.

This is a very beautiful and classy watch, it looks amazing .I couldn't believe when it got , I saw the box and then the watch and thought someone had made a mistake .This watch looks like a 1000.00 dollar watch ,it is so classy and well made I can't believe I got this watch for this price .It fit my husband great and it keeps accurate time, mind you he has used it for diving but we did waterproof test it and it passed with flying colors .You won't believe how wonderful this watch is, it will totally impress you.It is beyond well made and the face of the watch it amazing so is the metal strap.I truly truly love this watch .

I highly recommend this beautiful divers watch to everyone ,I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
review image review image
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on May 21, 2013
By far the largest watch I have ever worn. It took me a couple of days to get used to it. It's HUGE! It sets easy enough, IF you read the directions...I thought I'd just go in and set's just another watch, right? WRONG! But once you get the stem out where it needs to be, its a breeze. It is luminous, but you really have to shine a light on directly for it to show up in the dark for any length of time. It's not super light sensitive, but the number will glow brightly for a decent amount of time if you expose them to direct light. I haven't submerges with it yet, but it does look fairly tight and well made. No doubt I have had it wet, riding 4 wheelers on the river, and its nice not to have to worry about it. I have a fairly big wrist. This thing fits pretty tight, and the band came adjusted all the way out. If you have really big wrists, I'd plan on having an extra link put in.
The watch is stylish, though thats not a big issue with me. It just looks expensive, at least for me and my tastes.
The bezel is a ratcheting, one way type, and is fairly tight. You're not going to just bump this one and have it rotate. I don't think it would be too easy to manipulate with dive gloves on, either. The grip is positive, but small.All in all, I love it! I'm not sure the "list" price is any where near realistic, but the price I got it here on Amazon for was plenty reasonable for the quality of watch I got. Oh! And it comes in a really cool, expensive looking box, too! This would make a great presentation/gift idea!
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on October 9, 2013
I bought this watch in August 2013, and thought it was a pretty nice watch for the money. I liked the look and size of the watch. Note it IS heavy and a little clunky. My biggest initial disappointments were the the tiny size of of the date window, and the lack of effective luminescence on the dial and hands. You can't read the time in the dark.

Unfortunately, the watch just stopped after 7 weeks, but it started again when I reset the time. Worked for another day or two, then stopped again. This has gone on for days, and renders the watch useless to me.

I tried to return the watch to Amazon, but the window closes in 30 days, and they would not accept the return. So, I went to the manufacturers warranty and saw it was 2 years. Good news, right? Well you need to send the $20 for shipping on a $60 watch, and I had no confidence they would / could fix the intermittent problems. So, it goes into the trash.

Nice watch if it was reliable. Mine's a piece of junk.
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on September 18, 2014
I am quite happy with this watch so far. I have had it for several months and for the price it certainly seems to be a very good value and a quality watch. My only real complaint is the date. It is so small that you need a magnifying glass to see it. I think they should of just left it off as it seems rather silly. Other than that it keeps time well and seems built to last. I am rather hard on a watch and have had this watch is lots of dirty water , etc. and it washes off and keep on going. I would definately recommend this to anyone. Another thing is I like a dive watch with a coin edge bezel but do not want some cheap copy of a Rolex. This watch is different enough in the face that you don't look like you are trying to pretend you have on a Rolex.
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on May 30, 2015
Has a nice feel to it, comes in a huge box with all the info you need and a cleaning cloth who you don't scratch it. Recommendation is to used it only on special occasions or when you don't have to put your wrist against a table like in front of a computer, because it will scratch parts of the strap and that's something I don't like, specially on a watch this calibre.

Just be aware, it's a fingerprint magnet, hence the cloth on the box
review image
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on October 23, 2013
The watch comes packaged in an almost absurdly large box surrounded by papers and different pieces of documentation-- surprising in a watch of this price. Initially I thought that was kind of neat but as I thought about it (and put the box away presumably permanently) I wondered why the manufacturer wouldn't put that money into improving the quality of the watch. From a few feet away, this looks like a decent Submariner wannabe, but close up you can (of course) see where corners were cut-- the bracelet links are folded/hollow and the date window has some issues: It's extremely small (lack of a magnifier at this price point is not surprising)and doesn't line up perfectly in the round (why?) window. The face is OK but I noticed that there is some inconsitency to the black finish right around the "3" but that takes some study to see. I think it might have been there when I bought it (three months ago) and I'm just noticing it now but I'm monitoring it. One of the pins connecting the bracelet to the case popped off a couple weeks after I bought it, with pretty minimal jarring so I assume the pin was either defective or put in wrong. I had to go to a jeweler to replace it so that essentially added $20 to my initial investment. In the end I think it's a good watch at this price point, Probably right for someone getting into watches to see if wearing something like this is comfortable and that he doesn't lose it. But a real "watch guy" might want at least an Invicta or maybe a Seiko or Citizen in a similar ilk to this one. I do have friends who love their Stuhrling watches and have recieved good service from the company when needed. So I guess this is just an entry level sport watch that could be tweaked to make it better in my opinion.
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on March 24, 2014
I bought this for scuba diving. It keeps good time. It is easy to read underwater. It looks good. It isn't super heavy. The only gripe is that it has one of those stupid date windows. I hate changing it at the end of the month. That being said, I enjoy wearing it.
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