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on July 20, 2006
I just bought this last week, and so far- it's doing a great job.


-The bedding stays inside the cage, even though she loves to burrow.

-It's easy to attach fun-nels to (although my pet wants nothing to do with them- she's either strange for a dwarf hamster, or a bit uncertain, being only a baby)

-The cage is petite and doesn't take up much space. However, she still has plenty of room, even with a small igloo in there.

-It's well ventilated and secure, so she can breathe easily without me fearing her escaping.

-The roof is easy to remove in order for cleaning


-I ended up throwing out the water bottle after a couple of hours because she couldn't figure out how to use it. I bought her a separate water bottle and she was very parched, drinking for several minutes before settling down. I heard others don't have problems with it though, so again, it could be that she's so young and gets frustrated easily.

-I think the food bowl, while in a convenient place, is sort of small, but that's only my personal opinion.

-The "silent and safe" wheel is safe, but you could never call it silent. At all. I always know when she's awake (around 3 a.m. every night) because her running wakes me up.

-I wish there was another door on the side of the cage, or that there was a removable tray, but that's just me being picky.

After reading other product reviews and getting feedback from other hamster owners, I still say this is worth the price and the easiest design with the least bit of fuss. It may be a bit too small for a regular sized Syrian hamster, but for a dwarf, mouse, or gerbil- it's perfect!
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on October 13, 2011
I will probably add to this review after the cage is actually used, but I have to go ahead and give kudos for how easy it was to put together.
I was a little worried when several CritterTrail reviews touched on how easy it was to crack the pieces, but honestly, if you don't manhandle them, they slide in and out just like they are supposed to. Just make sure you press in the tabs on some pieces.
The cage is small, but that is exactly why we bought it. My daughter will be putting it on a small shelf, high above the hands of her toddler brothers. However, after we added the loop-d-loop accessory kit 2 and the look-out accessory, it's the perfect size for the 2 fancy mice that will be moving into it tomorrow.
I went ahead and took out the water bottle based on the reviews here, and put one on the outside of the case. I will also be purchasing the Crittertrail external feeder, as the feeding dish is a little small for my taste.


We went with one RoboHamster, and she has been living happily in the cage for about a week. LOVE this cage!!

1) Wheel makes little to no noise.
2) The sides are raised, so even with all her burrowing, no litter falls out.
3) Handle and small size makes for easy moving throughout the house.
4) Our Robohamster likes small, secure areas....and seems to feel very at home in this small cage.

1) Original water bottle is SO leaky (I tested it). Buy a new one right away.
2) It only has 4 holes for tubes, water, etc.....I DO wish it had 1-2 more.

Final say? LOVE IT! I noticed the price has gone up $4 since I bought it.....grab it before it goes ay higher!
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on October 9, 2012
This product does just what we purchased it for!
We live in the boonies of Colorado, with a lot of farmland around us. Every year we get a few mice that decide to come live with us (even with three indoor cats that can and will kill them). This year the mice seem to have outsmarted the cats and chose to live on top of counter tops of our kitchen, and inside the stove. We won't set up traps that kill or harm them (we don't believe in it, nor do we want any of our pets or kids hurt by them), so we purchased a Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap from Amazon, and set about catching the little buggers. We ended up catching a total of six of them in the trap, and utilizing this cage to hold them until we could release them back into the wild far away.
This cage held up nicely. It was easy to set up, and take back down for storage. It held the mice perfectly, and there were no escapes no matter how much they chewed. At one point we had three mice in the cage, and there was plenty of room for all of them, and then some!
We are very happy with this purchase, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to keep mice in, either for pets, or for catch and release like we did. :o)
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on February 16, 2009
I just purchased this product on Saturday and LOVE IT!!!! I have 3 dwarf hamsters, one of them just cannot get along with the others so I have had to go to having two cages.

