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on January 5, 2003
I bought the first Summoner game and loved it, so I was looking forward to Summoner 2. Well, I really enjoyed Summoner 2 as well, except for the fact it's already over! Never have I completed an RPG in so short a time. I even embarked on several side quests, and I was NOT up all night playing this game! At least the game has replay value, due to all the side-quests. However, I was disappointed to discover you can only re-play the game with your ... "newbie" stats. Too bad it can't be like "Chrono Trigger" or "Chrono Cross", where your stats are higher the more you re-play the game. So what's the point of the "save" function at the very end of Summoner 2? Just so you can see Maia's final battle over and over again? It seems so pointless.
Like I said, I did enjoy the game. The storyline is excellent (as was the first Summoner plot), the characters are well-developed, the fighting is greatly improved (I've been waiting for years for another "real time" fighting rpg, like "Zelda" and "Alundra"!!), it's one of the hardest rpg's I've played in a looong time (Battle-wise I died many frustrating deaths, getting crushed by non-stop foes! FFX was a easy by comparison!), and I liked that several of the characters from the first Summoner appeared in Summoner 2! Yago is a playable character and Rosalind has a "cameo". The graphics are greatly improved as well. Nothing like FFX, but a big leap from the first Summoner.
I noticed Summoner 2 has the same annoying tick as the first game. You get to an exit, then can't leave because a party member is trapped in some far-off room you left ages ago! I'm looking forward to a Summoner 3, and hopefully this will be corrected by then! I really liked the characters being "interviewed"! That's original!
I just wish the game had been longer! Example: if you played Legend of Dragoon for 2 weeks, perhaps you made it to the 2nd disc by then. Play this game for 2 weeks and you'll complete it!
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on November 21, 2003
I loved this game! I was heart broken after playing Summoner 1 to learn that Summoner 2 was only going to be released on Playstation. So I saved up and bought one, played Summoner 2 and loved it.
You know all about the plot the graphics and the stlye of play. All I can add to it is that's it's not as bad as some have portrayed it. The graphics are kewl, the music is magical, the characters are stunning in their own right and the story is one of the best I've encountered. The plot twists and turns and leaves you wondering, right to the end.
The choice of characters can be a little daunting, but you can soon pick up which character is suited to what task and under what conditions he/she is best suited. Again, I liked the stealth and backstab ability of the thief character Sangril.
Like Summoner 1 there're side quests aplenty and they all add xp, so by the time the Boss Battles come you're ready to give them a challenge. The side quests do actually tie into the plot, and they're not the usual fed-x type of go there, speak to 'Name', get 'item' and return to beginning. You visit some amazing places and talk to some interesting people(?).
Like Summmoner 1, each character is suited to a particular part of the game and you'll often find your character alone or in the company of one other who sometimes don't get along, which I thought was a good touch.
Again, the chain combat system came into play, which I liked. The challenge of getting a good rhythm going is a hard one, but once mastered you should be able to defeat most enemies before they get a chance to hit you.
I'll be playing Summoner 2 again this summer and as I'm still trying to figure out the story, so I'll probably be going back more than once.
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on October 9, 2002
I played the first Summoner and loved it. (Had some flaws, but still great.)
The improvements to this game are outstanding. The spell / item / quest item menu is a great improvement. I was beat by the first Boss, but that is why I liked it. You have to change your fighting style to kill the Boss. I went all the way thru Baldur Gate without dying (That is why I think that game was graphically great, but game play just does not cut it.) Summoner 2, the HUGH amount of quest is great. I like that you can stop the "Storyline" and get a break with some other quest. The choice of 8 different characters might be a little negative, due to you have Eight characters to "level-up", but that is small in my book. I like the VAST difference of each character. They are not just a `little' different, but completely different. Do not get me wrong, there are certain abilities that run between some, and others have very unique abilities. This game is not a hack and slash game, but a "thinkers" game.
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on April 8, 2016
I had this game years ago, along with the first one. I LOVED playing them back then, but my ex decided that he wanted to trade them along with ALL my other ps2 games, and my ps2, so that HE could get an xbox. I just recently purchased another ps2, and I scoured amazon/ebay/video game sites for this game and others. Found both the first one and others, on here and didnt hesitate to order them, aside from a few light scratches and marks that show it had been through a buffing machine, the disk looks good, I dont know how it plays yet, which is the only reason I have given it 4 stars instead of 5.
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on October 3, 2012
I think epic is over used in this day in age but I think Summoner 2 deserves to be classified as epic. It took me a little while to get use to the controls and even started over again after 5 hours of game play just to redo the beginning with the skill the Queen deserves. There's so much to do in the game, I find it hard to put the controller down. I read all the reviews carefully before I wrote mine. I was amazed at the poor reviews people left. If you're patient enough to learn how to play, you'll find this to be an awesome game. I love the Baldur's Gate: DA series but Summoner 2 really tested my skills. Dying over and over again at the hand of the Pirate Captain in the beginning was a rude awakening. I knew I had to step up my game and re-think my combat skills. The challenge is apart of the adventure.
