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on March 24, 2012
Well, before purchasing this product, you have to know about your height. 5-03, that's my height. After assembling and ready to ride, I realized that my feet were not long enough to reach the pedals... I disassembled the back supporter and handles attached to it and shifted down the saddle and finally I made it! However the plastic part between the saddle and metal is getting damaged every time I use the product because my weight bears down on it. It's too troublesome to disassemble again and pack it up because it takes too much time so I decided to keep it. Anyway, when you buy this product, make sure you're tall enough to use this bicycle. One more thing:
I thought the span of the tension control is too easy for me; the highest number is like climbing the stairs at home- it is very mild. If you hope to excersise very hard, this model is not for you.
I like the design because it takes less space and is easy to assemble. Just again, measure your height and your legs.
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on April 18, 2012
I want to start off with something that concerned me prior to purchasing - the height adjustments on the bike. Because everyone is proportioned differently, it's extremely difficult to tell you if you're tall enough, or too tall, without you actually sitting on the bike.

I'm 5'1, I fit on the first, and second height settings. Also; one reviewer said you had to have the bike on the second setting of 4 in order to have the back seat, or hip handle bars. That is in fact, not true. I have mine on the lowest setting, and have both the seat, and bottom bars attached.

Pros - Quiet, Useful display settings of speed and distance etc, Doesn't take up much room, Does exactly what it advertises.

Cons - The seat, is extremely uncomfortable. Almost unbearable. After riding it (I usually go an hour) my pelvic bones are sore. I'm hoping over time I will get used to it, or I can purchase a seat cover because the padding on the seat just isn't cutting it for me, being butt-less and all. Also, I found it to be quite heavy, so my dreams of moving it onto my back porch for some scenery is no bueno. ("Hey, just get a real bike and go outside!!!")

*Resistance wasn't a problem for me, and with biking, it really shouldn't be. All that matters is how quickly you're peddling, and how long you do it for.

*I had no issues with my legs touching the hip handle bars, as I read someone else had.

All around I actually do adore this bike. It works, and I can work out while reading, watching TV, or screaming off the top of my lungs along with my iPod (Which I couldn't/wouldn't do in a gym)
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on March 17, 2012
I've been looking for an exercise bike within my budget, and finding one with a small footprint was even better for my crowded apartment. It took me about an hour to put it together (handlebars, seat, peddles), some of the bolts are in tricky places and the tools they provide aren't the best, but it got the job done. I wound up taking off the handles under the seat, because unless you're skinny, they poke into your legs with each peddle downstroke.

Pros: very quiet, doesn't take up much room at all, easy to move and yet sturdy, fairly comfortable up to at least a half hour of sitting, and adjustable seat height (four settings) is plenty high enough for me, something I was concerned about at 5' 11"

Cons: recumbent handles are too close to the seat for comfort.
Peddle resistance could be stronger although it's not so much an issue until I build up my leg strength, and it is fine for my needs (encouraging myself to exercise while watching TV, instead of sitting on the couch). There are 8 settings, 1 is no resistance at all, I usually have it set on 5 or 6, and bump it up to 8 towards the end of a half hour session.

All in all, a great little bike and you can't beat the price.
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on September 26, 2012
Okay, so i was concerned when i bought this that it would actually be very unstable and or to flimsy for a plus size gal, boy am I pleasantly surprised. Bike was a cinch to put together, came with all the tools i needed (though hint for those ample hipped gals, leave the seat bars off they will be less than comfy for us larger riders). As for weight, it's not feather light, but it is a reasonable weight for moving and actually can roll so u can move it room to room etc. The monitor is pretty basic, but that's great because it's simple to use. I love sitting on this and watching tv, reading, heck with the right table you could probably even use your laptop while riding. As for my first comments, sturdy, it's very sturdy. I am so pleased, even my boyfriend has used it and he's a 6 foot 200+ pound man and it supported him very well. The tension isn't super high, but when you ride long enough you definitely can get a work out. I must say though, that it might not be ideal for anyone very short as i'm 5 foot 6 and have a hard time getting my leg over the part of the bike that is designed to let the bike fold up....the bar is a bit awkard, but outside of that design seems good. The seat can be uncomfortable after a bit , but from my experience that is par for the course w/bikes, and you can always buy a gel/memory foam seat cover if need be. All in all I'd say it's sturdy, light enough for moving, holding up well thus far and is pretty tiny as far as an exercise bike is concerned, can definitely go in a corner or closet...highly recommend it!
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on June 7, 2012
First off, I would definitely recommend this bicycle! Okay, so I am 5'5 and I had NO problems reaching the pedals and pedaling comfortably. I don't know about the others claiming they are 5'5 and how they couldn't reach the pedals.

- Extremely quiet
- Pretty affordable (even for a college student) $117
- Easy to put together (depending how familiar you are with tools), took me 1 1/2 hours.
- Very sturdy, doesn't feel like it gonna break when you sit on it (I'm 170lbs)
- Takes up SO little space. Being a college student, I live in a SMALL room and this fits perfectly. Folds up super easily too.

