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VINE VOICEon September 15, 2008
After a night of drunken passion that Crista can't forget and Dawg only remembers in bits and pieces (assuming it's a fantasy), Crista flees his bed when he mentions that she'll be great in the foursome with his cousins. After discovering that she's pregnant, then miscarries, she decides to leave town for 8 years with a friend. But when Crista returns home and manages to get mixed up in an ATF sting operation, Dawg gives her a choice; be his sex slave or go to jail. Knowing she's innocent doesn't seem to matter since Dawg has been infatuated with her for years. As he and his cousins investigate why she's been targeted, she complies with his every whim (of course putting up a little fight). When a bomb makes mincemeat out of her car, she decides that maybe fighting Dawg is foolish, considering she's also infatuated with him. But will that be enough to keep them together, and keep the rest of his family out of their bedroom?

Hay carumba! I got a lot of grief for reading this from my friends just from the title and cover art. After reading such fantastic reviews, I was sure that it would be a stellar read. It wasn't really - at least not if you are looking for a plot to go with the numerous sexual passages which gets very redundant after awhile. It's hot, but where's the plot? Crista's doormat personality and Dawg's caveman possessiveness gets pretty annoying also, and the mystery is pretty non-existent - I guessed the baddie from the start since the author didn't really provide any other possible suspects or red herrings. The only characters that stood out for me were Alex, who barely made an appearance yet still was an interesting character, and Natches, the unattached cousin who'll no doubt star in the next novel. He added a lot of humor to a story that elicited many other laughs that probably weren't intentional. I'll probably check Natches story out just to give Leigh the benefit of doubt, but this book will be featured in my next garage sale.

© Tracy Vest, September 2008
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on January 25, 2011
but also not the best. I'm beginning to see Lora Leigh as a hit-or-miss author. This was... well... kept me occupied for 2 hours, so not too bad. However, I could've watched a movie off netflix for free and occupied myself just as well.

*read other reviews for synopsis*

The good:
-actually finished it without too much frustration
-Jonas' character true to form
-Storme's character, while not necessarily likeable, was somewhat believable and consistent character-wise throughout
-Cassie's development was a nice touch, though very limited in exposure

The bad:
-Styx's character was mostly sidelined. No offense to anyone else, but I kinda like focusing on the MALE a little more in my romances, and he was really just a secondary character, or a foil, if you will. He didn't really have a personality beyond "nice guy breed"
-Navarro seemed lame as heck and the book is really going to be about him? How about someone we LIKE and WANT to read about? Like, Cassie, Dog, David, Ashley, Rule or Lawe (as lame as their names are).

The Ugly:
-HORRIBLE EDITING!!!! In the first chapter she goes from not having a certain weapon, to having the weapon in her jacket, to the weapon being mystically transformed into a different weapon.
-EXTREMELY bad editing!
-Book wasn't even 300 pages.
-Sex scenes not super great (or remembrance worthy)
-Plot interesting, but not compelling, and not enough to make up for the feeling of being cheated once the book is finished
-Villians nobody knows/recognizes
-Very little development of... everything.

On the BRIGHT side, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and much better than some of her others. Choppy, but not terrible. I wouldn't say it's a straight up pay check book, but it definitely was written distractedly.

I'm not going to say I'm writing the series off, but I'm definitely going to be checking the next one out from the library before I decide to buy anymore from the series.

Not great, not horrible, disappointing, but I could've been watching reality tv instead, so not a total loss. Mediocre at best.
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on November 20, 2010
I have to admit before I bought this book I went on to the site to read the reviews as Lora`s books always come out at least 2 months earlier in the US than they do here in the UK.
I did wonder though if I was actually reading the same book as everyone else as it had such a `panning` by some readers. Not all breed books are going to have the same impact and I think the way they are written should be different and used to build up to the next book, but not to the dettriment to the story.

After reading some of the low star ratings I was in two minds as to whether to buy it. But I have to say I am glad I did, I really enjoyed the story it was nice to hear more about Haven the Wolf and Coyote compound this time. It was fast paced and sympathetically written. Storme did became a little irritating near the end before the last scenes but she redeemed herself and came out by the end of the story a much more rounded enlightened individual it was nice to have a human mate with issues rather than the breed, and it showed how Stormes prejudice had coloured her young life and how strong she was by the end to rise above it all and realise her errors, the last chapters were particularly good.
It would have been nice to be given a little more information regarding the chip Storme had and how it affects the breeds and their future, but hopefully that will be revealed in the next book.

