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I am normally not a fan of movies with talking animals. I know I'm overly practical but it's hard for me to get into something so unrealistic. However, with Disney's name on Super Buddies, I knew if anyone could do it well, it would be Disney.

My kids weren't really interested in watching and after seeing it, I think it's a little old for my four and five year olds. Part of it is just that it's not a cartoon but since the human characters are young teens, it would probably appeal more to a tween/teen audience. Paige did come in and out when the aliens were on screen as they were more up her alley!

I'm always amazed when watching Disney movies how skilled they are at matching voices with animals/characters. The accents and expressions fit to a `T' so you really believe these talking animals as they have evolved into something so realistic. I think in these types of movies it's really a make or break deal to get the voices right.

Super Buddies was cute and entertaining and I actually enjoyed watching it. It's good, clean family fun with a great message about working and sticking together and I think my kids will really enjoy it when they are old enough in a few years.
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on December 4, 2013
What a great family movie. Not impressed by the Disney Digital Copy though. I was thinking I could download it onto my computer and then let the kids watch it on the tablet when we traveled. Once it's downloaded, it can only be watched on that specific computer. If your computer crashes, you lose the movie and can't download it again (I tried). Won't use digital again by Disney - not a reason to buy it.
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on September 16, 2013
There is not a buddies show that I don't love. These are the cutest puppies... The shows are wholesome and funny and
we look forward to any new shows they make! Thank you so much...
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on November 3, 2015
Super Buddies directed by Robert Vince is a positive film about teamwork, good defeating evil, and the love you have your your family, friends, and pets. Super Buddies is about a group of 5 dogs that help save the world. Each Buddie has a special power that they each contribute to become one big fighting force. Buddha has the power to levitate people and objects, Mudbud can turn invisible and sneak attack people, Rosebud has super speed to retrieve objects and attack people, Budderball has super strength and can pick up people and objects, and lastly B-Dawg has stretchy power and uses it to trip people or wrap people up.
The first positive message that was evident throughout the entire film was teamwork. We first saw the characters use teamwork to complete the scavenger hunt. Each team ran around looking for all the objects before the other teams. Rosebud and Mudbud were looking for an oval object, Mudbud ran into the hen house to get an egg but was scared off by the head hen. Rosebud then went in and grabbed the egg while Mudbud distracted the hens. This shows that the pups have a sense of strategy, which is also seen a lot in the film. Another time the pups use team work and strategy is when Mr. Swanson’s candy store is being robbed. The pups ran inside the store to see that Mr. Swanson was all tied up and the that intruders were stealing all the candy. All the Buddies used their powers to stop the intruders from leaving. First, Rosebud use her super speed power and took a string and tied up one of the intruders. Then Budderball used his super strength to spit super strength gum balls at the other intruder. Thirdly B-Dawg used his stretchy power to knock down the second intruder. Next Mudbud used his invisible power to run and give the first intruder a wedgie and finally Buddha dumped caramel and candy on the intruders. The pups were able to contain the intruders until Sheriff Dan got to the candy store to take them away. The Pups used teamwork to slow down the intruders and strategy by the order they attacked the intruders in. The pups weren’t the only ones that used team work and strategy though. Megasis had to get the Rings of Inspiron to earth before Drex could get them. Megasis put the rings in a torpedo and shot them at earth and then shot another one into Drex’s shuttle to look like he crashed. When Megasis crashed on earth he immediately dissolved his space craft so there was no evidence for Drex. Megasis then shape shifted into a dog and teamed up with Jack Schaffer and left no evidence of his existence on earth. Megasis used strategy by tricking Drex into thinking he crashed his space craft and then he used team work when he paired up with Jack Schaffer and they became Kid Courageous and Captain Canine.
As we all know, good almost always defeats evil. In Super Buddies this is a very common theme. In many instances a good thing was always defeating or stopping an evil thing. For example, the Buddies stopped the intruders in the candy shop and saved Mr. Swanson. If the Buddies didn’t stop the intruders then they could have gotten away and probably have taken all of what Mr. Swanson have and lived for. Next is an exception the to idea that good always defeats evil. Sheriff Dan put Drex in jail but Drex was able to shape shift into Sheriff Dan which allowed him to get out and be a potential threat to the outside community. When Drex got out of jail he started to ask Bartleby and his friends questions about where he could find the Rings of Inspiron. Bartleby and his friends thought he was Sheriff Dan so they of course told him and then Drex went and caused havoc. Another time that good defeated evil was when Capitan Canine took out Drex in the pig pen but of course Drex didn't let up. He took out Capitan Canine and thought he defeated the good. But no, the Super Buddies aren’t going to let him off that easy. First Buddha levitates Drex into a hay pile but Drex still doesn’t give up. B-Dawg then gets Drex to zap him but he can’t because B-Dawg is stretchy and made of rubber and rubber can’t conduct electricity. Then Drex starts to throw garden tools at the Buddies but Rosebud uses her super speed to run around the rest of the Buddies and reflect the tools back at Drex and pin him to the wall of the barn. Next Budderball and Drex run at each other and head butt teacher other and Budderball knocks Drex out. Next, Drex lifts up a tractor and drops it on the pups but Mudbud turned them all invisible and they escaped unharmed. Finally evil Drex is finally defeated when Bartleby gives Drex the plastic rings that came in then dog food instead of the real rings. Drew left and then realized he had the fake rings and crashed into an asteroid. As explain above good always does defeat evil, it may not happen right away but a string of events will lead to the outcome.
Your love for your family, friends, and pets always has a positive message behind it. In Super Buddies every character was looking out for each other. At the beginning of the film we see each Buddie come with their owners. Every time the pups and their owners were together you would witness a display of affection for each other. For example, when the puppies came back from destroying Drex all the owners ran and were happy that their pups were ok. Also the pups ran to their owners. Their is also a lot of affection towards family members. In the beginning of the film Gramps is seen making breakfast for Bartleby because it is his birthday. Gramps then gives Bartleby a comic book that is very rare and this is where the story begins. Not every Grandpa will take you under his wing and treat you like he treated his own children. Later on in the movie Captain Canine tries to defeat Drex but is hurt in the effort. Jack Schaffer, Kid Courageous, rushes over just to see that Captain Canine is unresponsive. All the Buddies gather around Captain Canine and use the Rings of Inspiron to heal Capitain Canine so he could turn back into Megasis and ring the rings safely back to planet Inspiron.
In conclusion, a super hero movie doesn’t always have to be packed with action. As shown by all the Super Buddies you don’t have to be human to make an impact on the world. Sometimes a little positivity is all you need to save the day.
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on November 20, 2013
Be forewarned, there is no digital copy. It does not work with ITunes!! If a digital copy (non-Internet connection) is important to you and your family, then this is not the product for you!

