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on October 17, 2015
what with all the machine head hater's this is no bloodstone and diamonds but this is a great ablum supercharger if you real listen to it. it may not be machine head best album but it still have a metal sound & that what matter un like slipknot vol 3 the subliminal verses, or korn follow the leader.
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on October 26, 2001
Supercharger? Doesn't sound like a name Machine Head would give their fourth album, does it? All of their previous album names were dark, mysterious, and threatning. After the nonsensical intro is over and done with; Bulldozer enters in a murderous rage. "Sounds like my good old Machine Head", I thought to myself. Then it all started with "Crashing Around You". What the heck is this? The music itself doesn't make sense. Machine Head is so talented that when they play something that requires very little talent, it sounds horrible. Robb Flynn's vocals dont mix well with continuously light riffs. I was hoping that maybe this would be like The Burning Red's "From This Day", and just be a bad, radio friendly song, and later be made up for by some real metal. But it wasn't. "Kick You When You're Down" with Robb's rap-tinged vocals; and "Only The Names" with its exact same melodic pattern as their previous albums cover of The Police's "Message In A Bottle". The only thing keeping me interested is Dave McClain's, as usual, amazing drumming. Although I don't personally like Machine Head focusing this much on melody, I will admit that "All In Your Head" did force me to sing along with its brilliantly written melody. And, the cover of the unforgetable beginning riff of the Star Wars theme, on the title track, is hilarious. But all in all, Supercharger fails as a Machine Head album.
One question I must ask is why does Machine Head feel the need to change? It seems that the only reason for Machine Head to turn towards a more "nu-metal" sound would be to become popular with a mainstream audience. But, Robb's vocals are still anti-radio, and most of the songs are still to heavy to be heard on a mainstream station. The conclusion to this is that Machine Head will lose most of their long time fans, and, in the process, gain no new ones. Its a shame that my favorite metal band would change their sound for the worst, but if they stay on this road of nu-metal; they will still be one of the better nu-metal bands around. I hate to use the term "sell-out", but I feel the need to stamp Machine Head as a band more concerned with popularity, then with making music that could define real metal.
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on November 9, 2001
I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a HUGE old-school machine head fan, and I was pretty damn dissappointed with The Burning Red. Supercharger, however, brought back a lot of their old sound, as well as a lot more aggressiveness. most of TBR just lacked, the songs really weren't that great, basically. songs like "I defy" and "devil with a kings card" and "silver" were just weak, they really didn't have any substance to them at all. a few stood out though, like the blood, the sweat, the tears, and Five (which is an all time favorite). this new album has a great collection of raw and powerful songs, and I'd like to do a song by song analysis to get across the most accurate review possible:
intro-it's just an intro...interesting though
bulldozer - good heavy song, it's nice that they kicked in some fast double bass to reoccur in the chorus. it added a lot for me. excellent opener, given their new sound. great song.
white knuckle blackout - sort of cheesy but it's a good song nevertheless. I really love the prechorus and chorus.
crashing around you - excellent chorus, good heaviness with a great guitar riff, it just lacks on some of the vocal intensity that I loved with old machine head. great song though.
kick you when you're down - really good intro, I love the old sounding fast pounding drums and the guitar harmonics. it's too bad he had to ruin it with a "come on" rapish thing right after the intro. interesting chorus...
only the names - great great song, slow, raw, powerful, good lyrics, good combo of old/new school machine head sounds. reminds me a lot of violate.
all in your head - great heavy song, the first one I actually ended up hearing from Supercharger, and therefore the song that made me think "hey, it sounds like they got better than the burning red." I also love the chorus on this song.
american high - pretty damn cheesy, non-machine head style lyrics...talking about skipping school to jam with his band? umm...I don't remember anything from Burn My Eyes saying anything about being "too drunk to skate"
brown acid - intresting
nausea - one of my favorites from this album, really great build up from verse to prechorus to chorus. really good song, pretty intense. really really good chorus.
blank generation - I find this to be one of the best songs on the album. it's got good lyrics, really tearing up our generation, talking about all of the fakeness that exists in society today. the climactic part really is amazing too, great build up, from mellow fast vocals to adding in the harmonics and feedback on the guitar just before breaking into a really heavy fast part with tons of screaming.
Trephination - definitely the best song on the album, I LOVE the double bass they brought back in this song, nice and thumpy, fast, driving, lots and lots of screaming with a powerful guitar riff.
deafening silence - really excellent song, great chorus, very non-machine head, but very good at the same time (somehow). it's really got an 80's buttrock ballad sound to it, but a good one (I know I know, there weren't any good 80's buttrock ballads, but this song is awesome, I swear).
supercharger - aaahhh...very very nice finish to the album. amusing lyrics, although I can't really tell what he's saying a lot of times...I think he says something like "the transformers begin conferring and merge into robo-tron" or something like that. makes me chuckle, although the song itself is my second favorite from the album, nipping at the heels of trephination.
it's a great album, worth the five stars, although still nothing compared to the more things change... which was my favorite machine head album by a million miles. that album has the best drumming, the best vocals, the best mood and atmosphere, the most heaviness (they took out a lot of the thrash aspect that BME had) and I LOVE that album. it would be difficult for them to ever match that sound again, especially without logan mader (i don't think that ahrue luster is living up to the machine head legacy, although SC was a fantastic attempt when compared to his debut on The burning red).
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on July 21, 2011
Machine Head's fourth studio album Supercharger was released in 2001 to a reaction of almost universal disapproval. The album has since grown a reputation as an absolutely awful album to avoid at all costs.

