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on April 14, 2010
I hesitantly purchased this monitor after reading so many negative reviews, but took a chance because it was in our price range and is 2.4GHz instead of the 900MHz one we had previously, which was picking up too much interference in our house from electronics and cell phones. Overall, I am very pleased with this monitor. It does not have a constant hum like our 900 MHz one did, and does not pick up interference from our many electronics and cell phone. I do see what other reviewers mean about the blue light being a bit much; in the dark, it looks like a strobe light. That is the only negative we have experienced, and I plan just to put a piece of masking tape over the light to dim it a bit. We have an 1800 sq-ft house, and have not had any range issues like others have mentioned. In addition to good range from receiver to transmitter, it has good range from baby to transmitter, meaning it picks up noises far away from the base station transmitter. Also, it has a sleek look to it, with modern silver color, a nice rechargeable stand, and a short antenna. It also has a belt clip for easy portability. Overall, a very nice, clear-speaker, low-interference, sleek-looking, well-priced baby monitor. Give it a try; you can always return it.
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on February 9, 2007
We've lived without a baby monitor for a couple of years, but once we moved and our bedroom was no longer right next to the baby's, we felt it was a good idea to get a monitor. My only stipulation was that it had to be a digital monitor to protect our privacy.

The way-too-bright blue LED lights and lack of audio squelching (to suppress small movements from being amplified) is something we can deal with. Our problem is the range. It's not even 80ft between rooms, on the same floor, and even with doors open and near line-of-sight, there are frequent dropouts in reception. Because of the digital transmission, there's no static, but the constant hiss of amplified background noise abruptly stops with a hiccup, and then a second later, it comes back. It's not enough to wake you up, but it is enough to annoy you if you're falling asleep - especially since it happens over, and over, and over...

Maybe the reception problems are from the wifi network we have setup here, which also operates at 2.4GHz. But at this point, where can you go where there aren't wifi access points, cordless phones, etc. setup? I don't understand why it's so complicated to build an excellent, digital baby monitor. It's no different than a one-way cordless phone, and my cordless phones have been rock-solid for 8+ years now.

Graco has a competing product I might try, but reviews on that unit seem mixed, and many are equally unenthusiastic.
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on April 26, 2008
A digital baby monitor seemed like a good idea at the time, but I am ready to go back to my old analog monitor! This monitor makes a loud beeping noise every time we use the microwave, tv remote control, or anything cordless in the house. I'm sending it back this week!
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on May 21, 2012
This thing is a piece of CRAP. We got this to replace our angelcare monitor because one of the parent units stopped working, and our pediatrician said since our son is very healthy, etc, she doesn't think we need the breathing monitor. So we thought we'd get something cheaper. Cheap is right! I should've paid attention to the reviews, but I let my husband pick this one because he liked the way it looks. That's the only good thing about it! The fact they are rechargeable is nice but they don't hold a charge for long either.
Yes the blue light is annoying, and sort of like a strobe while you're trying to sleep, but I could've gotten over that. The worst part is the CONSTANT static! The sound quality is horrendous and I agree with the other reviews that say the lowest sound setting is too low & the next one up is too loud. One of our parent units also drops in & out every second or so... and as I was typing this, it just completely stopped working at all, there's now no sound coming from the parent unit! We've had it for two days! There should be no problems but this is a piece of junk. I want my angelcare monitor back!
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on May 28, 2007
Yep, it's advertised to have a range of 600 feet. Our youngest child's room and our bedroom are on opposite sides of the house, he's upstairs and we're downstairs, so _maybe_ we're 70 feet apart, at most. This thing was ENTIRELY useless at that range. To get a good clear signal, the receiver has to be about 20 feet from the transmitter, which is utterly worthless.