The digital copy the product is referencing, you must be connected to an Internet connection.

If Disney is going to Cloud or Streaming, it should be noted on the product and in the product details!! I for one want ITunes and not to be connected to an Internet connection as we should be given the option for each group that wants the different types of media player! Shame on Disney for misleading and not informing of the change!!
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on January 1, 2016
Cute movie. My 5 year old son love the "buddies" movies. This one is about an aliens in search of special "rings" that will take over or save a planet. The buddies, five talking puppy siblings, meet the good alien and assist in finding the rings for them. Cute movie, fun for kids who like space or superhero type movies. Fun for the family, I would recommend.
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on January 23, 2014
This is a awesome movie. My daughter loves it. I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends and family.
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on November 30, 2013
My six year old LOVED this movie, Mom tolerated it. It was the usual "Buddies" plot and plenty of Rosebud action (Rosebud is my daughter's favorite). So overall it wasn't too painful for this parent who gets sick of Disney movies sometimes.
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on September 13, 2013
Let's face it Grandparents, it really is "All about the Grandkids". Our job (no Our Right) is spend time with the Grandkids & spoil them rotten. Well this is a great movie to do that with & with Amazon "instant videos" there is nothing easier. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your easy chair to make a world of difference for your grandkid. Sign up now for Amazon Prime & get "instant videos" for you to watch with your grandkids (or kids). It's great entertainment.
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on November 21, 2015
If for some reason the fate of civilization rested on you watching this movie don't do it. After about 20 minutes you will want to make humanity pay for its crimes and unfortunately there's no backsies. Somewhere out there is a computer animator who had to suffer more than all of us will ever comprehend in order to pay the bills and even then it wasn't worth the time invested. Your kids will want this because look at the cute widdle puppies and their cute widdle costumes! What your kids fail to realize is that lost in the plot of magic space rings is a screenwriter begging for the sweet, sweet release of their mortal coil. The only other possibility is that somebody thought making this was a good idea and should not under any circumstances be encouraged any further. Don't do it. Don't do it for humanity.
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