Personally, I think that this was a bit of an overreaction. Admittedly, the choice of direction that the band had taken (inclusion of rapping and nu metal influences etc) wasn't what anyone wanted from Machine Head. The band have since rectified their direction with the albums which would follow however, and I think a lot of people need to take a fresh look at Supercharger. People were too busy disapproving of Machine Head playing nu metal to objectively judge the actual collection of songs on the album and the album just became the sort of cool-to-hate album that people feel the need to stick the boot into.

The album is by no means the best Machine Head album, but nor is it the disgusting mess it has been made out to be. There are a few great tracks on the album, most notably 'BullDozer,' 'Trephination,' and the title track, all of which may contain some of the more distasteful calling cards of the time, but all of which also contain enough of the classic Machine Head style to warrant reinvestigation.

Even a few of the less classic Machine Head sounding tracks are fun and unobjectionable. While I may be defending the album, it is still worth pointing out that the lyrics are largely a little cringe-worthy, the song structures may follow the quiet/loud structure that was popular at the time too strictly and there aren't the same caliber of guitar solos and dual leads to be found on newer Machine Head albums.

Supercharger is no masterpiece, that much may be true. I would really not recommend this album to be your first Machine Head album, but don't blindly write it off forever without judging it for yourself either. There are better Machine Head albums out there to be sure, but if you have already listened to them, Supercharger can add a few more decent tracks to your collection.
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on October 16, 2015
All of the Machine head albums are awesome. This is the the one that has the most songs that I skip. I gave it four stars but it's more of a three and a half star album. There are still some really good songs on here. I think the problem is Rob's singing. He does too much of that deliberate out of tone singing. I'm not knocking it too much, I still like the album.
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on March 1, 2011
This is at much better than the Burning Red and it's a decent album overall. Heavier, which is a good thing and less nu-metal. It's still a nu-metal album but it doesn't sound too generic or mainstream. Machine Head have been back ever since this album and Through the Ashes of Empire is when their return to form comes. The More Things Change and Burn my Eyes are still my favorite MH albums but Supercharger's a decent album. Deafening Silence and Only the Names are my favorites and I still play them regularly when listening to Machine Head. Lyrically it's great and the music isn't too good but it's acceptable. The rapping in several songs gives it a nu-metal sound but it's still better than a lot of nu-metal out there.
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on January 24, 2016
Well I know Supercharger has a bad reputation among some fans. I however personally feel it is still a great Machine Head album, defiantly their worst but even so its still a damn good album. I like how the album feels darker than The Burning Red and i only feel there is two weak songs on the album overall. My favorites are Bulldozer, Only the Names,Blank Generation, Trephination, and of course the title track.
The only songs i thought were ok were Crashing Around You and American High but they are not terrible to me at least. Like i said its my least favorite Machine Head album but overall its still a great album to listen to. The vocals are great though some of the lyrics are kinda cheesy but it dosent bother me. The drumming is fantastic like always though i feel at times the double bass gets muddled in the mix. The bass sounds great especially when the music is at full blast by the way. The guitars sound good though their are barley any solos on this album at all, but it also does not bother me.
Simply put i enjoy this album quite a bit so i would recommend it to any Machine Head fan or some one who is looking to get into heavy metal.
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on December 21, 2001
