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on August 2, 2012
This kettle is sold under many different names, GTC, Continental, Maxi-Matic, Proctor Silex, Sunbeam and Rival to name a few. They are all the same unit with a different screen printed name on the front.

I thought about getting a hot pot to boil water for my coffee instead of using the microwave and I limped in with this $10 purchase. The idea is sound and I will be buying another hot pot but this product was a waste of money. After the first week I started seeing an orange ring around the bottom hot plate, I later found out this was rust, which I have been drinking. After two weeks the unit would only work intermittently. I figured out while moving it around that water was coming out of the bottom. I took it apart and realized that the plastic pot interfaces with the hot metal heating element at a cheap silicone seal that had failed. This would also explain the foul taste in the boiled water. The heating element had rusted up between the seal and the metal.

There's no doubt that if I had continued to use this it would have been possible that water could have seeped out and I could have grounded on it and gotten a good shock. Do not buy this. Amazon should remove it.
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on September 22, 2012
I purchased two of these in the past 24 months. Both have failed prematurely. I contacted Sunbeam directly and included the make, model and date on the plug. I received an email asking me to supply the make, model and date on the plug.?????I submitted the info again and have yet to hear back. Poor quality, poor customer service. Sunbeam was once a trusted brand.Now it appears they don't even care.
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on January 25, 2013
Why I Bought It:
- I have a much more expensive electric tea kettle at home and wanted to get a smaller, cheaper one for work.
- I was elated to find this low-priced basic product that seemed to be perfect.

Initial Usage:
- This product worked for about 2 weeks, being used to heat up water twice a day during the work week.
- I turned the dial up to high to get the water boiling, and then turned it all the way down to low to keep it warm as I used the water to make tea during the day.
- The kettle was never on for more than an hour or two at a time. Since there is no 'off' switch, I just unplugged it whenever I used the last of the water.
- I always unplugged it and emptied it of water at the end of every work day before I left for home and it seemed all was well.

Catastrophe Strikes:
- Unfortunately, yesterday as I sat at my desk, a puddle of water suddenly started forming under the kettle and grew QUICKLY.
- In shock, I looked closer and noticed that water was not only streaming out of the bottom 'vent' but it was also streaming out of the hole where the plug came out of the kettle!
- Thankfully it was plugged into a power strip, so I cut the power to the strip and unplugged the kettle.
- I then proceeded to CAREFULLY mop up the piping hot water on my desk.
- The kettle is now in the trash.

- PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Read the reviews carefully (look for mention of leaks or 'plastic-tasting water'), be willing to spend more money, and purchase something much more sound.
- If I had unplugged the kettle and stepped out for a brief bathroom break, the puddle of water would have reached multiple items on my desk to ruin them before I got back.
- I had just heated the water, so the kettle was still plugged in. Between the sudden puddle of water and the fact that there is no way to actually turn the thing off besides unplugging it, I could have been seriously hurt by this thing.
- I will be sending this review to the Sunbeam people soon - they really need to take this off of the shelves and reenforce it properly to prevent terrible accidents (like the one I barely avoided) from happening.
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on December 21, 2012
This product is made under many different names but basically they are all the same.
My original Sunbeam hot pot lasted several years, but it finally died.

In November of 2012 I bought a new one. It worked fine but after three weeks it started leaking.

I took it back and got a replacement one. The replacement lasted two weeks, It started leaking
and a red corrosion could be seen forming around the heating ring looking like rust.

I took it back, I am now on my third pot since November. The salesman tells me this is a new
and improved version. We shall see. Apparently the problem is the seal between the heating ring
and the base of the pot. This seal has failed on both pots I purchased and I am wondering how
long the "new and improved" version will last.

I love the function of the hot pot, very convenient for quickly heating water for coffee or soup.
When my current one fails I will shop for a better and probably more expensive version.
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on April 24, 2013
Got this so I could make tea every day at my desk at work. It always spilled a little hot water when I went to pour, but I figured out that if I poured slowly, it spilled less, and I was okay with putting a paper towel under it every time I poured. But then about a month later, even pouring slowly wasn't helping -- a lot of water was leaking out, and didn't stop when I put it down! I realized the water was actually leaking out of the hole where the cord goes into the pot. Boiling water was streaming out, at a moderate pace, and ruined a lot of the papers on my desk before I could get the thing to the sink to dump out. I'm no expert on electricity, but I can imagine the potential hazard of having water leaking out around an electrical cord!

What a piece of junk. How hard is it to boil water without leaking it out all over? Next time I'll pay more and get something that functions for more than a month.
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on May 26, 2015
A friend gave me one of these about 5 years ago and it worked perfectly until we accidentally destroyed it. I really liked this style because it was easy to clean and boiled the water in a short amount of time. So I bought another and after about 6 months water started leaking out of the bottom which I thought was my fault because I let the water boil out. So I got another but now I am seeing the water leak out of the bottom again even though I've been particularly careful with the pot. I can see the heating element has separated from the plastic allowing water to seep down. Sunbeam must be using a different manufacturing company or going cheap on their construction of their products. Don't waste your health or your money on this product.
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on March 9, 2013
I will be writing Sunbeam again after I send this. This product is a Hazard. I am 52 years old. Very Athletic and coordinated. I have burned myself 3 times with this product. It is very poorly designed and obviously not tested. I dropped the pot on two occasions after being burned. It is the dumbest thing I've seen in many years. Yes it heats water fast. No, it doest not shield your hand when you tip it to pour. Everyone should stay away from this especially the Elderly and the Young.
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on October 30, 2013
Having used my at work Sunbeam Hot pot a few times to heat food, I noticed the paint over the heating element showing signs of damage.

Lesson 1: Do Not use for cooking, only use for heating water.

I have used this item about 10x a week and the paint is beginning to flake off. It is time to replace. Roughly 700 uses is not bad for a $20 item. So it is on the list as a replacement for itself, but I am going to consider spending a few more bucks.

My first Sunbeam electric hot pot has been in service at least once usually twice a day for about 10 days. I am happy enough with its performance that I just bought a second. I have one at work and one at home. I find they are slightly faster than the microwave at boiling water for tea or coffee and they use less electricity. While I have not yet tested it I believe it will quickly heat lunch noodles or simple soups.

To me this is a slightly more elaborate immersion heater. The rules for them apply: do not leave unattended and do not leave plugged in.

Simple fast electrically efficient
The base which contains the heating element remains cool
It is easy to fill to just the amount you need.
Easy to clean
Has a small counter top/storage foot print
The top is designed to reduce splashing

There is no OFF. Do not plug in until you have water/soup in the pot! Do not leave plugged in after it is empty!
The base remains cool, but the pot gets hot! Handle with care!
Very short plug
The anti-splash pour top will get in the way when pouring soup or anything more substantial than water
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on December 29, 2013
I will say Amazon was great about the return process, but this was a definite turkey and I won't buy another. It leaked the first time I tried to use it. I don't mean a drip or two - all the water that went into the top gushed out the bottom. Save yourself - get something else!
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on January 7, 2016
This water pot is total junk! Do not buy! The hearing unit is not secure to the pot, and the cheap seal holding it all together will fail! Water into the electrical parts and huge shock hazard!

If you still want to risk it, and take the chance of getting electrocuted, you might get a month out of it like I did. I used it once a day, and it lasted 32 days.
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