Having said all that I have to admit some of the comments in the review were justified not the harsher ones but the parts of the books which left the reader with a mountain of questions that they hoped would be answered in the next book and were not, so below I have put them in question form and included a few of my own in case this gets back to the powers that be that dictate to a certain extent book content and how they are cut down and arranged.

1. Firstly the synopsis written in Amazon and other sites has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the book as Storme is not kidnapped by Firestorm - breed slavers - had to admit that was really off putting as it sounded good. It was as if Miss Leigh had penned the idea then changed her mind!
2. Styx and the next book Navarro are new additions to the story and a lot of readers were unhappy about this as there are other characters in the Breed series that could have had their story written first, Miss Leigh said she wanted the readers to be introduced to more of Cassies life but could she not have done that by using the other characters she had already mentioned and written in to the other stories?
3. There are now SO many story arcs that Miss Leigh can now use it seemed wrong to add more - she has written on her site that she has at least 15 more stories (I am assuming the last book will probably be about David) and although I love the series feel she needs to condense some areas and answer questions about the arcs so far rather than thinking up more, this will probably pacify a lot of readers that are now waiting for these answers including me.

Arcs which have been hinted at but then disappear from the next books are:-
a) The 10 year old breed children the labs still have including Rick`s son, at one point a child was mentioned that a lab technician rescued and disappeared with, is this another arc?
b) Shouldn`t Rick have had a story and is he still going after council collaborators? - he disappeared after Cabal's story now 4 books away)I thought this book especially was a great build up to a more dark approach to some of the stories and so many arcs that could have been used, including, The Village where Breeds settled I think many readers thought this would be included as well as Haven and Sanctuary.
d) It was hinted in the last book that there was something going on between Mordacai and Diane now I find out it is Lawe and Diane!
e) It is widely thought by friends who also read the books that Dog is Cassies mate as he pops up in the background so much (but then we may be proved wrong)
f) John Bolen who is working undercover as head of a council cell has disappeared too after Scheme and Tanners story (great piece of writing when we are first introduced to Dog- although I was put off him a bit in Cabals story when he slapped his mate!)
g) We never have any hint about what happens to the Breeders of the children bought up in the labs, are some of them mates to the breeds that are at Sanctuary and Haven? - This area especially seems to leaves a gap in the story as in Wolfs novella it states that breeders and breeds escaped with their children.
h) Some previous characters never appear or get mentioned again in the books, including Taber and his mate and the human scientist that was originally with the group in the first books he disappeared too!
I) The breed children at Sanctuary and Haven don`t have names apart from David and Hunter although we know they exist as they are mentioned. This can be a bit off putting as this helps the story for me. e.g. Tanner & Scheme`s twins are they male or female, Callens new born is it a boy or a girl?
j) Cassie - we are constantly reading that she is still very young and her book is a while away but Miss Leigh has jumped forward before (approx. eight years once, to age David) so Cassie could age quicker couldn't she?
k) Is the Sherriff in Buffalo Gap near sanctuary a breed? I think yes - more to him than meets the eye eh.
l) Ghost team - more breeds suddenly appearing on the horizon last count 18!!! More characters who could have stories
m) Bengal Tiger Breeds that Cabel mentioned near the end of his book - where did they go? The first book stated that there were only two Bengal breeds Cabel and Tanner! - now the books are in main stream rather than ebook it seems harder to accept constant changes to the story line.
n) Brandenburg`s side kick has disappeared what's he up to? Also the `baddie` Councillors seem to appear then disappear so we are never sure if they are still part of the overall story or not.
o) There has only ever been one lab rescue written maybe there need to be another - to bring things back into perspective with the stories?

