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on April 18, 2015
This lotion is awesome! As someone who is fair skinned since I decided to smarten up and abandon the tanning beds I was impressed with the coverage and instant color. Much better quality than any drug store tan in a can crap. I would recommend using a mitt, it definitely helped provide even coverage and since this product dries quick it is best to apply fast. Also your hands will get realllllly dark... And I mean DARK if you're applying bare handed. This product does come off your palms with whitening toothpaste, also an easy way to even out your heels and elbows by the way :) The color guide is an olive green so if it's caked up on your skin in any area you can see it in time to correct it. Smells amazing, like a cherry lotion. Apply it before bed and wake up at least 3 shades darker easily. Color doesn't transfer to clothes or sheets so that is a big plus. Lasts me a few days, usually about 3 showers before it's all the way faded. You must exfoliate once a week, it makes a huge difference. I just apply regular lotion in between applications and it doesn't cause any streaks or fading. Very happy with this product!!
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on April 11, 2013
I am a self-tanner junkie. I have used jsut about every self tanner out there..xen (liked), san tropez, fake baked (was my favorite until this), and every drug-store/walmart/target/jergens ones out there. I feel like all of the tint lotions from wal mart and drug stores give an orange tint This is my favorite self tanner by far. It is a very dark brown when it comes out, so it immediately changes your skin color. I'm VERY pale, but one coat of this, and it doesn't look too's just a nice tint. after a few hours, it really comes out nicely, but if you are not careful you will have streaks everywhere. I always mix this with lotion and put it on that way . It makes it tons smoother, lighter and it comes off of my hands easier that way. Also, if you coat your hands with a small amount of lotion first,and then put this on, it will help your hands with stains too.

This looks a lot like fake baked self tanner, but it smells sooo much better. Fake baked was my favorite forever, but I hated the way I smelt when wearing it and it never dried well so I always felt sticky. This dries quickly, and it smells like cherries, so it's nice. My husband uses it daily to add a little tint to his skin tone.

If you don't wash your hands 4 or 5 times in a row immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY after use, they will be horribly discolored. I don't like using gloves when putting it on because it feels like the gloves just smear it to skin contact helps absorption better. Anyhow, I use my bare hands when putting it on and I scrub my hands and rewash a few times after use. If you don't do this, and your hands are HORRIBLY discolored, I have a trick! I didn't know this was a problem, used it the night before my engagement pics, and the morning of the pics my hands were BLACK. It was horrible. i went to the store and bought facial hair can find it at any drug store, wal mart, etc. I use sally hansen's but I'm sure anything will do. Anyway, make the paste as directed, put it on your hands, let it sit for about 5 minutes, wash off, and it seriously all comes off. If that doesn't work, just do it a second time and let it last a little longer. It is the best fix!

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on August 21, 2010
I bought this product a few days ago and was a little scared at first. I read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of videos on this stuff. I also read some reviews that said they would not recommend the ultra dark for light skin. I am very faired skinned myself and was very nervous to try this. Let me say this stuff is awesome! I look like I have been tanning for months! The application is a little tricky the first time but, I think that was just because I was scared at first. The second time I applied this I used more and moved faster that seems to work best. Do no keep rubbing the same area move quickly or the lotion kind of clumps but I noticed once it dries you can sort of brush away the clumps. Just try to rub it in as fast as possible. I also noticed that it stained my hands but they aren't really orangey just brown, I took an older tooth brush and scrubbed the color off my hands which worked pretty well, I would recommend gloves or wash your hands a couple times while applying this. The smell is not bad at all at first it reminds me of a cherry tootsie pop and then when it dries it smells a little like a self tanner but nothing over whelming, the smell can be covered with perfume or once you shower. I noticed a lot washes off but it makes it easier to apply after the shower because you can get back to a dark golden brown but even after the shower you look sun kissed and not splotchy at all. Again I have only had this for a few days so I am still sort of testing but so far I am definitely buying more of this, my boyfriend loves it and says it is totally natural looking, if he did not know I bought this he would think I went tanning. I highly recommend this even for fair skin, do not be intimidated at first and when applying just remember it is trial and error. If you do however notice you missed spots jump in the shower and just rinse yourself with water do not scrub yourself and then re-apply the lotion. I noticed i missed a part of my arm so I jumped in the shower and rinsed off making the tan a little lighter which made it easier to blend. I highly recommend this even for fair skin. Again this product is AWESOME!
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on May 15, 2013
I love this stuff. Best drugstore brand i've personally found is Loreal Sublime Bronze but if you're willing to spend a little more, I would HIGHLY recommend this stuff. It's the only one that hasn't turned me Oompa Loompa orange or turned me a sickly yellow color like my liver is failing. I am EXTREMELY pale, i'm talkin color of a sheet of paper, glow-in-the-dark pale. This isn't too dark on me, so I guarantee it won't be too dark for you. Don't be scared of the "Ultra Dark" description. The lotion comes out as a chocolate brown color. This is simply to help make application easier. You can see where it's going so you don't miss any spots. Super helpful, especially if you're new to sunless tanners. It has a light cherry almond smell that fades and does have that typical sunless tanner smell, but it's not overbearing and goes away after you shower (you're gonna have that smell no matter what sunless tanning method you use because that is the smell of the chemical used in these to turn your skin a color; its unavoidable). It will slightly stain clothes/sheets until you shower off the color guide. This will come out in the wash and isn't permanant. Just wear something you don't care about until you take a shower and if you apply it immediately before you go out, don't wear a light color and make sure rain isn't in the forecast because the color guide will run off of you and cause streaks. The color you are as the "tan" develops is going to be darker than the final result. If you feel you're too dark, just wait, it'll be lighter after your shower. If you like the color, you'll have to do a few more applications until it's the color you will be post-shower. Here's some tips for first time sunless tanners:

1. Exfoliate super well before your first application to get off all dead skin and make your skin smooth for an even application.
2. Work quickly and on one section of your body at a time. Make sure you rub in very well.
3. Coat rough areas (tops of feet/ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, wrists, and knuckles) with a light lotion or body oil and let sink in for a few mins before you start. This will help from too much color depositiong in these areas.
4. Pick yourself up a box of disposable gloves at the store. This will keep your palms from getting dyed which WILL happen if they're not used and good luck trying to get that off. The palms will soak up the color like no other area.
5. Try not to exfoliate too much after your first application because you will scrub off the top layer of skin which is the layer the tanner dyes, so you'll essentially scrub off your work.
6. Apply a light lotion everyday to help maintain the "tan," but make sure your lotion doesn't have AHA's in it that will exfoliate your skin and take the color away.

I do 3 consecutive applications to get my desired color and then just reapply as needed after that. When I start to notice uneven patches, I completely scrub everything off and start over to avoid uneven color. It sounds like alot of work but it really doesn't take much more time than putting on regular body lotion after you get the hang of it and it saves your skin from looking like a leather handbag somewhere down the line.
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on February 3, 2011
This self tanning lotion is great! I have very fair skin and this darkens my skin within one application. Excellent product - worth the money spent!
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on December 10, 2015
Let me start off by saying I don't think I'll ever give a self tanning lotion five stars because they are SO high maintenance. That being said, I really like the "morning after" result of this specific brand. It started off quite rocky and I thought I'd made a huge mistake. Here's how my experience went:

1) Poured a glob into my hands (first mistake- should use smaller amount) and applied to my face like lotion. I looked like a burn victim but had to finish what I started. I applied to the rest of my body, including the tops of my feet. It was hard to even out in some areas but I just went with it.

2) After application my hands were BROWN. This is to be expected...... So I went and washed my hands to no avail. Someone else mentioned in a review to use toothpaste so I did that and it worked well.

3) After the hand washing I had the "white glove" look, plus some tanner had been removed from the tops of my wrist as well. To remedy this, I added a drop of tanner to a cotton pad and gently spread it over the white ends of my wrists and the top of my hands. This worked surprisingly well. I waited a few more minutes then put on my pjs. To be honest, I have never tried a tanning lotion that didn't make me feel dirty after application so I was over it. Figured I'd wait out the night and shower in the am.

4) Body showered in the morning and use Johnson&Johnson's baby soap to gently cleanse my face and skin. I saw the excess bronzer run down the drain. This is a good sign. After the rinse, I PATTED myself dry with a towel (don't rub!) and voila! I had a nice even tint and no longer looked like a burn victim. I applied some tinted moisturizer as foundation and went on with the rest of my makeup routine.

