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on November 4, 2009
If you like clothes or fashion to pretty much any extent, I bet you will enjoy Style Savvy. See, my fashion experience doesn't go much past some America's Next Top Model and Project Runway, but I started playing this game and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Well, long enough to write this review, but I was really surprised how much I, a 22-year-old guy, was enjoying running my boutique!

Style Savvy has a somewhat drawn-out tutorial mode which involves you working as an assistant in another boutique, but it does a great job of familiarizing you with the mechanics of the game. Afterward, you get to name your boutique, pick out an interior design (which determines which of the 16-something lines/styles of clothing you start with) and music, and then you're off and running!

There's a lot of things this game does well. Managing your boutique's inventory is a significant portion of the game, and it's pretty involved! You have a limited amount of money (There is a "bailout" option though in case you run out of both money AND inventory, so that the game is -never- unbeatable. Nothing frustrates me more than a game where I get into a hole so deep that it's impossible to progress, no matter how hard I try!) and a limited amount of space in your stockroom, so you have to plan out what you're going to want available for sale. The appearance of your boutique also influences what people will be looking for when they enter. However, much like a real store, you will still get people that want something you're not carrying, or are just browsing. You buy clothing at wholesale prices, and they're automatically marked up when you sell them in your boutique. After you've played enough, you gain the ability to run sales at 10%, 30%, and 50%, so that you can try to liquidate items that are cluttering up your stockroom, but not take the 100% loss of just discarding them. (You can't only have -some- pieces of sale, this was an error on my part. Either everything's on sale, on nothing is.) (Maybe the discard option should've been "donate", I'm sure somebody could use those clothes!)

When patrons (all female) enter your boutique, they might just be browsing, or looking for something particular, or not sure what they're looking for but needing it to match something they've brought in, or they might be in need of a whole not outfit! There's a TON of different people that you'll encounter, and each one has her own likes and dislikes. You get a little profile of each patron, with an approximate budget, a blurb about their personality, a view of what they're currently wearing, and any information they provide about what they're looking for. Sometimes if you can't find exactly what they asked for, you can offer them something that complements their current style/outfit. With every choice, you can either ask them what they think, or just make them try it on.

You can also design display outfits for your store mannequins, which tends to draw in customers. Sometimes, somebody will come in and want to buy your whole display outfit! (These are my favorite moments, it's really satisfying when they like something I put together just because I liked it.) And, of course, anything you've stocked in your store also appears in your character's wardrobe, so that you can always play around with your own fashions!

There are also fashion contests, where you are given a concept and a particular set of clothes, and you try to match the concept as closely as possible while competing against three other computer/AI-controlled boutique owners. These are great fun because they're just like big puzzles, since everybody's working with the same set of clothes.

You can also have fashion contests with up to three other people. One of you runs the competition, picking a theme and so forth, the other three submit outfits anonymously, and then you pick the outfit you like the most! These can be as challenging as you want to make them, as you can always verbally tell your participants more hints/criteria/restrictions than what the game might present.

Downsides? Well, the music in Style Savvy is... not one of its strong points. But it's easy enough to turn down the volume on your DS/DSi and just listen to some music you like instead!
Also, the menus can be a little slow/clunky because there's a little too much glitz in the display and I can be rather impatient when I know what I'm looking for and I just want to be able to get to it as quickly as possible. But maybe if you're more patient than I am, this isn't really a bad thing.
This game is played in "book mode", where you hold your DS/DSi sideways, with the +directional pad at the bottom. This feels a little strange and my hand isn't used to it so after a few hours of playing it gets a little cramped, but it really does make the most out of the available screen real-estate, and one should always be encouraged to take a break from ANY game after an hour or so.

There are several different skin tones for characters in Style Savvy, from a dark brown to a light peach, and even a "silvery-grey" for the mannequins. There are also a variety of eye colors and hair colors and styles. I -wish- Style Savvy had women of different sizes, but in the game's defense the sheer number of different clothing options and interactions between different pieces is extremely intricate as-is and it was undoubtedly easier to just have everyone be the same size/shape. Besides, if there were a variety of sizes, then I feel like that'd need to be accounted for in inventory, and that'd make the game too complex and not as much fun. It -is- just a game, after all!

