Suggestions for rechargeable AA with this grip? This battery grip is high on my list, but I am trying to decide the best route to take with regards to battery choice. I currently use the D300 as-is and have no problems, but increased shooting life and the ability to use AA is a big plus.

For those of you who use this grip, do you use AA or the Nikon batteries? If you use AA, do you use rechargeables, and if so, what kind? I have a set of rechargeable AAs that work great with the SB-800, but the same batteries drain really fast in my wife's compact camera and other electonics.

I'm just looking for the best overall performance, and I expect to carry a charger and collection of spare AAs with me, so size and weight do not matter much.
asked by M. Boone on February 13, 2008
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I use the Nikon battery in the grip (EN-EL3e). The unit begins to use the Battery Pack battery first and when that is drained, it goes to the camera battery. Perhaps I'm just lucky but I manage to get quite a bit of use with the Nikon batteries and that counts the times when I lay the camera down and forget to turn it off for a few hours. I would use the Nikon battery if speed is not an issue (you can easily get 8 fps); the AAs, as far as I am concerned, is something that I would only use if I were away for an extended period of time or used the Nikon D300 continuously for many hours. You don't have to pack the charger (a hassel, especially with airport security) and, if needed, you can always find someplace that sells AA batteries so you will always have a charged batter pack.
Joe Albanese answered on March 5, 2008
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With my MB-D200 I carry the charged EN-EL3e as a spare and 6, 12 or more rechargeables (depending the assignment) These are 2500 - 2900 mA NiMH and generally last more or less as long as the proprietary battery. I have not seen much performance difference between expensive and cheap ones, but I guess the cheap ones will just die sooner (well, maybe not...) In the case of the MB-D10 of course, you would have to pack multiples of 8. Anyway, I always carry a box full of charged NiMH's, because I have to "feed" the flashes as well.
Gerard answered on March 4, 2009
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