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on February 26, 2010
I purchased one of these humidifiers last winter. At first, I loved it so much I ordered 2 more for my kids. We used them for 3 months and then put them away when we shut down the heater for the season. This winter, however, we've had nothing but problems. The first one started leaking water . (I suggest putting the unit in a shallow container if you have nice furniture, as this happens quite often.) The units were still under warranty so I contacted the company. They tried everything possible to persuade me from returning it. Their solutions to fix the unit were as follows: Clean the unit with lemon juice, only use distilled water, and empty the unit when not in use. I already do all of these things, but I have no idea how that will "repair" a leak. The unit leak so much that it stopped working. I spend $10 to return the unit. A week later someone from the company called to say there was nothing wrong with it so they were sending it back without doing any repairs. Needless to say, since they didn't bother fixing or replacing it, the unit still leaks water and doesn't produce mist.

When the first one broke, I started using one of the others I had. But after just one month of use, that one no longer produces mist. And now the third unit just started leaking water. I'm really screwed now because at this point all 3 units are out of warranty.

Initially, I spent over $150 on the three units I bought. I can't believe Sunpentown refused to do anything about the defective one I sent back. You think they would've replaced it just to keep a good customer. Take my advice: SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! THIS UNIT IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY...AND SUNPENTOWN DOES NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY!!!
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on January 6, 2009
I travel frequently and, while working on a job, my old travel humidifier kicked the bucket. After much internet searching, I found this nifty little device. First off, it's MUCH smaller than you think-- slightly larger than a large box of 250-ct matches. Insert a water bottle, plug it in & you're set. Easy to clean & carry with you, the thing I love most about it is that if it runs out of water, it stops on it's own. It puts out a large amount of cold humid air for it's stature, but unfortunately it struggled against the incredibly dry air in the Minneapolis hotel room where I was staying. My recommendation would be to run the humidifier all day while you're gone with the door closed to your room and see if that humidifies the space more effectively.
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on December 28, 2009
I initially purchased this portable humidifier to use at the office. It is extremely dry, and I had been getting dried up bloody noses from the dry heat. I was searching for a filterless humidifier, because I did not want to worry about filters get mildewy and gross, especially from not using it over the weekends and holidays. I also wanted something that would be easy to put away in a cupboard when I left work. I came across this Suppentown portable humidifier and thought it sounded perfect.

It has worked incredibly well so far. As an added bonus, I was easily able to wipe it out, put it in my bag, and take it with me to visit out of town family for the Christmas holidays. They have electric baseboard heating, which is extremely drying. I used to keep a regular humidifier there, but I was the only one who used it, so it needed a new filter every time I used it. This portable one worked perfectly!! A few family members were very interested in it, and my mom is even going to order one after seeing how great it worked.

The only thing I can think of that would make it better is if you could use a larger bottle. 16.9 ounces doesn't last very long if you have it on high (does not last through the night). I am curious to try a 20 oz or 24 oz bottle possibly one day. I have had issues with a couple bottles used so far. I think it is because of the cheap, flimsy plastic used. I have tried an Aquafina bottle and a store brand water bottle. Both could be a little difficult getting the adapter on properly. I did find a bottle that works perfectly and seems to be much sturdier (it is 17 oz., so close enough to the 16.9 limit). It is Talking Rain Sparkling Ice flavored water. I will keep a couple of those on hand at the office, home, and my parents' house.

I highly recommend this humidifier for office use, traveling, or small rooms. I'm not sure it would be the right thing for constant use at a house because of the water limitation. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

UPDATE 10/28/13

Somebody in my office was commenting on my humidifier, so I went to Amazon to find the link to send them. I just wanted to post an update -- I've had my Suppentown humidifier for almost 4 years now, and it still works perfectly. I just started using it again last week, so I do only use it during the cold weather (roughly October through March). It goes through a 17 ounce bottle in about 6 hours. Sometimes it can take close to 8 hours on not so dry days.

Through trial and error, I have discovered the perfect setup for making this humidifier work perfectly every time. I only use bottles by "Sparkling ICE". I tried several different kinds in the beginning, and these were the only type that allowed the adapter to screw on securely and didn't leak. So I stuck with them. I reuse the same 2 bottles (keep 2 in case I don't want to get up immediately when 1 runs out of water). I did get a 2nd humidifier to keep at my parents' house for when I am there, and it still works great, too.

I tried 20 ounce bottles (the Sparkling ICE are 17 ounces), but they immediately leaked. It's too much water pressure for the unit to work correctly. It's going to leak every time. I read some recent reviews, and it seems like a lot of people are having problems with leaking units. It's a shame, because mine works perfectly after the bottle experimentations. I also make sure that the water is not filled completely to the top of the bottle. I fill it to about 1/2 an inch below the neck. Filling it all the way up also seems to create too much pressure and will cause a leak.

Another cause of leaks --- if you lift the bottle and set it back down, more water goes into the unit. Also if you move it around, the button will release more water into the unit. This also can cause a leak. If I accidentally do this more than once, I will take off the bottle for a few minutes until some of the water has been used, and I will then set the bottle back down.

