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What happens when you blend in the scripts from Armageddon,2012,Twister and Volcano? You get the direct-to-DVD Super Cyclone.

I've never cared much for disaster movies, even though it seems like there is a new one on the SyFy Channel every other week. To me they are basically all the same. A natural occurrence happens destroying cities and our government tries to stop it with some unbelievable plan. I have reviewed a few other Asylum titles this year and they kindly sent me a free invite to stream this movie online in exchange for an honest review.

Yes, I know that the DVD cover looks like fun, but the movie is a complete mess from start to finish. The plot is simple; a group of oil drillers off the shore of south California accidentally drills to close to the Earth's core causing a volcano eruption. Since the eruption occurred at the bottom of the ocean, it creates one super cyclone that is going to destroy most of California. The only hope is a group of oil drillers (who do absolutely nothing but run around the oil rig), Dr. Jenna Sparks (played by Ming-Na), and Travis Verdon (played by Nicholas Turturro). Of course there is our US Navy, which is horribly portrayed throughout the movie.

One would think if Dr. Jenna Sparks could pilot a helicopter off of an oil rig in hurricane type weather, then the trained Navy pilots would have no trouble saving the men on the oil rigs.

The movie is fast-paced with some of the worst CGI special effects that I have ever seen. The volcano erupting underneath the ocean floor would cause a tsunami before it would a cyclone or hurricane. I tried to ignore the basic plot and just watch the movie for its B-quality. Ming-Na and Nicholas Turturro are the only two decent actors, but they can't help save this disaster of a movie.
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on October 31, 2012
A lone meteorologist, a ship doctor and petroleum engineer must battle the elements to stop the threat of a Super Cylone that threatens the entire eastern seaboard. That's what this movie is about, folks.

Normally, I support The Asylum with their low-budget movies. Over the last year alone, I've bought nearly every movie they've put out. I hadn't seen one yet that I didn't like, in some way. However, this one....this one...well, this one just reeked. Seeing the trailer for the movie at their website, It looked like it'd be an awesome flick in the vein of 2012, Twister, and Volcano. It was awesome, at least, where the special effects and whatnot were concerned. That was good. Where the movie reeked was with the acting and the holes in the plot and script. An example of this was when Ming Na's character says that the cyclone would hit Cali within an hour only to say several minutes later that it would hit in a couple of hours? What? or the crewmen on an oil rig that is on fire with the cyclone about to hit it walking and talking like it is something they see everyday..wha'? I could pick out all kinds of things that I found wrong with this movie. What gets me is that actors Ming Na and Nick Turturro have made other movies that cemented them in as great actors only to give lackluster performances in this movie. Come on. Was this the director's first movie? Who knows.

All I know is, if The Asylum puts out more movies like this one, I may reconsider supporting their efforts as much as I do. I can deal with low-budgets, okay CGI, and subpar acting. What I can't stand is a movie that doesn't make too much sense to me.

I'd love to recommend another movie from The Asylum but I'm afraid that I can't. This movie is downright awful that it is laughable. I'd have to say, like everyone else, this has to be the worst film I've ever seen them put out. Shame, shame, shame.
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Super Cyclone is yet another release from Aslyum Pictures, which specializes in cheesy, b-movies, most of which don't take themselves too seriously and come infused with liberal amounts of humor. You know, movies that are so bad... they're good? They have indeed succeeded with quite a number of these, which makes me wonder why they have decided to stray from their main fare.

Unfortunately, Super Cyclone is too stupid to take seriously and too serious to be funny. The script blends in the worst film cliches you can think of, and the character development goes absolutely nowhere, due to the fast-paced "action" of jumping from one scene to the next. It almost seems like the director was trying to get the entire movie filmed in 3 days and the editor simply didn't have any time available to him to actually edit.

As for the plot, it basically consists of Ming-Na dragging (sometimes literally) Nicholas Turturro from one scene to another. She is totally panicked and running around at 100 miles an hour, while Turturro, well, acts at a pace that is considerably slower. The "mess" they are trying to fix is a super cyclone that was somehow triggered by offshore drilling near California. The entire scientific premise goes way past believability for anyone with even a single brain cell and the unbelievability throughout the movie is definitely cumulative.

The biggest problem I had with this film was actually in the details though. There are so many mismatched scenes, unexplained events that were never mentioned again (like the Island of Catalina "blowing-up" with no explanation or comment), night suddenly turning to day, the sky going from stormy, to clear and blue over the course of a single frame, stormy seas that were obviously just someone's swimming pool, the fact that there is supposed to be some kind of love interest between the two characters yet they have ZERO chemistry and can't so much as have a hug without looking incredibly awkward... the list goes on and on. When there are obvious mistakes in almost every major scene, it really starts to distract from one's enjoyment of the picture, as if there was anything to enjoy in the first place.

Special effects are mainly limited to CGI, although I did catch them using some public domain stockpile footage from different storms. It didn't match well at all. The few, good CGI scenes seemed to have little or nothing to do with the movie, and didn't involve the main characters. I'm tempted to conclude that they had footage left over from other movies that they just decided to throw-in to stretch the movie into 90 minutes.

If you want something more realistic and enjoyable to watch than this film by Asylum, try Sharktopus. At least it doesn't have a problem poking fun at itself.
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on November 12, 2012
I watched this film via an alternative purchase. Don't waste your money on this one! If I could have given it a minus five stars, I would have. I really like a good disaster film, but this was the absolute worst. Cheesy, tacky acting, special effects the same and story line not much better. Asylum should not have produced this film. A five year old probably could have come up with a better film!
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on July 2, 2013
Customers buying this movie or watching it should be aware that it is made in the style of "made for TV". The action sequences are what you would expect in the early 90's with obvious flaws in the "Oh Come On" category of how things happen in the real world.

Watch it for the entertainment value and have fun.
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on September 22, 2012
My husband and I watch a lot of SY FY movies. This one takes the cake! We were laughing out loud at all the mistakes as they happened. Just as an example: the movie takes place in and around Los Angeles. They show a map of the super cyclone rolling across southern FLORIDA! Ming-Na is supposed to be from NOAA, she hands someone her card who reads that she is from the National Oceanic Atmospheric ASSOCIATION! Come on! who was consulting on this! What a bomb!
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on June 11, 2014
The movie was a great SciFi movie itself once I could fast forward through the many, many previews except for one very offensive preview with nearly nude girls dancing on my TV. It would not let me fast forward through this one particular preview. It was very, very offensive to me. I don't want to and will not watch that kind of movies. Why was I not able to fast forward through it makes no sense to me? I loved the movie itself but would not recommend this particular BluRay. Very unhappy.
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on April 26, 2013
This was an awful movie. Giant waste of the $3.99 to rent it. I like these types of disaster movies but this one was just really bad. Don't waste your time or hard earned dollars on it. The acting was terrible and the story line was non-existent. At least there were a few good explosions.
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on May 4, 2014
Keeps you interested. Movies that involve natural disasters has always fascinated me. I have never been in any and my heart goes out to those that have to live through them. I would never recommend these types of movies for children to watch. They worry enough about things without seeing these. Very good show though. Great seller received quickly.
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on April 13, 2014
This one could have used more likeable characters. We would have enjoyed the movie a lot more then. Because they are annoying people, the bad special effects become tedious. Normally we would just laugh through that stuff. However, that said, it wasn't bad, and we'll probably watch it again sometime.
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