I'm excited to apply a few more times to get more of a tint but overall this is a great product. It smells like cherries and has a natural tint (both orange and brown hues) so it will match most skin tones. I'm olive for the record and VERY pasty thanks to the New England winter coming in. If you want to avoid the toothpaste step I would suggest a mitt or gloves, but I personally prefer my hands. Like most self tanners this is not apply&go. It looks best after setting over night and a quick rinse in the morning. It should be noted that I did not exfoliate before application and have dry skin on my face. This probably would have went even better if I did. With more applications it will even out more.
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on May 12, 2015
Disappointed with this product. Despite thouroughly exfoliating before hand, and applying it to clean, dry skin, this product would not blend into my skin and was very gunky. It had a sticky texture and just made me look dirty and blotchy instead of tan. Would not recommend, especially for the price. I've had better results from much cheaper tanners.
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on October 29, 2015
i opened again since ive bought it about a month ago after using twice, cause my colors getting fade from beach tanning. whole bottle turned to dark gray and theres no tint at all! such a waste of money
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on June 19, 2011
I did a lot of research to find a tanning lotion that would look natural, not streak, and be easy to use. Sun Labs is my solution and it works fabulously. Here is what I did:

1. Watched a few YouTube videos on how to apply and what to expect, great info here
2. Bought latex gloves to wear while applying the tanning lotion
3. Showered and exfoliated for at least 2 days prior to applying, so minimum of 3 showers exfoliating each time. I've used both the sugar exfoliate products and just body gloves and saw no difference so for me the Loofah Gloves - 12 pairs are easier and cheaper
4. Dried off and applied a good skin lotion to my entire body, used Vaseline, Intensive Care, Cocoa Butter, Deep Conditioning, 24.5 oz Bottle (Pack of 3)
5. Chose an evening to put this on and do it right before going to bed - use dark sheets on your bed.

1. Put on the latex gloves
2. Starting with about a nickel size of tanning product I smeared both hands together then began mid-calf applying it in a circular motion and moving quickly
--this lets you work a little above and below where you started, so that you aren't glopping a bunch just above your ankle with no where to push it
6. I stayed away from the sides of my feet and put a very light amount on the tops of my feet, none on toes
7. Continued working my way up the body, ok to overlap, ok to use more at a time but not ok to apply a second coat over dried first coat - that doesn't seem to work well
8. Did my arms last down to wrists and did not apply to hands
9. Carefully rinsed the latex gloves before taking them off because I wanted to use them again
--make sure you don't splatter water on you, it will wash off the tanning lotion
10. Take off gloves and stand with legs and arms out away from body to dry
11. Wore loose clothing to bed and went to sleep
12. In the morning, took a normal shower
13. Poof! Instant, natural-looking tan, no orange, no streaking.

I find I need to repeat weekly to get the best results, and continue to exfoliate in-between otherwise you'll get an uneven color fade after a few days. Great solution for a natural looking tan without the sun damage!
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on February 19, 2016
I have been using this self tanner for 5+ years. I am naturally fair and freckly. I have strived for a tan since I was a teenager. All of my friends were tan, why wasn't I?? No one used sunscreen in the 1980s!! I have finally (almost) given up sitting in the sun. (How can something that feels so good, be so bad for you?!) Oh well, but it is, wrinkles and age spot are a reality! I wish I had this product 20 years ago! Here are some very IMPORTANT tips: Tip #1 - ALWAYS exfoliate with a sugar scrub before applying this product. If you apply it every day, you do not have to exfoliate every day, just once a week to keep the tan looking realistic and not blotchy. This product WILL settle on your age spots. I didn't even know I had age spots until I started using this product! I am 45 now, and yes, years of sunning has done this to my skin. In the winter, no spots. Come spring and self tanning, suddenly I have dark spots! (You can make these disappear, by the way, by visiting the dermatologist each winter, like I do!) When dark spots start to get too noticeably dark, re-exfoliate! Tip #2 - Always apply lotion, preferably sunblock, before applying this product. It will go on smoothly and much more evenly. Do one appendage at time. Apply lotion to one leg, then apply the product. Then apply lotion to the other leg, then apply the product. Same with arms, etc. Do NOT apply it to knees and elbows! Tip #3 - Mix a little of this product in your palm with your favorite facial moisturizer. It will give your face, neck and chest a nice, natural bronze. I would never just apply this product directly to my face. Tip #4 - MOST IMPORTANT....After applying, wash your hands with Arm & Hammer Extreme Whitening Toothpaste! No joke, your black hands will be miraculously pink again!! (Just be sure to use an old towel to dry them as there may be some residue. Good Luck and happy tanning! :)
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