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The real Superstar is Molly Shannon, who never gets enough credit for her comedic and bona fide acting skills. It's great to have the always-funny Will Ferrell (as well as Harland Williams, one of my favorite comics) alongside her for the ride, but her portrayal of Mary Katherine Gallagher is all you really need to laugh it up for the 80 or so minutes of this SNL skit - turned full-fledged movie. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be one of the lucky people who were always cool and made great sport of putting the Mary Katherine Gallaghers of the world down. I'll never know because Mary Katherine is definitely "my people," a unique character who suffers the insults and humiliations of life among her cooler, prettier peers even as she dreams of having just a taste of the kind of life they take for granted. In the context of this movie, what Mary Katherine yearns for is a real slobber-knocker of a kiss - and, like all of us losers, she falls for the most popular guy/girl in school. In other words, she does not have an easy row to hoe.

She is realistic enough to realize that the likes of Sky Corrigan (Ferrell) isn't going to drop the head cheerleader and come smooching her way any time soon (even after he tells her she has some nice moves). No, she thinks the only way she can get the hunky guy is to emulate her Hollywood heroines and become a - wait for it - Superstar! And just when she thinks she's exhausted all of her options, along comes a school talent show (with the winner getting the part of an extra in a morally positive film in Hollywood) that just might be the answer to her prayers. Winning the talent show would definitely impress Sky, she tells herself.

To make her dreams come true, she's going to have to talk her grandmother into letting her audition, scratch and claw her way through a catfight or two with the head cheerleader (who also happens to be Sky's girlfriend), and overcome several other less than surprising obstacles in her way. She does have some help, though - from her fellow Special Education students, her new best friend, and even her own personal image of Jesus (also played by Will Ferrell).

Yes, it's oftentimes low-brow humor, especially in terms of the whole armpit thing, but somehow Mary Katherine's story always manages to remain above the fray of tastelessness and vapidity. There's a little (or maybe even a lot) of Mary Katherine Gallagher in many of us, and there is actually a good story in here beyond all of the jokes. The filmmakers even manage to pull off a really good ending without insulting our intelligence. This is just a fine, really funny movie.
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on August 6, 2002
You've gotta see this dvd!! It is the GREATEST!!! It stars the hliarious Molly Shannon and Will Ferrel from Saturday Night Live. It is a movie about a geeky and very clumsy Catholic school-girl who has all her life wanted to be a superstar so that she could get a "big fireworks hollywood type kiss". So she trys out for a talent contest at school to try and meet her goal. I don't wanna give anything away, but that's basically what it's about... Anyway, I think it's a GREAT movie. I schedule my time to watch it every night at least 4-5 times a week! It's a MUST-HAVE for ALL comedy lovers!!! Gives you PLENTY of laughs!!! :)
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Comedienne Molly Shannon recreates her Saturday Night Live character, Mary Katherine Gallagher, the gawky catholic school girl, for the big screen. At times, the film is very funny. Unfortunately, it is not very funny as often as one would like. What works great as a five minute skit on Saturday Night Live does not necessarily make for a great full length, feature film, even though quite a few of the Saturday Night Live regulars have parts in it.

The film revolves around Mary Katherine Gallagher and her attempts to fit in and make the most popular boy in the school want her the way she wants him. She also wants to be a superstar in the worst way, even though her grandmother with whom she lives wants her to become a business woman. She does get her big break, however, when her school has a talent contest.