I had to write a review of this game because it just knocked my socks off. I can see this game appealing to girls/women of all ages, and probably to some of the more secure guys out there, too! I give it a 5 for fun, and a 4 for overall design/quality.
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on November 7, 2009
I pre-ordered this game because I love fashion and shopping for myself as well as others. I began playing it the night that I received it and I have literally spent hours at a time playing this game. It is so much fun to play. You begin by working as a sales associate under a manager at a shop. You then begin to assist customers with their specific needs. Sometimes they will just come in to browse, need a specific item, want you to make a suggestion or even require a complete ensemble. After proving yourself as an indemand fashionista you will get the option to run your own shop. You can chose what your shop looks like, the type of music is played (which I agree with others to say it is lame music), create looks on manequins for your shop window, visit the warehouse to buy garments that you want to add to your stock of merchandise to sell and even enter contests. Everything that you buy to add to your shop stock is also available in your own closet to wear. You can change your clothes and also visit the salon or cosmetic store to change your look. This game is rated E for everyone but I don't really see that young kids would have any interest or appreciation in playing this game. It would more suite teenage and up. You have to use reasoning skills like paying attention to the type and style of clothes the customer has on as well as what amount they allow for their spending budget to be able to pick out something that they are going to like and will purchase. I am in my 30's and sometimes they don't even like what I pick out. I love this game and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in style and fashion.
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on November 25, 2009
FANTASTIC!!!! I almost never buy DS games new because I hate to pay $30+.....but this game sounded like so much fun and had such high reviews....that I gave in and bought it. Soooooooo glad I did!!!! This is my new favorite game. You start off creating your character (name, look, outfit) and then you start working at a local boutique. You assist incoming customers with their search for the perfect shirt, skirt, pants, accessories, shoes, dress.....whatever they want. They tell you what they are looking for, and then you look through the store inventory to see if you can find the item. The customer never tells you what color or design they are looking's up to you to look at the way the customer is dressed and then pick out a style YOU think they would like. When looking at the clothes they are wearing, it helps to note their color choices, pattern (plaid maybe?), short vs. long skirts.....that sort of thing. If you THINK you have an item they would like, you can choose to have them LOOK at the item BEFORE trying it on. If they don't like your have 2 more chances to find them something they'd like before they tell you to just bring something to the dressing room. OR if you think you have THE PERFECT item that they'll want......send them straight to the dressing room to try it on. If they love it....they will almost always buy more stuff. If they DON'T love it....then you have just lost that sale and the customer leaves.

After a while, you are given the opportunity to manage your own boutique (choosing the store design, name, music ). At that point, you are no longer just a sales person, you are also a buyer. You'll need to periodically go to the buyer's warehouse to order clothes from various clothing vendors. One vendor specializes in sport clothing, another has goth gear, another has more earthy clothing, etc. I think there are 12+ vendors and MANY MANY clothes and accessories to choose from.....all vary in color and price or style. You can only have a certain # of styles in your store inventory (you can increase the # during the course of the game) so you will have to make choices and spend your $ you will not be able to buy EVERY item you want. You also are responsible for promotion at your store.....which means designing "looks" for the window displays and creating flyers and advertisements for mailing. You can also choose to have store wide sales to draw in more customers. If (for example) you choose to advertise a certain pair of jeans in your need to make sure you have enough on hand if a few people show up looking for them. Hopefully the public will LIKE what you put in the flyer....or you could get stuck with a lot of unwanted jeans in your inventory.

While working, you will meet a hair-stylist and a cosmetician who have opened their shops near your store. If you want to take a break from the customers at your can go get your hair done or you can go to the make-up store and buy some stuff for yourself. Anything you buy will show up in your make-up case at your apartment. Fun fun fun!!!

And then there are the fashion compete against other shop owners for prizes and recognition.

This game is a business sims type of game.....very in-depth....and lots of fun. Of all the fashion based DS games that I've played....this is the best!! Worth paying full price for if, like gotta have it!!!
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on December 29, 2009
I love the Style Savvy game!! It was supposed to be my Christmas present, but I couldn't wait and I opened it early and I found that it was quite impossible to put the game down!! This was not a good thing since I kept going to bed late and since I have school, I have to wake up super early. Basically, Style Savvy is a game where you open your own boutique and pick out outfits for your customers. They have some bonuses such as you get the feel of what it is really like to run a boutique by going to the Buyer's Center and getting styles for your stock. Then you are tasked with finding styles to suit your customers, and if they really love it, they will ask you to create a whole outfit that matches the style you originally picked out.