- HOLY MOTHER OF JEEZUS. The seat is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY uncomfortable. When I read the reviews about the seat being uncomfortable, I thought that they were being dramatic but holy seriously.... My butt and back hurt sooo much from sitting there. I think I'll have to add a pillow onto the seat.
- Again, like the other reviews said, the resistance is pretty much non-existent. But after like 5 minutes for me, my legs still start to burn.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this bike. The quality is so nice for the price. If I had to buy this bike again I would.
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on March 1, 2015
Love this bike. I was able to put it together without my husband help in about 45 min. I bought a padded seat cushion just in case. It's very quiet and a definite space saver. I would highly recommend it.
review image
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on January 29, 2013
This is not a recumbent bike. It is a compact folding upright. For it to be recumbent, you'd need to move the seat (already at its lowest position) down 1' and back another 1.5'. Since I only wanted a recumbent for the back support, this isn't a huge problem. But if you want something easier on your back and knees, go for a true recumbent bicycle.

Major flaw: I am 5'4" and when I sit with my feet on the pedals, I'm not even touching the back support. To rest my back against it, I have to lean so far backwards that trying to pedal becomes ridiculous. I had to modify the seat back just so I could reach it, and that meant buying wood pieces and hardware (see my uploaded customer image.)

I'm pleased by the ultra-compact size when the unit is folded. However, unit stability is sacrificed for the sake of easy storage. When I'm pedaling at a steady pace, the bike rocks side-to-side, which is very annoying. All the bolts are securely tightened, so it's not an assembly issue. I'm going to try a small exercise mat and see if that helps.

The magnetic resistance is pretty wimpy, though I do still feel a burn in my thigh muscles after 10 minutes or so of steady biking. People who bike infrequently might find the resistance more challenging.

I reviewed a similar mag cycle, Marcy Upright (, which is sturdier, has stronger resistance, and is fairly compact (i.e. doesn't take up much space) but lacks back support and folding capabilities. Unless you live in a tiny space, I recommend that bike instead as it is also currently cheaper than the innacurately named Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike.
review image
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on June 16, 2014
I was initially skeptical of purchasing this bike, fearing that the low price meant it would be wobbly, poorly manufactured, or lack difficult resistance settings. I was wrong! For the price, this bike is an absolute steal. When you first purchase, you will need to add the stability bars, pedals, seat, back, and handles. However, the instructions are fairly easy to follow and in my case, everything fit and lined up well (except for one screw out of the 4 on the back rest, no big deal.) Like other reviewers, I also chose to leave the handlebar under the seat off the bike as it is a bit too narrow for comfort. Many reviewers have complained about comfort of the seat itself, but I find it to be fine. In terms of resistance, the settings truly do have a noticeable difference. I like that unlike other bikes in this price range this bike came with a small, attachable speed and distance tracker. It is also very sturdy, while riding the bike does not wobble, nothing feels lose, and I feel that it supports my weight well. It's also pretty quiet, I ride while watching TV and don't notice any noise coming from the caging. The biggest advantage is that this bike really does fold into a small amount of space making it easy to store in a closet or under the bed. That was the ultimate selling point given that I live in a 750 sq ft apartment.On top of it's form and functionality, it's also just cute!
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on September 25, 2014
I bought this a little over a month ago as a birthday present to me. I have just had my second baby in aspan of 18 months so I am quite over weight for my size (I'm 5'1" and currently weigh in around 205) and I live in an area where walking outside or jogging with a double stroller just isn't feasible. It was easy to set up, I did it myself in about 45 mins. It's very quiet, I can get up early before the kids and flip on the tv and ride my bike for an hour or so and no one gets woken up which is great. It does make a slight clicking noise but whatever is making the noise doesn't seem to effect how it works. I can comfortably reach the pedals without straining although the front handles are difficult to reach. My one complaint is the handles below the seat, they're so close to the seat my big butt is squished between them and it gets a little uncomfortable. It IS wobbly when you're trying to get on or off but when you're on it's quite stable.
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on January 12, 2013
- design
- easy fold up/storage and not too heavy for me
- fits well in a lot of areas
- no annoyingly loud noises
- definitely feel a difference in the resistance settings

- the pedals take getting used to and are very sharp feeling (I like to use it barefoot), but after two weeks didn't notice a pain when riding any more
- seat is very uncomfortable after 5 minutes (using a cushion to help resolve that problem)
- handle bars next to seat are way too close to the seat itself to be adequately used
- seems to be build for taller people
I'm about 5'8" and I have no problem peddling, a shorter person may have issues though as there seems to be no way to adjust the height much (I use the lowest setting and would probably be more comfortable if the seat went down another notch or two).

Overall I would recommend this if you are tall enough and can overcome the few issue areas.
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