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on March 19, 2005
I come from a family of 15, if you include my mom and dad, (9 other brothers and 3 sisters, if I remember correctly). When I was in grade school some of my brothers would taunt me and say "You're so stupid, why even go to school?" I just wasn't interested in school work until I got in sports in Junior High and one couldn't play if one didn't keep their grades up. So I worked harder at school work.

I remember when I was very young and my older, and much smarter, brother came home from Ohio State, he told everyone it is just extremely hard. He said he just couldn't hack it. So he quit college and joined the army. Well, I thought, if he can't make it in college how could I ever? So I resigned myself to never going to college. But about 15 years after graduating High School, my friends talked me into going to college. I'd tell them I'm just not smart enough. Well, they talked me into trying. So I bought Harry Lorayne's book. Smart move! Wow!

With this book I was able to have 6 pages of notes and memorize a key word for each line on the pages. So when I'd take my History exams it was always a piece of cake. I had names, dates, places, events all memorized, and it was EASY! My math classes were so much easier too. This book impacted in a positive way every class I took. With this book I was able to maintain a 4.0. Yes, that's right, a 4.0. Dumb little ole me that my brothers berated was actually the smartest one of the bunch. How? because I found out how to PROPERLY USE the brain God gave me by using Harry Lorayne's techniques!

Some of the students in college would give me the bird because they were jealous. I'd help some, who were not doing so well, with the techniques in this book and their grades would vastly improve just from spending a few minutes with them.

I wish to thank Harry for helping me by having this book available.

The title of the book is wrong though. If you work at the book (and it is fun!) you can raise your grades in a week. You can go from a 'D' or even an 'F' student to getting perfect grades on your tests if you just apply the techniques in this book. You can graduate with top honors in High School, and continue using this book in College and in Business after you get out.

I'm not paid to write this. No one asked me to. I give it 10 stars as 5 is just not nearly good enough.
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on November 4, 2003
I was every guidance counselor's nightmare - top 2% in standardized test scores, bottom 20% of my class. I hated school, and I hated college even more. Then I found Harry Lorayne's book and it changed my life.
My college had no maximum on the number of credits you could earn by challenging the course. After learning Harry Lorayne's methods I tested out of two and one half years of college in eight months and graduated early.
We home school our eight children and we use this book with every one of them, to great success. I'm also the director of a learning center where we use this book as well.
Read the book, do the exercises, and use the tools every day.
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on May 12, 2008
To any student, struggling academically or not, this is the definitive guide to immediately applicable, practical mnemonics for virtually every subject you'll study in school.

Lorayne begins the book like he does any of his others. He introduces the reader to the Link system of memory for memorizing lists of words, then the Peg system for memorizing numbers. He discusses the basic building blocks of his system, such as the substitution, exaggeration, and irrationality methods. After testing the reader with the new systems a bit, and rightly predicting that they will be amazed with the systems, Lorayne shows how to implement the two systems so one can memorize pretty much anything one needs to know. He explains in detail how to efficiently memorize both native and foreign vocabulary, dates in history, even math and chemisty formulas. His examples are so detailed, by the time you finish the book you'll have memorized the whole periodic table and the amendments to the Constitution!

If you've already studied Lorayne's memory system from another one of his books, it's best to skip this one; there's basically nothing new, and it's mostly geared towards students: it doesn't even have some of the systems of his other books, such as memorizing faces and names when meeting new people. The writing is very informal and speech-like, making students feel (as did I) comfortable with it all the way through. If, however, you've never studied mnemonics and are looking for a well-rounded system that you can apply to anything and everything you want to learn, this may be the only book you'll need.
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on March 24, 2003
To the person from Indonesia who called this "the kiddy way," I must say this: When I was in college (40 years ago), I searched for memory aids and found only mnemonic methods; I considered them to be artificial and did not use them.
A year or so later, I met Harry Lorayne during a show (he was a mental expert and I was a musician). I was absolutely astounded at what he did and decided that however he did it, I would do the same thing. I told Harry that, and he laughed and said, "Just buy any of my books--they all say the same thing."
I promptly bought ALL of his available books, found that he was correct, and returned all but one, "How to Develop a Super-power Memory." Yes, the method Harry teaches may seem to be a "kiddy way" or simplistic, but it REALLY works. My grades were "A"s thereafter. I remembered whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, regardless of the detail.
If Harry Lorayne's methods don't work for you, it is ONLY because you did not apply them. Period. Do not for a moment think that "miraculous" results cannot spring from "simple" methods.
I also recommend anything Dr. Kenneth Higbee has written.
Get Lorayne's and Higbee's books; do what they say; you WILL be successful.
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VINE VOICEon March 3, 2007
Harry Lorayne is always a name to be trusted in the area of memory improvement. I have his PAGE A MINUTE book and THE MEMORY BOOK, co-authored with Jerry Lucas and highly recommend them both.

