Customer Reviews: Glisten Detergent Booster DM0616N-16 Ounces-Dishware Cleaner Fights Hard Water to Eliminate Cloudy or Spotted Dishes, Phosphate-Free
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on December 31, 2008
My dishwasher was making a funny grinding noise and I called Sears appliance repair. The tech said I could either replace a part in the dishwasher's "garbage disposal" (apparently there is a mini garbage disposal inside that grinds up food before it goes into the drain) or let it be and see if it gets worse. Since there was no harm in waiting I did. He suggested Dishwasher Magic and I ordered 4 bottles. The price seemed kind of high, but two bottles stopped the problem. We have very hard (mineral rich) water here, and the inside of the dishwasher was covered with white film in spite of being only 2 years old. Dishwasher Magic removed the scales. I now have this as part of my regular maintenance. The product is simple to use.
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on September 9, 2009
After paying almost $200 for dishwasher repairs, I still had poor performance on the top rack. The repair guy suggested trying Dishwasher Magic, which I was able to buy locally. (The alternative was a new motor and pump.) It's mostly citrus acid, and you run it in the empty dishwasher with the hottest water possible. (I used high temp boost and sani-rinse). Its purpose is to clean out the lime, soap deposits, calcium, etc. that build up in the water tubes. Well, I am happy to report that it performed its job admirably! I hadn't been able to use the top rack in a couple of weeks - just no cleaning power up there. Last night after using Dishwasher Magic, I loaded everything in nice and dirty, just like I usually would, and it came out great. I am so delighted and wish I'd tried it before spending $200 with the repair guy. Maybe that could have been money still in my pocket. The same company also makes Washing Machine Magic. Might be worth a try - maybe my clothes would be twice as sparkling clean!
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on December 1, 2010
I live in San Diego and our water is extraordinarily hard. Over the course of a week, my dishes were no longer getting clean, the machine was making an awful sound and there was this white coating on the inside of the dishwasher and on the plates. The repairman came out and discovered a huge chunk of gunk was clogging my unit down where the grinder is. Turns out that the dishwasher fills up once at the beginning and then the water is sprayed out again and again. Unless you have a clog like I did and then the machine sounds like it is grinding as it tries unsuccessfully to suck the water up from the bottom and spray it out.

The repairman suggested 3 things. The first was that I not use those handy little detergent packets that have Dawn in them. He said that the Dawn combines with the minerals and really gunks up the works. That makes sense as I had started using the Dawn/Cascade packets about 3 months ago. The second suggestion was that I use Dishwasher Magic. And that I take all my filmy/cloudy glasses and run them with the Dishwasher Magic. My stained coffee cups should go on the bottom shelf to remove the stains. And that instead of leaving the wax plug in place, I should remove it. His reasoning was that if you run the cycle with the plug in place, it might take until the end of the cycle for the wax plug to melt releasing the Dishwasher Magic, and then you won't have the benefit of having the citric acid run time and time again through your system. I'm guessing they put the wax plug in for safety reasons - so people don't accidentally splash themselves with the stuff.

I did as he said and my glasses are beautiful, the coating is off the inside of my washer. And yeah, my dishes are clean once again!!

I went to Target and they were out of Dishwasher Magic, but I found a product I've come to like even more, LemiShine. It's a powder that you put in the detergent cup. I have been using about a tablespoon along with a tablespoon of Cascade. My dishes are shiny and spotless every wash now. Before, I was using the Dishwasher Magic about every 2 weeks, but between times my dishes would start to get cloudy. I love this new stuff.
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on November 22, 2008
We have well water with a lot of calcium and a dishwasher with a stainless steel interior. Even with a water softener and a methane remover there was a lot of soap residue and my glasses were becoming permanently cloudy. This product removed the residue from the dishwasher.
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on May 18, 2010
We have a 4-year-old Bosch dishwasher. After a while the dishwasher arms started to get clogged and the dishes were coming out dirty. I had to unclog the arms again and again.

Eventually, the dishwasher stopped working completely. The repair guy said that the motor housing had become clogged with food, and we needed a new motor. That cost us a few hundred bucks.

Several months later, the problem started again. A different repair guy came this time, and he said that the problem was not calcium buildup inside the unit, not food, and that a dishwasher cleaner would solve the problem.

None of the stores seemed to have what I needed, so I searched online and found Dishwasher Magic. One use, and the dishwasher was running like new. Now, I use it once every three months, and the unit comes out sparkling clean. There have been no problems since.
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on April 6, 2012
Finally. In three different locations, over the past four years, I have seen a dishwasher clean dishes perfectly, only to smell of fishbowl after steady use. I tried all the recommended stuff--cleaned the bottom of the appliance, checked to see for any clogged material, everything. Finally, I stumbled upon this product--saved!

One of these should be enough, though the product suggests that some washers will need two run-throughs (meaning purchasing two). It has a slight scent that you'll detect when washing, similar to the lemon scent in dish-washing detergent. Best of all, it works! Since using the product, no fish smell, not even a hint. I'm sure it'll return with time, but "Dishwasher Magic" suggests monthly use to maintain the benefits. Give it a try, and good luck!
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on January 21, 2013
When we relocated from the East Coast to the Midwest, we encountered hard water and spots for the first time. We tried Cascade, homemade vinegar remedies and a few specialized detergents. This is the ONLY thing that has worked!

Love it.
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on January 2, 2014
If you live in an area with hard water and find your dishwasher no longer cleans like it once did then this product is the answer. Used once a month it keeps your machine cleaning like new. After complaining about the dishwasher in my new apartment a friend gave me a bottle to try and the results (and difference) were amazing. I most definitely recommend this product.
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on February 5, 2010
Our Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher (bought in Nov. 2005) had stopped cleaning dishes in the upper rack and even the dishes in the lower rack were clean looking, but felt filmy and undissolved soap or? Tried Dishwasher Magic and after just one bottle's use, dishes in both racks came out clean as a whistle...machine is cleaning like it used to.

Wonderful to not have had to call a repairman and pay hundred(s?)for an easy (as it turned out)fix.

Great product...will use monthly from now on!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 29, 2016
There are several Glisten products listed on this page, and my review is for the microwave cleaner. We're pretty bad at not taking the time to put a paper towel over our food to prevent splattering, so I spend a lot of time scrubbing our microwave. It doesn't get cleaned up the moment someone gets something splattered, so we end up with that yucky baked on stuff I end up having to work at cleaning off.

This Glisten works decently. Not exactly like magic, but it does help with cleaning the baked on stuff. And one aspect I do like is that my microwave doesn't smell like cleaners after using it, making me wonder if it's okay to warm food in. My microwave doesn't smell like anything at all after using it. The cleaner helps loosen the food splatter on the walls some, but the sponge is a bit small. So I ended up using paper towels to finish cleaning the inner surfaces off with.

I like it enough I will probably buy more and continue to use them simply because it works just as well as a cleaner, but without the smell. It doesn't leave me wondering if there's a residue left behind on the surface that's not safe to be cooking my food with.
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