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on November 12, 2002
Well, unlike most the other reviewers, I will try to actually review the game, not just say "it wasn't that good" and give it one star.
I played the first Summoner, and thought it was OK at best. My favorite thing about the first one was the movie you got after beating it.
Coming from Sommoner, you will be in somewhat familiar teritory. You are no longer a summoner -- and you are no longer a peasant starting off like you were with Joseph. As the Queen of Hallasar, you believe you are the one from the prophecy and all that stuff -- and you get to transform (shapechange) into guardians to help you fight. No more summoning dog-demons to help you in your battles.
Gameplay is pretty good and easy to learn. There are 8 total playable characters (7 for most the game) -- And you will learn to love and not-so-much love some of the characters. The "hit the d pad to do a combo" thing from Summoner is gone, which I was glad for. S2 has moved to the more classic button/direction combos.
The storyline is pretty good. It's not of FFX quality, and definately not as long, but it's an engrossing and well done story.
You can only play 3 characters at one time. The developers did a pretty good job at getting all of your characters some play time, even though can get somewhat unrealistic at times (your guys always "split up" in the story line, convienantly) -- but overall it's not bad.
The characters are all pretty well done and balanced. I had hoped for a bit more of armor/look diversity, but it's still cool to see them in twilight armor and such.
Not a bad game over all -- and for those that liked the movie at the end of the first, the second one is a bit different, but still funny as hell :)
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on September 30, 2002
I wanted to write this to vent how fustrated I am with this game. I'm not a novice at games by far but this is the first time I was beat by the first boss. The controls are really sluggish and the enemies far out match the character. This improves when you get two more characters to back you up. Then and only then does the fighting become fun. You can set the AI on different settings (for a bit of strategy). Its when a character goes solo that it becomes irritating. Especially when your up against three or more enemies. They can pumell you with out you being able to respond. You can't use heal spells because your stuck there healing while they knock all they points you just restored. Healing potions don't have this problem but you have to wait to use another. Sommoning is another problem. while your seeing the animation your friends are getting slaughterd. Fighting is easier with the blood sommon cause he heals when he hits the enemies but time runs out way too quickly. The other problem is the graphics. They are pretty mediocre. They are alright but compared to other games they don't come close. The mouths move sometimes but most of the time they're shut while speaking.
There are some cool points about the game. One is where your at the palace and you can make decisions on the throne. This was a cool idea and unique. you could also donate money to different officials for extra xp. There are tons of side quests that keep it interesting and some cool minigames. In the arena you can buy a monster (gladiator) and have them fight and gain levels till they lose then they're gone. The other characters you can choose are pretty cool Like sangril and Neru. Sangril is an assassin and can use stealth tecniques and Neru does martial arts Taurgis is useless.
This could have been really spectacular if they just worked out the single character quests to a resonable level. The graphics look good in some places but terrible in others. I played Red Faction so I expected better from volition. This is worth getting through the fustrating parts and the subpar graphics. If you don't mind those this will be worth it but stock up on controllers.
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on June 8, 2005
First if all, this is my first game review so please give me a bit of slack. After seeing a few of the reviews for this game, I was quite simply appalled. True, the camera is a bit odd at times, and a few minor clipping issues do get a bit annoying, but this is a very good game. As for awkward combos' and pausing, I often do not get hit for many battles straight with the character I'm controlling, and I think it's more of a matter of skill than a simple hack n' slash. I myself have yet to complete this game, but one review mentioned losing on the first stage, all the while calling it a hack n' slash. Quite simply if you "hack n' slash" you will probably not get very far into this game, certainly not far enough to be reviewing it. I think the very fact that this game has a bit something for everyone, and a very extensive, and ever evolving world, with a beautifully told storyline make this game a must buy. The details such as buying and battling gladiators, gambling, and political decisions make the world in which the game takes place seem both "real" and "intriguing." Each hero character is completely unique, in both appearance, and in combat style. Be it stealth, massive melees, spell casting, or even the devouring of souls, you can do it in this game. And one last thing to rap-up this review, camera angles and gfx do not make a game they only help it. Prince of Persia 2, and Phantom Dust are two good examples of splendid games, with sub par camera control, and Summoner 2's camera handles better than either of those games.
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on March 31, 2003
I bought this game wanting something to do over a long weekend with no better plans in mind. Weeks later, I'm in a Playstation coma completely addicted - the game is huge!
I have an affection for RPG's that give you a real landscape to explore and this game did not let me down. The side-quests are worthwhile if a little numerous and the replay value is great. The story line is fairly good; what I really enjoyed is that that you feel like you are making real choices instead of just being shoved from one cut scene to another. The artwork between levels is gorgeous.
The skills development and character menus are well done, giving you some good reasons to make sure you have a bit of space on your memory card so you can go back and change your mind from time to time and the battle system is SO MUCH FUN! The battles are dynamic and sometimes quite tough, so much the better if you like strategic play.
It's pretty and shiny and nasty and I like it.
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on December 30, 2015
Unfortunatly I was unable to play the game due to a glitch at the main menu.
The issue was only my left analog stick responded to the game controls. The game did not respond to any other buttons thankfully I recieved my refund. I do not reccomend.
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