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on January 14, 2013
Christopher Truscott's "Stumbling Forward (The Perpetual Campaign; Book 1)"

This is the first time I have read Christopher Truscott's writing. I am not a political junkie at all but this story isn't what you think. This E book was recommended to me (thanks to S ) and I wasn't sure what I was in for but I got addicted right from the beginning to the very last sentence. I have stayed up very very late reading it because it was worth losing sleep over this story . There are 3 more E books and another coming in this series and the minute I finished book one I started book 2 . I bought all 4 of the books in this series because Mr. Truscott's writing is wonderful and his descriptions of all his characters are right on target and very vivid images that makes a reader think they could reach out and touch many of the characters arm or whisper in their ear.

No spoilers by naming these characters but I know that you will really get attached to some characters and will want to give some characters dope slaps. I went through many different feelings, rolling my eyes many times, smiling happily at times, very sad a few times, saying to my self- "oh no, more BS from this character yet again". I loved the cliques, the dry sense of humor, and the work ethics and dedication of some of the characters to do their job. This story reminds me of the election we all went through for the past few years, all the bashing ads over and over and over again of candidates and the millions of $ wasted on these types of elections is pathetic JMHO.

For me, Chris did a great job putting this story together with all the characters he had to mentally come up with and what part every single character would play, how they looked, dressed, acted and all their thoughts etc.

Great job and kudos to you Christopher Truscott. I can't wait to read the rest of this series. I am a new fan of yours for sure ;>)

I recommend Stumbling Forward (The Perpetual Campaign; Book 1)
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on October 17, 2011
"If this idiot gets elected to Congress, we're moving to Australia."

Categorized as a political novel, this book is so much more. I have to be honest and say that I don't have a lot of interest in politics, let alone American politics, but Truscott's easy writing style hooked me in the sample and kept me reading to the end. What happens behind the political scenes was interesting, not to mention educational, but for me it was more about the character dynamics. A sprinkling of humor, some classic one-liners, and a dash of sexual tension all add up to make this a great read.
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on November 30, 2010
Chris Truscott knows elections and tells all in this crisply told story of one Congressional race. The details are true to Minnesota politics, but the dynamics are pretty universal. Besides being thoroughly entertaining, the novel also poses realistic dilemmas of ends justifying means. Idealists and cynics will find their worldview confirmed. Be inspired, or at least amused.
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on April 27, 2014
Dear Author,

Enjoyed the story. One comment: please note that the word "couple" is not followed by a noun. It is followed by "of." Correct usage is: couple of words, or couple of people, not couple words or couple people. If you want to skip 'of,' try the word "few," a few people or a few words.

I would not have mentioned this, but I am halfway through your second book, which is even more entertaining, and have stumbled over this misused phrase at least 50 times! It is very annoying in an otherwise well written book. Thanks very much.
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on December 7, 2010
Truscott captures the true insanity and chaos that often is the political campaign process. His book is easy to digest for the political novice, but also engaging enough to be enjoyed by those deeply immersed in the political world as well.
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on April 10, 2011
I received this book as a gift, and thought it would be an interesting read. It was so much more than interesting! Christopher Truscott has created a must read for anyone who has even the smallest interest in politics. His characters are rich with personality - except for Hogan who is wonderfully, yet scarily, clueless and obtuse. The behind-the-scenes situations and deal-making kept the story flowing at a fast pace and it was hard to put the story down without wondering what new catastrophy was coming next! I so enjoyed the mix of personalities and how they worked off each other - I swear I work with all these personalities in my office even though I'm not in politics and Mr. Truscott nailed them perfectly. Mr. Truscott made each one very real and by the end I was rooting for some and booing others. Mr. Truscott was able to bring so much to several of the main characters, and watching them grow and step up to the challenges was wonderful. Watching Clarissa take on more and more responsibilities, and become the very adapt person she ended up as was perfect! At times I laughed out loud, and at others I shook my head in disgust - my fear was this is real politics, sad so sad. While the story's flow of politicians and how they conduct business was entertaining, I'm afraid it's more real life than fiction. The deal-making could be from any party, any campaign, any town. Sad but true. At the same time, the dedication, hard work and commitment from so many of the campaign supporters in the book are exactly what I see in my town as well. Mr. Truscott was able to write this political story and keep it real, entertaining, and educational - and still keep my interest at all times. His story could be anyone, anywhere. While fiction, it was impossible not to be impressed with the wealth of talent and knowledge Mr. Truscott brought to his story. I will never look at another candidate again without many many more questions and much more digging. Excellent work Mr. Truscott. Thank you for broadening my political reading with your wonderful book. Thank goodness Congressman Hogan isn't real -- or are there some like him already elected??? My new words of the day - Nobility and H-PIP! Love it!! I'm off to get the next book to find out what happens next!
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on March 19, 2016
Alex Hogan is running for Congress. The problem is he's an obnoxious doofus who is unlikable, unattractive, and has an unfortunate tendency to put his foot in his mouth at the most inconvenient times. Luckily he's managed to gather one of the best campaign managers in the region, a talented young speech writer, and a successful political advertising expert to further his cause. Can this unlikely team really overcome their candidate's shortcomings and beat the odds to the nomination and then into Congress?

