Customer Reviews: Sundown Naturals Super Snooze with Melatonin Nightime Formula Capsules, 90 Count
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on September 29, 2012
I have had sleep issues for years. I have used many melatonin supplements, advil pm, ambien, etc. I do not like to use ambien all the time but it is hard to come off of it. I saw this at my rite aid store and I thought gee what a cheap looking supplement. I thought it looked too cheap to be effective. I bought it and was so surprised at how well it worked! A previous reviewer noted that it is best to take 2 hrs before bed, that is correct. It is also extra effective if at the same time you take a magnesium and calcium supplement. This product worked better for me than an expensive version of it from Whole Foods. Also helps get me off ambien. Ambien has been prescribed for me because of dealing with my daughter's health issues.

if you read my reviews, you will see I have an 11 yr old girl that has been ill this past year with small intestine problems.. Nights can be hard for her, but it is not advised to give sleep aids to a child. I understand this but sometimes you have to give relief where you can. I would give her a half of an advil pm but that made her groggy and hard to wake up. I tried one of these super snooze on her and the one capsule was too much. I do buy empty 00 capsules to make her supplements, so one day i opened up one of these capsules and made her a half dose of it. Gave it to her 2 hrs prior to bed along with her intestine supplements without telling her that I had given her something. (this is to keep her from mentally thinking she needs a supplement to help her sleep). Worked like a charm! She was reading before bed then just said good night and went to sleep. No bIg dramatic 'oh my goodness I feel so sleepy' and then clunk she is out, just a natural time for bed sleepiness. We only use occasionally when we see there might be some pain issues in the night. This helps us avoid having to give her advil to manage the pain....anti inflammatories help her pain but are ultimately bad for her gi issues. Catch 22, right? If she has had a tough week and has needed it more than a couple of times, on Friday and Saturday night I let the kids stay up as late as they want playing/reading until she fallsl asleep naturally. This breaks her cycle of needing it.

I want to note that my daughter has improved SO much this past year and it is in part due to the fact that I have done a crapload of research and have learned about supplements and foods that heal as opposed to just giving my child harsh drugs the drs try and throw at you. They want to manage symptoms but I am looking at long term healing. The drugs they want an 11 yr old to take! They grudgingly admit when I bring her in that she has healed much faster than they expected. You know what else helped? Reading TONS of reviews here on amazon from people who have tried stuff, see what works or doesn't. There are alternatives ways to heal. I know it is easier to just hope the doc writes THE prescription that will make it all better but that is not always the case.
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on November 9, 2011
I don't have chronic or serious insomnia, but I do occasionally have sleepless nights due to worry, stress, or other factors. I love Super Snooze. It contains a combination of herbal and other natural ingredients, all known to assist in relaxation. It doesn't leave me feeling groggy in the morning, even when I take it in the middle of the night.
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on October 20, 2014
Better and more natural than any sleeping aids, including neurontin, which affects memory I'm told by dr. My gyn (female)got me on this, and at first, I felt knocked out in less than one hour before bedtime. that was just the first week, one pill.

Second week, I decided to take it an hour before bed, and its the norm now most nights, and always helps give me a normal sleep with dreams--those are a necessary part of sleep cycling even if you forget them, like me! But I know I'm dreaming a lot, and my sleep feels more relaxed and not drowsy next morning.
Has 5mg melatonin plus a few extras, like chamomile (sp?), so it must be the right combo for me.

NOTE: There is another Sundown sleep formula in pharmacies, but it is not this one, "super snooze". Buy this one.
UPDATE: Works better for me if I take it within half hour of hitting the pillow...and still having the "dream cycle" many nights, which is a normal sleep stage.
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on August 16, 2012
I started using Super Snooze Melatonin by Sundown Naturals after multiple spinal and orthopaedic injuries and surgeries and IT REALLY WORKS! Before I found this product, doctors prescribed common pharmacological sleep aids - all with morning side effects of feeling hung over, extra tired, no energy. On my own I discovered Super Snooze Melatonin by Sundown Naturals and I swear by it. You get a restful, relaxed sleep and wake up so refreshed, clear-headed, ready for the day, and better able to handle stress. It's Gold to me. Anyone who suffers fom chronic insomnia should try this. It's all natural. I have endured so many side effects from prescription drugs over the years since a truck hit me (some drug side effects hospitalized me). After, I sought out non-pharmacological remedies and this is one I advocate anyone with severe insomnia and chronic pain should try. Try one capsule first about 1 hour before bedtime, in addition to creating a serene, stress-free sleeping environment. I am 5 feet 8 inches, 139 pounds, sensitive/allergic to most prescription drugs (and food products too), but I take 2 capsules a night of Sundown Naturals Super Snooze Melatonin and get the best sleep (including REM) of my life. It's worth trying. It says on the label "wake up refreshed" and I swear that is exactly what I am finally able to experience after years of taking prescribed meds. I hope Sundown continues to make this amazing, helpful product. I hope insomniacs and those who live with chronic pain like me try this product. A true lifesaver.
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on February 20, 2014
I'm a college student with occasional insomnia. I'm a computer science student, and sometimes, when I have a particularly challenging course that requires me to study so much my head hurts, my brain runs in overdrive. I simply can't turn my brain off. This has been especially true for calculus class.

