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on November 22, 1999
Mario 64 is a really fun game, with enough challenge that you should be satisfied with what you have played once you've finished it. Once you have recovered all 120 power stars from the 15 different levels there's not much more you can do. It took me until Christmas until sometime in February to get all of the stars and rescue the princess. The graphics are good considering it was the first game that the Nintendo 64 ever came out with (closely followed by Pilotwings 64, and Star Wars Shadows of the Empire.) Mario has at least 15 different moves that you can use to Find your way through Peach's castle. Like I said before it's a great game,with lots of fun. I would byej it if I didn't have it.
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on December 8, 2000
Super Mario 64 is a dazzling game full of enjoyment. Princess Peach invites Mario over for some cake one day but her castle is overthrown by the Koopa King Bowser. Mario must save the Pricess by collecting stars to defeat Bowser who has made paintings which are really hidden worlds all over the castle. Mario encounters vast worlds hidden with stars. Mario must return the stars to open new doors that lead to more portraits that are full of friends and foes to meet. The worlds are battlefields, a snowy mountain, a foggy bay, a sky castle, haunted houses, lava filled seas, islands, a tall mountain, Bowser's secret worlds and lots more! The gameplay is easy to learn. Mario has a bunch of new moves to show off with a few powers like a flying wing cap. The graphics are alright and the design is good. 3D worlds make it come to life. The bosses and challenges are tough but fun. This game is fun for the whole family. This is a really great adventure game. I recommad it to everyone. I also recommad the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask and the Ocarina of Time. If you like racing games get Mario Kart 64.
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on December 28, 1999
This game is vital to all Mario-lovers. The graphics are excellent and the game features all the characters except Luigi. It is educational and fun for kids age 4 and up, and also becomes challenging and suitable for older people. There are 15 main courses, each different and fun to explore. I would recommend a guide book be used with this game. Prima puts out a detailed one, yet it leaves some things for you to discover on your own. This is one of the best Nintendo 64 games ever!
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on May 17, 2000
I've been playing many a game since the days of the BBC Micro and Spectrum over the last 15 years or so. Theres just something about Mario that makes it so special. From the 3 classics on the NES to one of the greatest SNES games - Mario World. Now we have the next platformer in the series and I have to say I was hooked from day one.
This game has been designed so well. The levels are both varied and have been tested extensively. Someone has sat down and said I want to make this the best level in the game each time. The Nintendo Game writers may not have a lot of code to work with but their level design, origniality and playbility is superb. They really care about each and every level and as with the other Mario games, it doesn;t stop when you reach the last level.
Like the other Mario games there are hidden levels and part of the challange is to find them. The castle is a great setting for the game with levels in the desert, snow, underwater and they are all in 3D! I was a bit cautious over whether the 3D would work with Mario but great controls and camera angles make it an even better platform experience.
Levels can be found by gaining more keys etc but the most addictive part is finding all the coins to open up the really hidden levels. You wont stop til you find EVERY single coin and EVERY single level. You even get an extra treat when they are all found!
There are cute characters, extra challenges, Mario has extra powers like High Flying, Metal Mode and you can make use of the scenery.
The tutorials as you go on the early levels are also good so you wont be continuly looking at the manual.
I love this game and when someone told me I wouldn't stop til I completed it they weren't wrong! So go play it!
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on September 3, 2005
Super Mario 64 was and still is one of the best and most revolutionary video game ever made. The game was a launch title for the Nintendo 64 and boy did the game make its mark on the console. Sure we have games like Banjoe Kazooi, Ocarina of Time but this game was the first to come out and is still an instant class and started many many famous game rippoffs(Like many people say Banjoe Kazooi was a ripoff but I DIDN'T SAY THAT so don't flame me!)but that's beyond the point, this game is still one of the most beloved video game ever. When Super Mario 64 launched with the N64 it was indeed a very revolutionary game, it was the first game to present 3d platforming, state of the art graphics and some of funnest/best gameplay you'll see in platforming/action games. The game is HUGE! In Mario 64 you WILL be going through many, many stages to collect stars so you can unlock more areas for more stars and ultimatley put the evil bowser to an end and once again save Princes Peach. I was one of many people who first played this game back when it launched with the Nintendo 64 and when you compare it to todays games the game(to many, but not me)looks terrible but you gotta understand, the time this game was released(96')it was INFACT the best looking video game ever.....period...and even today when I play this classic, it still looks amazing! Call me crazy but I seriously still think this is one of the best looking video games of not only the mid 90's but even today, it is still marvalous! The music in Mario 64 was just plain perfect, the music blended in with the games levels and star hunting, words cannot explain how well Miyamoto and Nintendo did for the music,it's just plain good! The controls are also tight and well focused, I especially love the array of moves Mario has and although the controls may feel abit clumsy at times it never bothered me once! As for camera, yes there were times were I wanted to break the tv but the reward and satisfaction of getting a star after that trouble feels so good! Audio, controls, graphics are all A+ and as for gameplay?...Well it depends..Do you like platforming/action/exploring/collecting games because you will be collecting pretty much for the whole game(Stars, duuhhh)and if the answer is yes then this may be the best game you've ever played! Now for me the gameplay was truly fun and innovative, I never got bored once in this game. It's so fun, hunting for stars never gets annoying or frustraiting! Speaking of difficulty the game is perfect, it's not hard nor is it easy like pie(acctually I take that back, for many people this game will be easy if you wanna just beat the plot)but it just gets it right on difficulty, I don't remember ever being frusraited or angry with the game(then again I never did try to get all 120 stars)and just having a great time with the seriously is one of the funnest experiences I've ever had with a game and as I said before....this game is revolutionary! Now that I'm done ranting and talking about this game I'll just get to it quickly...