This is the first book of four in "The Perpetual Campaign" series.

This story is a combination of a look behind the scenes of a political campaign and a humorous satire of the state of the current political process. The gaffes by the hapless candidate are chuckle-worthy, and unfortunately in many cases aren't too far-fetched. The description of the candidates will make the reader wish for a "None of the Above" choice on the ballots as the reader gets to peek behind their public faces and into their private lives and real opinions on the issues. The story is slow to build, but once it does, hold on as things start happening at a rapid pace.

There's also a hint of a sweet romance in the book as two of the campaign staff gradually are drawn to each other. It's subtle for the most part and doesn't detract from the flow or overwhelm the story.

Recommended for anyone interested in in-the-trenches political fiction with a light touch of humor.
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on December 7, 2010
As someone who has bared witness to political gaffs at Midwestern state fairs, I can say that Truscott nails deep-friend political intrigue.
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on May 6, 2011
You already know that magicians reach into little hats and pull out big rabbits. Likewise, there is no surprise when village idiots get elected. It's done all the time. "Stumbling Forward" takes you inside the sordid hat of political campaigns, exposing the contents of the campaign magician's bag of tricks, and unveils what that pretty assistant really does while she pretends to stand demurely to the side.
Stumbling Forward is the first of a five-part series loosely called "Perpetual Campaign", in which the author weaves together high-paid professionals who will knowingly pimp even a village idiot to a trusting voter base, with campaign whores who will screw the public even if to get that village idiot elected. Why? Because campaigning is their only source of income, and winning is their guiding principle; damn the voters full advertising ahead! Desperate plans and dirty tricks are chalked up on campaign locker-room play boards for you to study. Then they are executed with finesse and fumbling on the political playing field for your entertainment and astonishment. As unbelievable as it might sound, the story is fully believable. The characters are driven to setting gossamer sails that catch whatever public or private whim or dollar blows their way, even if that way is headed for the rocks.
There are times when the author's personal bias leaks through the story onto your shirt. Trust me, you'll notice the stains. But does that bias stain this way or that? Not to worry, equal time is allotted to leaking still more bias the other way, leaving you the reader looking at stains like a voter who's attention has been diverted from the souls of politicians and their handlers. One of the great pleasures about "Stumbling Forward" is being handled by a professional political spin master all the way through the final ballot count to post-election wind-down.
The author clearly writes from first-hand experience (his disclaimer notwithstanding). When you turn the last page of this book you'll have only one question unanswered: Why bother vote at all?
When a major publishing house picks up this series of five books, and editors comb out the minor nits and small snags in this tightly-woven tapestry of story well-told, hardbound will undoubtedly retail at or above $25 each. Get yourself a Kindle, save yourself a bundle on this hot potato political series while it is available at desperate prices.
A hint: Don't skim the slow parts. They are plain manila envelopes containing character expose dug up by Chris, your hard-working private investigator. Open and read. The images therein will help you ooze through political slime in this story and the books to come.
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on January 17, 2013
I enjoyed "Stumbling Forward" so much more than I had anticipated. Having worked in political campaigns, the little conversations and everyday frustrations really rang true. Fun to read, with a few surprises and, most importantly, characters that were interesting on their own right and felt very real. I'm starting-in on the sequel as soon as possible!
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