And I highly recommend this one, too. A lot of what Lorayne writes in this book can be found in THE MEMORY BOOK, but he zeroes in on the needs of students. He emphasizes here, as he does in his other books:

1. The Link -- visually linking information together using mental pictures.

2. Substitute words -- such as "Connect a cut" for Connecticut, etc.

3. The mneomic device of substituting consonant sounds for numbers (a great deal like the Major System) whereby people can learn long numbers by converting them either to a single word or a group of words.

4. "Peg" words, in which the same word will always stand for the same number. It's a flexible system that can be applied to a lot of different academic situations.

He uses a lot of different techniques, but these are the main ones, and they help a LOT.

Understand that you'll still have to work hard and study. You'll still have to review, and the mental associations take time. But they make the process easier, whatever the course is that you're studying, and I'll make a guess that you'll learn more in less time. It worked for me.

Lorayne has claimed to have an "average" IQ, but when a man can memorize a deck of cards in order, I listen when he talks!
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on December 9, 2001
I have used Harry Lorayne's phenomenal systems for 10 years ("Memory Power"). When my kids were only 3-5 years old, I was amazed at how I was able to play memory games with them, using his methods, and watch them perform incredible mind stunts effortlessly. Now that they are in school, I have been looking for something to help them learn more effectively. Lorayne's other books also refer to shortcuts for students, but this book is an absolute gold mine of practical examples. I cannot begin to fathom how much more pleasant my student days would have been if I'd had this book. Lorayne is indeed the world's greatest memory expert, but above all, his is a gifted teacher, as further evidenced in this fine book.
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on October 6, 2002
This book can make you an amazing student if you stick with it. It covers all the major memory systems and has some great chapters focusing on certain hard subjects (chem, history, music)
I also reccomend The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. Its kind of like a big brother to this book and covers a llittle more info but does not focus specifically on school.
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on July 26, 2006

Harry Lorayne is simply the BEST! Intrigued by the advertising, I bought "How To Develop A Super Power Memory" when it first came out and every book he has written since. (I'm sure this made Harry happy, but it made me even happier!)

I taught it to my sons when they were young. One said he felt like he was "cheating" on tests in school because it he could actually "see" the answers in his mind's eye right in front of him! I sincerely wish I had been exoposed to the systems when I was in school. It would have made all the diffence in the world! What a LEGACY to leave with your children and grandchildren!! They will be forever thankful... and yes, they will fondly REMEMBER you for teaching it to them.

The systems helped me enormously at work, and now that I am retired, they keep me sharp. Knowledge -- memory -- BUILDS on peviously remembered knowledge. Why would anyone NOT want to use the systems once he is aware of them? Indeed, initially, it does take some concentration, but that only demonstrates that most of us are far too "mentally lazy" to begin with. Harry's systems will "buff up" those little gray cells and keep then shining for the rest of you life!

I have read several other memory improvement books but always keep coming back to Harry Lorayne's -- the Yoda of memory. WHY? As mentioned earler, because Harry Lorayne is simply the BEST!

Lloyd W. Cary ^o^

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on May 30, 2004
I have read this book a long time ago.
Harry Lorayne was always my master in memory development area.
I remember when I first saw one of his books and did not believe that all he says is possible.
Now I can say- thanks to his all books I am Memory Development Specialist now. Harry pushed me do discover what is inside all of us.
We are all geniuses, but we do not know it!
For now I can say I use some of his systems and with some suggestions from other masters... I can remember loooooong digit numbers, dates, appointments, new words (this was the most important thing for me all the learn faster foreign language and now I can remember about 300 hundred words daily without too much effort).
This is not possible to explain all advantages you can get from your genius memory.
You just have to start and test it by yourself.
Bad memory costs you money...
Good memory... is easy to achieve:)
I am sure this book will change your life for better.
This is your choice.
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on March 21, 2012
In the time of William Shakespeare, 50 foreign languages were taught, in London. This was 200 years before dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Books cost what cheap computers cost today. How was this possible? Trained memories. They had people who could listen to a 2 hour play, and go home and write it out, word for word, from memory. These techniques were used in the time of my grandfather, however they were derided as "rote learning", and abandoned. If you want to learn anything, these methods are fantastically useful. They are better than any other method of studying. They are particularly useful for studying languages. When I was in college, I used these methods to memorize all of my notes. Essay tests were particularly fun, I could have written for another hour, and they were really enjoyable. This book delivers.
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