Need I go on readers, there are probably some that I have missed.
Having said all that Lora Leigh is a great story teller and has created THE most amazing world and I have loved all the books and can`t wait for the next instalment -but maybe it's time to either wrap some areas up so new stories will not be over shadowed by these other arcs/questions in previous books or maybe used to help explain areas that have been left hanging and caused such an outcry by some quarters!.
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on May 9, 2011
I wouldn't buy this book again. Actually, I'm kind of disappointed I bought it on my Kindle rather than in paperback because now I can't trade it for a book I actually enjoy re-reading.
Other reviewers have given summaries of the books' plot, so I won't. I will however, say that I agree with alot of viewers who say they were frustrated with Styx. Storme has absolutely no reason to trust Breeds. When she was an impressionable age, she was harmed by one, though the one who harmed her was a child in pain himself. Rather than explain this to her though, her brother and father worked maniacally toward preserving their "creations", who they love and care for far more than they care for Storme. No one ever explained to her that the child was hurting himself, so Storme grew up with the impression that helping Breeds would only bring harm to herself. Add that to being neglected in favor of the Breeds, and you get a case of resentment the reader can understand.
However, Styx, and the rest of the Breeds, try to force Storme into trusting them not only with her life but with her family's legacy. At no point do they treat her with respect or kindness.
There is one point, and you will recognize it when you read it, when the wife of a Alpha, a woman who was sort of a friend of Storme during when Storme's family was alive, insists that Storme act toward the Alpha with the respect she would give a congressman or head of state. Nowhere in Storme's past or her characterization is there an indication that Storme would NOT act in the same way toward a head of state, human or otherwise. Respect is earned, not automatically given, which the woman should know, and yet she acts as if Storme should be obediant to the Alpha's wishes, despite the fact that Storme is being held captive by people she instinctively distrusts.
That really irritated me. Yeah, lets be angry at the captive girl when she acts rudely toward her captors, like being mad about being captive isn't reasonable!
I think that Lora Leigh needs to go back and really reread her stories and see that she has started to lose some of the edge that earned her so many ardent fans. She needs to inject some precise editing and more passion for elegant writing into her novels; otherwise she willl find that she is earning more bad reviews than new readers.
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on October 12, 2010
OK if you are like me you read the Product Description which is a lie it reads "To save innocent, young Storme Montague from the claws of Breed slave traders, Wolf Breed Styx is forced to claim her himself-on the condition that Storme will no longer be a virgin by night's end. And though Storme's defenses are up, Styx will free her-in ways she never expects.
point one
storme is not young and she is not a virgin.
two what breed slave traders.
i don't know what book there were describing but it is not the Styx's storm. im not going to go in to a recap on the book because every one who rated this book with 3 or less stars were right.
what i will say is that the heroine had the make-up to be a villain. she was raised in a lab where she only saw the breed act like animals and at their worst. to top it off the dad and old brother work and love the breed and want her to do the same but never talk to her about the breed. all she knew was that her dad and brother loved the breed more then her. her father even told her this on her 10 birthday in a not so open way. then her family is kill by the breed and she is on the run and is hunted by the breed and others. to me all of that makes a good villain not a heroine with a bigot issue. yes there are some point of try to make her feel for the breed. i think LL should have give storme more encounter with breed that was positive but all her encounter were negative.
another thing that didn't fit was storme and styx meet and started of they encounter. storme had been run for 10 years(FOR HER LIFE)
and she is going to sit in a bar looking at the breed know they were out to get her and the only time she feel the need to go is when styx make eye contact. then she run and he block her make dance with him and when she get a way she run in to any set of breed out to get her. styx come to save her and after she think that he dont know who she is and that it would be ok to go back to his hotel and jump his bones knowing that styx has been chase you for 2 years.i could go on and on about this book. to me the story and character was not there. it was miss a lot and it was repetitive. if the story was like the Product Description i think it would have been a good book to read.
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on December 16, 2013
For those familiar with the Breeds series, this book has a great twist--the "normal" mating heat doesn't happen between the hero (Styx) and the woman he is convinced is his mate (Storm). For those of you starting the series with this book, basically you don't have the more typical Lora Leigh situation where a woman physically needs sex even if she may not want to have it at that moment. This freedom from a biological imperative allows for the hero and heroine to do things besides having sex and makes it seem possible that the heroine could at any moment just take off from Haven and vanish for years.

As usual, there's a ton of sex with a few particularly strong scenes. However, given the heroine is supposed to not be feeling mating heat, it seems quite odd and morally questionable that she seems willing to have sex with Styx while despising Breeds. Annoyingly, at one point Storm is shot with a tranquilizer that makes her paranoid and irrational--but we only find out that she is paranoid and irrational after pages and pages of hearing what she thinks and why she needs to behave a certain way. In addition to "tricks" like the drug-induced paranoia, Storm's own confusion about what she thinks and feels contributes to the reader feeling confused about her moral goodness and intelligence. Storm's transformation from hating Breeds to pro-Breeds--which had great potential to convey a serious message about discrimination, hate, hate-crimes, and fear--is unsatisfactory. Not only do Storm's thoughts and behaviors seem inconsistent, but also two seemingly ok-to-nice minor characters suddenly become totally evil and quite important.

Should you read it? Well, if you are following the series, yes. Even if this one isn't her best, throughout the book there are some nice scenes with characters from previous books and hints about future leading characters. If you aren't following the series, well, I recommend starting with a different book, such as Megan's Mark or Bengal's Heart.
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VINE VOICEon October 14, 2010
I read this book within 48 hours of its release, and it took me a while to decide how I truly felt about it. I couldn't help agree with those who thought this particular story might have been more appropriate as a shorter part of an anthology as opposed to being stretched to novel-length.