I dislike the water bottle and have bought one that will hang on the wire side. This has made it perfect!! I have ordered a second one of these for the other two so that I can add the expansion sets and value pack Fun-nels to make them a maze of tunnels and adventures.
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on April 22, 2008
I bought this cage as an add-on to the CritterTrail Revolution. It would be a little small to be the main habitat, but Bullet (a robo dwarf hamster) is happy with it as a stop on her "tube trail." The wheel is a bit noisy -- but most wheels are. The cage has kept her secure, and that's what matters when you've got a 2-inch pet that moves like a rocket. It's easy to clean, and great for travel.
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on July 13, 2015
Would have gotten 4 stars - one off for useless water bottle - if not for the under $15 price tag. Don't even plan on using this water bottle, get one that hooks to the side of the cage and has a ball bearing in it to keep it from leaking. I knew before ordering that I would not use the water bottle and, as planned, used a lid attachment with plastic joiner to cover the hole. If this were a main cage for a smaller hamster, it would be better to add tubes through the water bottle hole rather than close it off.

The wheel is a bit small for Syrian / Teddy Bear hamsters but perfect for dwarf. Even so, I leave the wheel in and my hamster loves trying to squeeze his fat butt into it. He knows he is going to fall out but will climb back in again and again. He has a much bigger, enclosed wheel to play with in his main cage that is impossible to fall out of.

I don't understand reviews that say this product broke. I have used Critter Trail products for many years and kept hamsters as an adult for over 20 years. These are, by far, mine and my hamsters favorite cages. The wire allows for air, climbing, and conversation, while the plastic bases keep the surrounding space clean. I have put together and taken apart my old tubes more times than I can count and never had one crack. I waited until experience with this specific cage to review, but it is just as nice as the rest I have owned.

I'm happy with this purchase and would buy again. Just plan on trashing the water bottle.
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on January 2, 2013
It is very cute but has a couple of design flaws, and the same goes for all crittertrail products. a determined mouse such as mine can chew off any bits of plastic that are jutting out, such as the pieces that the metal bars slot into. thinking it was the small size upsetting her, i bought a tunnel and a burrowing cage, but she chews the hinges off the top of the burrow. as a result, i have covered the inside of the bars with cardboard and duct tape, and sealed off the parts of the cage she can escape from at night, such as the top compartment of the burrow. also i haven't seen her drink from the bottle once, so i have to put jar lids on the floor for her to drink from. she seems happier since I boarded things up, but we'll see what tonight brings. if you have a contented mouse, these are great fun, and a good purchase since you can expand on it as much as you like. but if you have a chewer, spend your money on a simpler tougher cage.
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on February 14, 2010
We purchased this cage in early January, and the first time I washed it (which was about a week after we started using it) I noticed a crack in the bottom tray of the cage. I super glued it, and it has been fine since. I was scared I was going to break it when I was taking it apart to clean because it becomes quite flimsy when you take the lid off, but I eventually learned how to handle it. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm actually pretty satisfied with this cage. We bought it along with a bigger one to connect them together. The main reason we purchased it is so we could travel with it b/c of it's small size. We took it on a weekend trip with two of our Winter White hamsters, and it did it's job. I am finding out that the plastic cages (like this one) are cool because of their tunnels and accessories, but the all wire cages with the plastic bottom are SOOOO much easier to clean and maintain. So I guess it's personal preference. This is a good starting cage for one hamster if you want to get an idea of what plastic cages are like to use, maintain, and have. Then you can invest in larger ones if you like this one. It's actually more stable and better made than the bigger plastic cage we have of the same brand. So all in all, it's an ok purchase for $20. Good for traveling.
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on July 21, 2012
Firstly the cage is okay, not great at all. The tube access covers don't fit properly and are easy for hamsters to remove, we had to tape the covers in place. The bottom tray is too low and quickly leads to a mess surrounding the cage. It does the job and is astatically pleasing; except for the tape I had to put on the tube cover. A solid three star product, nothing to brag about.

My main issue is with B&J Pets and Aquariums, Inc. who are selling USED as new. The cage I received was clearly a return that had an animal in it before. Old bedding fell out of the box soon as I opened it, as well as there being small scratches on the base from an animal trying to dig. (Amazon won't let me post review of the seller since they use an Amazon warehouse, so I am posting it here.) Not worth returning, but I am not happy about buying a new product only to receive a USED one.
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on November 19, 2015
We have had this for over a month now & it has been perfect for our teen's mouse. He is happy as can be in this little resort. The wheel is a terrific addition to give him exercise. I also like that you can add on tubes & extensions if desired for added rooms & fun. Hank has not been able to get out without us letting him out yet. It's very easy to clean too. I always enjoy finding a great deal on something we need, especially when it does exactly what it was meant to do.
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