First, you start as just a person working at Strata, a boutique run by Grace, your boss. Once you start serving customers, and making money :), Grace goes and talks to Dominic (a close friend of hers, and an agent) about how much of a good job you are doing and how maybe he should open another store and let you run it. He will agree and soon you will be able to name your boutique with your friend Renee by your side.

You also get to create outfits to display in your store window on mannequins. This will often attract customers and sometimes, they will ask you if they can buy the entire ensemble. As you progress throughout the game, you can visit Dominic's Mansion and unlock certain bonuses such as a different interior or music to play in your shop, and holding sales, which are, unfortunately sales off everything or none. Also, each brand has a brand rep that might later on ask you to help them pick out colors for a new design and afterwards, they will give you 10 of that style to sell in your own shop. Every time a customer comes to your shop and buys something, they earn a stamp, and once they earn 8 stamps, they get a stamp discount. Every customer has a different style, and judging by what they are wearing, you can pretty much determine what brand they like or what color they like, so you can find a garment that fits their style, or else, they won't like it.

There are also a few more places you can go. You can always go to Strata, and visit Grace, who will always give you some helpful advice. Or you can go to your apartment, where you can change what you're wearing (whatever styles you have ever bought for your shop automatically shows up in your wardrobe, so naturally, you have a TON of clothes.) change your makeup (mascara, eye shadow, contacts, or lipstick) or look at the photo albums (pictures of you when you win a contest). There is also a makeup shop managed by Olivia where you can always buy contacts, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and get your eyebrows done. (Not what I prefer spending my time doing) Once you have enough types of each, you can unlock certain bonuses at Dominic's mansion. Near the makeup store, there is a hair salon, managed by Didi (I think that's her name) where you can get different hairstyles as well as highlights. Lastly, there is a Contest Hall, where you can enter fashion contests hosted by Rococco, the Grand Phoenix of Fashion. With each contest level, there is a theme which you are required meet and you can see your model walk down the runway wearing YOUR clothes.

There are some great things and some not so great things about this game too.

1. To unlock a new level in the contest, you have to earn a certain store rank in order to qualify and I think it's great because it sets a goal for you to reach. Though that's sometimes a bad thing since I stay up so late trying to get a certain rank.
2. The game is designed so that when a customer asks for a certain type of garment, such as a cardigan, which a lot of people seem to be asking me for, I can just press the search button and it can sort into categories of brand, color, type, image, detail, pattern, palette, and since each customer has their personal budget they have a category for price range too!
3. At the Buyer's Center, they have all the brands for you to choose from, and once you pick a brand, you can shop as much as you want until you run out of room in your inventory.

1. The music sucks. Even the music that you earn a high rank to get sucks. It was so unbearable that my parents actually told me to just turn the volume off! Maybe they could add some music that I could actually listen to.
2. The customers keep asking for the same thing. I had this customer who came at least seven times, asking for boots every time she came, with the same excuse, "I can't bear to look at my old boots, it's time to move on." I soon noticed that each of the customers who had a certain type of garment in mind, had the same request, with the same excuse. This made it so that it was so predictable on what they wanted so it kind of ruined it. Just a little.
3. This game is WAY too short. I know this seems like the type of game that will never end, but once I finished the last level of the contest, the International Contest, it started playing the end credits! I was so surprised, but even after the end credits, you're allowed to keep playing so it wasn't that bad.

I really liked this game, and if you are a 11 year old kid like me, I bet you will enjoy this game a lot. It will definitely be something that I will keep on playing for a long time to come. This game definitely deserves five stars!!!
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on December 1, 2009
I don't review much but wanted to add that my daughter(8) picked this out with birthday money. I was really very hesitant when I read reviews here because it seemed like the reviews came from gamers older than she is. She has loved this game! She gets so excited to come and show us how she has helped a customer or what outfit she has put together. So I'm giving it five stars. She can play it without our help (after the initial discussion of how to play) for a few hours without getting border and not needing help.
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on January 24, 2010
The game itself is well done and with very colorful graphics.I found it quite fun and very addictive.I am probably not the "player" that the games developers are seeking for this game.I am an over 30 female and not overly fashion conscious.

