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on October 13, 2013
I loved this show soo much as a kid that I was extremely p.o.ed when it ended in a cliffhanger . My only disappointment with volume 2 is that there are no character bios on all the main characters , the vehicles and all of the mega virus monsters. And why is the 1st episode of Tatooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverley Hills the only thing that is a bonus as a bonus feature on disc one? Epasode 39 doesn't even have an alternate ending, no matter how much of a tear jerker it would have been. Other than that, I strongly recommend both volumes 1 and 2 for anyone who loves great classic superhero shows.
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on September 14, 2013
Finally after waiting 1/2 year to a whole year of waiting the second season comes to DVD at last!

Well I personally cannot wait to see again the episodes The Glitch That Stole Christmas & KILOKAHN Is Comming To Town. (Spoiler Alert, there is an epic showdown between Servo & KILOKAHN in those two episodes!) Both survive somehow though? And get this dear readers Malcom Frink actual betrays KILOKAHN to help Servo win that particular battle! But then goes back and re-animates the KILOKAHN program! Malcom Frink-Glen Beaudin in real life thanks for being Malcom Frink I greatly appreciated your performance on being him in it. Tim Curry-Voice of KILOKAHN! Thanks for being the voice of our dear Overlord of the digital universe Tim! In the Star Wars Universe Registry (The Imperial Sith Side) I Am Known as DARTH KILOKAHN!

But to any one who has volume one; please buy this and complete your Syber Squad DVD Collection! You can show your support of everything 1990's which is & was alot better then this current 2010's decade. Also to show your support of a show that you yourself watched as a kid! This show was kind of ahead of it's time! This show will teach kids the responsibilities in owning and operating a computer and or computer-like device. Use your powers for GOOD kids!
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on February 11, 2014
This isn't the best show ever, but for what it is (made for 8-10 year old boys) it is great. I have been collecting a lot of these old rehashed Japanese shows lately, mainly 'Saban', and you can tell it's not made by same people who do VR Troopers and Power Rangers (TOEI)(Saban) It is the same kind of action, except the battles take place inside Computer Systems, while the monsters are MegaVirus's that the hero Servo battles with help of 'Attack Vehicle/Battle Armor'.

The Syber Squad is a band of teenage musicians called 'Team Samurai', which after a electrical surge while playing guitar, Sam gets electrically channeled into the internet and becomes Servo. The rest of the band command Attack Vehicles referred to programs, which can be converted to battle armor that surrounds Servo. The megavirus are created by schoolyard foe, Malcom, who becomes aligned with the ultimate program KiloKahn, who looks like a mix of 1990's Shredder from TMNT, and Darth Vader. KiloKahn brings Malcoms computer viruses to life and attacks, phone systems, internet, electronic ect...

Anyways, theres is no extra content, or bonus features. the episodes are selectable from a list, but picking any episode works like play all. I often end up watching more episodes because the next one starts playing right away. #MarathonsOfEpisodes
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on October 11, 2013
I was hoping that they were going to complete the series. I loved this show when I was growing up. When I got the first volume I was happy. Now that I have the second volume, I'm really gonna geek out watching the entire series. This is a must have for me.
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on November 17, 2013
Like the title says I now have the complete series , so now I have to focus on getting the rest.Of the other Americanized Japanese Tokusatsu series, like the rest of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs/ Beetleborgs Metallix ,and VR Troopers. Also I have to get the original Japanese Tokusatsu series, like Super Robot Red Baron, Iron King , Karate Robo -Zaborgar , Ultraman,Ultraseven, and of course Godzilla!!!!!!!
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on October 1, 2013
This has been my most wanted series. Can't believe that in a few days my search will be over. :)

Thank you Mill Creek Entertainment, Cookie Jar, and Amazon for helping me complete my most wanted series as a teen.

You ready team?
Let's Samurize guys!

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on October 18, 2013
Used to watch this show all the time as a kid and I was ecstatic to find out that the entire series was released on DVD. SSSS, like many American kids shows of the same nature, was released when Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was the big fad. However, in nature it is a lot more like Ultraman. In fact, it was released originally in Japan under the name Gridman. Matthew Lawrence of Boy Meets World and Mrs. Doubtfire is the star of the show and he does a good job in his role of Sam Collins, average school kid turned superhero. The supporting cast is all pretty good too, but the best part is that the awesome Tim Curry does the voice acting for the primary antagonist Kilokahn, a military computer program hell bent on destroying the world through Megavirus Monsters that his partner in crime and classmate of Sam, Malcolm Frink, creates. Imagine Tim Curry's distinctive voice mixed with a voice distortion effect that makes him sound even cooler, that's how awesome it is. All the fighting footage is from the original show Gridman, and it's of a similar style to MMPR when the characters get gigantic and fight in big costumes. A great show overall.
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on November 21, 2013
Great to relive a show from childhood and when I have kids someday I can share all of them with them. Bonus episode of Tattoo Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverley Hills was a night touch that show was just awful lol. Great buy
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on December 16, 2013
Childhood memories in all their 4:3 aspect ratio glory! The video quality is pretty good. Ding one star for navigation. The DVD is laid out such that all the episodes are in one giant title with chapter markings between them. This makes it really hard to jump between episodes. Great for binge-watching, but I don't know of a educated adult that could stand to watch 4 hours of this in a sitting.
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on May 2, 2014
Here is the final 25 episodes of the 1994 show Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. While mostly a retread of the first sets fight scenes you get some touching moments with the characters and a cool conclusion.
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