I thought the first third (approximately) of the book - the portion that led up to and included Storme being taken to Haven - was quite strong. I also liked the last few chapters as well - from the celebration of Dash & Elizabeth's anniversary to the end of the book. For me, it was the story (or lack thereof) in between that greatly diminished this work. It was far too repetitive and not nearly enough happened - it seemed far too much like filler.

Unlike many, I actually did think LL did a decent job showing that Storme was not bone-deep biased against Breeds. Every now and again (even relatively early on in the story) she'd find herself making an excuse in their favor, and would then check herself and harden her heart/attitude. In my opinion LL showed that Storme had to exert a good degree of energy in order to hold on to her negative feelings. Also, given her childhood/formative experiences with the Breeds, coupled with her father's/brother's repeated prioritization of them over her, I could understand where those anti-Breed feelings came from. As many said directly to her in the book, it was time that she grew up and looked at the bigger picture - but the child in her was still hurt and traumatized. More to the point, it wasn't as if the past 10 years of her life had been a cakewalk enabling her to distance herself from those negative feelings - she was hunted non-stop by good and bad Breed-related forces alike. So it was a tall order for her to just "get over it" when it came to feeling that her life was in ruins because of Breeds.

What also showed me that Storme was not fundamentally a bigot was the fact that she could have given the disc to the Council or any of the pure-blood societies and dealt a devastating blow to the Breeds, but she could never bring herself to do so. So, did she not ultimately choose to sacrifice herself on their behalf - just like her father/brother had done - albeit much more grudgingly and without fully letting herself admit it?

For me, the problem was that all this back/forth and gradual evolution of her feelings (and admitting what she felt for Styx) took up too much of the book and was far too repetitive. If LL felt compelled to have this story be a novel and not part of an anthology, then there was a lot she could have done to beef up the middle in lieu of the endless Storme bratty navel-gazing. It would have been interesting to actually SEE the plotting of the group that attacked Haven, tried to grab the Breed children & Cassie, and ultimately grabbed Storme. She didn't have to reveal their identities - suspense and surprise could have been maintained - but we could have seen clandestine meetings, calls, planning, etc. with no names used. That would have been much "meatier".

Storme wasn't my favorite heroine, but she was not an impediment to me liking the story. And I liked Styx very much - especially the depth/maturity he showed in understanding Storme better than she understood herself, and then treating her so kindly. She really needed some softness, some kindness in her life.

So - in the end, I landed on 3 stars. It could have been a 4 or 5 if the middle had been cut to make it an anthology-length story, or if she'd done more with the extra pages to tell a significant story.
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on June 13, 2012
WOW! Storme was one of the most hateful & childish characters that I have read in a long time. Styx and his chocolate loving Scot self, deserved so much better out of a mate. The evil villains were slightly predictable. I am truly loving the young woman that Cassie Sinclair is turning into. She did the most wonderful thing to Storme in an attempt to make her open her eyes to see the wonderful MAN that she had in her life. She really put Storme in her place too. Storme watched her father & brother die at the teeth of a breed male. After running for 10 years she trusts no one. She swears she hates all breeds and council members. She may hate them believing that it is preserving her life, she fiends disgust of them, yet she keeps falling into bed with Styx.

The following review is my opinion and not a paid review
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on December 1, 2010
OK, so... The non-romance parts of this book are pretty decent, except I like more detail. I want to know why Jonas thinks he needs this info for the baby, etc. The romance parts... Well, there aren't many. The book has lots of sex scenes, but other than the whole "chocolate" thing, I'm not seeing the sex and the romance as going together. I'm mostly disappointed because the emotional element seemed to be missing. I want the main characters to be in LOOOOOVE, all that mushy stuff. When I don't want mushy, I read another genre. This book seemed very much more interested in sex than love, and if that's what you're into at the mo, why not read erotica?
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on November 2, 2010
I've read all the Breed books written by Lora Leigh, and this book misses the mark. The heroine is hard to like. She seems to be missing any redeeming qualities in the beginning of the book. It's hard to understand why Styx is falling for her, and, at times, the connection between Styx and Storme seems forced. If you've read other books in this series, you'll want to read this one just to keep up with the development of the Breed plot. Appearances by other Breeds (Cassie, Jonas, Wolfe, Hope, etc) make the book more enjoyable. If this is your first introduction to Lora Leigh or the Breed series, I think you'll be left disappointed.
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