What I find to be a negative about the game is some of the in game dialog and graphics.All of the shoppers that come into the store you operate within the game are SUPER SKINNY.All are taller looking and VERY,VERY slim.I worry what message does that shows to little girls that will play this game.I understand that it is a game but this is supposed to be a realistic type game.Only one body type is represented in this game. .
I was also disturbed by some of the dialog.Many of the shoppers come and complain about hating their job and shopping being a relief.This constant complaining about work and finding relief in shopping is repeated many times over.
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on January 3, 2010
Had a ball with this game; It is NOT time-restrained like Jojo's Fashion Show or any of the other ones where you have to hurry up to piece your outfit together (really annoying, in my opinion). Spent hours on the game. Would be fun for anyone who likes fashion; there is definitely a large selection of clothing pieces. Customizing your character is fun, the shopping is fun, the contest is fun--- I beat the main storyline of the game and am still playing it. But it definitely kept my attention at full for hours and hours. Best fashion game I've ever played. I'd like a sequel! Already! Or expansion for the story line with additional fashions and features!
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on December 29, 2009
I gave my daughter (age 11) Style Savvy for Christmas. SHE HAS NOT STOPPED PLAYING!! (Thank goodness it's Winter Break from school so she has time to play!) This game is very robust, with lots of levels, fun components and challenges. She absolutely loves this game. The only other game she played on her DS Lite for months was Animal Crossing (another great game) because she did not like any of the other games I bought for her. My daughter is very computer savvy, into fashion, style and quality so you can't trick her with silly pieces of clothing, cheap graphics and a bad game premise. But this one is so cool. Even I want it!

Thank you Nintendo for creating a game that suits young smart girls who need quality, challenging games to play for fun.
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on April 23, 2010
I read several reviews on this game, because I wasn't sure whether to try it out or not. I am a 27 year old stay at home mom, and I love to play DS in my free time (which there isn't a whole lot of!). The cover never struck my fancy cause it just looked like another game for pre-teens/teens. But in my hunt for something new, I came across a lot of adults enjoying this game. So, they convinced me to give it a try. I'd have to say the fun level isn't as high as the addictiveness of it. But I enjoy it enough that I can't put it down once I start playing! When I first started the game, I was working in Grace's shop, and she was basically training me on everything. Kinda slow, kinda boring, but good information. Once I got my own shop, the game kicked up a few notches. Became alot more fun. Being able to expand my inventory, and choose outfits I wanted to buy, etc. I want to own everything but it's hard to keep up with sometimes, to have select styles and certain brands to accommodate anyone that may come in to your shop. Because your inventory quantity is limited, although you do keep expanding it with gameplay. Only reasons I gave this game 4 stars instead of 5 is because it's not my FAVORITE game of all time, although it is pretty good. And also because while serving customers, I feel that process should have an option to be sped up more than it is. Yes, while checking them out you can keep hitting skip but it still just seems like a drawn out process to me to check people out, and wait for them in dressing rooms. But at the same time, I guess that gives it a more "realistic" aspect. All in all, a good game, pretty fun. Playing sideways hasn't bothered me at all, either. But I did want to point out, I am left handed. In games like brain age, if you are a lefty, it will have you rotate the DS the opposite way of a righty. This game does not have that option. But for me personally, I feel this way is more comfortable to hold as a "righty" anyhow. This is also the first game I've noticed playing on DS that ever gave me writers cramp. Lol.
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on April 16, 2012
- I am a 31 year of female.

I bought this after reading so many positive reviews on Amazon and I was not disappointed. It is really fun to open a store and learn about the different clothing lines while piecing together appropriate outfits for customers based on their style and brand preferences. In addition to that, you can purchase makeup and hair styles to change up your look. This part of the game wasn't as fun for me. The best parts of this game are shopping for new merchandise and when a customer comes in wanting to buy your freakishly expensive mannequin display. Have fun unlocking new music and interiors, sending out flyers, hosting sales, and assisting clothing lines in designing a new item.

I would not recommend this game for those not able to read because it is integral to the game.

Good fun and a great surprise!
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