We had our trusty Sony NTM-900 which worked great, but it was years old and finally died. Sony stopped making it, though one can still find it around here and there, I cannot find anywhere (including eBay) which has a two-receiver unit. This was rated in third by CR (tied with the Graco), and I have no idea how CR gave this such a high rating--it's COMPLETELY useless. The other review her was much too kind.
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on September 11, 2008
I purchased this product because I cannot use anything in the 900MHz range where I live in Germany (we are military stationed in Germany). I needed something wireless and not 900MHz. I found this and purchased it. It has been the worst baby monitor that I have ever used BY FAR. I live in a relatively small townhouse, and I cannot get a signal to my baby's room directly underneath of his room. Also, often times the monitor in my room, which is about 18 feet across the hall from his room, will beep because it's lost the signal. There is NO signal that the receivers can pick up when it's rainy outside. Often times I get waken up in the middle of the night to the monitor beeping because it has lost teh signal, and other times I wake up to muffled sounds of my baby crying because the monitor just completely decided to quit working. I have figured out how to "troubleshoot" it if you will to make it re-acquire the signal, but it's like the receivers just freeze and lose all sound, if they are not beeping because they've lost the signal. If I had known that they were going to be this worthless, I would NOT have wasted the $65 that I spent. I had the Fisher Price lights and sounds monitors for 4 years and they were still working very well and were crystal clear and no problems. I just could not use them due to the laws preventing me from using anything that is 900MHz. Do not waste your money on this will give you nothing but heartache and trouble. I really wish I had done some research and read the reviews on this product before I bought it...
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on January 4, 2008
I think this is a great baby monitor! I don't know why it's received such negative reviews. We have had no problem picking up the signal anywhere in our average size house. I know some people think the blue noise-level indicator is annoying, especially while you are trying to sleep. However, I find it helpful when I'm in the shower and I can look out and tell if the baby is crying without needing to hear it.

It is nice that the receiver is wireless (although most probably are these days). But we had to use a relatives' while we were staying with them, and there's was not wireless. So we had to keep plugging it in when we wanted to move around the house. It really made me appreciate the convenience of the wireless model. I also like that the receiver can recharge while in use when sitting on the recharger.

The only minor disappointment for us is that the range cuts out when we try to take the receiver outside. But I don't think many monitors would allow that anyway.

I think it's a great monitor for the price range.
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on July 8, 2008
I bought this product because I thought my other monitor didn't work very well. My old monitor was not digital, so I thought this would be a good upgrade. When this product was working as it should, i.e. not making this horrible beeping noise, it did work ok. However, the lowest volume setting you can't hear anything, then the second lowest volume you can hear the baby breathe and if the baby makes any kind of other noise, its so loud it would wake the dead. I'm not sure if it was our house, or if it was the monitor, but we could only get one of the receivers to work without beeping all the time. This beeping I'm referring to is the indicator that it is not getting signal, and we would hear this beeping at least 30 times during the night. Our bedroom is only approx 30 feet from our sons room, so range should not have been an issue. All I have to say is, be prepared to return this item if you do decide to try it out. Needless to say, I went back to my old monitor.
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on August 15, 2008
When I was looking for a monitor , this one looked and sounded good from reviews. But after receiving it, hooking it up and testing it, it went back in the box and back to Amazon.

The only pros this monitor has is that it has rechargeable batteries in transmitter and a nice charging cradle.
Now in saying that the con definite out weight the pros. The range on these are horrible. If you cannot hear the sound/voice comming out of the receiver there is no use having a monitor. The sound is clear if the transmitter is no more than 2 feet away for the person/baby and the receiver is no more than 20 feet away. If the transmitter is more than 2 feet away from the person/baby the sound output is gurgled/muffled.

I repurchased another brand (Fisher Price) and will see how it goes but would not recommend this baby monitor to anyone.
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on August 1, 2008
We purchased this monitor thinking the digital technology would be an improvement over our old analog monitor. WRONG! We set the system up and tested it. We could hear sounds from the baby's room, but the quality was horrible. Then during the night, the receiver went crazy. Lights flashed and loud pops and cracks woke us up. We checked on the baby, and she was peacefully sound asleep. From then on, we were unable to get sound from either receiver. I called the manufacturer, and they sent a replacement system to us. We set that one up, and the sound quality was simply terrible. The lights went crazy again in the middle of the night, with loud crackling. Baby was, once again, sleeping peacefully. Old analog monitor came back out, and this one goes back to the store!!!
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