Sleep aids usually work, but they leave me with a feeling that I can only describe as a sleeping pill hangover. Ninety-five percent of the time they knock me out cold, and the other five percent of the time they don't help at all. Unfortunately, when they don't work, I'm left with the hangover feeling and inadequate sleep, which makes the following day just awful.

While at the grocery store, I found some herbal tea that said it may help with sleep. It worked great, though it smelled a bit like pot. The active ingredient was Valerian root, and it works great. Next, I researched a bit more and found some chamomile tea, and it also worked really well.

So I had bought some Valerian root and chamomile supplements since I didn't want to make tea all the time. Other than Valerian smelling like stinky feet, it was okay. Then, I saw this stuff on sale BOGO while I was looking for melatonin, and noticed it had Valerian and chamomile in one pill. Awesome! I've now been using it for a couple years.

While it doesn't knock me out like OTC sleep aids, it's really effective and it's my favorite sleep aid to use. It works most of the time, and it doesn't leave me feeling like a zombie the next day.
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on February 23, 2016
I've been taking this for probably 6 years now to sleep. I was taking it when it only had 3mg of melatonin in it. I used to work the night shift (4.5 years) and this made it easier to sleep during the day. I would get at least a solid 8 hours every day. Now that I no longer work the night shift, I still take it every night due to the fact I had a malignant brain tumor on my pineal gland, which produces melatonin. This was around 13-14 years ago and I'm cancer free now, but I did have 3 extensive brain surgeries that may have damaged the pineal gland, so I always take my melatonin and it works like a charm. The only time I ever had trouble sleeping while taking this supplement was that one time I tried Extenze and it revved up my heart rate and such so that I couldn't sleep. I'll never do that again. A coworker offered it to me, not telling me it was a stimulant, so I was pretty angry the next night I had to go into work.

Anyway, if you are having trouble sleeping, realize that this is the ideal formula to help you sleep better. I usually take 2 of them each night, but that's mostly due to my pineal gland issue, so most people should be able to get by on one. Before I took this or any other melatonin supplement, my sleep would often seem lighter and less restful. Now I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day. Just make sure you sleep for 8 hours when you take it, or at least as close as possible or you may wake up feeling a bit groggy. That's not a problem though if you have coffee. :)
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on March 19, 2015
This is working as well as plain melatonin for me. It gets four stars because it works, but I probably would not buy it again. The capsules are enormous and stinky and don't seem to offer any advantage over melatonin-only pills.
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on June 7, 2016
I take these when I'm having trouble gettin in there, or I don't want to fool around. Not good for phone time wind down. Good for reading wind down, or tallkin to spouse wind down. Takes about 30 min. What I like is that it makes you drowsy, and then basically just keeps you from waking yourself back up in that dreamy, slow slipping early stage of sleep. I always get self aware of my going-to sleep and get in my own way. This helps fog over those thoughts and keep me under until rem takes over.
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on October 24, 2012
love this stuff, it's a life saver. I have problems falling asleep at night - once I get to sleep I sleep like a log, but it takes a while for me to get to sleep. These things knock me right out. I take a pill and within 15 minutes my eyelids are heavy and I'm ready for bed, sleeping soundly throughout the night. Only negative is the pills make you pee, so if you have a small bladder you might not make it through the night - any time I have to get up to use the bathroom after taking one of these I fall right back to sleep no problem - not so if I don't take one. This and SleepyTime Tea are the only things that help me sleep - I've tried dozens of sleep aides, and the natural ingredients are the only things that work
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on May 24, 2015
I gave this to a co-worker as a gift because she had anxiety and trouble falling asleep. The next day I received a very big thank you because it worked great.

I like this product better than buying each supplement individually because it works and I prefer to take as little as possible to get to the same point. I do believe you need to be preemptive when taking these supplements, I go to bed around 12AM every night and I like to take it no later than 9PM.
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