Some of the funniest scenes in the movie occur when Mary Katherine, absorbed in her romantic fantasies and impervious to her surroundings, has a one sided conversation with an apparent fantasy lover for whom she substitutes a tree as a stand in. At times, she even acts out her romantic fantasy with the tree. Imagine it with a nun standing in the background observing Mary Katherine. It is hilarious. Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between. Still, if you are a Mary Katherine Gallagher fan, you will enjoy the film. If not, you may be disappointed.
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on July 31, 2005
I love this movie! I bought it so I could watch it whenever I need a good laugh. It doesn't have a dull moment in the whole movie. Superstar is definately a "LOL" film. The characters are well chosen, and play their parts great. And who could refuse yet another movie with Will Ferrel?! All in all, I give "Superstar" a Super Star! No pun intended!
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on May 12, 2005
I'm not usually a fan of the comedy genre -- especially the Hollywood variety. Yet for some reason, I love this movie, and have seen it three times in the week I've rented it. Molly Shannon is absolutely brilliant, and her performance is genuinely funny and at times, touching. Even though this movie does rely on Hollywood conventions (like mawkish, one-dimensional romance) and is silly beyond its own goal (that ridiculous God spectacle that "guides" Mary), it redeems itself through the hilarious tree-smooching scenes, which are priceless, as well as many others. I'd recommend this film to anyone who wants to chill out and have a laugh -- even if you think Hollywood comedy isn't for you. This is a keeper.
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on April 9, 2009
Superstar! Ah The good ole days of SNL. When it was actually Funny and made sense, of course all good things must come to an end. While this movie is not perfect, it is funny,Harland Williams,Shannon ,Ferrell. I miss the old Molly Shannon.
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on July 11, 2012
I didn't find this movie particularly funny. But, this is the type of comedy that I don't really enjoy. If you enjoy silly movies (like "Dumb and Dumber"), then you will enjoy this movie. If not, then steer clear of this movie.
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on May 30, 2000
I thought Superstar was the best movie I have ever seen! I can relate to her unpopularity. This is the best thing Molly Shannon has ever done! Superstar is about a girl named Mary Kathrine who is left out of everything. Mary even got put in Special Ed because of her weirdness. There are very funny things along the way. I think the casting is good. Elaine Hendrix always plays a good bad guy, and Will Ferrel is very funny. I also think whoever played Helen (Mary's friend) was very good.
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on January 24, 2001
When i read what Roger Ebert wrote about M. Shannon and her character in this film, that was the last time i listen to anything he says. Alot of professional reviewers thought the character was just a little too dark, but that's what was so beautiful about how well they developed her. This character is absolutely complex, and sincere and i think a lot of people just could not handle that. She is strong and weak, loud and brash, and spends half the movie whispering. She is an extremely complex nerd who thinks she's a superstar...and she is. She goes through so much of the stuff that different young women may go through in their minds, but she is zany enough to do it all. WOW.
Will Farrell is an absolute riot as her crush, Sky Kerrigan, Tom Green's small role is hilarious, and Elain Hendrix is great/perfect. I forgot who plays the best friend but she is the best next to Shannon. All character i have never seen in anything else, rare and spontaineous. Most movies are just simple characters with one side to them. These guys have it all and it's all done with very little taste (always a plus for an SNL movies).
The catholic school scenes will just kill if you've ever gone or have friends who attend catholic school. So many of the jokes about catholic school are both over the top and subtle. Like the father eating the dry toast is just one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life, and it's only a 10 second scene using the sound of his biting into burnt toast to make me double over in laughter.
Each scene is a small skit, that's how this movie is made, and some people do not appreciate that style of movie. I've heard people say it is totally fragmented and i think this is what they are refering to. If people are waiting for a formula film this ain't it. But it is a rare and very funny film for those who are young at heart and remember what it's like to think that the world revolves around you.
Overall, probably females will like it better than males, although many males i know really like it.
I am so glad they made this movie. I watch it all the time on DVD.
I would DEFINITELY recommend this for any female who has a fun side. Any male who likes SNL and can handle a really strong female character.Thank goodness she got a good movie instead of the usual SNL stuff. Don't get me wrong, i love snl, but most of the movies are really poor. This one is about as funny as it gets. There is so much feeling and insight into the life of a struggling teen, not to mention struggling to be a movie star. Although i personally wish there had been a little more slapstick, there was more than there usually is for women, so i'm happy.
if you have any part of a silly sense of humor, you could watch this movie a few times and really die laughing.
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HALL OF FAMEon July 2, 2001
Poor Mary Katherine Gallagher! She's the most unpopular girl at St Monica's school, she's a klutz and has a habit of kissing trees and stop signs. But, she's a SUPERSTAR!
Molly Shannon (NEVER BEEN KISSED) takes her beloved "Saturday Night Live" character to the big screen in this cute, hilarious comedy.
When Catholic Teen Magazine sponsors a talent contest at St Monica's, Mary Katherine feels sure that she will win, and get to kiss super-dancer school stud Skye Corrigan (Will Ferrell). However, there's Skye's bulemic girlfriend Evian (Elaine Hendrix - THE PARENT TRAP, ROMY & MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION) to deal with, and the rest of the A-group.
But when Mary is put into Special Education after an incident with Evian, it seems her SUPERSTAR dreams might never come true...
A fantastic, big-hearted comedy. It's a real winner, despite receiving less-than-thrilling reviews. I really love it, and Shannon is a comedy legend.
Also starring Glynis Johns (MARY POPPINS, WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING), Harland Williams and Mark McKinney.
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