The Good
-One of the best and most revolutionary game ever..period
-Back then and even today it is still one of the best looking video games ever made
-Loads of things to do
-Not hard, but not too easy, it's juuuust about right
-The game is just plain fun, the moves, the platforming, collecting, ect
-Collecting stars is really fun!
-The music in this game is just plain fun to listen to!!
-Though the bosses are easy I still think they're just classics!
-Will take a very long time to get all 120 stars, and collecting 120 stars means spending lots of time with this amazing title
-The worlds and places you visit are all so different and an amazment to look at

The Bad
-Some may feel that game is feeling abit dated now(the game is pretty old now!!)
-Some will find the graphics to be "terrible" or just "bad" which I find hard to believe
-People who just want to beat the games plot and nothing els shouldn't even touch the game(because the game doesn't take too long to beat for plot and if you're planning on not having a fun time with the game and just wanting to beat the game and getting it over with, what's the point of that?)
-Some will be angry with the camera
-Alot of people today or in the future may get this game and probably nag about how easy the bosses are well cry me a river, if you want a hardboss go play something els....other then that get ready to play one of the best games ever...

Overall Super Mario 64 stands up on its own. The game was indeed revolutionary and braught us amazing visuals, superb gameplay and great controlls aswell as a fun adventure/like plot with lots of collecting to do. The games music was just great to listen to, the places the game takes you are just so fun and innovative and the moves/mechanics that are enabled for Mario(though limited)are great! The game is just plain great! As I stated before, it is one of the best video games ever made and it indeed gets a perfect

5 out of 5 stars.....
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on January 26, 2000
How can anyone go wrong with this game. The graphics are unbelievable! Mario finds himself going up against his enemy BOWSER who has taken over Peach's castle. You star as Mario who has to rescue and defeat his enemy. He does this by going through the 16 different levels and collecting the golden stars. These stars are the key to opening locked doors and rescuing Peach. Mario finds Stars by going through WATER, FIRE, A WAR, SNOW, A MINE, A DESRT STORM, and much more. He encounters sharks, 50 foot eels, evil bombs, and much more. You can't go wrong with this game! The game play is superior to any other. The graphics are AMAZING! This is a must have game.
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on December 3, 2000
I received this game for Christmas 1997 along with my Nintendo 64. This is still my favorite game out of all the N64 games I own (I have 14 of them). The worlds that you play in are amazing. The gameplay is great. And it'll keep you playing for a long time, which is good because playing the game is so fun. To get from the beginning to the point where I met Yoshi on top of the castle took me about 6 months, but I had loads of fun the whole time, and as I watched my lives speed up to 99 when I met Yoshi I actually felt sad that the game was over. But my brother erased my file and now I'm starting all over again! Get this game, it's one of the best.
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on December 19, 1999
I have 4 kids who enjoy playing all sort of games, the oldest is 12 years old and the youngest is 3 years old, we bought this game almost 2 years ago, after some time they mastered the game and were all experts in all its' tricks. They have another 8 N64 games but they enjoy Super Mario the best. Even I enjoy watching them playing it. The Graphics are fantastic, the effects and the challenges are really excellent. I highly recommend this game, although I doubt it needs any recommendation.
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on April 28, 2000
This game almost couldn't have been better. You're controlling that world-famous Italian plummer again, by the name of Mario, on a long and exciting adventure to restore peace in Mario World and conquer the evil turtle-like dinosaur, a "king-sized koopa" named Bowser. The only lacks are that you can't use Yoshi (you rescue him after defeating Bowser after he waits atop the castle) and you can't play with Mario's brother Luigi, featured in all other Mario games for Nintendo gaming consoles (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES, Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for SNES, and more for Game Boy). But don't let that keep you from getting this game (if you don't already have it which for most people is extremely rare). It's a "MAMA-MIA!" of a good time!
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on January 16, 2000
This is a wonderful game for all ages! It has the best 3D platformer! Theres so much to do and you could spend hours playing it. I recemend jumping into the moat and swiming around first! Swimming is the best! Go to the water area that has the fish it is sooo cool! I love this game!
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