Subwoofer rumbling I bought this a few days ago...the subwoofer rumbles (quite violently) as soon as I turn it to Auto or On. This is even without it being plugged into the receiver that I have. I did try plugging it into different AC outlets, which then went to more of a hum.
How do I stop this rumbling? I read something about grounding loop?
Anythign I need to buy or is it the subwoofer? Please help!
asked by Enceeno on January 1, 2013
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had the same problem. I went and bought three different brand subwoofer cables. Tried two different power strips. Tried plugging it in a different outlets and it still hummed.

Right before I gave up I tried an old Three componet RCA cable and plugged in, using the White line in the reciever and the other white end into the Left of the sub and the humming went away. The cord is only 2.5 feet long so I can't move the sub's location but atleast the humming went away.
Jeff answered on April 2, 2013
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Thanks for the reply ... I did the easy thing and brought it back to future shop. The sales guy just said to me not to bother showing him the hum and he replaced it with another one. Took it home and there was no hum so I think the previous sub was just defective。
Enceeno answered on April 5, 2013
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