First, avoid any second guesses that Machine Head is a nu-metal band; they've been active in the music scene while present Nu-metalers were taking high school exams. Robb Flynn began with the 80s band Vio-Lence and eventually through musical contacts formed Machine Head. Dave McClain was the drummer for the early 90s Arizona thrash band Sacred Reich. You get the idea....they've been around for a while.
There was a time when Machine Head took the sounds of Grindcore, Thrash, Stoner Metal, even a hint of Death Metal, and added chilling, unpredictable lyrics with a Slayer-edge to it but was more composed, like a classical music arrangement. Just in-your-face, raw, and truly heavy music.
As I listened to the songs on "Supercharger" I felt like I was listening to a Flynn side project. This album is soft - in some songs, folk-music soft. "Deafening Silence" is the type of song that you would hear on the pop-rock station in a dentist's waiting room. How did a refreshingly mean-spirited bunch of heavies transform into a mainstream-sounding bunch of alternative rock fillers?
Perhaps it's because the sound is artificial; They got Ross Robertson - of Vanilla Ice, Korn, and Limp Bizkit infame - to produce their album (and last album, too). All the natural guitar work, drumming, bassline is butchered, leaving an overproduced nu-metal sounding bunch of novice newcomers. Even if they had some contract to oblige to, they have spent too little time thinking of new subject matter (do we need another album about teen angst?) and musical material.
Get Machine Head's older material - "Burn My Eyes" or "The More Things Change" for the true taste of the 'Machine. Or (their neighbors) any albums from the mean men of Skinlab - the band that will STAY heavy (hopefully) and will never try to sound alternative (hopefully).
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on January 26, 2016
Tried to revisit this album after years of being sure that I hated it, and yes, I do still hate it.

Machine Head have altered their sound pretty regularly over the years to "fit in" better with whatever the current trend of metal might be (this album, the frosted-tips rap metal of the previous album, the Zakk Wylde worship on the recent albums, etc), but this was hands down their lowest point. I dare you to listen to "American High" and not lose some respect for Rob Flynn.

The ONLY decent track on here is "Trephination" so just buy that and move on to different albums.
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on January 17, 2002
According to the pattern of MH's four albums, their next one will be phenomenal. This is how the pattern goes:
Burn My Eyes was a masterpiece and in my opinion one of the greatest metal albums ever (I am listening to that unforgettable song 'Old' as I type this).
The follow up - The More Things Change - was at best a slight disappointment. It simply lacked the intensity of the first album.
Then came their controversial 3rd album The Burning Red. Although it was widely criticised as being too mainstream and people accused machine head of 'selling out', I still consider it a damn good album, as it had brilliant tracks like 'I Defy' and 'Devil With The King's Card'.
That takes us to Supercharger, and following the pattern, it failed to impress (or at least failed to impress as much as Burn My Eyes and The Burnging Red did). Don't get me wrong; Supercharger is a good - perhaps very good - album. It just doesn't match the raw power of Burn My Eyes or the melodical brilliance of The Burning Red. It seems to be just a much heavier version of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. There are some excellent tracks, however, like 'Supercharger' 'Kick You When You're Down' and 'Trephination', just not enough of them. Songs such as 'Deafening Silence' and the much-hyped 'Bulldozer' let the album down. Dave McLain does an excellent job with the drums, and the guitars are good and heavy, but Rob Flynn needs to lead the band in the right direction - whether it be like the first album or the third. It just needs to stay true to what MH is - an extremely talented heavy metal band. Overall the album is a good listen, but i'm afraid that's all it is - not fantastic - just 'good'. I sincerely hope that the pattern continues and MH's next album will be great.
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