Customer Reviews: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Playstation 3
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on July 3, 2011
[Update: July 30th, 2011- it's just been announced that a balance patch is coming out later this year. I put the link in the customer discussions section toward the bottom of this page. Provided that changes go in the right direction with all characters, not just Yun and Yang, I'll gladly come back and change my score for this game.]

[Update: July 14th, 2013- I know I promised that I'd edit my review to match the changes made when they happened, and didn't do it. I'm sorry for that, but this game is getting updates out the wahzoo. And right now I just found out that this version of SF4 is getting replaced in early 2014 with Ultra Street Fighter IV. It was announced at EVO, earning a lot of groans from practical people. can get this version now and get in some good practice...then go and buy another version in a couple of months, just like most of us did. :p]

Here we are again- version number 3 of Street Fighter 4. Granted, we all saw this coming, and by this point, the only people interested in the game are either going to be the hardcore players or people new to the game. If you follow the likes of Mike Ross, Justin Wong, Mago and Momochi, you probably already have this game and have been reading about the chances made from Super months ago. For those not in the loop, Super Street Fighter 4 brings a couple of new features to the original SSF4 game:

-Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu are playable characters (and yet there are 2 more open slots on the character select screen!)
-many different online features were added to make things easier to follow and watch
-an ungodly amount of balance changes

Do a quick search for 'ssf4 ae balance changes' and click on the first thing that shows up, and you'll see a huge list of changes made to character moves, damage, hit boxes and more. Sadly, the balance changes were poorly done, and some characters that were already very good (Fei Long) were made even better. Some characters that barely had a chance (El Fuerte and Gouken) were pretty much made worse or the changes they desperately needed weren't given to them. But even worse, Yun and Yang really are as bad as everyone's saying. Yun was a god in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and he looks to be the same here. I'd never played him before tonight, but as soon as I activated his Super move, I pulled off a quick 9 hit combo just by randomly pressing a few buttons. Sad. And that palm attack of his? Good god is the hitbox on that thing insane- going through Ultras even after they connect and even working as an anti-air. Yang's really good too, but Oni and Evil Ryu are characters nearly every SF fan could've done without. Not Elena, Hugo or Oro? Not R. Mika or Rolento? We really needed these alternate version characters here? And get this- these 4 new characters don't even have Trials for you to get the hang of their basic combos, so you'll be needing to hit Training Mode a lot if you want to get them down. What gets me is how more characters is supposed to be a good thing in some people's minds. The last installments of SF2 and SF3 didn't have anywhere near as many characters as SSF4:AE, but they're still played by many today, and with many eagerly awaiting Third Strike Online's release in August. The new online features are very nice, and I don't get why it took them so long to get it right, but hey, better late than never I guess.

There's not a lot I can say about AE- you were either looking forward to this or you weren't. If you're the kind of person that's serious about fighting games, you'll pick it up no matter what. If you're new, I recommend going with the regular Super Street Fighter 4, and if you really get into it, just buy the DLC of AE. It's great that this isn't a full price new release game, but it's hard to justify buying it when the balance is so bad and that they didn't add many features. How about a decent story mode?

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to mention this. Arcade Edition might NOT be the last iteration of SF4. Seth Killian, the Community Manager at Capcom, has mentioned in a recent interview that the team behind SF4 is still interested in keeping things going if AE goes well. While it's lame of them to say that so soon, hey- maybe Yun and Yang will be toned down by then.
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on March 30, 2013
Controls: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5

Simply put, if you are a beginner to the Street Fighter series as I am, and you don't have the time to practice the moves, this game is not for you and I would pass in this game. If you have issues with your fingers, such as joint pains and inflammation, and certain it is you will have pain in your fingers when playing this game, THIS GAME IS NOT FOR YOU.

This game has 4 phases to master.

Phase 1: You need to master the moves. Every character has roughly 13 moves - normal moves, special moves, supers, and ultras. These are fairly easy to master, but some characters such as Balrog move list are hard to pull off. The good thing is most characters moves are grouped together. For example, if you mastered Ryu's move set, then you can do Ken, Guy, Fei Long, Dan, Sakura, Gouken, and Sagat. If you can master Balrog, then you can pull off Vegas' and Bisons' moves also.

Phase 2: You need to instinctively pull off Supers and Ultras in the heat of battle. So far I suck big time. The supers and ultras are hard to pull off especially when you are an inch away from the defeat and you are in the heat of battle. You definitely need an arcade stick (fightstick) for better input. Albeit, I've seen people play pretty well on the normal PS3 controller. Just shows how much I suck.

Phase 3: The combos. The arcade edition has a trial mode - each characters have 24 trials in total, where you practice each characters special moves, super, and ultras, with 10-14 trials out of 24 designed for combo execution. And my friend they are not easy. And did I mention I suck. Check out the username vesper arcade from youtube. This loser mastered all trials for all characters. Vesper Arcade mastered the game with the fight stick, PS3 and X-BOX controller.

He is a loser and I suck! Check him out here - [...]