I absolutely LOVE my humidifier and wouldn't give it up for anything. It has worked perfectly for my needs for almost 4 years and has kept me from getting bloody noses while at work. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants a low maintenance option for an office, hotel room, or any small room in general. (I've used it at home, and it's not enough humidity for me there for everyday use.) Just try the water bottle options that I've explained, and I think you will be more than happy with this.
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on February 15, 2009
I think the title says it all. I was going to go with a large, big tank, needed filters, kinda unit. After reading all the reviews and then buying this unit. This is the best buy i have found. Especially in a humidifier. It is easy. It does as advertised. I have been using a 33 oz. bottle of water with the setting at one half on the knob and i fill the bottle with tap city tap water everyday and it works like a champ. It last til the next day with water to spare. You will have to clean it once a week maybe sooner. It is not hard to clean. The white top comes off for easy access to the bottom of the water well. I like the light although I wish it had a cut off switch sometimes. I have a 900SqFt house near the beach and I use electric heat during cold winters. Helped fix my Nasal congestion problems I had been having. I put mine in my living room near my bamboo plant. It kinda gives my plant some comfort to.
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on December 8, 2009
It was soo hard for me to choose a humidifier (I do research for a living and therefore research the crap out of products and brands before I purchase them). When I saw 5 stars for this product across multiple websites I thought it has to be the one.
I absolutely love this humidifier. It is soo low maintenance - it says to clean it with cloth once a week, I do this about once every 2-3. I simply refill the water bottle every night when I get in from work - once right when I get home and then again right before I go to bed.
There is a dial for different mist settings which is nice if I want to make it last longer throughout the night. It also turns off automatically when empty without making any noises or anything that wakes you up.
The dry air in NY was causing a lot of tear inside my nose and problems with my sinuses. My symptoms went away after one week of using this humidifier.
I highly recommend purchasing this one - you cant lose.
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on May 25, 2009
I've always used humidifiers in the winter season. The huge, heavy tank, the cleaning, ugh! Recently, I developed dry eye and was told by my doctor to use a humidifier to help with the nighttime dryness. After searching Amazon and using the very helpful reviews, I ordered this little dynamo.

You don't need a lot of water. You don't need to humidify the whole room...just the area near your head. This unit is almost amazingly SMALL. Quiet. Convenient. I bought distilled water from the supermarket, store it in the bathroom and fill a 16 oz water bottle every other day. It was never practical to use distilled water before, in the usual gallon humidifier tank, even though it is recommended. Who wants to buy/cart that much water?

This little beauty does the job. Lots of cool mist. In fact, on the high setting, it can soak the pillow case, so I keep it at about 1/2 setting. Every morning I take off the nozzle and top, pour out the remaining water and let everything air dry during the day. The bright light in the well was a problem, but I took a suggestion from this site and put a small piece of black electrician's tape over it. This doesn't seem to effect it's function at all, but I do wish the manufacturer would address this issue, as it is the main complaint.

I recently traveled with it, and it was great. Of course, it has helped through the winter cold season and the spring sinus season. Highly recommend it. Great product.
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I was very disappointed to find that this device would not operate despite following all instructions. The light came on, so it wasn't a matter of defective electronics that wouldn't come on at all, but obviously there is some sort of problem as it would not generate humidity at all.

I just can't bring myself to order another one of these after the frustration I've had with the defective one. I'm going to give the Air-O-Swiss travel humidifier a go instead. Ultrasonic Travel-size Hunidifier
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on May 3, 2009
~ Quality manufactured (in China)
~ Variable vapor output
~ Automatically shuts off when out of water
~ Compact bedside table size
~ International voltage ready
~ Includes two bottle adapters

~ Has a bright blue light that *could* be too bright for some users
~ Noise level is low but *could* be too noisy for some users

I'm hypercritical about manufactured products but this was quite a surprise. I did not give it 5 stars because there is no way to turn off the bright blue light that shines through the vapor nozzle. If you can live with that you won't be disappointed.
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on September 27, 2012
After reading other reviews, I was surprised by how much the box weighed when it arrived on my porch. The item inside was very small however, which was my main reason for buying the product. The plastic spout is flipped in for travel so it takes up a very small amount of space. The cord is sufficiently long.

The item comes with 3 adapters for different sized bottles. After reading reviews, I was expecting my bottle to not fit in any and leak all over. I also expected the adapters to be plugs that I push in the bottle, not something that screws into the bottle top. I also expected to have issues finding a bottle that fit.

My first bottle attempt was a 34 oz Canada Dry bottle. I chose this because it is thicker since the original contents were carbonated. The adapters in the bottle are blue, white, and clear. The clear one fit perfectly, and screwed onto the top so the bottle didn't leak at all. I fill it about 2/3 of the way up, so more than 17 ounces, and it works fine. It also lasts all day on high filled this much.

The water flows out at a pretty high rate on high, and I keep it on medium at work so no one thinks my desk is on fire. The blue LED is not noticeable during the day. The water evaporates quickly and I haven't had so much as a drop land on my desk. The only sound it makes is a slight whir and on high the water sounds like a gurgle, but goes away on medium.

I wish the sticker with the product data wasn't on the front but I'll probably just peel it off. The dial to control it is on the back and it would be nice if it was on the front. Finally the opening in the spout could be larger so the moisture spreads around a little more. That being said, it's a good 3 feet from my face and I can tell a huge difference.

I chose between this product, the 1052 and the Swiss-O versions. I chose this because it was the cheapest and weighed the least with the same max output as the others.

Edit: The item is still working fine. I have since filled the bottle all the way up and it still runs fine. I am only using filtered water in it.
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on February 18, 2014
I was looking for something small that I could take with me to work and use at night in the bedroom. It was surprisingly small. The perfect size to put just about anywhere. It was also pretty quiet, my husband is a light sleeper and he said the fan noise was gentle enough that it put him to sleep without bothering him. It's helped both of our sinuses. The only problem was it says the water bottle adapters fit "almost every U.S. water bottle" this isn't true. We ended up with a little leaking when we used standard water bottles. After some research we found that the Evian 500 mL bottle fit with the blue euro adaptor perfectly. Now we have NO leaks. I would recommend this product. I just wish the manufacturer would have a list of bottles that would fit the adaptors.
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