Phase 4: Street Fighter is a very unique game. It is not a smash button, hit you first, entered my ultra before you kind of game. There is strategy involved. I dare compare it to a chess game, where every move has a reasoning behind it. So far most people I played with never used their ultra meters once full, unlike me who has not won one single game online. Suck big time!

But this is a fun game. I stopped playing for 4 weeks now, because every battle is an actual workout on my poor fingers. I would recommend this fun game to anyone except those who have a life, a job, and a family who actually wants to see them daily. If you don't fall in that category and you have immense time to kill like Vesper and i, go ahead. You will have a blast mastering this gem.

I found a website that gives detailed information on each characters and some strategy when playing the game.

A+++ game.
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on February 22, 2015
I haven't played a Street Fighter game since Street Fighter Alpha 3 for PSOne. So after finally getting a PS3 for the 1 st time recently, I had to get a SF IV game. Question is, which one? In the end, I decided to get this over the recent release version of game (Ultra Street Fighter IV).

That said, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is really the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV (from which I can tell from YT videos was a great update to the original game) with 4 new playable fighters- Evil Ryu, Oni (another version of Akuma) & the Lee Brothers from SF III. I will say this: if like this reviewer you haven't play ANY of the SF IV releases, you'll in for a surprise. This is a game with lots to learn, from doing the throw moves, to learning the new techniques the SF IV games have. Once you do, you'll find this to be a fun game, esp. if you play with a friend-local or online. The only issue I have? I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of a print manual (you have to download it online). As a newcomer to the SF IV games, I waited to learn about the functions of the game without having to go online to search for it.

That said, with the recent drop in the price of Ultra Street Fighter IV (which I didn't buy mainly because of I found the new fighters to be uninteresting), I'll leave it up to you if you want to buy this or the recent version of Street Fighter IV.
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on March 27, 2016
Well to start off I know capcom tried screwing everyone over or at least anyone that bought the original and the second edition. This is the third edition (and theres a final 4th edition) this edition is good enough. It has a bunch of characters. The game stands at a 8. There are not a lot of modes so it becomes tiring after a while. I honestly dont dig the new mechanics for the game. The controls are the same as always. Some special moves are a bit complicated on some of the characters and a few of them feel a bit stiff. Its a good sf game none of the less
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on December 9, 2013
I still can't play worth a damn, the graphics are killer and the online battles would be great if i knew how to put these combos together. That being said, I like the story and the finishing moves are kick ass! Love this game..
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on July 12, 2013
If you're feeling nostalgia and want to relive the good ol' mid 90's arcade days, get a copy of SFIV:AE and fire out those hadukens.
SFIV was huge call back to old SFII players, and if you were gone from the franchise for a long time, you could easily pick up this game and still do decent. Of course there are new features in the gameplay that will make you an even better player (ie. focus attack, ex moves, supers, ultras). Anyways, overall the game play is solid. Some characters have been balanced out since the first release of SFIV, (I'm looking at you Zangief). My biggest gripe with this game is the PSN Latency while playing with other people online. The online game play was so horrible that I rage quitted playing this game online all together. A haduken should not fire 3 seconds after the motion has been completed. Anyways, don't pick up this copy thinking it'll be cool to have fluid gameplay against people across the net, but the game itself is good, fun, and well made. Novices and experts alike can enjoy this game and is worth a look from returning SF veterans to... well these people probably have a copy already.
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on May 20, 2015
Love it, I am still currently playing this game after years, and haven't bought the new one yet still (kinda old now). Reason why I haven't bought the updated one is, when you start out as a noob/newbie you will end up sticking to maybe 1-3 characters cause that all you know how to play, but when you start getting better at it, you will start to use more characters slowly. If you a true fighting game person, this game will be a great one. Also one thing i always find Street Fighter is better than other fighting games, cause it not so heavy on combo base. Meaning this game is more about skills and reading movement than remember a long combo to win. I mean there are combos, but usually not anything long and ridiculous.

I subtracted 1 star is because of online. Not a lot of time if you just find ppl with good bars for networks, but sometime you get D/C or some punks will run away on you because they losing and don't want to lose their points. So community wise on this game is So and so cause I have met some great respectful players and some obnoxious ones as well, but that goes for all games. But playing online is definitely fun and if you usually play offline expect to get whooped A LOT when you play online. But get whooped enough you will get better!
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on March 15, 2013
This is both a fighting game and a teacher on how to play fighting games. It's rudiments and fundamentals that translate to lots of other fighting games. Frequenting sites like and playing SSFIV:AE can really amp up one's game and what he or she brings to the table when playing fighting games. If you are a 2-d fighting game kind of person, I recommend adding it to your collection.
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on April 8, 2015
Street Fighter IV... eh, it's ok. Capcom seems to have gotten lazy with even their best games in both skill and complexity.

But it's still Street Fighter. However... am I alone in feeling they are blatantly milking the SFIV line?
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on October 23, 2015
Good fighting game, the mechanics and moves have changed since I last played. Seth is rigged to beat you and the achievements are really challenging. Worth a play through if you like a challenge or you just like the street fighter name. I used this copy to unlock my ultimate version, more characters and story play. Just wished they could be used in every play list.

P.S. learning how to work charge fighters any tips would be awesome.
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